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  1. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Football Manager 2019

    Can't get close I said. This was the best title race I have been involved in since I first picked up Championship Manager in 1999. Chelsea scored a 90th minute winner against us in match 35 at Stamford Bridge which in the end was all that separated us from top spot. Ellis Chapman was sent off 1 minute before this and sadly it was his last ever game for me having played a roll in 4 different divisions. My regen striker who appeared at the club in League 2 finished as the Premier League's 2nd top scorer. Mauro Icardi finished only 1 goal in front but cost Scum United £100m to buy him. I also had only 5 foreign players in my whole squad and 1 of those was only on loan. In terms of success, I've done many bigger and better things on FM. However, I don't think I've ever been prouder of my efforts given that my climb so far has taken just 7 seasons and plenty of my players have been at the club for at least a few seasons and were developed by me. I am now preparing for Season 8. The Scum have been kind by agreeing to buy Declan Rice from me for £49m whilst letting Jason Sancho move the opposite direction for exactly half the price. Liverpool are the only other top end side who have a strong focus on signing young HG talent and I keep ending up in battles with them for players but they have been kind enough to loan me the player pictured for a 2nd year.
  2. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Gray ??

    If Football Manager is 100% accurate (which of course it totally is ) then Gray still would have made no improvement by Summer 2025. He even struggles to score or assist for me and my team have been the PL's top scorers for the last 3 seasons
  3. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    I assume Martin has gone back to Forest to do an inside job for us. Keep them down in the Championship where they belong and get a couple of crap players off our books. When Martin comes to us on Monday to sign Ghezzal then you will know I was right!
  4. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Iborra Joins Villarreal

    I hope Iborra does well at Villarreal. He looked good during his 1st few months at the club when we gave him games and there should have been times after that where we needed a man with his calmness out on the pitch. Sadly, for what ever reason/s things just didn't work out for him in the end. I can also imagine a player of his age and experience is desperate to play and would have been a big factor behind his decision to leave the club.
  5. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Yohan Benalouane

    How he played in Serie A is beyond me. I thought you had to be good at defending to play in Italy. He looked a liability when he 1st joined us and somehow he seemed to get worse. It can't help when he clearly lacks professionalism though.
  6. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Who is our best value for money signing?

    Every regular starter in the title winning season plus Steve Walsh and Muzzy Izzet.
  7. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Newport away

    Newport haven't won in their last 6 league matches. They were near the top in the 1st quarter of the season but are now mid table. Forest Green scored 4 goals in an away win at Newport recently. However, I won't be taking this lightly. Spurs almost got embarrassed by them last season before escaping with a replay. Newport will give it everything and it's important we go into this match with the right attitude. Anyone not happy about the pitch should realise it is actually much improved and it was horrendous a few seasons ago.
  8. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Away form

    Perhaps our answer is simple. Keep Puel as away game manager but sack him as home game manager.
  9. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Our win today was our 1st away victory in the English top flight on New Years Day since 1938 apparently.
  10. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Everton Post match Thread.

    The game lacked quality but the players deserve some praise. The festive fixture schedule seemed to catch up with both teams here and it was a great effort from our lads to both win and keep a clean sheet. Jonny Evans staked his claim for a few more starts with his performance bar a mad 10 second moment. Ricardo was great again.
  11. ThingsCouldGetMessi


    Makes bad reading seeing us charging the 3rd highest price in the division and almost 50% more than Spurs who sit 4th in the list. Hopefully, this will be brought to the club's attention and they will reconsider the price as £600 is scandalous.
  12. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Cardiff Pre Match

    The emphasis will be on the Foxes to break down Cardiff, and there is also an expectation that Claude Puel's side will win. They don't usually seem to perform as well in those circumstances, but Saturday should be different.
  13. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Cardiff Pre Match

    Leicester have had a brilliant festive period, beating Chelsea and then Manchester City, but this is probably a tougher game than either of those fixtures.
  14. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Who do you want thrown out with the tree in January

    I'd be happy just to see a few faces go out on loan with the aim of getting themselves some regular football and a permanent move away. I can't begin to guess how much money we are wasting every week on players with no future at the club. The longer we keep them on the books, the longer our progress will be limited. I'm not bothered even slightly whether we sign anyone in January or not but cutting our wage bill is an absolute must.
  15. ThingsCouldGetMessi

    Danny Simpson - Fulham

    I don't think we should block Simpson from moving on providing we are confident of being able to fill the RB slot. It would be wrong to stop him from moving to another club where he is likely to play regularly given his age. Being out of contract next summer is also a worry I'm sure he would sooner avoid. Danny did the job we needed when we bought him but he's mainly served his purpose for us now.