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  1. I don’t think any of the teams looking to break the mould should be considered “dark horses” i wouldn’t be surprised if us/Wolves/Everton/West Ham ended up in the top 6
  2. I think that it’s one of those things that you have to be bold about when you’re young as a lot of people I’ve had conversations with regret that they didn’t do it enough
  3. At the university courses that I’m looking at I will he offered a year out to go to a whacky place, for example, South Korea/ Mexico / Canada. I think I’ll take the opportunity
  4. Awful that it exists in 2019. Ive never understood any racists or what drives people, the only conclusion I get to is envy. Leicester is indeed very diverse and like said someone above I’ve always thought that we were quite accepting as a city. However, remember after the migration influx many left the city but will still support the club. Hence why the EDL marches are rather large in Leicester.
  5. Half of you need a reality check abusing Kane and Southgate when they have got us to two semi finals, the last 4 of two comps with far from being the 4th best team in the world. We have a promising young team and like Leicester there’ll be bumps in the road, but aye, trust the process and don’t forget the man who united a nation less than a year ago
  6. Good start to the game, decent atmosphere and the Swiss look very solid. wish they’d out the commentary in time though
  7. Do we all go to the pub and sing how it’s coming home and fall through bus shelters for this? I’m confused what it’ll be like. Is it a nothing competition?
  8. People who refuse to sing at Away games and moan at the team for not trying. the guy who wears that mask and calls himself Beachey, needs sectioning
  9. I’m really in two minds whether this actually is Ian. Either way it’s poor from whoever it is
  10. Robert Huth. Hard as fvck remember at Man City away when he took out Agüero after 3 minutes. Probably my favourite defender to ever play for Leicester
  11. No but have you seen Jekyll and Hyde in the same room? 👀
  12. The thing with that account is if that is Ian Stringer it is a daft decision to come on Foxestalk and try and pick fights. however, if it’s not, I really worry for the sad, sad person behind it
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