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  1. Agreed. Rivalry and competition is exciting and healthy. It's not long ago however that we saw well wishing flowers and scarves round our ground from Derby and Forest fans, so to wish Coventry any ill would be churlish. It's just despicable what's happened to them like teams such as Portsmouth, we fell really lucky with our owners. In an ideal world it would be good to have all of us back in the Premiership so we could 'hate' each other again in a 'nice' way 😂😂😂
  2. Yep, was there that day. Stitched up and absolutely frozen!
  3. Agree with all that but personally, I think he flatters to deceive when coming out with the ball imo as I see him as cumbersome which tends to slow us down. He usually takes three or four paces, stops, takes three or four more, stops, by which time Vardy and others are marked and nullified. It will be good to see who comes in and how they do. Would like Soyuncu to be given an opportunity but trust Rodgers, who sees him every day to make the right decision.
  4. Whatever they are and however these stats are obtained, the fact is he's a considerable way off a senior England cap, he's simply not good enough. That isn't meant in a spiteful way because he has the raw talent to get there IF he gets some good coaching and listens to what he is being told!
  5. It would be wrong for me to comment on Telles and Grimaldo as I don't know enough about them other than they play in a poor league and Portugal has hardly been a good hunting ground for us. That having been said, Ricardo played there but is on the cusp of their national team (don't know about the other two). Puel had also got first hand experience of working with Ricardo in the French league and was perhaps better positioned to predict whether he could adapt to the pace and physicality of the Premiership and play against some of the best strikers in the world unlike Portugal. As for Tierney, he is indeed lauded as very promising but is playing week in and week out in a very poor league against opposition little better than that our division one. But, again, we have the benefit of a manager who has worked with him for quite a period and we should trust his judgement. But, do we need the money for a player who is already about there and has been learning, albeit with some unsurprising mistakes at times, but against far superior opposition. I think we need to keep our best players together and build for now or risk becoming the next Southampton. The one perhaps exception being Maguire if it was for a really big fee, as we appear to have good cover for that position and could spend the money towards Tilemans and a striker. We'll see eh, exciting times ahead.
  6. But whilst criticising you also have to be realistic and recognise who we are and where we are. It would be nice to swap Iheanacho for Ronaldo who scored yet another hatrick last night but it ain't going to happen. In our position in this point in time we're very lucky to have a player like Chilwell. There's always someone bigger and better, it doesn't take much of a mind to point it out. Sometimes if you recognise our position and point in time it would tend to show how lucky we are, the world is full of fans that are never happy.
  7. You still haven't said who you'd replace him with though, what's your plan?
  8. Personally I'd say he was better than average and also, we have to remember his age and stage of development. Are you blind as to why the likes of Klopp and Guadiola are interested in him? If you want a ready made 'great' left back can you name one please that's both affordable and willing to come here to take his place? When you've calculated the millions of pounds required to buy him (and let's hope he's not on his last legs without any resale value), do you not think that a club like ours, with the budget it is willing to spend, has more pressing priorities in other positions that we are weaker in? It's very easy to knock and criticise our younger players but not so easy to come up with viable alternatives commensurate with the betterment of the team as a whole.
  9. It's not really though is it, he's just nowhere near good enough for an England cap, his performances lately are barely good enough for us. If he takes the chip off his shoulder, stops believing his own hype, works hard and actually listens to his coach, he has all the attributes to get there eventually.
  10. Really? His shot stopping is excellent but outside of that he's average at very best in the Premiership. I would put Flowers, Walker and Keller above him personally, though the latter is a close thing as his distribution wasn't the best at times either. I think you have to judge on the whole package and not just the shot stopping. His distribution can be very poor at times but his command of his area from set pieces, particularly corners, has to be some of the worst in the Premiership and he's done little or nothing to improve himself seemingly since he was at Man City. You're not getting mixed up with his Dad are you? They've both got a big gob but the older one had something to back his chelp up with. Junior blames everyone but himself 😆
  11. People pay, people have the right to choose, we're all different but, as one poster said, if you're going, go. Stop standing in the aisles and round the stairs. Whilst you have the right to leave, we also have the right to stay and watch the game we paid for without looking at the back of your big fat selfish necks! Just piss off if you're going 😆
  12. You could that about many of our past players we've bought in, particularly from abroad. There was nothing in Marhez's lowly past for example. Many players that come aren't Premier league standard when they arrive and have to adapt.
  13. Wallington and Flowers for two straight off the top of my head! Aside being an excellent shot stopper, the rest of his game is poor, even little Kevin Poole commanded his area better. He's an average at best Premiership goalkeeper.
  14. I certainly wouldn't rule him out for coming here Suzie that's for sure. I do remember however some Newcastle posters in the past saying that whilst his commitment was not in doubt, his conversion rate was quite poor ie about 1 in 5 chances. What did you think about his performance against us today? He looked to be a bit overweight and unfit to me? Linked play nicely a couple of times but never really looked much of a goal threat himself, he's certainly no speedster but I don't think that's his game really. I think his attitude in the past was born out of frustration as I think he seems to have a genuine will to win, I like a player with a bit of an edge in them anyway. Would he be able to fit in with a Rodgers type pressing pass and move style? Perhaps he just needs the right coach. Without wishing to stereotype, he does seem to have a commendable Wasyl type attitude.
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