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  1. Matt_Lcfc


    Thinking about planning for my next blog. Has anyone got any good ideas?
  2. Matt_Lcfc

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Just reiterating most comments above but that was good. Best I’ve seen us play in a long , long time. All brilliant, apart from Amartey. Maddison is amazing. One thing I clocked tonight was we actually looked better without Mahrez, the team was less based around him and they were working hard for each other and not always looking for Mahrez. Reminiscent of coutinho at Liverpool. Took the game to United, great performance & give Puel the credit he deserves with a weakened squad. Bring on wolves
  3. Matt_Lcfc


    wrote another one today. If you have anytime to check it out, would appreciate it. again, any constructive criticism is great. http://footballblogger1.simplesite.com/
  4. Matt_Lcfc


    Yeah I see, the use of pictures does make it look more complete. How many viewers are you hitting & yeah I understand about the hard work with the resesrch but I might give it a go
  5. Matt_Lcfc


    I was thinking about writing a little pre season preview about all the prem teams & where they will finish etc
  6. Matt_Lcfc


    Hi, thanks mate; I will definitely take those into my text blog. I was thinking about writing it soon. Regarding the platform- I have seen a fair amount of people reading it which shows it isn’t a bad platform? I just do it for fun but was surprised by the amount of people who viewed it. Could you link me your blog so I can have a look 😁. Cheers, matt
  7. Matt_Lcfc

    first away game -- any advice?

    Should be fine as there’s never much trouble on the first day & you won’t get trouble on the whole if you don’t ask for it. Go to the pub if you’re that sort- Manchester cricket ground is good apparently. Or if you don’t feel comfortable go walk around the ground & go straight in when gates open an hour and a half before K.O. Like someone said above once you’re there everyone wants the same thing- just clap if you don’t know the words to the chants or most of them are easy to pick up. Enjoy it, old Trafford is a fantastic ground
  8. Matt_Lcfc

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Went to Puerto Pollensa in Mallorca this year for 2 weeks. Got back nearly 2 weeks ago
  9. Matt_Lcfc

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Met him last Wednesday before the Valencia match. Got talking to him, really nice, humble guy very down to earth. Hope he does well at West Brom and I’m sure he will- reckon that move will suit him. Still think he will make a name for himself at us, looks really good.
  10. Matt_Lcfc

    Drug Taking at games

    Avoid the toilets at half time especially with your son. I remember going down at West Ham away when we were winning 2-0 only to find the “baby squad” having a smoke fest. Was only 13 . If you’re going to do drugs why wouldn’t you just do it in the pub toilets where you are less likely to be caught by the police. But drugs have never made any sense to me
  11. Matt_Lcfc


    Wrote my first blog today,. Would really appreciate anyone who reads it. Any constructive criticism or comments are welcome http://footballblogger1.simplesite.com/
  12. Matt_Lcfc

    Corrupt Qatar

    Exactly mate and that’s the sad part
  13. Matt_Lcfc

    Corrupt Qatar

    They’re slowing tarnishing the game we love and people are blind to it. A winter World Cup won’t feel right, especially in Qatar
  14. Matt_Lcfc

    Corrupt Qatar

    Heard he’s good on his day , although he demands a lot of money
  15. Matt_Lcfc

    Corrupt Qatar

    Watched a mini documentary about it and they’re importing a lot of labour from Africa with the promise for good money. A lot of them haven’t been paid & don’t get paid, not fed and sleep 10 in one room. Not sure how Fifa let this happen, especially with the World Cup being a celebration