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  1. Yes, having the same problem. Was the same for me on Sunday too
  2. Is it making an irregular buzzing noise for anyone else on Amazon?
  3. We’ll be there in the turnstiles, On those cold Saturdays, We’ll follow the blue boys both at home and away We’ve come so far, We win, We lose, We’ll still be loving the blues The waterboys- Whole of the Moon 1 minute 5 seconds in
  4. To yesterday by the Beatles Maddison, Tearing through midfield in royal blue, We hate cov and madders hates them too, Oh I’m in love with Maddison
  5. To the tune of the shalke chant starting at 1:59 in this video On May the second 20 16 I saw the best thing i’d ever seen Tottenham Hotspur’s the famous bottlers we’re Leicester City we won the league nananana nanananana nananana nananana
  6. ohhhh his names Ayoze Perez Came from Spain and joined the premier league Tried up north but moved right down to Leicester cos that’s the only place he wants to be With madders by his side, Albrighton on his right there’s no doubt that he’ll score goals for me
  7. Woahwoahwoah weve got the best defence in the worlddd weve got Evans and Chilwell Maguire, Ricardo and a keeper called Kasper schmeichelll
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