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  1. Belgian clubs need a licence to be eligable to play in the 1st or 2nd division. To obtain a licence the clubs must "prove' they have all the "tools" to be a professional club. This means that every year the clubs have to make a report about: - Club finances (where does the money come from, is there enough money to last the whole season, are the players and staff getting paid correctly, ...) - Board members (who's involved with the club, what's their job, ...) - Stadium (does the stadium meet the requirements regarding safety, minimum capacity, seating, lighting, ...)
  2. Results and standings after week 33: KAS Eupen 0-4 Standard Cercle Brugge 3-0 OH Leuven KV Mechelen 4-2 Zulte Waregem KAA Gent 4-0 Charleroi KRC Genk 4-0 STVV Waasland-Beveren 3-4 KV Kortrijk Anderlecht 2-1 Club Brugge Beerschot 1-2 KV Oostende
  3. A few weeks ago our Director of Football told this in an interview: "Benkovic can't seem to get adjusted to the team and style of play . Andy King tried to relaunch his career at Leuven, but just hasn't succeeded."
  4. It's a combination of both. I agree that our midfielders have to do better, but our central defenders are really our Achilles' heel. If we want to compete for a playoff spot next season we need a whole new defensive line. Only Casper De Norre (LB) is good enough to be a starter.
  5. I wish him nothing but the best and I really hope he succeeds at Leicester!
  6. If you really want I'll bring him myself. I'll carry him on my back if i have to!!! The lad had a great start of the season, but his form really took a nose dive at the end of October and he never really recovered. Today was another abysmal performance from him. And yet, he plays 90 minutes...
  7. One of our central defenders (Jemelka) had to come off due to an injury and our manager subbed on Ouedraogo. It seems very unlikely Benkovic will even play for OHL
  8. Clearly our players want this season to end next week. They have no desire to compete in the playoffs. Hopefully our board keeps this in mind when they're building a squad for next season!!!!
  9. Disgusting performance!!! Our players should be ashamed of themselves
  10. Results and standings after week 32 KV Oostende 0-2 Waasland-Beveren STVV 2-1 KV Mechelen KV Kortrijk 1-2 Club Brugge Cercle Brugge 2-1 Beerschot Standard 2-1 KAA Gent Charleroi 1-1 Excel Moeskroen OH Leuven 2-3 KRC Genk Zulte Waregem 2-1 KAS Eu
  11. Results and standings after week 31: KRC Genk 2-2 Standard Waasland-Beveren PP STVV KAS Eupen 2-0 KV Kortrijk Excel Moeskroen 0-1 KV Oostende Beerschot PP Charleroi Club Brugge 0-2 Antwerp KV Mechelen 2-2 OH Leuven Anderlecht 4-1 Zulte Waregem
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