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  1. jayfox26

    George Hirst

    Whilst i agree with you, still nobody as far as i can see has answered the question...
  2. jayfox26


    Maybe if we change his name to McGuire people will think hes scottish which will make him shit. Then nobody will want to sign him!
  3. jayfox26


    The £75m would be for Harry but they didnt say how much they would give us for Kasper.
  4. jayfox26

    Ahmed Musa

    If some team is really stupid enough to bid £40m for a player we would most likely sell for £20m then happy days, snap their hand off. Really cant see it happening though. Imagine selling Mahrez for £60m and a week or 2 later we sell Musa for £40m haha
  5. Agreed. Getting a winger and possibly another centre mid who can help create chances for all the strikers we currently have should be the priority. Maddison will help alot with creativity but we cant expect him to be Mahrez and do it all on his own. I still think another cb would be good. If Maguire or Evans got injured id be very worried having to play Morgan or Benny for a long period
  6. jayfox26

    Yerey Mina

    Are we saying yerrimminn or yerrimmout? Im'ina bit of a pickle with this one.
  7. jayfox26


    Everton fans would actually believe they could sign Kante!
  8. jayfox26

    Ryan Loft

    I kante think of any, so its a no from me!
  9. jayfox26

    Ryan Loft

    Dear Mr Rudkin. We foxestalk members have exhausted the puns regarding our latest signing Ryan Loft so please ensure we have a new signing to make puns about by the end of today. They don't have to be any good, or even a pro footballer, just so long as they have a good name. Regards. Foxestalk.
  10. jayfox26

    Big Club!

    Doesn't matter how big your club is, there is always a bigger club willing to take your player away. Coutinho - barce Ronaldo - Real Etc etc Half of chelseas squad are being linked with moves to "bigger" clubs. The only English team i feel can really hang on to their top players at the moment is Man City. If Barce or Real come a knocking then the other 19 prem clubs are likely to have to sell. Unfortunately we have to accept we will never be Liverpool or United or Man City and we are always at risk of losing our top players. In some ways its a compliment we have such talented players now, we never had this issue when we had Mark De Vries and Alan Maybury etc
  11. jayfox26

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Who'd have thought John would be a common Iranian name...
  12. jayfox26

    Ryan Loft

    I've heard hes got some serious potential and could reach some lofty heights in his career
  13. jayfox26

    Yerey Mina

    Hes been linked with United and Chelsea recently. Would be surprised if Barce wanted to sell given hes only young but now theyve signed lenglet i could see them loaning him. Would be perfect if we could loan him with an option to buy next summer and then we could have a proper look at him and see if hes up to the challenge of the EPL.
  14. jayfox26

    Xherdan Shaqiri - Gone to Liverpool

    Yeh and if he doesnt do much at Liverpool they'll sell him next summer for a profit no doubt. £13m is nothing these days
  15. jayfox26


    Hes under contract and hopefully will sign a new contract when he returns. I really cant see the owners allowing more than 1 key player to leave in the same window. Plus Harry seems down to earth and has only been here for 1 season and is still pretty young so i cant see him throwing a Mahrez tantrum anytime soon