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  1. Some of the people on talksport do make me laugh with the utter shite they come out with. So many times recently people on there have had discussions about who could get into the top 6 this season and not once have I heard anyone mention Leicester. Wolves, Everton and even Leeds ffs have been mentioned but not Leicester. It doesnt bother me as I prefer us to go under the radar and people just ignore us but makes me laugh how we dont get brought up in discussion of making the top 6 but yet they are happy to tout our players to the "big clubs".
  2. He's arrived at morrisons in Leicester. Has had his medical. I presume only the contract signing formalities to be done now. Could be officially confirmed tomorrow. If so will he be available for Sunday?
  3. Burnley, West Ham and Villa. Only one team looks good in a maroon shirt
  4. Doubt he will be an automatic starter but I'd imagine he'll get a fair amount of game time with the amount of matches we have. Evans seems to pick up niggly injuries so I'd imagine he'll play quite a bit but Cags and Evans will still be our 1st choice for now I reckon.
  5. For once I dont have to apologise. I never wrote Congerton off or slagged him off. I did however write off Ricardo after we got smashed by Bournemouth not long after he joined and I wrote off Vardy after he gave a pen away against Middlesbrough in his first season. So I dont have a great record to be fair.
  6. Yeh that sounds like me and I'm only 34
  7. Quite alot of famous people are like that unfortunately but wouldnt have expected it of him. I retract my previous statement. All men are disgusting including David Attenborough
  8. Yes we are. Every single one of us. Except David Attenborough. Hes a fantastic human being.
  9. Big wes, little wes, caglars cock
  10. Would make more sense to get Fofana now and get Tarks next summer when he would be considerably cheaper with only a year left on his deal. By that point, Evans might not mind dropping down the pecking order and if we had Fofana and Tarks, it would soften the blow if someone was to come in with a big bid for Cags. Next summer will be interesting as I cant see us moving away from our plan of selling one player a year but we have Ndidi, Ricardo, Barnes, Maddison and Cags who could all attract interest from big clubs if they continue the way they have been.
  11. I thought this too but we dont know how much money he actually has available and what the finances of kp are looking like.
  12. Maybe not. They sat they are desperate for cash but then say they want to keep Fofana for another year. If they were so desperate for cash then surely they would accept a £30m bid for a kid who hasn't even played a full season yet.
  13. That would make sense. Then if Tah is good we can sign both next summer. If hes not then we send him back to Leverkusen and bring Fofana back from ASSE
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