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  1. Eh you get what I mean im drunk and tired.
  2. Coutinho yes. Salah? Not from what I've watched this half.
  3. How can Mahrez be so bloody inconsistent between matches?
  4. Im on the Tapatalk app and it won't let me quote. I agree with@Adster, the one more light album almost tells a story that for whatever reason wasn't recognizable before this had happened. I just thought a few of the songs were good for the soul and enjoyed listening to it despite it not sounding very much like the previous albums. Moments like this you realise just how powerful music can be.
  5. I absolutely love that song too. Mike Shinoda has confirmed the news on Twitter. Bloody hell this is going to be hard to forget.
  6. Surely this can't be true. I'm so f**king torn right now. Their music was my everything and kept me going in even the hard times and while i still am their music continues to do so and now their lead singer is gone. No wonder their recent album sounded so much more different to their recent albums. My last Leicester video i made was with the Linkin Park song - one more light. Im stunned. Rattled.
  7. Iheanacho, Iheanachoooo Your dad is a top bloke And your mum's a good cook (To the tune of that Adebayor one)
  8. Pissed myself reading this
  9. Does anyone know where i can get the away kit from online that does printing? Club store online isn't doing printing at the moment and JD Sports hasn't stocked them online yet
  10. This is also a comment.
  11. This is a comment.
  12. Ordered mine inline through JD Sports as the Club aren't doing printing for online orders yet. Arrived today except even though I've selected the same size as the shirts ive bought for the last two season previous this seasons one has shorter sleeves and is shorter in length. Anyone else had this problem?
  13. How many washes before the gold shoulder sequins falls off and the gold on the shirt turns green?
  14. Brilliantly summed me up here
  15. i wonder if this Fox is good enough to find Tottenham's triphy cabinet