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  1. Matt_Lcfc

    Newcastle away - Sat 29th Sep, 3pm

    Union rooms opposite the station
  2. Matt_Lcfc


    Keyboard spazzed out. Didn’t mean to post
  3. Matt_Lcfc

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Take it that isn’t going well lads
  4. Matt_Lcfc

    Bournemouth v Leicester - Pre match thread

    This is one of the toughest games outside of the top six imo. Chilwell and pereira have to drop deaper or our back 3 will he left exposed. I think Mendy and Ndidi will win the midfield battle as they aren’t great in the middle, this I think will mean Maddison will have more room to roam. Dont mean to sound negative but I think a point tomorrow is a good result
  5. I’ve met Harvey Barnes recently. Walked past Alan Smith a few months ago. Have also met Vardy, Cambiasso, Drinkwater. Vardy and Drinkwater before they got big. Also met Nugent. Met Kasper too when he was at county also saw Graham Swann in a restaurant
  6. Matt_Lcfc

    England at KP Tickets

    What do you think the attendance will be
  7. Matt_Lcfc

    England at KP Tickets

    Had the email today. Up the ingerrrrrrrlandddddd
  8. Matt_Lcfc

    England at KP Tickets

    Has anyone had the email to say that they’re ready to print off?
  9. Matt_Lcfc

    6 Everton tickets

    Lukasz, I’d say that it’d be too hard to buy them all together. The best advice is to buy them on the row behind eg 2/3 on the row behind so you’re directly in front. Hope this helps
  10. But the reselling of tickets isn’t illegal. The selling of tickets with no license on the street is but surely if you send them through the post that isn’t illegal
  11. Matt_Lcfc

    Liverpool tickets required

    He wasn’t aggressive and defensive tho was he? He just came on asking for two tickets to surprise his wife , you just made an assumption he was an idiot bcuz he wanted a ticket for a club he doesn’t support
  12. When’s the next round?
  13. Matt_Lcfc

    Football Manager 2018

    Already got them to the prem!
  14. Matt_Lcfc

    Football Manager 2018

    Can anyone give me a good save to do. Need one to really get into, will take any suggestions
  15. Matt_Lcfc

    Southampton Away

    Long shot but if anyone has a ticket with coach travel that’d be great