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  1. That's a real fvcking ball bag ahead of Tuesday.
  2. This kid is going to the very top of the game. To produce that performance at 20 years of age in an FA Cup final is remarkable. He's absolutely mustard and can't wait to see how much more he grows with us.
  3. An absolute giant of our club's history, and yesterday was the send off he utterly deserved.
  4. Incredible day for our club yesterday. Tielemans ran the show and produced a moment that will stay with the fans forever, Schmeichel showing his world class qualities in all their glory, Fofana and Thomas utterly immense. To go to a first cup final in decades and better a serial winner like Chelsea is something very special. Adding some silverware beyond the PL title is also a gigantic step forward for us too. Our fans were superb yesterday as well, well done to all who travelled - you made a racket and carried us home. Watching the Brendan and the squad get their just deserves for
  5. If asked from whom most of the dressing room dancing and singing videos would come from, Mendy would not have been my first guess. Fair play Papy If Carlsberg did Jackson 5 tribute bands...
  6. Godly strike from Tielemans, and a real cloud 9 moment for the fans. That has to go down as, not just one of the greatest ever FA Cup Final goals, but one of the greatest ever Leicester City goals.
  7. Don't see the point in coming for Praet today. He was well off the pace, but it was his first start in the league for months and he was filling in ahead of our two first choices 10's who have both inexcusably got themselves dropped from the squad breaching protocol. We looked significantly better when Albrighton came on instead of him though, but that was partly because Albrighton's game is to use the wide areas and the space in behind Masuaku - particularly after Cresswell came off - was the only real joy we had for large spells of the game. Albrighton is far better suited to atta
  8. Bullied at home by West Ham. Bullied away to West Ham for 65mins by which point the damage was done. No complaints. Rodgers was right to change shape but we conceded a stupid goal straight away which is really, really poor. Albrighton was superb when he came on. Two tidy finishes from Nacho which reduced the goal difference deficit which could help us longer term. Was crossing everything for an equaliser at the end there. I was pleased we made a fist of it in the end and didn't go out like a limp dick, but you can't start turning up at 3-0 down. Avoiding defeat today would have bee
  9. Best month of Iheanacho's career - first PL hattrick, 5x goals, knocked United out the FA Cup, POTM award and a new deal. Stop it Nacho you're spoiling us. Absolutely stoked for him, and hope he keeps this level of performance up more consistently going forwards.
  10. Iheanacho has a more than decent claim at POTM for March. He has 5 goals - with one being nominated for GOTM and a hattrick - in 3 games. I'd be surprised if he does win it though, I think the positive media buzz about Lingard right now will see him take it. I've voted for Nacho, and I've also voted for his goal at Burnley as the GOTM. I can't see anything other than Lamela rabona winning that though.
  11. Yes it would be. I noticed because I jumped onto Wiki to get a stat for one of our players to settle a debate and saw the Senegalese flag next to his name so did a quick Google. For Mendy, if he wants to add international football to his CV it's likely his best opportunity to do so. He's not getting anywhere near the France squad, so at 28 this looks like a good move for him.
  12. Looks like Papy Mendy has been called up by Senegal: http://www.fsfoot.sn/liste-des-26-joueurs-selectionnes-pour-les-rencontres-internationales-congo-vs-senegal-et-senegal-vs-eswatini/ They also dished out call ups to Abdou Diallo (PSG) and Fodo Ballo-Toure (Monaco) so they've beefed up a bit defensively there.
  13. Value in the transfer price would be my main issue with McNeil. I think he'd do well with us, and fit into the squad ethos and playing style well. He's clearly got ability but he's also one of Burnley's only major assets and they have him well protected. He's under contract till 2024 and has the option of a further year. Unless Burnley got relegated, which is unlikely given the standard of some of the sides down there, we'd pay through the nose for him.
  14. A week's rest and focus on the match will do us the world of good. Will feel like coming up for air after such an intense run. I think we'll see a good showing.
  15. Tielemans just has that extra gear that most midfielders in the league don't. The technique on that assist was utterly world class. The fact he made it a no-look pass frankly just takes the piss. Different gravy.
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