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  1. On fantasy football, it has Ings down as 25% chance of playing
  2. In terms of money we paid for him, plus wages and the fact weve not made any money back when hes left, means he absolutely is the worst on that list and one of our worst ever. In terms if actual contribution to the the team, there are worse on there and have been much worse in our history.
  3. Ah fair enough, sorry my bad, that makes more sense. Seen a few of our fans now saying we should have kept him as Rodgers needs a plan b, and it really bugs me as if Rodgers needed a plan b, we wouldn't be 3rd in the league. Think we are all agreed we need a new striker, I just dont think it needs to be a big target man type. We need someone mobile who can put themselves around a bit and also a decent finisher but I know players like that can be hard to come by, especially ones proven at prem level.
  4. Yes i do agree and he did score some important goal for us to be fair. The likes of Ulloa, Okazki and Nugent were all really likeable guys as well, which is why they all had cult hero status whilst here but Slimani didnt seem a particularly likeable guy either. None of us knew him personally and none of us know exactly what went on behind the scenes but there were lots of rumours flying around that certain players like Vardy didnt like him much but as I said, none of us know the full story. Like you say, our next striker signing needs to be the right one but anyone that thinks we will get a st
  5. Other than his Monaco stint, his stats are honking. And yet some think we should have kept him. Aside from him not being a good fit here, his antics when Algeria won the AFCON show he was a bit of a bell end
  6. Do these coaches at Lyon and Monaco also know more than Rodgers and his coaching team? Or is it maybe just that a player could do ok in the French league but just not be good enough for a team challenging at the top of the premier league. I mean another example might be PSG (arguably the best team in France) signing Choupo Moting who didnt exactly pull up trees at Stoke. Actually no idea how hes ended up at Bayern, he must have an amazing agent. But anyway, the point remains that he was never a good fit here and was not fancied by any of our managers other than Ranieri. Best all round that we
  7. I'm not talking about when we signed him, I'm talking about now. A few people saying we should have kept him as a plan b. My point is, Rodgers doesn't use a plan b and nor should we need to. He was a bad signing and we move on.
  8. He seems like he is trying to get us playing like Man City and liverpool who have also had games when they have struggled to score against a low block but they dont lump balls forward either or throw on a big striker. We definitely need 1 or 2 more attacking options and players that can offer us something different, but I just dont think a big striker is the answer. Of course, if there is a technically gifted player who can score goals and is over 6ft then great, get them in but some people just seem hell bent on us having a big striker, when none of the teams we are competing against have thi
  9. Now just seen the "plan b" nonsense isnt just limited to people on Facebook but also people on here. Think some of our fans must think we are in a relegation battle rather than a champions league place battle. The mind boggles.
  10. Only shite teams at the bottom of the league need a 'plan b' ie lump the ball forward to a big lump? How many teams at the top of the league that we are competing with have a big lump up front? None. It is not the Rodgers way and I feel some people on here confuse our need for another striker with a "plan b". We need a striker yes. We dont need a big lump to smash long balls forward to when things arent going our way. That is what teams like Burnley and Sheff utd do and there is a reason for that
  11. Oh that is very true. I know Facebook is 99% nonsense but somehow find myself going back for more. I'm only really there for the videos of cats and dogs these days to be fair. It certainly isnt the place for any kind of decent footy chatter
  12. Couldn't have put it better. A fantastic analogy 🤣🤣
  13. Just bugs me how some of our fans always want to blame the club or Rodgers etc when a player turns out shite. If he was any good, Rodgers would have played him. All the clubs he went on loan to weren't desperate to sign him. Massive waste of money and we move on
  14. People on Facebook saying he would have been a good plan b. He really wouldnt and only teams like Sheff utd and Burnley lump long balls up to a big man. If he was good enough, Rodgers would have played him. Good riddance and hopefully we can use his £80k a week wages to actually get a decent striker that will fit the way we play
  15. His contract was up in the summer so we wouldn't have got anything for him anyway.
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