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  1. Doesn’t look like that I’ll be able to get back into the gym for a while what with this virus. Does anybody have any good websites that you can buy cheap / decent home gym equipment on?
  2. Considered Brentford and maybe Alkhmaar but ended up opting for Valencia. 23 games in and I’m on 54 points, a point behind both Real Madrid and Barcelona and I’ve got a CL knockout game Vs Tottenham soon. It’s surprisingly good in La Liga, but I think I’ll drop away as I have a very small squad.
  3. And that is the 7th day in a row that has felt like a Sunday
  4. Exactly that. The quicker *certain* people start to realise the measures that are in place are there to benefit people, the quicker that we can resume to some form of normality. Although I’m not too sure what that will look like.
  5. Best saves to do? I’ve just got the game and I’m stuck on who to start with.
  6. Italy does have an ageing population but our trajectory is likely to be similar
  7. Gavin Williamson has announced that under no circumstances exams will take place. Announcements will be made tomorrow, the college have spoke to us and said that essentially it will come down to variables like coursework, predicted grades and teacher assessments. An appeal system will be in place. I hope your daughter isn’t worried, as trust me on this, this will not be a big deal at GCSE level. Once you have go onto further education, nobody is really bothered what you got as long as long as you’ve got English and Maths and a decent spread off results which the system will probably enable for your daughter. It is so hard to process though, I’ve realised how important some off the relationships are that you form at both GCSE and A - Level, and it appears that after tomorrow, they will vanish in some cases.
  8. Thanks mate. I honestly feel for everybody currently, including the GCSE students. When I did GCSEs I had something like 26 exams, it’s ridiculous and along with A - Levels is very stressful. I think it’s the clarity. What happens next? (I can’t see exams being delayed till next year) but I don’t know whether they would use predicted grades or not. But yeah, it’s gutting for all isnt it - having to isolate yourself away from stuff you can’t control.
  9. Surreal day. Two months tomorrow was meant to by my first A-level exam, but after the government announcement today this isn’t happening. I’m gutted, after spending 7 years, I’ve really enjoyed my time at the school / college and formed some good relationships with some great teachers and friends, it seems that by Friday that’ll be all gone. I also had my heart set to study at either off the Newcastle universities next year but again, this appears unlikely. I really don’t know what will happen and it’s the uncertainty that worries me.
  10. Will be surprised if my college open by the end off the week. Looks like they’re gearing up for shutting.
  11. Quite interesting, looking forward to these podcasts.
  12. I can’t see the season being “null and void” if 14 clubs have to vote for it. Teams that will definitely vote against it : Liverpool, Leicester, Chelsea, Sheffield United, Wolves Teams that will probably vote against it : Man City, Everton, Southampton, Newcastle, Crystal Palace. chill out
  13. Thank you mate, really appreciate it. Good to hear that you had a good time there too.
  14. Yes mate. HOPEFULLY university at either Newcastle / Northumbria to go and study politics and international relations.
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