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  1. I worry for Amartey if this move goes through. Unless Rodgers plans to sell Mendy due to his contract situation and move Amartey back to midfield in Mendy's role in the back end of last season I think he’s going to run out of playing opportunities. Obviously his injury and return to fitness is something to bear in mind too I guess.
  2. I'd be very satisfied with this: adds to a growing contingent of young English talent at the club, is accomplished in both full back positions and comes very highly rated by his own fan base. Encouraging stats last season with 3 goals and 7 assists whilst being an ever present in an exciting Luton side that won the league. Hopefully we can pinch him ahead of Villa and Stoke.
  3. deadball specialist it is then
  4. Think there were 3 games this season where Tavernier got two penalties and scored both which is mad. Over ten will have been penalties, he's a deadshot from the spot.
  5. Jarrod Bowen would be my guess. He's the one winger we've been linked with who seems likely to move early in the window as all noises in the media suggest Hull are resigned to losing him.
  6. 1) Tielemans 2) Top quality right winger, preferably one with a decent goalscoring record 3) Keep Chilwell, Maguire, Maddison, Ricardo 4) Sell Slimani 5) Back up striker
  7. Held out a bit of hope for Maddison getting into the squad on late season form but the noises coming out the England set up from Southgate were never massively encouraging. Congratulations to Harry and Chilly.
  8. I read the hyperlink and thought we'd got a 25mil offer in for Diabate and was an amazing mix of very confused and very excited for a split second.
  9. Pretty rank list. Waghorn was no brainer after his success the previous season and Abe was okay but there are some real shockers in there. Moreno and Lamey are two of the worst players I've ever seen in a Leicester shirt.
  10. I'll wait to see what results his work at the club brings about before judging him here but I'm not filled with inspired confidence by this. When we sign a player that other teams are really pleased to shift due to poor-average reviews or think we've hugely overpaid it always rings alarm bells. This guy has awful reviews from multiple clubs, albeit there underlying issues beyond him as an individual during his tenure. Strap yourselves in I guess!
  11. Matt Mills for me. At the time a club record transfer, thought we'd secured a great leader and strong central defender to build the team around. Remember when Reading beat us at home the season before he looked excellent in defence and scored a good header too.
  12. Ricardo deserves it. He had a nervy few games early on but you could see what he was about and the raw talent. His application and hard work was evident. He got a lot stronger and more intelligent both on the ball and in his positioning. Combine that with his unreal dribbling ability and explosive power and he's become one of the best right backs in the league, if not Europe.
  13. As with Shinji, nothing but good wishes for Simpson. An outstanding signing for us and I hope he has another great 3 years or so playing at a good level. On a free transfer he'd be an excellent signing for any side pushing for promotion to the PL and some of the lower end PL sides.
  14. I'll miss Shinji well and I hope he gets the move he wants. Will always follow his progress closely wherever he ends up. Great personality, top pro and a huge contributor to some of our greatest ever moments. Sadly for him, I think the side has evolved beyond him.
  15. We'll first and foremost want to win the game, which based on recent performances we are more than capable of doing. Best team out. I'd like to see Simpson and Okazaki get some pitch time should the opportunity arise too.
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