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  1. Sheff Utd (A)

    do you reckon EMT will put a train on for this?
  2. Funny secondary school moments

    They do say they're "the best years of your life" Comment your most comical moments at secondary school or your favourite moments.
  3. Bradley Lowery charity bike ride

    Hello, As im sure you are aware we were hit with some very bad news when Bradley Lowery had passed away. He was a fighter and an inspiration. The funeral is scheduled for this Friday and I am trying to assemble a team of over 10 people that could all raise £100 each by cycling to reach our target of 4 figures. Nothing has been confirmed but if we could get a team I would like to set of on Tuesday/Wednesday morning from Nottingham. The dress code for the bike ride would be red and white if we could get it sorted. Please comment below if you could do this and don't be disrespectful as this is someone who is trying to do something for a good cause.
  4. The mystery......

    Did anyone else notice that lad sent to the stands around the 80 minute mark(from our bench). Not a clue who he was, could anyone shed some light on that please?
  5. Stoke and Sunderland

    I run a Leicester page but have been away for both Stoke & Sunderland but need to write about both matches. Doesn't have to be in much detail but if someone could give me a decent summary I'd be grateful. Cheers
  6. Manchester United pre-match

    Got to back the lads here going to be a hard game. 2-0 City Mahrez X2 Wes to have Ibrahimovic in the back pocket
  7. Thanks for the memories Leo....

    I'm not sure, assume it will be announce either tomorrow or Monday
  8. Been a fantastic servent to the club, dissapointed to see him leave. Wish him the best.
  9. Managers worth bringing in?

    He's had plenty of chances now, nothing has changed, it has to be freshened up. These were only managers I thought of the top of my head and not ones I necessarily want coming in
  10. Managers worth bringing in?

    Well we are in a slight crisis
  11. Managers worth bringing in?

    Yes I WASNT saying these are worth bringing in, just pointing out the ones currently unemployed
  12. Managers worth bringing in?

    Just like to clarify I'm not saying I'd have confidence in these managers, just pointing out the ones who are unemployed currently
  13. Managers worth bringing in?

    Why would he want to join us? May fancy his chances of getting them up via the play offs and is already a hero there, so why would he come to us?
  14. Can only think of a few of the top of my head but discuss them below. Guus Hiddink Gary Rowett Roy Hodgson Alan Pardew Roberto Mancini Van Gaal Nigel Pearson My point is if we gave Claudio the chop many managers are out there that would bring in stability, they're the ones I can think of the top of my head too.
  15. Firstly I would like to point out I'm way to young to remember the "football casual era" so correct me if I'm incorrect with my picture of what it used to be like. Just wondering if u miss the days of proper football and the day when there was none off this Sky bullshit and it was true proper football and the idea of a few pints with the lads and a fight outside the ground was a normal sociable thing to do. Do you miss it? I can't say anything on this matter as I'm to young to know what it was like.