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  1. volpeazzurro

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I agree with all of that but think his intelligence and movement are poor as well. If you look at someone like Albrighton, he appears to be on the move most of the time. He makes lots of runs most of which aren't used but they do have the effect of giving the opposition something to think about and occupy one of their players. Nacho on the other hand rarely does this and often saunters around in the halfway point between the hallway line and penalty area. If you were to take a lazy laguid looking player like Yacubu, if there was the hint or sniff of a chance with one of our wingers, you would see him gravitate to the general area of the penalty spot. Nacho often doesn't and you can often see midfielders overtaking him. This is poor for a supposed striker whatever his age. When Vardy has the ball out wide he should be busting a gut and gambling that the ball might end up in the box. Can't remember the recent game but there was a recent example of this where Vardy cut the ball back across the box and the nearest player was a midfielder. Nacho was meandering around in no man's land and hadn't been involved in any build up play. Vardy glared at him. This is either down to lack of intelligence or idleness. Lineker, Yacubu and Robbie Fowler are all examples of so called 'goal poachers', but their regular scoring didn't purely come by luck or good fortune.
  2. Agreed and in terms of respect for ex plsyers, could you really consider his name next to Bobby Charlton's? A good club player and scorer of goals against mainly poor international sides.
  3. volpeazzurro

    Claudio to Fulham

    Absolutely and it wasn't well reasoned it was tripe.
  4. Yes absolutely, in a nutshell. There were some sadly that were prejudiced against him before he even got here because of Southampton. It was the same with Ranieri yet he'd had a largely good career. Puel was given a thankless almost hatchet job I'm afraid and has been steadfast to his ideas. I sometimes question things but do so knowing that I'm not in full possession of the reasons why he chooses to pick who he does. We sit in 10th position 3 points off 6th. Whilst in a state of rebuilding and getting the players, who he largely inherited to play a different way is for me very acceptable at this point in time. A new manager wanting to change things with even more new players at this point in time would be counterproductive imo and none of the names I've seen mentioned inspire me. Time for a period of stability for a change I feel.
  5. I entirely agree with that and even the most hard up but loyal fan has an opportunity for a peice of history for £10. I hope that they get a bundle for the charity but auctions are out of my league I'm afraid.
  6. volpeazzurro

    Bring back Shakespeare

    It was possibly too much cosying up to the players and potentially undermining management that caused some of the problems. A manager , Puel or whoever will always usually pick an assistant that above all will be loyal to him.
  7. volpeazzurro

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Whether he'd consider us I'm not sure but it would be good for him if he had any ambitions of playing for England. If he's not playing, he won't get picked full stop. We are the one club now out of the top 6 that it can definitely be said that if you're playing well for us you won't be ignored. With him Maddison, Mendy , Ndidi, Choudhury and Barnes we could happily get rid of the ageing and unimpressive Silva and Iborra (notwithstanding that I wouldn't predict a stampede of clubs wanting to buy them).
  8. I think that's because people have selective vision when it comes to him. Any good signings were down to him and bad are put at the door of Ranieri or even Koeman, he was sacked for good reason there.
  9. The crux here is perhaps the giving time? Ranieri took one season and made massive alterations to put right Pearson's tactical failings but that's a different story. Whilst I don't disagree with you, how long would he be given? People are whining about Puel and he's had a year with a hell of a lot to put right and we're in a damn site better position now overall as a club than when he got here. I'm afraid it would be the same for poor old Nigel, his name wouldn't save him, some fans as he puts it 'have delusions of grandeur' and want results now. Even Pep with all that wealth took more than one year.
  10. volpeazzurro

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    He probably knows exactly. Realistically though the club aren't going to just keep buying and buying until we've recouped something for some of the dross on our books, it would be stupid business tactics! Managed to get rid of Musa for a decent fee. Some contracts are up in the summer. We need to ideally ship out permanently Slimani, Simpson, Silva, Benalouane, King (sadly), and for me the jury is very much out on Iheanacho, Iborra and Pereira. The wages alone for that little lot must be an absolute fortune! January is a desparate buying time and we're not desparate just to collect shiny new things. I think it would be better to fully evaluate what we've got and buy wisely in the summer when we'll also have Benkovic and Barnes back in the fold.
  11. volpeazzurro

    Adrien Silva

    Agreed, a poor signing but he had a chance. Mendy disproved the myth that you need a long run of games. He appears to have good technical ability but our game seems to fast and robust for him. He could do something about his lack of strength getting knocked off the ball though. Kante, Marhez and Mendy are hardly giants but they managed to adapt. Armarty too found the physicality difficult when he first got here but managed to drag himself into the gym after training most days. It's a case of application sometimes perhaps?
  12. Walsh also had more than a fair share in some of the worst we ever made and carried that record on at Everton. Their fans couldn't wait to see the back of him. As for Pearson I 100% agree. He deserved huge credit for what he did for us, a massive part of our history. I just think that the game has moved on and he was never a master tactician was he last time in the premiership. Not exactly pulling up roots where he is now and was poor when he went to Derby etc.
  13. Certainly not the first three, they'd be way out of their depth now.
  14. volpeazzurro

    Sing for Claude

    Personally I think we've had that terrible fortnight now and all that went with it, there's now an international break, so after that, though everybody deals with things differently I would think things like training and day to day life should be reasonably back to normal for the players. For Top, it's now when the distraction of media and funerals are over that the grieving begins. The players however have to be professional like we would be going back to work after a bereavement. However, I feel that they've all been very professional on and off the field throughout. As for performance and criticism, we all have a right to our say. I just hope that now in a more family oriented spirit after all the events, it can stay at just that and perhaps it can be a little more tempered and reasoned out than the sometimes the vitreolic extremes of someone being either brilliant or not being worthy of being able to draw breath! We're in 10th spot 3 points off 6th and the club is full of promising young yet unsurprisingly inconsitant kids. We've a lot to be thankful for and a loss or two is not worthy of the total vilification of players and manager and total meltdown every time it hapoens. It's just football.
  15. volpeazzurro

    Sing for Claude

    Surely it's not the position, it's the way full backs are employed eg Ranieri's choice of more traditional fullbacks compared to the duties of the present two. I can't remember Simpson joining the attack as much as Pereira can you? Two completely different types of full back and whilst Fuchs was more proactive in that area of work than Simpson, he was hardly given the same licence to roam and assist the attack compared to Puel's use of Chilwell. If you were to invoke the names of Carlos and Cafu do you automatically think of defending or do you recognise that they were defenders who assisted in attack as a main stay of there job? Trippier, Walker, Rose, are they renowned more for their attacking play and prowess or defending? You don't need to employ a 352 to use wing backs either and if using a 442, that is why sometimes two more defensively minded midfielders are employed. Now, Chilwell and Pereira are no Cafu or Carlos but neither were the latter bought from the pound shop. The mere fact that so many chances to shoot were made yesterday bears witness to the fact we were attacking per say (compared with only one posdibly two Burnley opportunites). The fact we didn't score denotes different issues and it remains still that all things considered it was a difficult day.