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  1. I wouldn't assume thst some of these teams are less talented. I do assume that teams like Cardiff, for example, know exactly how to minimise what little threat we have at our disposal. Strangely enough by employing not unsimilar tactics to what we use against teams to whom we are considered less talented! We really aren't that talented in the player department yet as some are just learning their trade.
  2. In which case I think they were absolutely right in the case of Mourhinio because you'd have to look at some of the extreme quality players they have on their books and come to the natural conclusion that they really can't ALL be that bad. Coupled with the fact Mourhinio had similar for at Chelsea! I think it is totally different at Leicester (just in my opinion) because I don't think anyone I can see being suggested to come here, all of which equally or more so have flaws like Puel, could make any difference with the current squad of players we have here. Unlike United, we really do have some poor unsuitable for the Premier League players let alone ones that should be fighting for a European place. It's all very subjective of course.
  3. volpeazzurro

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    I'm not being a super creep for Puel who indeed had his faults but i suggest that it's more than a little to do with our inadequate playing staff for some of it. Even prior to Puel we were struggling to beat teams that just sat back and effectively nullified Vardy. Even then we could occasionally score through the defence unlocking talent Marhez. Now he's gone why is anyone surprised? Until we buy some solutions to the problem it won't change either whatever manager you put in charge. To believe otherwise is wishful thinking.
  4. I think it was more that their performances weren't good enough. If you take the slating that Pogba was getting for example (quite rightly too imo), everyone could see the Pogba before Mourhinio, the Pogba in the World Cup and now the Pogba since Mourhinio has gone. Add to them the plethora of high quality star players they have compared to ours and there really isn't any comparison was the point I was attempting to make.
  5. volpeazzurro

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Yes and quite right too. There are bigger things in life than football and Leicester City ... lest we forget.
  6. volpeazzurro

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    So despite players openly stating differently in the press, the photos of Vardy arm round Puel and smiling with him, despite being two nil down today and a flawed but incredible attempt at a fight back today ... you still seem to see something somewhere to suggest that the players aren't committed to the manager or the cause ? Wow, you clearly have the gift of a 6th sense and have no need to base anything on evidence. Spooky! 😨😱😲😱😨
  7. volpeazzurro

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    I don't think either the game or either teams were 'shit". Mistakes made by both sides. Some good positive play by both sides. Hardly shit though, perhaps you should watch Barcelona v Real Madrid every week, what are you expecting? For the neutral that would have been a cracking match as Sky commented.
  8. volpeazzurro

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Do you really think we were woeful today? Was the Wolves manager thinking that they were woeful when we scored our third goal? He was so woeful he got sent off sadly for celebrating with his players when they scored their 4th, all forgiven then? We were very poor in some moments of the game today and exciting and very good in others. We were hardly woeful or brilliant but clearly you don't recognise a middle ground and will choose a word to fit your agenda. There was clearly some very good play and some very bad from both sides today.
  9. I don't remember anyone saying that the players weren't good enough with the exception of the odd defender perhaps either connected or not connected to the club. There was however musings about why such talented players were not performing to a level expected of them. It's not even remotely comparable to our situation and attempts to try and make it fit wreaks of an agenda. Players appeared to have downed tools at both Chelsea and United. Yet, on both occasions once Mourhinio had gone, they suddenly reverted into the tupe of players that most people knew they could be like Hazard and Pogba, both a long way different to our quality of players. Our players have openly denied such similar allegations about any friction with the manager and today's performance, whatever the rights and wrongs of it were, did not remotely suggest that they weren't trying for the manager or anyone else including themselves.
  10. Absolutely well done, your title ironically brings some truth and realism to the situation as does you're content. Perhaps a certain Mr Klopp could have also claimed this when he first arrived in Liverpool in 2015 and he would have been right too. It took time for him to evaluate his squad too yet, like Guadiola, we knew what his preferred style was going to be but, why would he want to throw the baby out with the bath water before bringing in new players including bringing youth through. There were some dissenting impatient doubting voices weren't there if I remember, where are they now? Though there are still the know it all superior armchair stalwarts who come out of the woodwork after one loss against Man City. Klopp has, admittedly, since then spent big and we're certainly not going to match that budget, but there is more than one way, we should know, we've done it once! I don't think that way can quite happen again but, after jettisoning some of the players you've rightly highlighted to recoup some money, a steady , more targeted and more youthful recruitment campaign, not unsimilar to very recent recruiting efforts can bring better long term results. I think your evaluation is facing up to facts and departs from the well trodden paths of modern football fans of wanting success and wanting it now. Is that me saying that our incumbent manager is the Messiah? No, far from it, but neither does the answer lay in the hiring and firing model of the numerous other clubs around us who, for all the money spent, has either left them stagnating or fighting relegation with growing mountains of debt. Every player like Maguire, Ndidi, Pereira, Chilwell, Maddison, Benkovic, Soyuncu, Barnes can if needed, though reluctantly, be sold to buy two or more further players for the cause eventually if deemed necessary. The Silva, Slimani and Iborra's of this world can't and never will do, though I do recognise the need for older heads at times in a team, but boy, do you have to be even more careful which ones to choose. The problem is, that you have to have some patience whilst dealing with the inconsistency whilst youth and inexperienced players learn and progress. Rodgers, Silva, Wagner, Howe et al, at this moment in time are a risk at best, for all the reasons stated above, to be able to get a better tune out of this group, it's just expensive, inpatient wishful thinking to my mind. For all Puels faults, because all the names above have known faults as well, unless something drastically changes, I see no need to depart from what seems like a viable progressive plan for the moment. For all the mistakes and some good things I saw today, what I didn't see were players that weren't playing for their manager. That must really upset some people in the media and some of our own on here. Keep the Faith mi ducks!
  11. volpeazzurro

    Wolves A Match Thread

    I only said today though. Absolutely agree with you regarding Barnes, brilliant for the lad, great prospect. We need to be behind him.
  12. volpeazzurro

    Wolves A Match Thread

    It matters not one jot who the managers team selection or how he set them up today, they were just dozy and inept individual performances, the players have to shoulder the blame for those. Just far too easy and predictable to blame the manager. That's not standing up for him it's just being fair.
  13. volpeazzurro

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Agreed and he's not a winger. If he'd started him and Gray the other way round he'd have probably got on a bit better. He's got to adjust, it's a big jump up, anyone who thinks otherwise is a bit deluded. Let's not start slagging another young player off as if they should be performing like a £70m seasoned pro.
  14. volpeazzurro

    Wolves (A)..next up.

    Schmeichel Ricardo Morgan Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Maddison Mendy Albrighton Barnes Vardy I think Albrighton and Ricardo work well together. Thought Maddison may be worth a try as an attacking midfielder. We had three defensive one's last week and I found him frustrating to watch keep coming deep, getting in the way and leaving Vardy without support or any creativity in the number 10 area. On more than one occasion Puel was gesticulating for him to move forward. At times I think he thinks he knows it all and isn't a team player despite his obvious potential. I think Barnes would stick to the role behind Vardy better and perhaps Maddison could roam a bit more?
  15. volpeazzurro

    The OH Leuven Thread

    So am I, it's a difficult one. It's Forest I know, but on the other hand I'd really like him to do well for all sorts of reasons. One, for what he did for us. Two because I'm sure that it would mean so much to him and I think he deserves it and three, because all these modern pundits just like to label certain people irrelevant nowdays and I'd like to see him shove it to them. Good luck from me!