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  1. If the rumours are true then sell all 3 in the summer. Totally ridiculous before such a huge game in our season. Like the op said, disrespectful to fans, team mates and everyone at the club.
  2. After Pep praising Bielsa and Leeds earlier in the season saying they play great football and then totally slating Rodgers and Leicester, this is magnificent karma. Got shithoused by the "greatest ever manager"
  3. If Man C don't win, will Pep say "they did nothing" and "only 1 team was trying to play"? Course he won't, he'll wax lyrical about how good Leeds are and how Bielsa is the best thing ever. Will the Man City players all moan about the way Leeds were defensive etc? Nah Pep won't allow it. Bell end!
  4. Makes sense but the obligation to buy could be a tough one for us if he ends up not being as good as we thought. Imagine we had an obligation to buy Under when he's not really done enough. We'd have all been fuming if we were being forced to sign Under now. Hopefully our scouting team have full confidence he will be good enough and is coachable.
  5. I was in the Burnley end in the Great escape game and in the Man City end in the title winning season. Me and nephew surrounded by Burnley fans trying our best to show disappointment when Burnley missed the penalty and then trying even harder not to jump around and celebrate when we went up the other end and scored. Despite us really wanting to celebrate, I'm not sure we would have got out alive. Was also in the Burnley end when Morgan scored a last minute winner and that was soul destroying seeing all our fans going wild and me and my nephew just sat quietly
  6. I'm surprised the Wolves fans haven't turned this season, they really have been dreadful to watch. I'm not accepting that losing Jiminez is the reason why they have been so bad this season.
  7. Burnley away in the great escape season. Man City away in the title winning season.
  8. Hence why we should be aiming higher. Hasn't shown anything to me that he will be anymore than an average player.
  9. He's bang average at best. We should be aiming much higher.
  10. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest Tavares is better than KDH at the moment. Soumare would be an incredible signing but Tavares has barely played any 1st team football at any level whilst KDH has 2 years of 1st team experience. Playing in league 1/championship is miles better for development than playing u23/u18 football which is all Tavares has done so far other than 1 start and the odd sub appearance.
  11. Can't see Praet going, he's been good for us and has just been unlucky with his injury. Hamza and Mendy are potentials to leave but I'd be amazed if we let Praet leave as well.
  12. Not like he's on peanuts either, apparently he's on a decent wage. Utterly honking!
  13. Her ex husband was certainly at lot Brighter than Gayle
  14. Reg Dwight i assume as surely nobody would be giving Gayle a 3 year deal unless he's playing for free.
  15. Would rather have Reg Dwight up front than Dwight Gayle.
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