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  1. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    England Squad Announced

    Find it bizarre that Smalling isn't in the squad. I can only assume he's fell out with Southgate. I don't mind Loftus-Cheek being in but he seems pretty much the same as our other midfield options. If we were going to have someone a little bit left field then it would have been Lookman for me. He has been in fine form for Leipzig in Bundesliga and would have offered different qualities to the other players in the squad.
  2. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    I almost feel like I'm dreaming with with us passing 250 and only 3 wickets down. I'm waiting for it to go wrong. On another note, I'm sure you guys will have noticed Marcus Trescothick score exactly 100 for Somerset. 42 years old and still better than most batsman around. Who knows how many more runs he should have got for England.
  3. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    How about Appleton to be permanent boss? A dark horse?

    He led Oxford to promotion from League 2 with a 2nd place finish before coming 10th in League One. He also took them to Wembley twice in the Tinpot Trophy whilst also getting his team to play some attractive football that was good to watch. Oxford even beat Rafa's Newcastle 3-0 in the FA Cup during his time there. Appleton certainly has his merits and plenty on here would appreciate a manager who encourages positive football and likes to have a proper go in the cups. However, everyone would be quick to point and say it was wrong to promote an assistant who has only managed in lower divisions as soon as it went wrong.
  4. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    what price Sean Dyche now!!

    Got huge respect for Dyche and his achievements at Burnley. There is little stand out quality and no stand out players within his squad. It can be easily argued that Burnley should be in a relegation battle with the players that they have. Yet here they are in 7th place and very deservedly so. Dyche has done a terrific job and to me he is the manager of the season. He also did well at Watford, leading them to mid table in the Championship when they were relegation favourites before being booted following the Pozzo takeover. Could he adapt by getting another team to play a good style of football whilst still having a solid defence? That is hard to say and we won't know until he has that sort of opportunity. It's easy to criticise how Burnley play but you can't be having much expectation of a style when you have Ashley Barnes and Chris Wood up front. However, with his current tactics and success he will always be loved a lot more by Burnley fans than supporters of any other club. The job interview with Dyche would be the big key to me. His intentions as regards playing style and how he sees the best way to improve results longer term would be the main factors of whether I would employ him or not.
  5. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Championship 2017/18

    It was March 2011 and ended 2-3 but Paul Gallagher scored on 90+4 which added a bit of gloss to the score for us. Hoolahan scored 1 and won the penalty for the 2nd. He rarely got the credit he deserved apart from Norwich fans who see him as a club legend. On a side note, our striker "force" that day was Vassell and Yakubu which really gives me some perspective.
  6. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Championship 2017/18

    Wes Hoolahan is to leave Norwich at the end of the season and will make his last appearance for the club in this weekend's match against Leeds. The 35 year old has been at Carrow Road for a decade. Got to admit that he is a player that I have huge respect for and he stood out quality wise during the 3 seasons that Norwich were last in the Premier League. I've no doubt that he will be a big loss on and off the pitch even at this stage of his career.
  7. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    I don't disagree but I honestly don't see the point of you saying this. You've simply told us the blindingly obvious. It would also be nice to see some support at this point especially with Paul Nixon (a guy who loves the club and a 100% down to earth person) returning to coach the team. At least wait until we lose a game before telling us how terrible we still are.
  8. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Safe standing - time to act

    Reading through this thread highlighted to me that a lot more needs to be done yet with regards of making people informed of what safe standing would be, the benefits to all of those attending matches and why this idea causes standing to be risk free. Sadly, it is only those of us who want it that seem to be informed on all the positive aspects. False perceptions are currently holding back extra support and hope of seeing this brought in. Even the word SAFE doesn't seem to encourage people to look into the idea and then form their own opinions. At the minute it feels like neutrals believe we want football to return to the 1980's with being caged in and we will then all become thugs by standing. Others seem to think we want the whole stadium like this when the plan is to offer this in a small percentage area with each ground having it's own designated area. It is hard to say how much of an aspect this is but I can't help but feel that Hillsborough is still fresh on public memory due to the long fight for justice and that dark day is clouding opinions. The fact that all seater stadiums were brought in on the basis of massive lies and bad policing is another matter. Mrs Crouch I'm sure would know about the disaster but I doubt she has ever attended a football match. Getting her to make a balanced judgment instead of fobbing us off is still plenty of work away yet.
  9. ThingsCouldGetMessi


    There is no doubt to me that Fellaini brings different qualities to the table and many doubt him because he is an unconventional midfielder to say the least. He did well at Everton albeit a good time ago now and I think he could impress again in a more defensive minded team. However, he is a risk and certainly not worth the £120k a week mooted on here. He needs to half his demands if I was to be interested.
  10. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Wenger out

    I've got huge respect for Mr Wenger and his legacy at Arsenal will be evident for many generations to come. Hopefully, the majority will remember him for the good reasons and respect that his love for the club was the reason he found it hard to walk away. If England do badly at the World Cup and Southgate is sacked then I hope Wenger is the first man to be offered the job. I think the idea of insisting on an English manager is narrow minded and wrong when there is no real suitable candidate under this criteria. I'm sure most people though would be happy to see Wenger as an honorary and accept that his 22 year career at the top end of English football means he deserves to be considered.
  11. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I'm probably being unrealistic but I'm hoping we show some ambition with the signings we make. Luke Shaw, Still only aged 22 and available on a free transfer. He needs to move to play regularly and to regain his confidence. Any club where he is likely to be a starter may be at an advantage in this race. Georginio Wijnaldum, Stood out at Newcastle in his first PL season despite his team being relegated. Liverpool's squad is already full and they need to sell a couple of players really with Keita arriving this summer and Origi returning. In truth, Liverpool don't really need him and he is a quality signing for most teams outside the top 6. Hasn't done much this season but has shown before what he can do when starting regular. Trent Alexander Arnold, If we can't find a permanent RB then why not try to sign this guy on loan? With Clyne returning, Liverpool will have 3 RB options but not enough games to develop both Gomez and Trent. For that reason it would make sense if one is loaned out for regular PL minutes. A team that wants their full backs to get further forward may also be preferred. Xherdan Shaqiri, Has been the one player that has stood out in a Stoke team that has struggled and appears to be full of egos. The queue for Shaqiri will be long if Stoke get relegated but he would be a quality signing for most sides. Kurt Zouma, The centre back already has 139 senior appearances at the top level in France and England but it's hard to see where his career path is going after playing for Stoke this season. Has been linked with both Athletico Madrid and Sevilla but a change in Chelsea manager could revive his career at the Bridge. If he's not wanted there then I hope we at least try to bring him to the KP.
  12. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    unrest in the squad

    Here I was thinking that 8th is acceptable and we were losing games because teams are playing us at what was our own game. When most teams are away it is acceptable to sit back and they are doing us because we don't have a team that knows/capable of breaking that down.
  13. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Thoughts on January signing Fousseni Diabate?

    He's a bit of a headless chicken. He has some good attributes but doesn't have the intelligence to currently make the most of them. However, there is always a reasonable chance that he will be involved in a goal if he is allowed to come off the bench. Defenders might not read what he is going to do simply because he doesn't even know himself.
  14. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Hopefully we go for players who by us signing them would at least show some ambition. English or home grown players would also be good. So let's take a punt on the likes of: Luke Shaw (available on a free) Ryan Bertrand James Ward-Prowse Ryan Sessegnon ( his form since New Year has been incredible) I would also be happy to see us try for Wijnaldum from Liverpool. They have to be pretty close to a full 25 man squad and the 17 non HG player limit with Keita still to arrive from Leipzig. Wijnaldum has to be right down the queue in terms of selection. He simply isn't important to them so would probably be available at a fair price plus he's a good player.
  15. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Ex-Leicester City player news