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  1. I’m genuinely grateful that I’ve seen him play. When he retires, he’ll be spoken about for years. I would struggle to find a player who is anything like Vardy. For that reason, it worries me that when he does hang his boots up, it’ll be a massive ask to replace him. He’s been pivotal to Leicester’s City’s success over the past 8 years.
  2. They were alright, they got to the domestic final once but I remember Rijeka being fairly mid table.
  3. Except he’s right. If you takeaway your feelings towards Villa their ground is so much better than ours.
  4. Managing Hajduk Split in Croatia and I’m now in the third season. The actual league itself is pretty easy, apart from Zagreb and Osjeik everybody is awful, so I’ve managed to win back to back league titles and domestic cups. I’ve got some quality young players but clubs bigger than myself end up putting in offers off 3 million and then when they leave, they are valued at 20 million ish so it makes it hard to compete in Europe. I’ve tried to sign them on contracts without release clauses, but the Croatian First League clearly isn’t prestigious enough
  5. I got a buzz cut. 1 all over. Looks erm different.
  6. Yep, Covid-19 was the least off my worries when I went to Birmingham
  7. I haven’t been tested but felt pretty awful in mid-February. I had a continuous cough and felt very tired. Didn’t think much off it as it wasn’t so heavily publicised back then. Looking back, in the space of four weeks I had been to Birmingham twice, Newcastle, Leicester and Nottingham so could’ve been that.
  8. Lockdown has got you a bit rattled, eh? Strange.
  9. If you really think that there is a demand for ACTUAL radical socialism amongst the young you’re wrong. The fault of the Conservative party and no decent third party explains why Labour received the young vote in both 2017 and 2019. Additionally, Labour were also able to use social media effectively in both campaigns on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram (which younger people interacted with). Basing your campaign primarily on younger people and using social media to do so does not make him more popular, that’s different. I’m sure if social media was so widely-used in 1997, Tony Blair would have had similar / more of the younger vote. But yeah, you keep using your YouGov stats!
  10. Statistically yes, in reality, no. Corbyn was only voted for by the young in this election because off how weak the conservatives were, not by his own aptitude as a politician.
  11. Seems to be a differing view on Starmer. For what it’s worth, I think Starmer is a decent leader and will serve Labour well. People may not like this, but the reality is that Labour will only win a general election by being centrist, Starmer is a Tony Blair figure, what you might call a Third Way Socialist and not a racial socialist, like his predecessor Corbyn. His main targets should be to get rid off the Corbynites in the party and start appealing to the young by not just throwing money at education or healthcare. It may come to a surprise that Corbyn was not popular amongst the young and was only voted for through gritted teeth. Starmer gives me a fresh sense off optimism.
  12. Doesn’t look like that I’ll be able to get back into the gym for a while what with this virus. Does anybody have any good websites that you can buy cheap / decent home gym equipment on?
  13. Considered Brentford and maybe Alkhmaar but ended up opting for Valencia. 23 games in and I’m on 54 points, a point behind both Real Madrid and Barcelona and I’ve got a CL knockout game Vs Tottenham soon. It’s surprisingly good in La Liga, but I think I’ll drop away as I have a very small squad.
  14. And that is the 7th day in a row that has felt like a Sunday
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