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  1. The Grealish comparison is totally irrelevant. Grealish's strengthens are his electric dribbling ability, cutting in off the wing, and moving the ball through tight spaces around the opposition penalty area. Maddison's main strengths are very different. Grealish basically plays as a left sided forward, Maddison has played as a no.8 and a deeper lying attacking mid with wing backs outside him recently. Their roles are completely different. Maddison isn't going to start hitting Grealish's numbers for goals this season and start flying past defenders on the regular. It's a lazy trope comparison b
  2. The reality of it is we are quite a small side. In terms of attacking set pieces we have several players who offer nothing in terms of aerial ability in our current starting 11. If Soyuncu and Ndidi come back into the side, with Fofana, Evans and Vardy, that will change things there. Ditto defensively.
  3. A learning curve for the Fof tonight. Lesson 1 - don't step out of position to make tackles when you have Mane running the inside channel, and Robertson the outside channel on your side of the pitch. He was caught out a few times tonight - not always his fault - but he's an exceptional talent and nights like that can only be positive for his development. That was the first time all season our defensive shape has been really pulled apart and everyone in the back line struggled for it.
  4. Maddison didn't show up tonight, although he wasn't the only one and only really got a sniff when we changed the shape and made the Praet/Under double sub to get him into the game more. A difficult game for him but he's shown some quality since coming back from injury. Also can we stop with the incessant Maddison-Grealish comparisons. Yes, their skill sets over lap in places but they play completely different roles for their teams. One is at the top of his game and the other is coming back from injury.
  5. Miles off the pace tonight and thumped by the better side. We were slightly unfortunate with the own goal but equally had a few goal mouth scramble moments which could easily been a Liverpool goal. Bar a couple of half chances our attacking players offered next to nothing - when none of Tielemans, Maddison or Barnes turn it on, we will struggle to beat anybody, never mind a team of Liverpool's quality. It's not the defeat that's disappointing - I am okay with the fact we've been beaten at Anfield - it's the manner of it. The same as Boxing Day 2019. Touted up, fresh off the back of
  6. I rate everything this kid does so highly. Whether it's stopping 3 on 1 attacks or bleaching his hair blonde, he does it masterfully. Top of the league, blonde hair and more eyebrow slits? Go on then Wesley.
  7. Thauvin is the closest thing we've been regularly linked with to a winger who can put up Mahrez numbers in terms of goals and assists imo. Barring his injury last season, he's done it for 3 straight years in France and has started the season well again this year. Definitely not to be judged on his Newcastle spell - on top of the additional creativity and goal threat he'd bring, we'd also be almost guaranteed at least one moment at St James' Park where he plays out of his skin and scores and the Geordies hate it. If we can use his contract situation to our advantage and bring him in
  8. Getting a new deal wrapped up for Evans makes complete sense on his side and our side so I'm sure it will happen in due course. Rodgers has said he massively rates Evans and will want to keep him around and Evans has all but said he definitely wants to stay.
  9. Agree completely - I think the layman's term is 'the dirty work' and Mendy is a master at it.
  10. Great representation for us, and the spread of different clubs there shows the healthy level of competition in the league. As an aside, I think Mendy is very unlucky to miss out on the Top 10 CM's section. As the French would say, he's been magnifique.
  11. Khun Vichai, Wes Morgan, Kasper Schmeichel, Jamie Vardy. Immortals
  12. It's dummy spitting 101 from the likes of Pep and Klopp because it's not going their way. This is the first time in about 2 years I can remember Liverpool having any major injury gripes - even then they got Alisson back way earlier than predicted, and have Thiago, Keita and Fabinho all back after the break. They have never been any worse off than ourselves and other clubs, but because it's Van Dijk we have to have it rammed down our throats every day. Man City will shell out whatever Pep needs to address the problems and ensure teams can't play a style of football that Rodri doesn't like again
  13. Whilst all the news about Ricardo, Soyuncu and Castagne being much closer to a return is very positive and exciting, I'd expect only Castagne will be considered for this as he's missed the least amount of football and had the least serious injury which he's recovered from on schedule. Even just having one of those three back hugely improves our options at the back. Liverpool have ground out some good results this season but their aura of invincibility is lessened, they have dropped 7 more points than this time last year already, and have taken a vicious right hook in the 7-2 at Vi
  14. Looks like Madders will have to be buying Brendan some more paracetamol for those headaches. That's the exact value that Justin brings to the squad. He's a very capable deputy to Ricardo and Castagne and gives us the flexibility we need to cover them when they are out injured and to help us ease them back in - hopefully - without any injuries flaring up again. The same can be said of Fuchs and Thomas.
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