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  1. Massive lack of quality in this game, can't even play hoofball.
  2. Don't want West Brom to come up, but if they do every penny I own is getting put on Vardy scoring at the Hawthorns next year.
  3. Should've just kept the original, was iconic.
  4. It's not even bad, it's just so over analysed now because of the hype and popularity surrounding it that people are waiting to criticize it due to the high previous standards.
  5. The mountain is the reason for the hound's burnt face, from their childhood together. The whole Hound character is literally in place for the whole series to have revenge on his brother, ironically it happens in fire which is his fear because of his childhood. After he achieves his revenge he has no purpose to live.
  6. Definitely, the likes of Maddison, Chilwell, Hamza are all talented. Add premier league experience to that talent with a good coach (Rodgers) and you should fulfill these players potentials.
  7. Wonderful seeing that you know. Exciting future ahead for us.
  8. The Mad King's daughter turning mad once aggravated, who'd have thought ey.
  9. That episode was mental, favourite ep apart from Battle of the Bastards. Redeemed from what was an average season imo. People expecting a Hollywood ending are watching the wrong series.
  10. Proper hate Villa's version of allez allez allez, tinpot.
  11. The everybody Danns now chant means this opinions invalid sorry.
  12. Easily one of my favourite players for us.
  13. West Brom away was surreal. Spurs away in the cup where we scored 2 within the last 10 mins as well.
  14. Imagine being a Spurs fan in Amsterdam after that....
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