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  1. 2 Different metrics. Leicester do well (8/10 if I had to score) in the recruitment of the players they want.
  2. Id have a think if I were you as that is now valued at £100,000
  3. Hi Guys, I have recently looked into Cryptocurrencies, how they work and their values... I am looking to see if anyone fellow foxes are also involved, and to share any knowledge, to help each other. There has been another rise in the value of these cryptocurrencies in the last week, it seems that there will be more upcoming... considering the continual devaluation of the traditional FIAT currencies.
  4. Was this a competition entered by primary school aged children?
  5. For the uninformed, What has Slimani actually done to justify being frozen out?
  6. Apologies, but did anyone catch LCFC 2015/16 season? Since the great Barcelona teams with Xavi & Iniesta dictating the possession in midfield, seemingly all of football arrogantly believed this is the way to play, and anything else just "isn't proper football" which we took full advantage of in 2016 especially. See recent comments from Stirling & Rodri. There is nothing more boring than watching decent footballers, but not world class ones, trying to play tiki taca football at a slow pace. Laboriously moving the ball around in defence & midfield within their
  7. I find watching him very frustrating. Same as Gray. I have no idea why he is preferred to Albrighton who has a better work rate defensively, and can create chances from wide positions, possibly even Gray, as to me, both he & Perez do nothing positive for the collective. Perez has some of my sympathy however, as I believed he was a striker when we bought him, now here he is predominantly played as a winger / CAM. Now he obviously is doing a job that he is asked to do, and that deserves recognition. Even if he is poor at it. Hopefully now we have signed Under, Perez c
  8. ****in hell I wanna go out & play for him....
  9. Having read the situation, he would likely be up for loan at a discounted wage, as Real will ideally want to get rid. Its sad that 2 greats of football cant seem to come together, but.... es lo que ahi.
  10. Its in our own hands to finish at least 4th, if not 3rd, everyone at the club should have this mentality! This is the business end of the season, now we find out the character of the squad.. we will finish where we deserve. For me its Champions League or nothing, Europa is absolutely pointless, and an unworthy distraction from the league.
  11. The way things are going, 0v0 is as good as we can expect. I'd like to see us to create a few chances, that might give me some optimism for Palace... CHRIST!
  12. I started working part time within the LCFC Academy so it became a conflict of interests! I have since moved on as I received a better offer from another club. However, other than passing time, and meeting some sound fellow fans, having been somewhat involved at the club, I have lost the passion for chatting and contributing to the old levels. I am more of a browser, and i will chip in the odd comment if I feel the urge.
  13. Forget feelings and relationships... its football, nobody cares! That is not the issue... The issue with SB specifically is that you have an academy system teaching players from the ages of sometimes 5 up to 16 how to play the "modern way", based around the F.A 4 corner model, especially at LCFC where coaching technical ability and 1v1's are highly important. Kinds spend 4 days a week for maybe 10 years learning how to be a useful academy footballer, to the club. Then you get signed as a Pro, and the reality is that everything you have been taught becomes almost useless
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