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  1. jayfox26

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Exactly! Like you say, the top 6 have too much for us so we should be aiming to win our 13 other home games and try and sneak a draw at home to the top 6. We definitely should not drop points at home to Huddersfield but if we defend like we did against Bournemouth then we could struggle!
  2. jayfox26

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Maddison was great in the championship last season and is already looking good for us. The very best players in the championship should be able to make the step up and maddison was one of the best last year and barnes is looking like one of the best this year. Id prefer he had the full season at wba though unless we bring him back and put him straight in the team. Better for him to start every week in the championship than be on our bench
  3. jayfox26

    What to do about the defense?

    We either go to 3 centre backs and use ricardo and chilwell as wing backs or Wilf and Mendy need to start covering the full backs if they bomb forward. If Puel is going to stick with 4-2-3-1 then in jan we will need another cdm, someone who is quick, strong and mobile and we need to move Iborra on as he won't suit 4-2-3-1 at all. Silva can be back up for Maddison and then get in another cdm to fight for a place with wilf and mendy. My worry about sticking with 2 at centre backs is our lack of pace. Maguire doesn't get caught out as much for England as they play 3cbs and have the pace of stones and walker. But if hes in a 2 with either Morgan or evans then that leaves us exposed.
  4. If we only take 4 points from them 3, then there are serious questions to be asked. At the absolute minimum we should be taking 5, beat Hudds and draws in the other 2. Newcastle aren't easy to beat under Rafa but they arent very good and we should be beating teams like these. But if we defend like we did today then we may not win any of the games. Hudds is our best shot as apart from the fact they are absoultely terrible, Morgan will be suspended! But if we want to be aiming for a top half finish we need to be beating the likes of Newcastle away and Hudds and Everton at home.
  5. 9 points needed from our next 3, Hudds at home, Newcastle away and Everton at home. Then we play Arsenal away and we know we always lose to Arsenal!
  6. Puel is taking us in the right direction but if he doesnt sort out the defence soon he'll be on thin ice! I dont want him sacked but we cannot have any more defeats like this. We should never be conceding 4 goals to Bournemouth. Its clear ricardo isn't working at rb and Maguire and Morgan isn't working at cb. While Ricardo has offered us more going forward hes a poor defender. We either change to wing backs and 3 cbs with maguire, evans and soyuncu with chilly and ricardo as wing backs or if he persists with 4 at the back then evans/ Morgan just wont work with maguire. The lack of pace is frightening! Cannot gift teams 3 goals and expect to get anything. When you score 2 goals away from home you should at least draw. Attacking wise i feel we look good but its no use being good going forward if your defence is a wretched as ours!
  7. Watching motd has annoyed me even more than i already was. Yes Pawson was awful and was never a pen and Im not convinced Morgan should have been sent off (although thats a blessing in disguise) but our defending is unbelievably horrible at the moment. Bournemouth haven't even played well and have been gifted 4 goals. Its disappointing to gift the opposition 1 goal in a game but for us to literally gift them 3 and pawson to gift them 1 is just ridiculous. Morgan was awful as was Maguire and Ricardo is not a right back. Maguire cannot play with someone as slow as Morgan. When he plays for England he has the pace of Walker and Stones normally to help him out but he looks poor alongside Morgan. Evans isn't the answer either which begs the question, why the hell is soyuncu not playing. He played twice for Turkey last week but doesnt play for us, makes no sense at all. Many said last season that Puels loyalty to Morgan could lose him his job and id say the same applys now. I like Puel and don't want him sacked but he needs to sort out the defence quickly as we just look like conceding goals all the time at the moment. Looked decent going forward but the defending was some of the worst I've seen in the prem this season.
  8. The thing that worries me most about Puel is he seems to have a really bad result in him. Palace last season and now this. If we lose 4-2 to a top 6 team then fine but we shouldn't get smashed by teams like Bournemouth. We are always going to lose and draw some games but when you're 3-0 down at half time then there is definitely something not right. Regardless of chances created and whether they only had 4 shots, the fact is they took their chances and we didn't. We move on but i wouldn't want to see us taking anymore hammerings off teams outside the top 6, home or away!
  9. jayfox26

    James injury injured

    You'd hope so. I know its not his fault and im sure hes a top bloke and has been working hard to get fit but its more the fact he's got a place in our 25 man squad over King that i find more confusing. Puel and his staff must have thought he was over his injury problems and would be back in the squad otherwise it makes no sense leaving king out.
  10. jayfox26

    James injury injured

    Yeh thats true. Im not sure either. Cant believe we chose him over King to be in the squad. I liked him before his injuries but hes never going to make it back into our team. King isn't the greatest but hes always fit and gives 100% for the team. I like what Puel is doing but i think he was wrong to leave out king.
  11. jayfox26

    James injury injured

    I doubt he'll call it a day whilst hes still picking up a nice pay packet from us. While i have sympathy for him for his injuries, he should never have been given a new contract. Absolutely ridiculous!
  12. Yeh it annoyed me that. Only a friendly and Southgate knows what Kane, Lingard etc can do so i dont see why he didn't give Gray 20 minutes at the end. Totally pointless bringing on Lingard and Kane!
  13. Looked calm composed and assured and didn't give possession away at all. Will be tough for him to get a regular place in the squad with Rose and Shaw ahead of him but I'd say he should be 3rd choice now for England and if he continues playing well he could give Rose and Shaw a run for their money. Certainly done his chances no harm tonight
  14. jayfox26

    Bournemouth v Leicester - Pre match thread

    We are due a win against these but they are a decent side that will be pushing towards top 10 this season so a draw away would be a decent result. If we can make the kp a fortress against sides outside the top 6 then we can take draws away from home against them.
  15. Was a genius. He hasn't moved on with football and is still doing the same things he did with Porto and Chelsea. And he is a highly unlikeable person. I really hope he never gets another job in the prem as he is a total bell end. I have disliked many prem managers over the years, but he is by far the biggest nob of them all. Cannot take away what he achieved in the past, just like with Wenger, but that doesn't mean they are any good now. Football changes and you either change with it or get left behind. And my biggest issue with him is hes far too arrogant to admit when hes wrong or when hes messed up. Always blames the players or the ref or the opposition tactics. Klopp, Pep, Poch,pretty much any other prem manager would never publicly slate their players like he does. Certain managers its sad when they leave the prem, like Claudio and Wenger to an extent but i dont think many will be sorry to see Jose go. He has alienated pretty much everyone in English football!