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  1. I dont think we've had a bad season, especially how we were looking before Puel came in but it definitely is a season of what ifs and buts. We could have challenged Arsenal for 6th and we could have made the final of both cups but at the end of the day we are Leicester city and aside from winning the prem, i think we have to accept being an inconsistent mid table team and i think we should all be relatively happy with that given the years of utter shite we had to endure before Nige got us promoted. Given the finances we have, some may say we should expect more but Everton are proof that money doesn't always buy success. Ultimately we probably have to accept we will never be a regular in the top 6 barring the odd season here and there.
  2. Good post but i do believe Puel has to take some blame for not making subs earlier. Puels biggest criticism has got to be not making subs at the right time to influence games. Chelsea were there for the taking and we didn't take the chance we had
  3. Really disappointing. They were there for the taking. Hazard didn't turn up and they were well and truly beatable today. Individual errors and poor decision making are the only reasons we are not in the semis. Kante was fantastic as always. After they played midweek against Barce we should have nailed them in extra time. Got to question why we only made 1 sub until it was too late!
  4. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    And Chelsea also didn't look like scoring until Iheancho ****ed up our breakaway
  5. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Cant believe how wasteful we have been in possession. We could win this game if we cut out the shit individual errors and stopped trying Hollywood balls over the top to vardy. Keep possession and play the ball around a bit like we did at their place in the league. Fabregas coming on is not good though as bakayoko is one of the worst players ive ever seen
  6. Sounds pretty much like the many years we endured. Sven being the foreigner, Levein being the scotsman and **** knows how you'd describe Holloway and Allen. God i hope we never go back to those dark days!
  7. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Imagine the meltdown from spurs fans if that happens. Some were calling for Pochetinos head after they lost to Juve 😂
  8. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Great result and hopefully we have turned the corner after some poor results. Iborra has to start and I've said this for weeks. He is, alongside Ndidi, our best midfielder and I find it hard to understand why he's not been playing. Good to have Shinji back and Iheancho looked good from the highlights I've seen. Vardys finish was just ridiculous.
  9. West Brom away match thread

    I'm not watching the game but I imagine we've had 80% possession but have got nowhere near there goal and theyve probably been in our half once and scored once. I imagine we will have Over 20 shots today, 26 corners, over 60% possession but lose 1-0. Seems about standard for our recent form
  10. Champions League 2017/18

    I can't really explain my dislike for Kane. Probably stems back to when he played for us and every time he came on as sub he was more bothered about sorting his hair out than taking any interest in playing for us. Ive just always wanted him to do badly and every season i tell my mates he's gonna go shit even though I know he's not haha. Lingard at United is another one. I just find him an annoying little **** and want him to be shit but he just keeps getting better even though I'm convinced he's not a premier league player haha.
  11. Champions League 2017/18

    Couldn't agree more. They are a total shit stain of a football team. Can't stand the fans, cant stand the media hype around them, cant stand Alli and Kane. I do like Pochetino however but that's one of the only ok things about Spurs.
  12. Champions League 2017/18

    Was just watching champions league highlights and start pissing myself laughing. Wife says what you laughing at? I reply. Spurs 😂😂😂😂
  13. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Fair points and I do agree we need a clear out. And yes our squad is very much unbalanced and Puel will have a big job on in the summer sorting that. He does have a good platform to build on and his bigger problem may be getting rid of some of the dead wood.
  14. Vardy

    Keep. I still feel we have a good player in Iheancho plus Vardy and Shinji and another youngster added in and we should be sorted for strikers for next season. The biggest issue we have is creating chances for these strikers once Mahrez leaves. The midfield and wide areas and right back are priorities, we don't want to have to look for a striker as well.
  15. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    I take your point but compared to the other 13 teams outside the top 6, I feel we have a better squad. Yes we have a few players who aren't good enough but we have genuine quality with Maguire, Ndidi, Mahrez and Vardy. Not many other teams outside the top 6 have 4 top quality players that would be wanted by the 'big clubs'. We loaned out 2 of our players to premier league teams in January so we can't be that bad if other teams in the same league want to take players off us on loan that can't get in our team. And other players that haven't quite lived up to expectations yet like Iheancho and Gray would walk into most teams outside the top 6.