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  1. I dont think the issue necessarily lies with the owners not wanting to "service their expensive toys" as you put it, it is more the fact they haven't asked (as far as we know) players to take a wage cut to be able to pay club staff. And if said owners "dont want to service their expensive toys anymore" does that mean that when this blows over they wont be signing any new players? I'm pretty sure if the likes of Liverpool and Spurs cant afford to pay staff then they surely cant afford any new signings/ contract extensions for current playing staff? Do you see where there is a huge moral dilemma here? I honestly think that any premier league club that "cant afford" to pay their staff should be transfer embargoed. The whole thing stinks and is just a sign of the elite sticking 2 fingers up to everyone else! If the rest of the premier league follows suit with putting their staff on furlough then football has well and truly died!
  2. Totally agree. If Leicester do this then I wont be paying for another ticket. Really saddens me to say it but I wouldn't be able to live with myself paying for tickets to watch overpaid people who didnt help during this pandemic. I've already made a decision that I will never pay to go to Anfield, Sports Direct Arena or the shithole Spurs ground. Any other prem club that does it will also be on my no go list. The whole thing is a shambles!
  3. Never thought I'd see the day but I'm really falling out of love with football. The actions of several premier league clubs with regards to furloughing their staff is absolutely disgraceful whilst their players still earn multi millions. A small wage reduction from players would cover the wages of the staff and even without that, I'm not convinced Spurs and Liverpool, 2 of the richest clubs in the world couldn't afford to pay their non playing staff. Any premier league club who furloughs their staff should have a year long transfer embargo imposed as if they are so poorly run that they cant afford to pay their staff for 2 months then surely they cant afford to spend multi millions on new signings. Totally understand smaller clubs doing it to protect their staff but with the TV money etc from the premier league, it's a disgrace that some teams have chosen to do this.
  4. Yeh it's a fair point. And we have a hard working group and not sure his heart would be fully in it if he did come here. Defo take Ings though but would imagine Southampton would want a lot of money for him
  5. Would never ever happen but imagine Coutinho here. A midfield 3 of Wilf, Madders and Coutinho would be unreal. But he'll end up at a top club somewhere and his wages would be way above our current structure
  6. Why has the post match thread/the chilwell is shit thread not been set up? What was the final score in the end and who scored? Are we getting champions league or getting relegated?
  7. I disagree, I reckon the top championship teams could beat the bottom prem teams in a one off game. Think they would prefer the opportunity rather than saying you are staying in the championship and it's unfair to just relegate the bottom 3 when its pretty tight down there
  8. If it so happens that the league cant be finished, I think they should leave the standings as they are but give an average season points tally to any team with a game in hand so if a team was averaging between a point and 1.4 points a game, they would get 1 point and 1.5-2 points would give them 2 points. Then the standings stay like that, liverpool get the title and the european standings stay as they are. As for relegation, my proposal would be that Norwich play leeds in a play off and Bournemouth play West Brom and villa play Fulham and the same happens down the leagues. The top 3 teams in the efl leagues have earned a shot at promotion in my opinion and the teams on the verge of relegation should have the opportunity to get themselves out. A for the teams that miss out on Europe, tough shit, should have been more consistent over the season. The financial loss of relegation/not getting promoted is greater than missing out on Europe. Playing what would potentially be 12 play off games would be easier to complete than trying to fit in the 100's of matches that remain of the season. This would obviously be a last resort and ideally if the euros gets cancelled and covid gets under control, the season could finish over end of may-June. 10 prem games left could be done in 5 weeks if 2 games a week are played. Scrap the fa cup and European cups for this season as no chance could all them games be completed as well.
  9. THAT WAS HUGE!!! Confidence should be back and we have pushed Villa towards the trap door. Magnificent stuff. Barnes fantastic, Justin did really well, Vardy being Vardy again. Absolute magic. But despite all that. Can we all take a second to admire that despite having biblical rain in leicester for the full game and before the game, our pitch still looks like a bowling green. ****ing love this team!!!
  10. Alot of people on here can go overboard with there comments and I wont get dragged into that. However, anything less than 3 points tonight and we should consider folding the club. Villa are absolutely honking!
  11. Would like to see him put Hirst on the bench if Vardy isn't on the bench. We need another attacking option
  12. Really dont see why people get so arsy about this. As long as we are filling the stadium and we are growing our fan base and worldwide appeal, who cares? I'd much rather be where we are, being successful and 3rd in the prem with a few "plastic fans' that may choose not to sing at games than be Leeds or Millwall who have loads of "proper fans" but are lingering in the championship. If you want us to continue to be successful in the premier league then you have to accept we will get a bigger fan base and not every one them people will go to every game home and away and not every one of them will sing at the games. Just because someone has a season ticket doesn't make them a bigger or better fan than someone who doesn't. The snobbery of some of our fans is staggering!
  13. Not sure if Chelsea winning will motivate our players for this game or put pressure on them and we bottle it. If we play anything like we did against Norwich or Birmingham then we've no chance. Need our pre xmas form back.
  14. So many to mention. Albrightons goal against Brugge as it was our first ever champions league goal. Also his winner against Sevilla was special.
  15. Chelsea have been linked with him as well. If Chelsea still want Chilwell and he wants to leave then selling Chilwell for £50-60m if we could get it, and signing Telles for £40m would be good business. Chilwell is quite a bit younger than Telles but hes really not had a good season and I wouldn't be against selling him if we got a decent price.
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