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  1. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    LCFC Relegation Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 15 seconds  
  2. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Best City keepers...

    Can only remember from the Brian Little era due to my age. Kasper has to be the best keeper I've seen play for us. Still upsets me that he didn't get given the goal he deserved against Yeovil. Tim Flowers is the 2nd best I've seen. Also really liked Kevin Poole and Kasey Keller.
  3. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Leicester v Fleetwood, EFL 2nd Round - 28/08/2018 at 19:45

    There are a few rule changes in this competition for this season which include: No extra time in matches except for the final. Draws after 90 minutes go straight to penalties. Hopefully, that will encourage managers to put out stronger teams than previously. Penalty shootouts return to the ABAB format. VAR is being used for matches held at Premier League venues.
  4. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Benkovic signs

    Looks a really good signing. Played regularly for Dinamo last season, helping them win the league title and appearing in the Champions League. Only just turned 21 as well which has to be encouraging. I noted the point about injuries but hopefully that was because he is young and plays in a physical role. There is a good chance he will overcome this problem as he gets stronger.
  5. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Well done to all the lads and Paul Nixon. It's great to see us winning matches and even when we don't win in the CC, we are giving a really good account of ourselves. We all know Paul Nixon loves the club and he seems to have got the players having some pride in the shirt. After a decade of misery, it's great to see us looking so competitive.
  6. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    Agree with the rest of you. Kibworth or Loughborough must have a 13 year old in their youth system who would do better than No Run Dearden. Let's be honest, anyone capable of hitting double figures would be an improvement. The constant picking of Dearden will be our downfall in the promotion race (I'm dizzy) because his continual failures expose other batsmen to the new ball. I might be wrong but I'm sure Dexter has experience of being an opener.
  7. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Where will we finish in the 18/19 season?

    The signings they have made look good in theory. Elyounoussi was really good for Basel, Vestergaard has plenty of experience in Bundesliga and Armstrong stood out at Celtic. The trouble is they are all coming in needing to make a step up. If the team is struggling then they will probably struggle as well as a result. There are also areas across the pitch where they look weak for this level. That is before I even mention the failure that is Mark Hughes.
  8. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Where will we finish in the 18/19 season?

    8th-10th for me. Iheanacho and Gray can both improve with regular starts and be big players for us this season. Sadly, I expect another season of being inconsistent especially because teams know we struggle to break them down if they sit back. I can't believe 2 people think we will get relegated. Cardiff, Huddersfield, Southampton and Watford all have a lot more to worry about than us.
  9. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    It's Our Fault for the high transfer fees

    He scored 10 goals last season in the PL despite having only 20 starts and 3 sub appearances. He also scored 27 goals in 44 games the season before at Leeds. I admit that Wood doesn't look the part at this level but he has the knack of scoring and could end up being good business. How many other PL clubs would love a striker with his sort of record?
  10. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Akhisarspor - 25th July - Pre Match Thread

    Akhisarspor have been mainly a mid table Turkish Super Lig team in the last 5 seasons. They also won their domestic cup last season which is no mean feat considering the length of the format which includes a group stage identical to the one found in the Champions League. Those who watch Dutch football may remember their Brazilian striker Paulo Henrique who was at Heerenveen in the early days of his career. The other good player who I know is Josue who has played for Porto and Galatasaray. Josue is an attacking midfielder who is good technically but lacks the pace needed to play at a higher level.
  11. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Welcome Danny Ward

    He will be the best Ward we've had in goal since Gavin. I'm not sure why everyone assumes he will be back up. There must be at least 1 person who sees him as the future successor to Kasper otherwise we surely wouldn't have bothered? Anyway, I hope Wrexham enjoy whatever windfall they gain from this and it helps them return to the Football League.
  12. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Pereira & Silva

    Hopefully Pereira is just having a rare bad game. If not then I'm very worried.
  13. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    3 wins in 7 matches and the same points earned on the field that we managed in the WHOLE of last season. Yes Lads!!! Terrific considering we only have 10 men (I don't count Dearden, I see us as 0/1 when he's playing) in our team. Well done to the players and Paul Nixon for giving us something to be proud of so far. Even the defeats have been encouraging,
  14. Things Have Got Messi
  15. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Which Leicester games made you most excited and most depressed ?

    Most elated The play off win over Palace. Spider Kalac coming on must have scared Claridge into life. The League Cup replay win over Middlesbrough. Leicester 5-2 Sunderland (March? 2000) what if we had kept the Collymore and Heskey partnership? Leicester 5-3 Man Utd. Man City 1-3 Leicester Most depressed Losing to Wycombe. Not just the result, what happened after. Taylor's faults showed with a terrible run and he should have been booted at the end of the season. Leicester 0-5 Bolton. Yet that twat Taylor was kept on and this happened. Deeney Day Palace 5-0 Leicester. How embarrassing.