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  1. Tielemans is an absolute baller. The impact he's had in a few games has been nothing short of very impressive. As things currently stand, I can see both the club and player wanting to do the permanent deal. It's so important that Silva continues to play as well as possible at Monaco and becomes an important player that they want to add permanently. It makes the deal more realistic and drives down the cash fee we would have to pay.
  2. I wasn't totally convinced by his appointment but he's had a good start and led us through a tough scenario being down to 10 inside 5mins today. Bar a totally shite kick out from Kasper gifting Watford the game the other week he could easily be sitting undefeated too. He sets us up to look to actively get more service into Vardy and has instantly got a better blend across the midfield with the 4 regular starters in Maddison, Barnes, Ndidi and Tielemans. Think he effectively uses Mendy, who did well coming in vs Fulham and Burnley, off the bench as well.
  3. Maguire is one who could do with the end of the season. He's had a summer and season fulled with very high highs and very low lows. His form has dropped off since he's returned from injury but he's a defender with plenty of room/time to improve. If a £45-50mil offer came in I would probably be happy to take that but, unless the sale is something the club NEED to bring in other targets, I'd keep him and would be happy if he was still here next season.
  4. Refreshing to be on the right side of a late winner after Watford. Thought we managed the game extremely well given the circumstances, I would've happily taken a point has played 85mins plus stoppages with 10men so 3 points is a huge bonus. Rodgers made some good substitutions and we reshuffled well and were the better team in the first half. Dug in hard in the second half and knicked it late on. Maddison's free kick was top drawer. Cleared the magic 40 too, so that's a nice milestone. In a way, it was kind of frustrating we had to put that performance in to win that game. Burnley looked very average indeed but we created our own struggles today with a silly red card and a miss-kick from Evans (though he did well otherwise). In general we give the ball away far too much. If we can cut that sort of thing out of our game we'll be well on our way.
  5. Best Leicester goals for me are Vardy vs Spurs, Vardy vs Liverpool, Mahrez vs Chelsea, Drinkwater vs Watford and Naughton vs Barnsley - too many to pick just one. For opposition goal, agree with the Chalobah's calls - devastating strike. One of those hit so hard and cleanly you don't know anything about it until you hear the net crack.
  6. Bar not taking that through ball in his stride, I thought Iheanacho put himself about well and positively contributed in the final 10mins or so at Watford. Nacho turning a corner with us would be great to see as he cuts such a forlorn figure at times
  7. Agreed. The switch from Puel to Rodgers will undoubtedly strengthen our chances of keeping the likes of Chilwell and Maguire. There's every chance that all of our major sellable assets will be open to staying and that any departure is led by the club in order to generate funds for reinvestment. Think a lot of that will also be dictated by how successful we are in clearing and recouping as much as possible for Slimani, Silva, King etc.
  8. Think Knudsen is a fantastic option to bring in a decent quality back-up left back on a free transfer. International experience with Denmark so will know Kasper well too. I'd be very content with that.
  9. Iborra was good player but the Premiership was the wrong league for him. He was a hard worker and a great character in the squad, but we got a good deal and he got a good move for his personal circumstances. Pleased to see him making an impact for Villarreal.
  10. Nightmare if N'Golo was still here. Kante, Kante, Kante, Kante, Kante, Kante...oh god they're everywhere...
  11. Vardy would do well to get ahead of Lochhead and Hines into 4th or 5th on that list. Question of if he has enough time on his side to get higher. He's done remarkably well and his 100th goal will be a real milestone for him. Excited to see it hit the net, hopefully on Saturday
  12. Messy red card scenario with McKenna in the 2-4 game at Pittodrie earlier this season. Morelos has something about him, a decent physical striker for sure, but he's very dislikable. Poor man's Diego Costa imo.
  13. Thought he came across well, especially with some difficult questions re. leaving Celtic - he's a good public speaker, a very gilded tongue. Hopefully he backs that up with a positive performance on Sunday and many more games thereafter.
  14. Think Demarai Gray will be a big winner under Rodgers in terms of game time. I expect Mendy could be the biggest loser but that was in part expected due to Tielemans' arrival. Few players I'm interested to see what Rodgers makes of are Iheanacho, Soyuncu and Ghezzal. Also Vardy with the striker rumours in the press, although he'll obviously start whenever fit until the summer
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