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  1. After life

    It's an interesting story that, made me to scared to sleep tonight! But depends if you were fully dead as then your brains can't process the chemicals so not really sure.
  2. After life

    What if the light at the end of the tunnel is us opening our eyes in our new life? Maybe the reason we cry so much is at first we miss the people in our older life? But as we grow up maybe we forget and learn The mind boggles
  3. After life

    Also known as reincarnation. A Hindu belief I think and how well you perform as a person determines what you will be in your next life.
  4. After life

    I hope this thread is carried on, people are very open on this topic
  5. After life

    It's a really relevant point to be fair. Like someone said is there more to life after an ant is stamped on or when a chicken is killed?
  6. After life

    It wasn't necessary to foxestalk, just on a day to day life. This is a link to after life as what I'm trying to say this does topic does bother me & never mind what I'll be like in 30 years time or whatever.
  7. After life

    For the record I'm 16, still a school kid so people look at my views and thinks it's another naive young lad who's views have no significance. This is the same politically, have a massive view on politics. I want to make a change in this world, for the better!
  8. After life

    Realised I've not actually given my view on the after life. For anyone wondering: my view is im not sure if there is a God personally, but I think there must be something after life and this could either be ranging from your soul moving on to going to heaven but surely there is more to life than being born and dying?
  9. After life

    Doesnt matter but basically saying people don't necessarily treat my view as important due to my age
  10. After life

    People refer to me as a "kid" or "young adult" hate this as I like to think I have someone that has developed thinking so don't enjoy that reference
  11. After life

    I really don't know mate, it's hard and a broad question to answer
  12. After life

    That's a dictionary definition, proves fvck all mate. Make it what you want it to be
  13. After life

    That's what I mean. What is eternity?
  14. After life

    Yeah, especially with all this terrorism you start to appreciate every second you have on this planet and puts it into perspective how lucky we are. I grow up in this society and a lot of things in this world concern me & I am young but without arrogance I've always been told I speak a lot of sense. I'm glad I've helped people put stuff into perspective
  15. After life

    The end of living and how potentially I'll be nothing for eternity