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  1. jayfox26

    Ok two questions regards Top

    Merry Christmas for when you return 😁
  2. jayfox26

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I think he is good enough but we need to create chances for him. Vardy has always been good at creating chances for himself by closing defenders down quickly and forcing mistakes and chasing lost causes but Nacho isn't Vardy. If we create the chances for him though he will get goals. Whether hes the long term replacement for Vardy im not sure but he certainly has potential to be good here if we give him a run of games and create good chances for him. Vardy had a good understanding with Drinkwater as he always seemed to know where he'd be, we need the likes of Maddison to work closely with Nacho to understand his game and the runs he makes and positions he gets into.
  3. jayfox26

    Khun Vichai and Piers Morgan.

    environment Stop horsing around, this is a serious forum!
  4. True but might not make as much money this way.
  5. Same here. There will be some very rich people somewhere that can afford this. I hope he does raise a lot of money for the charity though, more money than i could afford to give!
  6. jayfox26

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    Could be true but even if Puel was to leave, I doubt they'd be in the plans with any potential future managers either. I really like both of them but we need to move forwards not backwards and they are sadly no longer good enough for us. I'd rather see the likes of choudhury given a chance as these kind of players are our future.
  7. jayfox26

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Given the circumstances, if he'd been reprimanded for that then there would have been uproar! Also ridiculous thay refs would be reprimanded for shit like this but nothing happens when they constantly give horrific decisions!
  8. jayfox26

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Get in Demarai! I know its the rules but the ref should have used discretion with that yellow. He really is a bit of a **** lee probert
  9. jayfox26

    Cardiff Match Thread

    99% will agree with you (me included) but we will no doubt have some ft warriors calling for Puels head and slating the players at the end of the game
  10. jayfox26

    Cardiff Match Thread

    The horrific refereeing decisons we have fallen foul of this season has been disgusting! Yes, every team has decisons go against them over the course of the season but this is taking the piss now. Morgan's 2 red cards, vardys red (soft in my opinion others may disagree), holding should have been off and a pen vs arsenal, the pen against Bournemouth, and then that then with Bamba. What the actual **** is going on with refs this season?!?!?
  11. jayfox26

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Yeh fair enough. Hes just annoying me in this game
  12. jayfox26

    Cardiff Match Thread

    He looks like a right nonce haha. And he's a been a bit of a bell end as well. Throwing the ball away when madders tried to get it off him when we had a free kick. Probably wouldn't normally bother me stuff like that on normal circumstances but im pretty emotional today haha
  13. jayfox26

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Cardiff play like a typical Neil Warnock team. Its all very niggly and they get in your face. We just need to settle down and get our passing game going as we know our players are far superior to theirs.
  14. jayfox26

    Cardiff Match Thread

    We haven't looked great but let's cut the lads some slack and not have the usual meltdown.
  15. I think it would be great to name the stadium after him. There should also be something set up legally that the name of the stadium could never be changed, would be awful if one day they decided to sell the club and some new owners renamed the stadium. I like the sound of the Khun Vichai stadium