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  1. Lcfc_ben

    The owners.......

    All Milan Hahaha!
  2. Lcfc_ben

    The owners.......

    I do not query our owners... I think they have too much faith in the people around them. I highly doubt any of the signings or managerial appointments have had anything to do with them!
  3. Lcfc_ben


    Facing an uncertain future apparently... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/apr/26/claude-puel-leicester-city-manager-future-uncertain
  4. How embarrassing! Gray, Chillwell, Ndidi etc... are all improving young players that are important for the future of Southampton! (Around 11mins from the end) https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/leicester-city-boss-claude-puel-1506084
  5. After seeing our home form slip to its worst in years, I’m unsure (if I was the owner) I’d trust Puel with a penny of my money in the summer. Under his stewardship, I feel like we have lacked the ability to get stuck in and grind out a result rather than playing out from the back and working the ball into the box. It’s clear we don’t have the players to play in this way and we are losing games we should have won to finish 7th. So, would you invest or give Puel the vote of NO confidence?
  6. I was happy to give Puel like many fans a chance but if we continue to play like we did today, I’m worried about the future? Does anyone feel the same? We should be winning games like today but we were EXTREMELY poor!