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  1. Exam Thread

    What you studying and where?
  2. Exam Thread

    Spring is nearly upon us. Good luck to anyone sitting exams in the next few months, whether that’s Gcse, A levels or Uni. Feel free to comment what you have coming up or any other experiences with exams
  3. Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    Mahrez is a p*ick but a very talented football & don’t get me wrong I still love him for everything he’s done for our club. He’s disrespected Puel, the owners and the club & the relationship doesn’t look reparable, we need to play hardball and demand 90 million. I still don’t think a deal will happen unless Ben Arfa/City offer a good player in return.
  4. Best Away Day

    Man City away 3-1 win west beom 3-2 win (great escape season) Newcastle without a doubt this season & one of my favourite away days, great ground, great people, great win
  5. Leicester City v Watford. Premier League.

    Need a win, these sorta games are must wins at home. Okazaki to stay in, and press them from the front from minute 1. Early goal and these will collapse. Longer it goes on they might take it. Still think we will win this, these are dreadful. 2-0 Vardy and Silva
  6. Peterborough away - 12.30pm Sat 27th January

    How far down will tickets go? Will it make general sale?
  7. Newcastle away information

    What was it like today when you went and picked them up?
  8. Newcastle away information

    Yes they told me if they don't come you can pick them up on the day, just ring and give your details and they'll give you them at the NUFC ticket office, annoying though.
  9. Newcastle (A) pre-match

    Will be a tough game and take a point but we can get 3. Play like we've recently we will win, shinji has to come back in though. newcastle 0-2 Leicester
  10. Newcastle away information

    Mine came today, have yours? I wouldnt be concerned I was waiting nearly 2 weeks
  11. Unsure if this applies to anyone on here but the ticket office gave me the impression that people have had this issue. Bought my ticket for it and was due early this week but had no sign so I rang and apaz they've had an issue with printing tickets off and many haven't been posted till Friday and it takes 2-5 working days of course, just some info if ur still waiting for ur ticket.
  12. After life

    It's an interesting story that, made me to scared to sleep tonight! But depends if you were fully dead as then your brains can't process the chemicals so not really sure.
  13. After life

    What if the light at the end of the tunnel is us opening our eyes in our new life? Maybe the reason we cry so much is at first we miss the people in our older life? But as we grow up maybe we forget and learn The mind boggles
  14. After life

    Also known as reincarnation. A Hindu belief I think and how well you perform as a person determines what you will be in your next life.