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  1. Liverpool wouldn't be top in the likes of Mane and Salah actually ever got booked for diving!
  2. jayfox26

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    I think Tielemens is better playing deeper. He can dictate the game from deep whilst driving us forward. Madders is the best one to have behind Vardy. If Tielemans, Madders and Vardy can get a good run in the team together and gain some understanding of each others game, we should start scoring goals again. Hopefully Tielemans can help us unlock team who park the bus at the KP.
  3. jayfox26

    What's Wrong at Leicester City?

    I think he hit the nail on the head when he said we'll look back favourably on Puels time here. Whilst some of the football has been a painful watch, the squad he has started to assemble as well as developing youth players like Chilwell, Hamza and Barnes has been excellent work. I feel his future will be decided by our results from now until the end of the season. Positive perfomances like against Spurs and Man U have got to turn into wins very soon. If we can get 6 or 7 wins from our remaining games then he may have a chance of carrying on the transition. If not, then someone else will benefit from his work, like Ranieri did with Pearson. It was interesting to see his assesment after the spurs game where he said the players are now playing the way he wants them to and now they just need to take their chances. Its been clear previously that hes been frustrated on the sidelines when the players haven't played as hes wanted them to. Hopefully for him it's not come too late.
  4. jayfox26

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Although Iheanacho has been poor, if we create the kind of chances we did against Spurs, i reckon he could get a few goals between now and end of the season. Its whether Claude can fit him and Vardy in the same team. The team has to be this with the only change being Gray over Iheanacho possibly. If he starts 3 cdms there will be an absolute meltdown on here!
  5. jayfox26


    I hear Mark De Vries is looking for work...
  6. jayfox26


    Just let Maguire take them. Job done!
  7. Yesterday i thought we were excellent other than the finishing. If we can play like that over the next few games, with madders and Tielemans creating chances, im confident we will give someone a good hiding. Barnes will learn from his missed chances yesterday and hopefully Vardy can put his differences to one side and show us he still is a top premier league striker. I know Iheancho has looked useless for months but if we create as many chances as we did yesterday, id fancy him to start getting a few goals as well. He is a very good finisher, he just needs a confidence boost.
  8. jayfox26

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    This isn't just about Puel, this is about our club and our future. No player is bigger than we are and if they are unhappy then leave. Ranieri was hounded out by the players and now Puel is being. So we get rid of Puel and we get Benitez or Rodgers or someone else, they make changes and certain players decide they aren't happy, rebel again and we're back to square 1. Whilst many don't like Puel, hes stuck to his ideas and hasn't just given in to pressure from players which is what the club needs. The club is run by Top, Whelan and a few others. The team is run by Puel. The players just have to do what the manager asks them, train hard and play. They dont get to make decisons on who is our manager and what the tactics should be etc. If we dont nip all this in house fighting in the bud soon then we will soon be relegated and all the good work that has been done getting us to a stable premier league team will be undone. Im not saying Puel is the right man long term but im not convinced certain players will be happy here under any manager!
  9. We cant go back to the style we adopted when we won the league as teams worked it out, hence why Ranieri struggled in the 2nd season and Shakey struggled. When we won the league, everyone underestimated us and played into our hands. Now, especially at home, against teams outside the top 6 they just shove 11 men behind the ball. Counter attacking football won't help in these games. Teams similar to us like everton and wolves have also struggled to break teams down who park the bus. Claude has bought players like Ricardo and Maddison (plus tielemans on loan) who clearly can play his way but unfortunately a fair few of our squad haven't adapted/haven't got the skill set to play Puels way. We have been defensively much better under Puel but our attacking intent has been poor at times. We are 2 or 3 top players away from being a very good side. If Puel does go in the summer, the next manager will come into the club in a much better position than he did.
  10. jayfox26

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    Regardless of whether people want Puel at the club or not, players cannot dictate what happens at the club. No player is bigger than our club and our manager, whoever it is, should be respected while they are at the club. Ranieri was hounded out by certain players and now the same is happening with Puel. If Puel leaves in the summer, new manager comes in, changes things, the likes of Kasper, Vardy and Morgan don't like it, and they rebel again and we're back to square 1 looking for another manager. I love, admire and respect every one of our title winners but part of me feels we need to move on now. Im not saying Puel is the right man to lead us forward long term but i fear whoever comes in will always have certain players rebelling in the background. Our future is with the likes of Ricardo, chilwell, hamza, Maguire (if he stays), Maddison etc, not the likes of Kasper, Vardy, Morgan and Simpson. As much as i dont want to see Kaspar and Vardy leave, if they are poison in our club then they need to go. The comments by Peter schmeichel dont sit well with me and i think it's massively disrespectful to puel and the club. Big decisons to be made in the summer, and not just with the manager!
  11. jayfox26


    Give Monaco £40m plus any of slimani, Iheancho and silva (all 3 if they want them). Do they want Ghezzal back as well?
  12. jayfox26

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Feel so deflated after that. The losses to Palace and cardiff etc are extremely annoying and disappointing but today was a huge injustice. We've hammered 2 of the top 6 in the last 2 games and got nothing. Our lack of finishing is so bad, id have backed Huddersfield to score more today. Its clear to see we have a very talented team but we are so young and naive and it showed today. Barnes would have scored 3 today if he was playing at WBA. To lose that game on the balance of play and the chances created was disgusting but to lose 3-1 is an actual footballing robbery. Fair play to spurs for being clinical but we've absolutely destroyed them today and should have scored at least 6. Never seen us create so many easy chances and only score 1. On the plus side, Tielemans looks like a top player, even if we only have him until the summer. No coincidence we created a raft of chances when he came into the team. Really feel for claude and to a lesser extent the players today. Whilst the players are the reason we've got nothing today cos of inept finishing, the fight, spirit and our general play was excellent today. They will be pleased with themselves except the finishing.
  13. jayfox26

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Feel physically sick after that. How the **** have we lost 3-1!!!! What a disgustingly unfair scoreline! My god I hate spurs!
  14. jayfox26

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Its games like this when certain "puel haters" show what absolute idiots they are and that they know nothing about football. Nothing about today's game is puels fault. Our players have been disgustingly bad in front of goal. No issue with the tactics and the team selection doesn't seem to have been an issue as vardy is as impotent as the rest of them. We should have scored at least 5 today and kasper has barely had a touch
  15. jayfox26

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Sick to ****ing death of this team at the moment. It's disgusting that we have been the better team in our past 2 games but cannot score a goal! Its actually embarassing how impotent we are! Spurs have been crap as were united and we've got nothing as we cannot put the ball in the ****ing net! Like him or hate, you've got to feel for claude with how pathetic our players are at putting the ball in the net!