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  1. Goal.com, we demand an apology!

    Lionel Messi has scored against many Clubs, albeit 12 of them. Or is it 13? Little Leicester shafted again!
  2. 54th minute applause for a fellow Fox

    Feel free to close thread mods.
  3. 54th minute applause for a fellow Fox

    Thank you everyone for the feedback, I'll pass on the positive messages to Paul's family. Paul went under the name as "FoxyFilbert00" on Twitter. He had a problem with his back, went into hospital in a world of pain and was put on morphine and sent home with an IV. What started off as what sometimes can be something minor and heals with time he had to go back to the hospital due to other affects, I won't say what the cause of the affects were as I'm not sure and don't want to get it wrong. Paul was in hospital the second time and sadly suffered two heart attacks while in there. His nephew sat by his side holding his hand before he passed. It's still something we're all trying to come to grips with especially something that started off so innocuous. I don't disagree with the above talk either, I wasn't aware it was a constant thing with people trying to get a minutes applause for their lost loved ones.
  4. 54th minute applause for a fellow Fox

    I completely understand that and I don't disagree. Paul was more than just a mate to me, he got me through the darkest days of my life while I went through a stage of depression. He kept me going. I never had a chance to say goodbye to him or tell him how much he meant to meant or his friends and family. He was a huge impact in our lives. It's four days before his birthday would've been and it just seems fitting it'd be the perfect goodbye, a club he's loved all his life applauded by people he also loved. I don't want to make this look like a sob story, but Paul really was a huge influence in everyone's lives that knew him.
  5. I apologise in advance if this isn't the way to go about it. A great mate of mine, Paul, who I've spoken to on a regular basis through social media has passed away yesterday. Despite not having the pleasure of meeting him in person, he was very much like a close mate even like a close family member to me. I won't disclose details as it isn't necessary, but Paul was a lifelong Leicester supporter from Kettering and went to just about every home fixture as well as a few away fixtures in his time. If by chance our supporters could give him a minute applause in the 54th minute (Paul's age) for the next home match against Swansea it would mean a lot to his close friends and family. Paul would've been 55 just four days after the home fixture against Swansea in a couple of weeks time. I figured this would've been the perfect birthday gift for him and to let his family and friends know he'll always be a Fox for as long as the Club exists. I've received consent from a family member to try to have this arranged. Please can we make this happen? Then, now and forever. RIP Paul.
  6. Man United Post Match 2-2!!!

    Last time he was talking mad s**t about his players was at Chelsea against us at the KP. Got the arse after that!
  7. Man United Post Match 2-2!!!

    Christmas comes early for Leicester! F**k you Mourinho and f**k you John Moss!
  8. Manchester United (H) Match Thread

    Does everyone now understand why I f**king hate Amartey playing?
  9. Manchester United (H) Match Thread

    Fuchs is finished.
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    A draw would've been a good result, especially if we don't get even a point tonight.
  11. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Yeah, we're not making Europe next season lads [emoji23]
  12. Iheanacho

    All that bs it took to sign him with the media rights or whatever it was I'm surprised we didn't do the paper 14 seconds late with him too! Rudkin f**ks up again!
  13. Man City League Cup 1-1 - lost 4-3 on pens

    I would love for that to be the case but our upcoming next 10 fixtures aren't easy. Some in form teams there. Watford twice, United next, City again, Liverpool, Chelsea, inform Everton. Not easy. Must have to put all our eggs in the FA cup basket.
  14. Man City Fans: Claudio Chant

    I thought them all walking out before Pellegrini made his speech at the final home game if the season was gold. About as gold as finding a manager to replace him half way through the season. S**t Club.
  15. Iheanacho

    Don't say Kramaric