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  1. Some lovely stuff in here! I am not suggesting that the decision makers at LCFC have an easy job however! Its an elite environment! However does employment law take this into consideration? So now we are talking payoffs to incompetent staff... Also how can you attribute blame when apparent failure occurs? There are literally endless possibilities as to why a wonderkid talent at 9 might not be the player they could be at 21. This doesn't excuse incompetence, or even worse apathy towards the job of development, but if you can not attribute blame
  2. No worries it happens Genuinely I dont know. All player situations are individual. I can only assume that any interesting offers weren't interesting enough for the player or the club, if any. There would be many potential reasons why. We will all find out very soon, he will either stay or go. So if he goes will be interesting to see at what level senior or reserve and to what sized club. That may answer alot of our suppositions.
  3. Yes he did. He was given the opportunity to play in the Championship, just like KDH. I don't understand your question, it doesn't read correctly to me.
  4. Also with exceptional players, you cant stifle them by keeping them within their age groups with little challenges, they have to be challenged at higher level of play, that is how good academy's operate.
  5. Schaar loses appeal against red card and is unavailable for tomorrow.
  6. Player recruitment is essential for on field success. They have made 1 signing in ASM who would interest better teams than NUFC. That is a sad return on £100 million spend. It however isn't the fault of Ashly for once, he is the owner of the business, he employs people to create budgets and hire & fire, I'd suggest they need to look towards their Director of Football, Their Head of Recruitment and their scouts, before looking at Bruce in this regard.
  7. Great news for the lad, I am sure everyone wishes him every success wherever he goes.
  8. In this respect, we are victims of our own success. I think as fans of football, maybe we should put our partisan feelings as LCFC fans to one side, and maybe see what is best for Tavares? Is it the best thing for him to be at best, a sub for LCFC 10 minutes in a Europa League game? Or should he be playing with & against lesser players (If he is such a star) in the Premier League 2? What is best for his football progression? If I were his Agent or Parent, that's how I would be looking at it. Football is a very selfish game, he should be looki
  9. Wayne Rooney was playing for Everton reserves at 14, however I'd say although it is possible, its unusual, and only exceptions are made for the exceptional, and quite rightly so..
  10. He will be off to Bristol City surely?
  11. There are a few variables preventing transfers for signed boys 9 to 16. It's not all down to the club. The main thing that has stopped LCFC in the past has been the budget, as there was no budget for signing players from other acadamies until 17/18 from other clubs. LCFC have taken players from Northampton and Coventry under the EPPP system since having a budget for transfers. In an ideal world you sign the top players as early as possible within your area. In reality the budget should be minimal as the job should be comprehensively nailed as early as possible. Leicest
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