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  1. Just looked like 2 mates pissed up having a mess about rather than 2 pro footballers 😂
  2. Christ almighty, did Taylor actually make any decent signings? So far ive seen Lewis, Wise and now Akinbiyi. Incredible that one manager managed to sign so many of our worst ever players. These 3 are comfortably top 10 if not top 5!
  3. We dont actually have any other decent left backs.
  4. To be fair I get pissed off, as I'm sure we all do, when someone scores against us and even more so when a player takes the piss like Vardy does, but at the same time, had it been the other way round, id have just been admiring that pass from Maddison. It wouldnt have been the other way round in this game though, as there's not a chance a sheff United player was making that pass 😂😂
  5. Personally I'd only rest a few and that would be the older, key players like Vardy and Evans plus one or 2 more. I'd bring Morgan in alongside Soyuncu as Soy needs to keep his place as hes had 3 decent games so far. Ward, Justin, Morgan, Soyuncu, Fuchs, Hamza, Tielemans, Praet, Albrighton, Barnes, Iheanacho. Subs. Jakupovic, Ricardo, Benkovic, Maddison, Mendy, Gray, Vardy. I think Maddison has done enough to earn a rest but Tielemans and Praet need more game time to get up to speed. Missed Perez out as well who also needs more game time so possibly him up top over Iheanacho but I feel Iheanacho needs a game. Will depend on fitness as well so Brendan will get the balance between a strong enough team to win, resting certain players if they need it and giving game time to players who need it.
  6. If only Fuchs was 5 years younger and had Chilwells engine.
  7. In some ways it was right to throw wes on to help defend the crosses they were throwing in and he didn't let us down but I can't help but feel that we shouldn't have put ourselves in that position allowing them to just come onto us and dictate the game in the last 15 mins. Glad we got the win and Rodgers did what he felt he needed to do to win but going ultra defensive against Sheff United should not be what we are about. Teams generally sit back against us when its 0-0 or if we are losing so when we get into winning positions against teams like these and they start to come out a bit and put more men forward, this is when we should start utilising the space they leave and finish teams off. Good win but disappointing performance.
  8. Good result, questionable performance. We will face much better sides this season and are going to need to improve massively if we want to carry on winning.
  9. It is, and 5 points from our first 3 games will be decent of we win. But will we continue winning if we play like this? I think not
  10. Wonder strike from Harvey and reallt chuffed for him getting his 1st goal but my celebrations were slightly smaller than usual as I just can't believe how shite we've been today. So slow at getting the ball forward and sloppy in possession. Happy we're winning but not happy with our performance
  11. Disappointed will be an understatement if we don't get 3 points here. Sheff United are giving their all but they are a poor side and we should not be dropping points here. Having said that, We've been so slow going forward again.
  12. If you jinx us, I will find you and I will kill you!
  13. Lundstram got lucky there. Shocking tackle could easily have been a red
  14. I thought the same for about 5 seconds 😂😂
  15. That pass from Maddison was absolutely disgusting! Great finish to get JV up and running for the season as well.
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