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  1. My point is, that regardless of whether he did it on purpose or not (personally I dont think he did), the fa will no doubt try and ban him anyway.
  2. Evans had a fair bit of fight in him when he nearly killed Harry Kane
  3. This is a reason why everyone hates United. Fergie was always the same and Jose and now Solskjaer. Cant even admit that his team got a cheap peno even though it was blatantly obvious. It must be part of the job role at old Trafford (and other "big clubs) that the manager has to talk utter nonsense. Solskjaer said "if you try some skills and land on a player you get a penalty". I've absolutely no idea what that means!
  4. So the premier league have admitted it was a mistake to give United a penalty and should have been a free kick to villa. That's all well and good but will Moss or the var official be reprimanded? Will they bollocks!
  5. Fernandes is some player but he is a massive cheat. He will get a lot of pens in the prem as he is master of the dark arts.
  6. Its irrelevant whether he did it on purpose or not. If the fa are seriously going to look into it, we all know what the outcome will be...
  7. It's so true. I said before the Arsenal game we would have a big decision go against us. Nachos goal gets wrongly disallowed. I genuinely cant remember the last time we played a "big 6" side and didnt get a shocking decision go against us.
  8. Imagine my shock that united get a dodgy peno. 15 pens this season the most in the league by a distance!
  9. I agree but the liners shouldn't be getting involved in fouls unless its 100% clear. It was never a foul so she should not have got involved.
  10. If united got maximum points and then drew with us, they would finish on 68 points
  11. The ratings make me laugh as well. So Ceballos was better than Kasper? And the 3 jokes at the back for Arsenal were better than Martinez who made some really good saves. Utter nonsense
  12. That wasnt even the most controversial part of the game...
  13. You have perfectly put my thoughts on the game into words.
  14. The decision to disallow Iheanacho's goal tonight infuriated me. Now you may think I've posted this in the wrong thread but bear with me. The goal was disallowed for a "foul" by Iheancho which was given by the liner. If the ref had given the decision, I'd say fair enough but it was the wrong decision. But why in gods name Is the liner getting involved in a decision that is 20 yards or more away from where she was standing if it wasnt a clear decision. I understand they give offsides (dont think they should unless its obvious) but surely we should let var decide these things not a fcking liner. It was never a foul in the memory of man and was absolute shithousery from the Arsenal defender and no way, if the ref didnt give that decision would var have over ruled it. As controversial as var is and has been for us this season, I'm confident that Nachos goal would not have been ruled out if it wasnt for the liner!
  15. Yeh he didn't do too bad. The disallowed goal was the liner
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