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  1. I don't think people care that much because as you say, until you reach the semi's, there's little point in it. Financially it isn't very rewarding and arguably can be more damaging as it can have an effect on smaller squads trying to achieve that elusive top 4 and Champions League football with it's riches and opportunities for squad enhancement and retention. I'm sure from purely a fans point of you, it could be more palatable if it was purely a knock out competition but that's never going to happen. Let's be honest, all the Europa League is, is yet another way of making money for certain po
  2. Yes, in fairness, you have to be right by definition. The same would have to be said about any player in the various divisions being paid to do it for a living compared to us lesser mortals. I suppose we then go a little bit further and judge the individual player in comparison to other professionals deemed to be on a similar level it's picky and subjective. Just in my opinion, on that particular level of excellence, Perez falls well short.
  3. baller /ˈbɔːlə/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. a person or device that makes or forms something into balls. "a melon baller" 2. INFORMAL•US a player
  4. Love it. I always thought it worth the entrance fee just to watch him. His mind seemed way ahead of anyone else on the pitch when you concentrated just on him, things weren't coincidental, he read them.
  5. A pair of b......s wouldn't hurt either!
  6. If in doubt just close your eyes and put your fingers in your ear and I find the problem doesn't exist then 🤣 Think I'll pass that on to Brendan in case it's of help 😁
  7. Here's a nasty little poser for you then. If because of injury, Evans has only got one match left in him out of the last 3, which one would you play him in? 🤔
  8. It did make me smile when I heard one of the United players that came to us (can't remember which one), say that Sir Alex called him into his office to say it would be good for his career. However, he also said with a smile on his face that his advice was not to make Mr Pearson angry 🤣🤣
  9. It's a difficult one that, possibly a Pearson is exactly what he needed in that sense.
  10. A really nice gesture I thought. Would be emotional but very fitting for the family if we could lift the trophy. In a time when there's been so much talk about super leagues, greed and club owners not giving a hoot about fans, we've been truly blessed with some very decent owners. 🙏
  11. Strangely enough, aggression is a word I find hard to associate with Perez. Also, it indeed can be handy on occasions to release the ball quickly but better usually if it ends up with one of your own players and not those of the opposition 😁
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