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  1. He sounds exotic. If his name was Wayne Smith he wouldn't get a look in. 🤭
  2. Schmeichel Ricardo, Fofana, Soyuncu, Castagne. Tielemans, Ndidi, Under, Nacho, Albrighton, Vardy.
  3. Poor performance. You can't say you have ambitions of top 4 and Europe and put 8 defensive players out against a potentially relegation threatened team that just lost 4-0. You should be setting up to win not hold on and hope to nick it. Yes, there are injuries but if you looked at both teams available squads tonight, are there many Burnley players we'd want. Spurs beat Burnley by using 2 wingers, it's called a clue. We flooded defence and midfield and had players tripping over each other yet still conspired to try and lose 4-1 if it's wasn't for Schmeichel. As for the substitutions.
  4. Spurs whooped them recently by using the wings. We've just got a bunch of defensive type players merely getting in each others way. Very negative.
  5. You'd think with 8 defensive players on the pitch we'd be able to do that wouldn't you. Perhaps that's the point though, we're so bloody negative we're not actually giving them anything to think or worry about!
  6. Still better players to choose from than Burnley though. The trick is picking the right one's and playing them in the right positions ... but not seemingly tonight.
  7. Or Ndidi a centre half! If he'd been in midfield that chance may not have materialised. A centre half might have made a defenders tackle too.
  8. Well, despite injuries, what a dreary defensive set up tonight. Same old same old dull defensive first half beckons, no flair or ambition. The back 4 even with Armarty are as good as anyone else is putting out at the moment. Ricardo and Castagne are both competent defenders so why not have Albrighton and Under in front of them or ... do we have to wait and go 2 goals down then panic and throw everyone on in the last 15 minutes? This is Burnley we're playing, not Manchester City.
  9. It's only opinion I suppose. He's been tried before this season on the right wing and I just think he looks a bit lost and contributes little there. I think he's any absolute star in his correct position though.
  10. God knows what the team is and who's fit and fully capable and in fairness, only Rodgers is privy to that. All I personally would ask is round pegs round holes and no already failed experiments. So: 1. If any 2 of Soyuncu, Evans or Armarty fit, no bloody Ndidi at centre half, it's a total waste of our best midfielder and totally unnecessary. 2. No bloody Ricardo on the right wing. He's not got explosive pace (excellent pace running from deep), can't dribble sufficiently, no tricks. Absolutely a typical not to top standard winger/midfielder turned into one of the best wing backs in
  11. Sorry, wrong end of the stick then, I think someone else had previously brought him up as a viable possibility. I think in interview he's previously ruled himself out of United but is known to be a genuine follower of Leeds having visited matches with his Dad etc (not that I'm suggesting he'd go there either). He also has a soft spot for the blue side of Manchester and that wouldn't be an impossibility. Would be a spot on replacement for Agueiro but I think he's quite special and can have his pick.
  12. Not in a million years would he even consider coming here, way way out of our league. As NP would say, delusions of grandeur 😂
  13. To be honest, even if we had the money for an available 60+ striker and I can't think of one, would they want to come here? One injury and we'd almost be back to square one. I don't think we've go that money to spend without selling in any case. However, it is important that we show ambition. The money spent on Musa and Iheanacho was done so with the best intentions and, when first spent, I'm sure many of us thought them potentially really good signings, particularly the latter. We perhaps wouldn't spend 60m on a striker but might get Edouard and Daka for 35m? Both a r
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