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  1. Yes, would absolutely go with this team too.
  2. Think there was more money in the Johnsons Paint Trophy.
  3. Derby for me please, they've just put a Christmas pudding in charge! 🤣🤣
  4. A good start would be by not playing 5 at the back. To do so again would be yet another unnecessary show of caution and lack of ambition. They ought to be worried about what we're going to do, not the other way round.
  5. Only listening on the radio but sounds like Caspar is our best player. They're saying that Iheanacho has not had one ball to feet! Think we've got to stop this ridiculous 5 at the back unless we're playing specific teams and even then, pick the right players for it. There seems no creation in there.
  6. Absolutely good for him, very professional.
  7. Absolutely agree. Wes is more than good enough as back up and Armarty could be back sooner as well. We need to save the money for bigger priorities. It's a business, not a never ending pit of money.
  8. Looks good to me. Possibly Choudhury for Mendy to give him a break or bring him on later.
  9. Yes, I think that would be my priority too and also agreed re Watkins but, it was unlikely he'd come to sit on the bench. However, my point is, that barring injury and when all fit, we have ample ammunition to do battle with the majority of our competitors if deployed properly. There's always an element of luck involved however.
  10. Yes, all the experts got that one wrong didn't they, another gratifying moment!
  11. Whilst there's a lot of truth in that it also works the other way round. It we suddenly replaced Klopp or Guadiola with Rodgers, do you see Liverpool and Manchester City suddenly improving or taking a dip in form?
  12. Absolutely, known as Dangerous Daisy!
  13. Absolutely agree with that and the bonus is, whatever formation we play, Rodgers has a range of options of who to play and where. Sometimes you just have to accept that to have a well balanced team in a particular formation, you have to pick the best players for that formation which sometimes means that you have to leave one or two of your better individual players out. A prime example would be trying to pick Scholes, Gerrard and Lampard in the same team and sticking Scholes on the left wing, it just doesn't work. It's a particular flaw of Rodgers and he needs to snap out of it.
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