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  1. Ricardo is a full back and Kolo was a centre back, so not really comparable.
  2. This team is wonderful. I said before the game I genuinely wouldn't swap 1 arsenal player for ours and Redknapp and Adams both said the same on sky. On current form, we have the best right back, the best cdm, the best cam and the best striker in the league. And Cags and Evans are up there with the best at the moment. Great result and the Brendan revolution continues!
  3. And the draw against wolves and the loss to man u. We cant win them all though unfortunately but we're having a bloody good go!
  4. He literally does score when he wants. Barely had a sniff all game. Right place, right time 1-0. Get in Vardy you legend!
  5. For me, the fact Cags wouldn't have got to ball is irrelevant. If a foul is committed whilst the ball is in play, then it is a foul regardless. VAR is completely ****ed for pens. They started the season agreeing with the ref every time, disagreed with the ref a few times last weekend and are now agreeing again. I'd love to know exactly why the var officials didn't think that was a foul, it's as blatant as it gets.
  6. The comment about our fans being quiet until we scored and not filling the allocation makes me laugh. We know we are not always the most vocal, but most of the time we fill our away allocation. No issues taking shit on our support from clubs with huge support and fan bases, who always sell out but Palace. Come on be serious. Other than that, the comments on the whole are complimentary but most people are at the moment as we are playing well and getting good results.
  7. He absolutely wrote the book on shithousery. I love him as well but I'd imagine a lot of opposing fans hate him. That only makes him better to be fair. We need Becky Vardy to do some more shit so opposition fans keep slating him and he keeps scoring. Still cant believe fans haven't learnt that if you slate Vardy, its nailed on he will score. Think hes scored in every game since the Becky Vardy scandal.
  8. We'd probably get accused of being racist in this day and age. Either that or Mane would do a Vardy and score the winner and celebrate in front of our fans 🤢
  9. It's a game of opinions and whilst I respect yours, I disagree. Whilst Kanes goalscoring record is impressive, I feel he is often the detriment of Spurs and England. Both play to him and when hes firing, that's great, when hes not both teams look dreadful. Vardy brings so much more than goals. His assist record is also very impressive. Kane, for me, doesn't do anywhere near what Vardy does for Leicester, for either Spurs or England. While Kane is an excellent player and has an impressive goal record, i genuinely don't think he's a better player than Vardy and I would never swap the 2 of them, even though Kane is much younger. We know, that even if Vardy doesn't score in a game, he will have contributed in other ways either with an assist or his movement allowing another player to score (Ricardo vs newcastle for example). If kane isn't scoring goals, he isn't doing very much in my opinion.
  10. Your logic is very bizarre. We are not in a position like Man City where we have 2, 15-20 goal strikers in our squad. Nobody has that. Spurs only have Kane. United don't have anyone. Liverpool and Man C are the only teams that have it. We don't have to have 2 top strikers to be in the top 4. We have goals across the teams from Madders, Tielemans, Ricardo and Perez plus Barnes will get a few. I haven't seen much of Hirst but if he is good enough, Rodgers will play him as hes well known for giving youth a chance. As others have said, hed be better being loaned out 1st. If Vardy was injured, I'd be pissed off if we just chucked Hirst in with no decent 1st team experience rather than Iheanacho or Perez.
  11. Very true but I also wouldn't fancy Liverpool over 2 legs either or in a 1 off final. Wish them bastards had been kicked out for fielding that ineligible player.
  12. I agree. But we should never have allowed them back into the game in the way we did. We became complacent and sloppy which is not like us and disappointing. Like you say, our final ball was awful and on another day, we would have scored more goals. It was our defensive frailties that concerned me most. We could have really struggled tonight against a championship or higher team. Justin was caught out quite alot and didn't look as confident as he did against Luton. Like I said, glad we won but the performance wasnt great.
  13. Really? We were great for the first 10 minutes and poor for large parts after that. We created alot of chances and their keeper made some good stops, but we allowed them far too many chances as well. Without the Ward save and the Choudhury clearance off the line, could have been very different. Our passing and defending was dreadful at times.
  14. Comfortable scoreline in the end but anything but a comfortable performance. We created quite a bit but we were very sloppy in possession at times and our defending was very poor at times as well. They missed some clear chances and Ward made a great save at 2-1. Glad we're through but that was not a great performance and I doubt Brendan will be overly happy with it.
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