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  1. Jamie Vardy has equalled the record with goals in all 5 visits to West Brom. Van Nistelrooy scored in all 5 visits to Newcastle.
  2. So we should have released him and spent money on someone else to sit on the bench for most league games? It's nothing to do with ambitions. There are just bigger issues that do need spending money on.
  3. Apparently we will look for clarity tomorrow. We will find out very quickly because we have a game on Wednesday and a weekend home fixture. ESPN have also suggested that we may have to play home matches at neutral venues.
  4. If next season needs cutting back a bit then European competitions won't be those impacted. The money involved is so high. UEFA will be desperate to keep them normal. It's a lot more likely that FA Cup replays get scrapped and the League Cup doesn't run for a season. If a bit more time needs saving then the UEFA Nations League could possibly be cut from the schedule as well to reduce international breaks. In Europe, there could be a smaller winter break just covering Christmas and New Year. Nothing I've said is perfect but everybody may need to sacrifice a bit to get the season played and to help the calendar return to normal.
  5. Can always trust our club to do the right things. Great to see that the NHS and local charities will get support from the club too. LCFC isn't just our club, it is a big part of our community too.
  6. Had £5 e/w on Leverkusen to win the Europa. They were 25/1 before the last 32 stage with most firms. Thought it was a great price.
  7. Benjamin Mendy of Man City is also now in self isolation after a family member was admitted to hospital showing symptoms. Surely the league has to be suspended asap.
  8. The names that have come back to me are Soyuncu, Amartey and Perez. The guy who told me is usually spot on with news but that said it hasn't ever been coronavirus.
  9. Ryan Bennett was a regular for 1 and a half seasons for Wolves in the Premier League. We all know Wolves have done well since being promoted and surely he contributed to that. Bennett can't be as bad as many on here seem to think. This is a loan deal and we should be open minded. Let's see how he does. We might be surprised.
  10. Really hoping it is Coventry that we play. Both sets of fans would be up for that. I have also missed our derby games since returning to the Premier League. There has been such a lack of them that we've had to endure Sky inventing rivalries for us.
  11. He looked more motivated tonight. He's had a dip in form and maybe speculation hasn't helped him. A boot up the backside seems to have helped him tonight though.
  12. Brendan Rodgers: "Vardy's injury wasn't his hamstring. It was just part of his glute and I don't think he will be out for too long. It isn't serious".
  13. It would be weird to see our Under 21s reach Wembley. There are no PL games that weekend so we might have a decent crowd go to watch if it happened. Can imagine a lot of non LCFC fans not being impressed though.
  14. Hazard's if we are allowed to vote for it. I remember the second he got the ball, I knew he was going to score. It was like somebody up above had told me.
  15. I've actually been told by a former agent (who still has his own contacts in the game) that we are interested in Ryan Fraser. He is out of contract in the summer and won't be keen on signing a new deal currently because of Bournemouth's league position. There is a long queue of clubs wanting Bowen so going for Fraser instead may increase our chance of bringing in a new player.
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