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  1. If he does well, his value rockets like Tielemans and they get a nice pay day. If he flops, they can keep him as hes clearly a key player for them.
  2. What? Barnes was nowhere near offside for 2 reasons. 1. He was behind Ricardo when the ball was played. You cannot be offside if you are behind the player passing you the ball. 2. The leg of the west ham player was keeping him onside. Oh and 3. VAR is shit but it isn't wrong when it comes to offsides so I've not idea what you're talking about.
  3. The loud noise when the 4th goal went in was thousands of our fans jumping up to get out the ground quickly to beat the traffic 👀
  4. Yeh agreed, we have idiots on here and all over Facebook who have to have a scapegoat, even when we are doing well. Chilwells performances haven't been great and I'm sure hes aware of that and he needs to get his confidence back up but small sections of our fan base cant do that and would rather just keep slating him. It's very odd.
  5. To be fair, can totally understand why he was so fcked off, it was a dreadful decision made even worse by the fact VAR didnt overturn it! If that's a pen then literally any kind of contact in the box now will be given as a pen.
  6. A few months ago I'd have said it's our worst fear but Iheanacho has been brilliant recently. Perez also got a couple of goals tonight so its really not season over if JV is on the sidelines for a bit. Still want him back in the team though as soon as, really want him to get golden boot this season.
  7. Cant have a thread without a Chilwell slating can we?
  8. Regardless of whether he has been the weak link or not, the abuse hes been getting on social media and from small sections in the stands is just appalling. Weve had much worse players and been in much worst situations than we are this season and I've not seen this level of abuse very often before. It's fair to say this player had a bad game etc when they do but the abuse of Chilwell has gone way over board. We have to put faith in Rodgers. If he seems Ben should keep playing then fine. If he thinks he should be rested then that's also fine. Either way, hes still a young player learning his game and he needs our support. Regardless of what some fans think of him, he is generally highly rated and is coveted by a lot of top clubs who would be willing to spend quite big on him. If we dropped him for the rest of the season as some have suggested, we'd never get the money for him that we would get if he keeps playing for the rest of the season.
  9. jayfox26

    Dani Olmo

    Hey Benko, what's it like joining Leicester? You'll get loaned to celtic, come back, never play, play one cup game and get injured. Fck that I'll go Germany.
  10. Are we still not allowed to be negative? Should we still be happy cos we are 3rd in the league? We need to be honest and accept we are in serious trouble right now. A different kind of trouble as it's not a relegation trouble, which is great to know we aren't in that battle, but we are at risk of blowing any chances of getting champions league. Weve gone from being amazing for the first few months of the season to being awful with the exception of Newcastle and west Ham. I don't accept the tiredness argument as the likes of Burnley and Southampton also don't have big squads to deal with. Yes weve had the league cup games but Its not an excuse. Key players not at it including Vardy and Madders and weve completely gifted Burnley 3 points. They've barely created a chance and we have just given them 2 goals. Yes we could do with 1 or 2 new signings but if we cant do that then Brendan needs to sort stuff out soon. United,Chelsea, wolves will all keep picking up points in the 2nd half of the season and on current form, i dont see where our next win is. Ndidi isn't the reason either, yes hes a loss but we cant just blame his injury on our dross performances.
  11. jayfox26


    From reading from a few on here and some on Facebook pages, I genuinely can't understand why any of our fans would want him back at our club. The whole, he offers us a plan b is a bit redundant when Brendan clearly doesn't use the long ball to a big man (plan b) and we are 3rd in the league without using it. Secondly, if the rumours are to be true, he has an awful attitude and wasnt particularly liked at the club. And finally, hes nowhere near good enough to even clean Vardys boots, never mind displace him in the team. We only play one striker and we already have 2 strikers that are better than him. Actually sick to death of people saying we should bring him back! We don't need strikers, we need wingers!
  12. jayfox26

    Alex Telles

    Ah didn't realise Telles only had a year left. Makes sense then as we have often targeted players in the past who have their contracts running down.
  13. jayfox26

    Alex Telles

    The less said about Silva and Slimani the better. I do agree though that we cant just keep getting young players, we need experience as well. Telles could give us 3 or 4 good seasons, possibly more if Fuchs is anything to go by. Getting players in their prime normally costs alot but we should defo be trying to get a deal for Telles. If we could get £60m for Chilwell, a £40m deal for Telles would be decent but no doubt Porto will try and have our pants down. We did get Ricardo off them for a decent fee though.
  14. jayfox26

    Alex Telles

    Hes a right back isn't he? And we can definitely do without the Algerian fan boys. Still trying to get Slimani off our wage bill!
  15. jayfox26

    Alex Telles

    If Chilwell leaves in the summer then he should be top of our list of replacements. Wouldn't want Luke Shaw or Bertrand unless Bertrand was cheap and could be a the Fuchs replacement as back up.
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