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  1. Barnes is doing well but why is powder puff Perez on the field? Bloody useless yet again.
  2. Just personally, I now think that Perez and Gray are surplus to requirements. If we could raise 20m from their sale and put it towards another striker like Jovic or Edouard I would think that to be decent business. I'm working on the premise that Perez cost us 16m as opposed to the 30m we originally thought, Edouard cost of 30m, but I've absolutely no idea of Jovics value.
  3. In fairness, beast is not really a term I'd think of in relation to Perez, perhaps red setter or unicorn are more suitable.
  4. If we're hoping that Perez will be a game changer I think we'll be waiting a long time! What would you play a false number 9 when you've got a real one who just happens to be the golden boot winner? He's miles off being remotely the standard of Firminho and I think Liverpool have better in their u23s. Do you think he'd score enough goals? Bar his goals against at the time very poor Southampton and West Ham sides, his goals to game ratio was pretty poor tbh as it was at Newcastle bar a half decent 12 in his last season there out of three. Why would we even play him behind Vardy either when we've got Maddison, Iheanacho or even Barnes? The first two are streets ahead of him. For me he's bench at best now with perhaps the odd cup appearance on a wet Wednesday night against Peterborough where, likely or not, he'd get bullied. For me he's more surplus to requirements than Gray but, I doubt he'll go as it would be a big transfer mistake admission and I doubt there'd be a queue of potential buyers.
  5. Absolutely!! With a similar option to buy like Under, I haven’t a clue what he'd cost though in fairness.
  6. Spot on. Don't spend for spending sake. Tah would be an expensive 3rd choice and if he can't deal with the pace of the Bundesliga he's going to struggle here I would suggest. Fofana looks a brilliant prospect but if we can't afford him or they refuse to let him go then that's life but don't let's compound the problem. Who knows what the truth is in all these things though. If the magic happened and we got Castagne, Under and Fofana we'd have to concede that great efforts have been made made this transfer window . If it doesn't all come off then we can at least see the calibre of effort being made. We are badly in need of a further striker imo but that has to be problematic in that in Vardy, we do to some extent have a Harry Kane type situation. I believe that they know what they are doing in an odd set of circumstances and possible restrictions.
  7. In fairness, the idea of paying that much money for Trincao made me nervous to be honest. For certain reasons Roma are my sons and I's Italian team due to relatives in Italy. My son takes more interest and is more knowledgeable than me and he says that when Under plays for Turkey he's seemed very impressive. He also thinks that he's possibly more suited to our faster pace game than Serie A and is quite rapid. Apparently he and Soyuncu are quite close friends also which can't be a bad thing. All in all perhaps a more positive spin than my initial thoughts!
  8. I had exactly same concerns tbh plus his pass completion is supposedly poor. If it's poor in slow mo Serie A, what's it going to be like at pace? Apparently gives the ball away cheaply too. If he's not good enough for Roma, why is he better for us? Doesn't sound much of an upgrade from what we've already got.
  9. Just personally, I think you'd waste the best and most creative player we have behind Vardy. Remember last years early season form when Maddison played there? When Rodgers started tinkering with his position then, that's when his effectiveness started to fail drastically. I think it's precisely his continued persistence against the opposition centre backs that bares fruit. He was a consistent pain in the arse, as was Vardy and it was that combination that caused a great deal of problems for the opposition defences combined with Barnes also running at them and a more pressing style of play, goal scoring opportunities were far more in abundance then than later in the season. It can be no coincidence that that is when Vardy scored the bulk of his goals. I do agree that Perez is not effective out on the right though he gives of his best. I also agree that Perez is better in the middle but he is nowhere near Maddison standard and flatters to deceive but that's another topic altogether. I'd sooner play Albrighton or Gray on the right, or have another midfielder like Praet rather than a winger if need be, but, I wouldn't potentially sacrifice and negate one of our best players just to shoehorn him into a problem or weak position. It's very reminiscent of the England thinking when, just to fit him in, they played Scholes out on the left wing or tried to fit Lampard and Gerrard in, England effectively then, didn't get the best out of any of them. Unless extremely desperate, round pegs in round holes for me every time.
  10. Or he may just catch the plane to Milan 😯😲
  11. Situations change though and in fairness, in this case, possibly because they then sold their other main centre half. If we were to agree similar with Soyuncu and tomorrow we sold Evans for a decent fee, I doubt we'd then release our one remaining first team centre half Soyuncu just so he can get his personal career move on track. Likewise, you'd expect Rodgers to also kick up in a similar manner to Puel and I wouldn't blame him. The clubs future should always come before an individual players wishes when it could do the club damage. Let's not forget that Etienne were flirting with relegation last year, why risk relegation just for 25m? I think they'll keep hold of him until they can identify a suitable and viable replacement, you can't blame them really. If the shoe were on the other foot we'd be whining too I suggest.
  12. Play the kids, couldn't care less about it this year. Can't afford to risk the few best first teamers we have fit on this. May be worth a few fitness minutes for Benkovic, Armarty, Morgan Maddison and Iheanacho.
  13. Yes, just put your best frock on, you'll be fine.
  14. Firstly Chrysalis, it certainly wasn't my intention to appear to be speaking down to you so I apologise unreservedly if I've worded my reply clumsily. With regards to Rodgers, presumably when he signed his new contract he would have been fully aware in regards to how much the club were willing to invest. If they've renaged on that in normal times that may of course be an issue. However, if they've had to change strategy in the short term due to the uncertainties then both parties should reasonably accept that. In which case Rodgers should be, in my opinion, be quite circumspect in how he addresses the media, perhaps even in a conciliatory tone in support of the club's efforts, particularly if he's aware of any current real attempts to bring new players in. I just get the impression when I listen to Rodgers that there's always an element of the 'me' in the conversation in a 'covering his own back' way before that of his team. His comments to me tend to smack of the foundations of an excuse for if all doesn’t go as well as he hopes and if the teams poor form carries on from last year. You could see the excuses being more to do with lack of investment rather than his poor management skills. You only have to look at the new players Everton put out yesterday to see us slipping behind but yet again, a manager like Ancellotti is always going to be more of a pull than Rodgers who, in real terms, has achieved very little. We are still effectively a small club. I'm fairly confident that we're still trying to bring more signings in before the deadline but won't be taken for mugs either.
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