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  1. Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube?
  2. Wondering if there are many likeminded troops on here who partake in turntablism? No matter if it is, Digital, Vinyl, C.D's or Wax Cylinders Anyone play, at home, out out, Clubs, Pubs... Would be nice to see who in the community (other than I) enjoy a spin.
  3. So its being reported that Thierry Henry will be installed as the new manager of Bournemouth. I cant see how this is going to work out positively! He has no experience of the division, he has a previously poor managerial history, forgive me if I am missing something here, but since Woodgate took over temporary charge, he has only dropped 2 points, how has he not been given the job? I appreciate that they may get a few temporary interested followers on Instagram, however is that what they need? Or do they want to be promoted? If they fail to go up, or even pl
  4. If anyone fancies a listen to my latest DnB Mix C/L/S Thanks
  5. Even easier mate? I use Binance, I have used coinbase but find more options on Binance and it has cheaper transaction fees. So you add your Fiat currency GBP by a bank transfer. Then you trade gbp for USDT generally (there are many options). .. Which is a coin called tether which is tethered to the US Dollar price. With USDT you can pretty much buy any currency available on the marketplace on Binance. When you want to sell you sell back whatever currency, back into USDT and then covert that into GBP and withdraw to your bank.
  6. Depends on the grade like I said. 2 no graft 3 graft.
  7. Thats not the case mate. If you rupture you have to rebuild the ligament from a hamstring graft. Which effects your hamstring aswell do 2 I juries in 1 essentially... Where if its torn there is scope to repair the ligament, as long as the % of tissue remaining is a good proportion.
  8. Just been reported that it's torn not ruptured. At the time he didn't look in agony so doubtful was a rupture. So hopefully a grade 1 rather than 2...
  9. So an acl injury... Having ruptured mine... Is its a grade 1 2 or 3? If it's just a 1, he will be able to play again this season... If not that will be months out.
  10. Irrespective it's the same point. And the same question remains.
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