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  1. Weird one this general election isn’t it? As a young person, Labour really doesn’t appeal to me; the way I see it is their policies are so orientated by this magic money tree. I, for one understand the university market is a bit messed up, I intended to go to uni next year and still the thought of “free tuition fees” does not excite me, where is this money going to come from? Their manifesto has gone too far left, like the distribution of money to the lower quartile in society through the £10 min wage, I just don’t understand. Like take my old Sunday job for example, last year I got paid £4.75 per hour and vice-versa with 2 other people my age, but if there was a £10 min wage instead of employing 3 people, companies would employ 1 and just ensure productivity is higher. Policies like these 2 in particular, I really don’t understand. and as for the tories
  2. Feeling really really bad about this game
  3. Not felt this nervous for a game since 15/16 probably. Huge, huge game and would be a massive statement to the rest of the top 4. Don’t like this “will be an easy win” stuff given that they are a traditional top 6 side and their front 2 can hurt us. 2-1 for me though, we are all behind you city
  4. Throwing some paper at Schmeichel, classic Russian football hooligans
  5. Doing ok here, it just does feel like we are nailed on to lose 1-0 though, doesn’t it?
  6. Freak, as somebody said above you should’ve pointed it out
  7. Footfiddler123 is an interesting username
  8. She makes unreasonable arguments in a confrontational manner and has no evidence to back it up with.
  9. Gerry Cinammon in Leicester and Liam Gallagher in Nottingham next month.
  10. Bunch of freaks. I get climate change is an issue but the 80 year olds attempting to cause havoc in the streets make me laugh. disrupting people trying to get from a to b and earn their money is not the right way to make an impact and voice their issues imo. as for greta thurnberg she really is a freak, don’t get all the bollox of her being “inspiring”, she’s being used by her influential parents and just coming across as confrontational. Worst thing is that I have to put up with her for the rest of my life what with her only being a few years younger than me
  11. If anyone is thinking of a city break I couldn’t recommend Lisbon enough.
  12. A gutting result. People saying that “we didn’t pose an attacking threat” I disagree, forget what the match stats say a minute. We had nearly 50% of the ball, Soyüncu could’ve scored, if Vardy had hit it first time he could’ve too and Praet was inches away. Our game plan was to sit deep and frustrate Liverpool which we did for the most part. To go to Anfield and lose in the 95th minute, only to bent referring says a l lot about us. This is a fantastic squad and I’m convinced this will have the same impact on us as the 15/16 loss at Arsenal did. Oh and 3 other things: Klöpp really is a d*ck Kavanagh needs to be sacked Man City will still win it
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