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  1. Really hoping it is Coventry that we play. Both sets of fans would be up for that. I have also missed our derby games since returning to the Premier League. There has been such a lack of them that we've had to endure Sky inventing rivalries for us.
  2. He looked more motivated tonight. He's had a dip in form and maybe speculation hasn't helped him. A boot up the backside seems to have helped him tonight though.
  3. Brendan Rodgers: "Vardy's injury wasn't his hamstring. It was just part of his glute and I don't think he will be out for too long. It isn't serious".
  4. It would be weird to see our Under 21s reach Wembley. There are no PL games that weekend so we might have a decent crowd go to watch if it happened. Can imagine a lot of non LCFC fans not being impressed though.
  5. Hazard's if we are allowed to vote for it. I remember the second he got the ball, I knew he was going to score. It was like somebody up above had told me.
  6. Leeds have shown us a lot tonight I think. They can be a very competitive PL team especially if they find a better striker.
  7. Tricky draw but it will be a good test and they will be up for it. No stand out ties in the rest of the draw but there are a number similar to ours in that Premier League sides have "banana skin" matches.
  8. Can't stand that fat ****** who is the Gillingham manager. God forbid they win.
  9. Someone has been having a bit of fun on the Wiki page.
  10. We've been pretty lazy and tossing it off this half. As long as we don't get like this against teams better than Wigan it's fine.
  11. A Google search of "BDO Darts" and then a look at news articles over the last 2 months is very worrying. It appears it is pretty much all over. The World Darts Federation (WDF) doesn't even recognise BDO anymore as a governing body. It is sad but I'm sure most of us know that BDO has been badly run for years. If they do go under then I hope something is done to provide that bridge between the amateur level and the top of the game. BDO has been a good place for players in their early careers to gain experience before moving to the PDC.
  12. The best countries you name are all pretty close geographically. Players coming from these countries will find it a lot easier to adapt off the pitch when they move to England with a lot of aspects being fairly similar. There are plenty of South American players doing well in the PL now. I'm sure back in the 90's there were a lot less players from these countries playing in England. I can't remember any Brazilian player over here in that period. Spain has always appealed more to South American players and the big names used to often go to Serie A. The lack of star names coming over here from those countries of course meant the number being successful was lower.
  13. The losses that Championship clubs have been recording over the last few years have been shocking. I think it was £500m between them in 2017/18. Clubs are massively overspending in the hope of getting a golden ticket to the Premier League. Things need to change. I expect to see quite a few clubs struggling to survive over the next few years. What happened with Bolton and Bury was the start of similar things to come.
  14. Wigan have won only 3 of their last 37 away league fixtures. Across those games they have scored 34, conceded 68 and kept only 2 clean sheets. Only complacency can cause us to lose this one. My prediction is we take it easy and get the job done 2-0.
  15. Reading on here and other places, I am glad I haven't bought FM20 yet. FM19 was broken for the 1st few months after release last year. I've played FM for about 12 years now and I think SI have let their standards drop probably due to the lack of any other good competition for a management game. They feel they need to keep adding more features but the important things are not at the level they should be at. Some of you will find this weird. I am autistic and playing FM is one of the few things I like doing. I have a huge interest in it and find it easier to spot/understand things that happen in the game because of my "disability" (I see it as an advantage). It is annoying for me that SI seem to have a lot less passion and interest in their product than I do.
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