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  1. Shakey Sacked

    He was a bit like Eric Morcambe on the piano, he played all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order.
  2. The Iborra Thread

    Only an inept carthorse of a manager like Dough Ball would play him in a two with the available players we have at the moment.
  3. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Wanted to scream at the Dough Ball on the radio after his interview, can he really be that stupid! If we want to rescue anything of this season we need rid of the inept twat now! Wouldn't want him as coach or anywhere near the club.
  4. Next City Manager?

    100% agree with all of that . The list at the start of this thread though is unrealistic ie Anchelotti, not a chance! The others at best unlikely. Dyche a great call and underated imo but would he really leave Burnley? We have to be realistic. Would big Sam come? Not everybody's favourite but a proper no nonsense manager and vastly underated Imo. Mancini may fit the mould but currently employed. It has to be someone with enough gravitas to really be in charge . Klinsmann may be a free agent very soon, failure with the US, but they have their own different problems, but in Europe, he was highly regarded if he still has the hunger for a project. I really don't know but we have to quickly get rid of Shakespeare and be realistic.
  5. Huth

    Agreed. Whether Vardy, Marhez or anyone else, if true, nobody should get away with telling the club or manager that because the club comes first and even the best players have dips in form. I would suggest that there are only two players in the world could remotely suggest suggest such a thing and surprisingly Wes isn't one of them. IF true, bye bye Wes, you're just not that good or important! He doesn't however seem the sort of chap to be like that but you never know.
  6. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    I will be going to the match on Monday with a West Brom season ticket mate of many years who, despite his England failure, states that Woy is still held in very high regard by the West Brom faithful who were gutted when he went. The reason being that when he first came in they were in a mess. He firstly organised them and stopped the rot. He then, he claims, built on that foundation and got them playing decent football. Although mainly a 442 man he would change it when absolutly needed to good effect. Players listened to him and were happy and liked him. I'm not for one minute suggesting that we'd want him here, but what he actually is, is a proper manager. We haven't got one of those.
  7. Reasons to keep Shakespeare

    In essence this is it for me too. Nothing wrong with 442 .....if you've got the right players to play it and we currently haven't! Wake up Shakespeare you dumb clut or preferably just fall on your sword! We're neither providing opportunities to some potentially lethal proven strikers in Vardy, Slimani, Iheanacho or even Marhez and neither are we providing chances to an overworked made to look foolish at times defence, all of whom are also competent. When fit we've also got some very decent midfielders as well believe it or not ........ just not in an overun 2, many keep pointing this out but this blubbery clown, who looks more like an unfit kebab eating tramp in an inappropriate tracksuit from a New Walk park bench seems to be absolutely blind to it. And relax, I feel better for that and it's only ten to seven!
  8. West Brom (H) Next Up

    I think you're right, it will be more of the same. I disagree regarding the intense practice and time to change formation though. If that's the case for our squad then Shakespeare must be a shit coach as well as a poor manager! It is quite regular to see the better teams change formation successfully within a single game to counter an oppositions threat or to increase their own. Or for that matter, in order to best use the partiicular players you have available to you on a particular day. Whether players like it or not is not a consideration like has been muted at Leicester. I don't see Fergie, Mourinho, Guadiola or Conte being prepared to put up eith any of that crap, its week management. Professional players should be comfortable with different formations now days.
  9. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Looks fine to me and well worth a try.
  10. You are of course right but in Slimani's case, he was being played by a particular team in a particular way and was scoring plenty of goals. We buy him and instantly play him in a different role that clearly doesn't suit him and guess what, we get suprised at his indifferent performances! Why did we buy him if we don't play him in the role he excels in? He was never going to get picked ahead of Vardy. Musa is a mystery to some extent but we were warned on here what he was like by their fans in fairness who turned out to be right. They also warned that their manager learned the hard way that he is not a successful player on the wing, he needs to be played down the middle. So with the exception of Everton where he scored two goals when played down the middle, where have we tried to play him on his cameo appearances? Likewise Iborra, known for his play in a midfield 3 but Shakespeare will play him in his 2. Again square pegs round holes. Can anyone else see a pattern forming? Good luck to Iheanacho, Shakey's already got Ndidi to regress.
  11. Musa

    Thinking of life 'post football'? Is he having a laug? Despite getting paid thousands of pounds he hasn't played any football to speak of yet! He should think less about his nob, his tin pot reputation based on bugger all and try to earn a bit of the money he's being paid! He's a legend in his own lunchbox. Waste of space.
  12. is ndidi injured

    Agree with all that, he's regressed under Shakespeare and been given too much responsibility for someone so young and inexperienced. I think if played in a three at this stage of his career he'd thrive, unless Ngolo fancies coming back then a two would be feasible haha!
  13. West Brom (H) Next Up

    That's because I don't have a great deal of respect for him anymore. For his first period with NP yes, and probably a good coach then. He was also there for the majority of that first season of the great escape when for most of it (using those self same tactics he's using now), the pair of them nearly got us relegated. I believe that whatever the influence was, whether Cambiasso or the players themselves, NP and Shakespeare had little input into the great escape. Ranieri came and due to him we won the league because it was his insight and changing things that helped shape things. Things needed changing that next season as the same system was unsustainable. Arguably in midfield we have had at the start of this season, a better selection of players than what Ranieri had. Ranieri tried but failed, the changes weren't popular with the players, tough! Shakespeare was and is by the evidence of this season's tactics and team selections, too close to certain players. His job was to back up his manager and coach the team accordingly full stop. Do you really think he did that looking back or do you feel that there was an element of colusion with the players? The press seemed to shout snakes in a loud voice and, although prone to sensationalism to sell papers, it would be nieve to assume that they weren't getting some inside information. The players rallied against Liverpool without Shakespeares influence I believe . They then under his management started to decline towards at the end of the season dramatically. So, two seasons of millions of pounds worth of players who can hardly get a sniff , because they've got to fit in to for many of them, a tired little 422, have suddenly become bad players overnight? Is Shakespeare really picking the team? Why did he persevere with the last year's useless Marhez and not have the balls to drop him like Ranieri did? If I was a new manager I wouldn't want him anywhere near me, not because of his coaching abilities but because I could never trust him. As he was a late appointment I think our owners were after someone better but they are quite honourable people and I just wonder whether they wanted to foist Shakespeare on the potential new manager as part of the deal? No, to me he's a pernicious, inept, sneaky little poor excuse of a manager who I will be pleased to see the back of. But ....if we get 3 points against West Brom, all of a sudden it will be the 'platform to build on' routine. If we keep him I doubt we'll be relegated because our squad is considerably better than certain other teams when they start to pick injuries up. However we won't progress, it will be like a slow death because players will want to leave in the summer due to lack of ambition and it will be difficult to attract decent replacements.
  14. West Brom (H) Next Up

    It's a win win really. If we win we get 3 points. If we lose, hopefully it will be enough for our owners to ditch Shakespeare! So perhaps it's nailed on for a dull draw with dough boy dull telling us all that we played well and that it all went to plan.
  15. Leicester City lookalikes