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  1. Imagine a kit where It had dark colours with a very vibrant light colour at the forefront... Oh wait. Bin.
  2. possiblygeorge

    Video: Season Review

    Cheers, hopefully next season is a bit more rewarding for us!
  3. possiblygeorge

    Video: Season Review

    For the fourth straight season ive put together a season review video. I've had a few issues putting it together including audio issues so it might not please a few people. Hopefully enough people do enjoy it though given its a few hours into putting it together and a bit of stress. As always enjoy and comments are more than welcome! Up the Foxes.
  4. possiblygeorge


    Ahhhhh I see
  5. possiblygeorge


    It's $80 USD on the Adidas US online shop when it was up. It won't be £80
  6. possiblygeorge


    Looks like two different shades of blue
  7. possiblygeorge


    Someone at Adidas US didn't quite get the memo. It's been taken down 😂
  8. possiblygeorge


    Early release and definitely a cock up it seems. Unless Adidas have seen the photos leaked and thought f**k it, release it now
  9. possiblygeorge


    Ridiculous isn't it?
  10. possiblygeorge


    This is the retailer that will be stocking a few new kits before the official release. If you can't be arsed waiting for July this will be one of the places for an early release. Exchange rate will be crazy though. Expect it to be listed here soon enough http://sportstation.co.kr/index.html?ref=smartphone
  11. possiblygeorge


  12. possiblygeorge


    Did this photo, except with the puma logo on it, appear on the 2015/2016 kit thread? 😂
  13. possiblygeorge


    Wouldn't mind getting a fake knock off one somewhere until the club releases one officially
  14. possiblygeorge


    This is exactly what I wanted it to be!
  15. possiblygeorge

    2015/2016 Home Shirt For Sale

    Not sure if this should be posted here, or if it's allowed to, but I have a Leicester home shirt from the Champions season in Large that has never been worn just tucked away. I bought it that season before they all sold out at the Club shop and was going to frame it but won't be needing to anymore. If anyone's interested PM me. I've had a look elsewhere and I can't seem to find it (the official one, not a fake replica from Thailand) for under $180 AUD anywhere. I'm happy to part with it for anyone here. If anyone is interested feel free to pm me. If this isn't the right thread/board to post it on please merge mods.