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  1. Very nice gesture. Hopefully we see you next season
  2. Matt_Lcfc

    The gym

    I wouldn’t really worry about how to use the machines. Most have a step by step method written on them. At the end of the day don’t worry about doing it perfect necessarily, obviously do it right but at the end of the day it’ll help your body as you are putting strain on it. Just be careful about injuries. ask the regulars too, most will be happy to help. Also just search on the internet eg “shoulder press method” plenty of workouts you can do with dumbbells, feel free to message me if you want some help
  3. This, to me sounds like a good idea. A sea of blue and white will look good, in the same way it did at Watford in 2016. but, call me ungrateful or whatever but wouldn’t fans prefer subsidised tickets/ travel to games rather than cheer sticks or hats. just a thought.
  4. Support is exactly what you make it. I was at the game on Saturday and there was about 50 of us congregated at the back of the Away end, all singing for the full game. UFS have done the right thing by getting people who want to sing for the whole game to stand with each other
  5. Matt_Lcfc


    Wanted to take up a new sport for quite a while now as have a bit of time in the evenings. Quite simply can anyone tell me what boxing is like as a sport to take up? If anyone has done it or knows anyone that has, that’d be great
  6. Ignore them, they’re irrelevant
  7. “Leicester Citeh are Away at Chelseh” really cant deal with this geezers voice
  8. Unlike shamima Claude is going home
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