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  1. Forget feelings and relationships... its football, nobody cares! That is not the issue... The issue with SB specifically is that you have an academy system teaching players from the ages of sometimes 5 up to 16 how to play the "modern way", based around the F.A 4 corner model, especially at LCFC where coaching technical ability and 1v1's are highly important. Kinds spend 4 days a week for maybe 10 years learning how to be a useful academy footballer, to the club. Then you get signed as a Pro, and the reality is that everything you have been taught becomes almost useless information, because you become a cog in a wheel, where winning 50/50's and hitting balls into danger areas to support a tactic is what is important to your lead coach. It is like learning how to drive a car, then once passed, being asked to be captain of an ocean liner. SB will not be moved because of positive personal relationships with key staff. He could take a managerial job, but why would he, when he is on a cushy number? There are SO many other issues! Not just SB!
  2. Thought process? People have to justify their jobs....
  3. Head of Academy Coaching > Lead Coach of an Academy phase > Lead Coach of Age Academy group > Part time Academy coach > Part time shadow coach Eric is a part time academy coach, he helps coach the U10's. He is a great guy, & a very good coach!
  4. I don't believe your market value is remotely accurate, but give JR a call, and show him how we get YT for £10 million and your a hero!
  5. I hope we lose as we cant have those reds winning the league.
  6. Hes welcome back anytime for me, world class winger, and the driving force for our attack in that season. If he has the mentality to come back and win trophies, I'd carry him here, hes that good.
  7. Yes... but there are selling clubs,and nasty selling clubs, Spurs have been admirable when selling players that they ideally do not want to lose, I believe with Mahrez, we acted similarly, and we need to keep up the stance that we do not NEED to sell, therefore driving up prices,rather than we lost David Connolly who at the time was our best player to Wigan, like I said in a different topic,we are a different club now clearly, we just need to be hard nosed bastards, with the deals. I have no issue losing a player to a top 8 European club, as long as we replace and become stronger, and ultimately one of the top European teams.
  8. The only thing I dislike is the message that selling your best player gives out. I understand from a commercial point of view... thats obvious, especially if we have a like for like replacement already here (which I believe we do) its almost a no brainer, but the message we are sending is that we are still a selling club, which if we are to genuinely be a top 4 challenger lets say in 2-3 seasons time, then this should be a thing of the past. If we have to lose Harry, it should be so that we can keep Chilwell, to build and move forward. We need a new world class winger and a replacement for Vardy lined up as he will deteriorate at some point, and we should plan for this with another world class striker. Easy yeah?
  9. Better in possession than N'Didi, should be a starter as DCM without question on yesterdays performance.
  10. Really? I believe that is a minimal demand due to finances within the Premier League, however with the new training ground ready for June 2020, which will be one of the top 10 in the world, surely we should be aiming to be a top 20 European Superpower, not a Premier League bottom feeder... I am continually surprised at how our fans can not let go of our YoYo past since the 80's, we are a different club now.
  11. I genuinely haven't,I try not to comment on here anymore... Just was bored at lunch, and put my 2 pence in
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