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  1. Matt_Lcfc

    The owners.......

    Like I said they’ve done unbelievable amounts to this club.
  2. Matt_Lcfc

    The owners.......

    My point.
  3. Matt_Lcfc

    The owners.......

  4. Matt_Lcfc

    The owners.......

    Does anyone ever query the owners? Don’t shoot me down I’m asking a serious question. Look, the owners have been great, invested mass amounts of cash and paid of the debt and have been big contributors to the success in the last few years. However, I’m starting to question them, Shakespeare’s long term appointment was weird and Puel is now looking like a bad appointment. I’m questioning their choices of recent times inc players being bought in, Rudkin has a lot to answer for along with most of the people below him. I’m just starting to question their skills in owning a football club, I feel like if Puel goes and a bad appointment takes place people will start to turn on them. I accept we could do a lot worse and I’m not criticising them, I’m just questioning the descions of late.
  5. Matt_Lcfc

    Name a better option than puel

    Where have you seen this?
  6. Matt_Lcfc


    Yes we have lost purpose. We are still in transitional period under Puel hence why I think he does need the summer and pre season to sort it out. This period involves getting the old guard out and clearing it with useful players which will help us to adapt to new “DNA”. It isn’t a crisis, it is far from horrific, look at Sunderland, all but relegated today and also look at teams like Sheffield Wednesday, teams who would kill to be in our position. Top half of the premier league and some promising players in Choudabary, Ndidi, Maguire etc. People really need to get it into perspective.
  7. Matt_Lcfc

    Burnley away match thread

    We are so predictable.
  8. Insert Shalien Patel rant here
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    You titled the thread “moaning” moaning at other fans??
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    This is enlightening. comment on the other thread if you want to moan about moaning, not necessary
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    Fancy Dress

  12. Matt_Lcfc

    Fancy Dress

    Found a class Donald trump One
  13. Matt_Lcfc

    Fancy Dress

    Need some originality
  14. Matt_Lcfc

    Fancy Dress

    Right lads, need some help, not very creative and need some help with some fancy dress ideas. Keep it realistic.