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  1. Just back from a 4-week camping trip out in the middle of nowhere, absolute bliss separating myself from the hustle and bustle of life and technology. Anyway, I've been missing one thing and one thing only and that's the football - I'm after 2 adults for this Saturday if anyone can help?
  2. Do we go for the traditional happy birthday or the Stevie Wonder version? I'm confused and my hands are starting to get sore
  3. lcfc278

    Corona Virus

    This is my worry. I think in terms of the virus itself, yes there will be those who are vulnerable to it, we'll all most likely get it in some form in the future and we'll all deal with it in varying ways, for most of us it will have little impact. My worry is the growing fear and panic - I went shopping last night and honestly I've never seen a supermarket like it, the place had been ransacked with most items low or gone. As someone who is fairly laid back and not overly concerned, even I had a moment where I started to worry slightly. If it goes on for too much longer the impact on the economy and markets will grow and the last thing we want is another recession, job losses, financial issues etc.
  4. I'm sorry but I think this is a massive overreaction. Life is not going to change quite significantly and it is not going to be a struggle - there's a very high chance of some large gatherings being cancelled or postponed for a short period of time and there will likely still be a bunch of morons panic buying from the shops but it's not the bloody end of the world.
  5. True, I'd like to see Justin get some minutes whilst Chilwell's form is poor. However, if Justin makes a few mistakes that lead to conceding or if he has a poor game in general, will our fans tear him inside out on here and on Twitter the same as they have Chilwell?
  6. Maddison's seems a nice guy and eventually he will more than likely leave the club and sign for another team just like every other player on the team. When and where that will be no one knows and it also won't be the end of the world. The point is, just because a contract isn't signed immediately (also given the length he still has on his current deal) it doesn't suddenly mean the player hates the club and doesn't want to play well.
  7. It's amazing how quickly some of our fans jump to conclusions about the player with absolutely no evidence or basis for their points. How do you guys know that 'his heads been turned', 'he's got an attitude problem' or that 'he loves himself too much'. If you follow the guy on twitter there aren't more Leicester players more humble and positive about the club or our team than him. The kids right to be ambitious and that more than likely means he wants to see where we are at the end of the season to see what level that then takes him up to with a new contract. It's up to him to work hard to achieve that with the team and I have no doubt he'll be instrumental in what we do - I just feel like if something doesn't happen instantly or quickly some fans heads go and silly comments get thrown around.
  8. We literally had this same discussion on here prior to the Wigan game and in the end we got over 30K - at the end of the day, its a mid week cup game that is scheduled about 2/3 weeks or so beforehand unlike PL games which we know are coming from July onwards. The demand is there, cup games are always slow burners until we get to the day of the game when it usually shoots up. We've shown as a club, consistently, that we have great attendances and the demand is there - increasing capacity is the way forward. We grew from Filbert St. and people had the same concerns. If we want to move forward and match the ambitions that the owners have set its the only way forward.
  9. I've recently gone back to playing on FarCry 3 and 4, I don't really play the full game as I've completed them both a few times but you just can't beat going on for an hour or so and trying different ways to take over a base - no better feeling than using the sniper and going in stealthily to take over a base without alerting any of the guards etc. Old but golden.
  10. Got a good feeling about this evening. I think Villa Park is going to be loud and bouncing but I think we'll get 2 early goals, shut them up and then they'll be back to worrying about the PL. No worries!
  11. I thought we came across quite well on TV, quite loud but I also felt the BBC kept changing their audio of where the crowd could be heard as one moment I could hear our songs and then they just cut out or changed to the home fans almost on a dime but other than that top notch. Also, what's with the adults with signs asking for players shirts at the end? I get it with the little kids but there was a grown man and woman doing it, leave it out.
  12. Just a thought, and apologies if this has been mentioned already in this thread, but does anyone else think the drop in atmosphere around the ground could be down to the way tickets are sold now? I don't know if anyone else has experienced this at all but for PL games this year, its been quite rare for games to get to general sale, as it tends to go through a number of membership levels and STH before gen sale. It feels like previous years a lot more games got to gen sale or members had less time to purchase them before it did anyway. I'm one of those fans who doesn't have a ST but have, on average, been able to get down to 6/7/8 home games each year when they have been available, and there's a lot of my friends and family who have done the same. This year feels very different and as a result I've only been able to get to a couple of PL games so far and the next few are all sold out before gen sale so it will be a while, if at all, before I can go. I just have this feeling a lot of similar fans to me, who are always happy to sing and get behind the boys, can no longer get to as many games, and those who (rightfully I might add) have purchased memberships this year in particular, might not necessarily be fans that have been supporting us for very long or similar. This isn't a gripe at all, I have had a membership previously, but didn't get one this season and last, but thisseason in particular it seems a lot harder to get gen sale tickets and it's coincided with a drop in the KP's atmosphere. Might be a stretch but just wondered what other people thought?
  13. I saw an old boy getting dragged away from the family stand in handcuffs, he was mouthing off about something saying that 'it should be the f*****g kop anyway'.
  14. How are we getting on with sales now Dirky boy? Are P and K sections open yet? We gonna get a bigger ground then or not?
  15. So does that mean that the 80's only started from 1981 onwards? It kind of is a new decade, the 20's? Genuinely asking as I don't know
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