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  1. I agree which is why I said I'd be happy to see him get a new deal. A player of Fuchs' quality who is happy to be within the role Fuchs plays and offers what Fuchs does to the dressing room wouldn't just be hard to replace, it would be almost impossible. Could easily see him stepping into a club ambassadorial role upon retirement too like you say.
  2. I'd be more than happy to see Fuchs get a new deal, regardless of Chilwell's situtation come the summer. If Chilwell stays, Fuchs has proven himself to be more than reliable back-up in the league and a great rotation option in the cup - we've won 5 and drawn 1 league game that he's played in and are in the cup-semi final which is fantastic. If Chilwell goes, you would presume we will bring in another left back, so Fuchs covering that player and being on standby incase that signing doesn't work out makes perfect sense. Players of Fuchs' quality who are happy to play a squad role are very hard to come by.
  3. Buzzing for Hamza with that. Took a lot of unfair flack from the home support for his part in the situation that Ritchie flared up in the Cup tie. Silenced them with a superb strike. Lovely stuff.
  4. Capitalised on horrible defending from Newcastle for the first two goals and then cruised through the game and with sensible, accurate passing. We never looked in any real danger, bar that first half chance for Joelinton. Good performance and a comfortable result, can't ask for any more than that at this time of the year where fixtures come thick and fast. Massive hits from Maddison and Choudhury too.
  5. I agree with that - Ricardo was our best winger last season in terms of being able to beat a player and get deliveries into the box and that's something that appears to have continued this season. In some games this season, we've only looked dangerous on the right when Ricardo has got forward to support the attack. In fairness to the other wingers, I think that's a lot more to do with Ricardo's outrageous ability rather than their own faults/inconsistencies. It's an obvious weakness in the team so, like you say, hopefully they address in January or, if the right option isn't available mid-season, the summer.
  6. Nope but credit where credits due for a good performance and a match winning goal. Anyway, like I said, it's always been about if Gray can apply himself consistently.
  7. As in I'm automatically bias towards Iheanacho for calling people morons who were jeering and booing our own player after he scored and put in a good performance yesterday?
  8. Haha! Go on son! If you're feeling extra ballsy, play your treble captain Would make it an incredible away day as that would really rile the home fans.
  9. Thought Iheanacho had another tidy game where he was effective in and around the penalty box. He gets way too much stick from our fans - some morons a few rows behind me genuinely started chanting 'you're not fit to wear the shirt' which is plain embarrassing. For me, this season he is doing exactly what he should be doing. Supporting Vardy by chipping in goals and assists when covering him in the cups/league, and also alongside him when called upon. He looks sharper, more mobile and he will score goals when given the opportunity. If he finishes the season with another 5-6 goals in all competitions and supports us into the Champions League spots then for me, regardless of struggles under Shakey and Puel, he's been a good signing.
  10. I think we'll stick with 4-1-4-1 but, in terms of personnel, revert closer to the side that went on the 8-game run. The only questions marks on that are the wingers - I would guess Perez and Gray might keep their places over Barnes and Albrighton. We're likely to go Tielemans and Maddison in midfield but Praet being totally out of the squad yesterday suggests he might play. Could be an interesting one: Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Perez Maddison Tielemans Gray Vardy
  11. Gray had a good game yesterday. I wasn't at all confident when he stepped up to take the penalty kick - potentially Iheanacho would have taken it if he hadn't just been clattered - and it was a weak effort. However, fair does to him as that was the only black mark against his name yesterday and he picked himself up, looked sharp and scored the winner. I would love to see him consistently put in performances like that over 4-5 games as like others have said he's more than capable - hopefully yesterday wasn't another false dawn!
  12. Justin was excellent - I'm really hopeful that his obvious natural ability and the fact he's following a similar path to Soyuncu, playing a limited role in the league with lots of minutes in the cups and as a rotation option, as well as training in a good club environment will really help him. He seems a very grounded and hardworking player too. Hugely positive early signs. Don't agree with moving Ricardo up the pitch to accommodate him though. I'd rather we waited for the opportunity to sign a top winger rather than move an exceptionally talented full back onto the wing to shoehorn Justin in. Justin's time will come and no doubt he's been signed with the understanding that he will progressively work his way into the team. Definitely some more opportunities coming up for him in the FA Cup and with some possible rotation around League/Cup semi-final fixtures in the near future.
  13. In the away concourse, I think to a man, there was a lot of unease when we saw the line-up yesterday. However, that was a great team performance and a very professional job from the 9 players who came in. Very important to put down a positive performance and 3 points after a few shaky performances against Norwich, Man City and Liverpool. We managed the game very well yesterday and it shows the strength in depth that guys like Mendy, Morgan and Fuchs who have had limited pitch time can come in and control a PL game. I thought Choudhury was excellent, our MOTM, he was everywhere. James Justin also looked very good and encouraging to see him really step up in his first start.
  14. What is the pub scene like? Never done West Ham away before. Any good pubs near the ground for away fans or do people usually drink further out pre-match?
  15. Agree with a lot of that - I've said similar in the Rodgers Tactics thread. We've gone missing in 3 games where we were hopefuls for an upset - Man Utd (a), Man City (a) and Liverpool (h) - and each time we've been poorly set-up and are not using our squad options to the best of their ability. Don't agree with the point about not ripping sides apart - they've scored 3 or more goals 10+ times this season in all competitions and have soundly beaten lots of sides. We were lame but that sort of result was always on the cards if you set up and play that against a top quality side.
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