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  1. Just got home. Pretty happy with the point, the main thing was that we didn’t lose, which we avoided. Defended resolutely, even with ten men so a good result, just worry where the goals are coming from though.
  2. I’m getting that train back I think. It looks like the only one that goes back to new street at a reasonable time. the walk looks like it’s 10-15 minutes.
  3. Anyone doing this on the train? If so, what sort of trains are you getting back?
  4. Off to Newcastle for the Northumbria post-offer day. Then back up for the Uni of Newcastle in just under two weeks time. Exciting times.
  5. Just tuned in. Frankfurt playing some very good stuff.
  6. Cheers, some really good and insightful stuff on here. Them prem can get a bit boring at times and I’ve always been somewhat intrigued by the supporter culture in Germany. Are the games on quite regularly on BT then? The Friday night fixtures look pretty interesting and yeah, I’m looking forward to getting into it a bit. Will hopefully write a bit on here when I start watching it.
  7. Matt_Lcfc

    The gym

    Maybe it’s just my age but I’m surprised how normalised steroids are in my gym, mainly in the 40-50 age range.
  8. I really don’t know a whole lot about German footy, aside from the elite clubs. Hoffeinheim have always been appealing as I always like Kramaric and watched a bit of them around Christmas and they were pretty entertaining.
  9. I have BT sport and have noticed that a lot of the games seem to be on there, so may start watching them if I get time. Any recommendations on teams to support/back?
  10. Think I’m going to try and get into German football, looks interesting.
  11. Matt_Lcfc

    The gym

    I used to use “health” on my iPhone. Think it’s not very reliable though, as it includes some steps if you’re in the car etc. I know some people who use apps, but they look like they’d drain your battery big time.
  12. Matt_Lcfc

    The gym

    Not too sure if this works for you, but I sometimes have one after I’ve eaten at lunchtime. I still eat as much as I would for lunch but get that added protein which keeps me going for the afternoon too.
  13. Matt_Lcfc

    The gym

    Should probably do more cardio so decided to do some sprints to end my session tonight. Fair play to you lot who do cardio everyday, it’s proper tough
  14. Matt_Lcfc

    The gym

    That’s crazy. I’m convinced that if I ate 1500 calories I’d shred fat, guess it’s just to do with genetics and metabolism.
  15. Matt_Lcfc

    The gym

    I can’t say I track them like you’ve said, might sound like an idea. Are there apps for this? Seems a good shout mate.
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