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  1. I’d just be happy, once in a while, to watch one of our games without listening to a ‘you could cut it with a knife’ Scouse accent.
  2. This is bollocks isn't it? Rebecca has a groin strain - is this where the confusion lies?
  3. Real shame the fans weren't there for this one. To have been able to sing YNWA alone with walk replaced by win & alone by again (on repeat) as the game wound down would have been magical.
  4. Gutted for him. Hurts as much as if it had happened to one of my own lads. Freak injury though. We all recognised it. Wonder whether the recent state of the pitch was contributory.
  5. He is such a picture of abject misery. The epitome of glass half empty. Don't think I've ever seen him smile or express any joy.
  6. I don’t think Vards is having a Gynaecological procedure.
  7. Is this the motoring forum?
  8. Given those stats I think we should just treat a corner as another possession turnover. Someone in another thread suggested we simply play it back to Schmeichel & start again.
  9. The sooner we move to full on biased commentary & punditry the better. We can now turn the crowd noise on & off - only a matter of time before we can select our preferred bollocks for the game, before and after. I would like to nominate striderhiryu but I fear he may be just too reasonable.
  10. Biased commentary. Love it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose between regular commentary, just a little bit biased & full on batshit biased.
  11. When will Utd be getting their penalty? Match thread has closed and I’ve been checking my ‘phone for notifications but nothing yet.
  12. Glen Hoddle FFS 2020 the year that keeps on giving
  13. Take a bow son. Another 45 mins like that and I might peel a small onion.
  14. Hi Tom, is this paragraph part of the Chilwell quote or your opinion?
  15. I don't think I could score against my team though. Would have to catch my toe in the turf.
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