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  1. lcfc278


    Your mental if you think we should sell him. He's literally been one of our better players since signing. I think the last season will have been a real eye opener for him personally, missed a big chunk with injury and missed out on playing for England at a major tournament. I for one think he'll see next season as his chance to get back in with England and also further prove himself in the PL. Can't see him joining Arsenal who at the moment are behind us. When he wants to he has the best attitude on the pitch and I think he'll only have developed that over the summer a
  2. I think Scotland's team will have a similar ride as Wales did in 2016 plus with home advantage mixed in as well I think you'll beat Czech and Croatia, narrowly lose to England.
  3. I know, I know but hear me out. I think Scotland will manage to finish 2nd in our group (behind us), which will mean they'll play 2nd in Group E, which I think will be Poland. I reckon they'll do Poland to get to the QF's where they'll probably face France and then lose. Not as farfetched as you'd think.
  4. Winner - France Runner Up - England Where will England finish - Runners-Up Where will Scotland finish - QF Where will Wales finish - Round of 16 Top Scorer - Greizmann Player of the tournament - Kante Biggest surprise - Turkey Biggest disappointment - Netherlands
  5. Is it like Poker or something?
  6. Not felt this nervous before a game in a while - we should win, which makes it worse! Not sure how I'm going to feel on Saturday afternoon either.
  7. This will probably get some stick due to the role played by the council in this project but I'm glad somethings being done with this space that might help get more people into Leicester, spend a bit of £ in the City. Not sure what will happen to the traditional City Centre post-pandemic so anything that helps generate some money for the area will be good. Also doesn't look as much of an eyesore as it did before (still not great but a small improvement!).
  8. He's represented Jamaica! Where've you been 'mon!
  9. I'm sure Marc Albrighton would be up for helping England out! See also: Luke Thomas, Hamza Choudhury
  10. I've noticed the Sky and Amazon statements now, it's a nice gesture in principle and both mention that they haven't been in discussions with the Super League. Nowhere though, in either of their statements, does it say they would refuse to broadcast the games if the league is to go ahead. Therefore these statements are nothing but the companies trying to look like they're the 'good guys' meaning the statements are about as valuable as the paper they're written on.
  11. Others that have been in previous squads include GK's Pickford Butland DF's M Keane Coady Tarkowski MF's Barkley Grealish H Barnes Maddison Delph D Gray Redmond FWD's Sancho Wilson Ings
  12. If you take a look at the last squad for example, the only players left currently would be: GK's Pope Johnstone DF's Mings MF's Rice Bellingham Lingard Phillips Ward-Prowse FWD's Calvert-Lewin Watkins A few spaces to fill
  13. This won't happen, like it or not those 6 clubs bring in a hefty chunk, if not the majority, of the PL's income itself so they'll only be shooting themselves in the foot. Most of the reason why overseas fans want to watch the PL is because of these teams plus a handful of others. I have a feeling it will be points deductions or some sort of transfer embargos or something like that, I can't see them being expelled from the PL myself, but you're right, they can't get off scot-free
  14. lcfc278


    Kind of along this subject but wasn't sure where else to post - does anyone know how to get in touch with or find out who the landlord of a house is? We're having issues with our neighbours who currently rent the property out, we need some repairs done to the fencing in between our gardens however the estate agency that let out the property are useless and never get back to us, and when they do they say the landlord hasn't got back to them but this has been going on for months now. The tenants are nice enough people but their English isn't great, they won't call the estate agents t
  15. Looks like it's actually going to happen, it seems money will talk in the end and I can see FIFA/UEFA/EPL taking some sort of 'compensation' payments to allow it to eventually go ahead. Not sure how to feel about this but feel like football as we know it is going to be gutted and hollowed out. Does anyone think us winning the league in 2016 was a catalyst for this happening?
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