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  1. If it was that simple you'd never need a defensive midfielder just attacking midfielders which is a recipe for being caught out against teams like Cardiff. I don't think it was necessarily this that was Puels downfall. There were times when you could see him going nuts on the sideline and he in fact commented that this passing back and sideways was not part of his instructions. Let's remember, he didn't have time to get any benefit from Tielemans, Rodgers was very lucky with what he inherited and when. That's in no way wishing to do Rodgers down or acknowledge the positive atmosphere he's created. A successful midfield has to be a balanced one, sometimes that balance may be different dependent on the opposition. Puel didn't have the players for a balanced midfield it could be argued.
  2. I know very little about him so this is not an opinion, more of a set of observations and questions. Are we the only Premiership team interested? If so, what is it about him that makes people think he's 21m better than what we've already got in midfield? Are we signing another Silva or Iborra who on paper had arguably better pedigree but couldn't adapt to the physicality or pace of our game and let's face it, the pace of Serie A is a holiday stroll in comparison. Would we not be better served saving the 21m, adding a bit more and buying the winger some want or player in a more attacking vein? Not being negative but this talk of assisting the assister sounds a bit contrived to me in order to make a simple game sound more complex. Have we even tried to get Choudhury or Mendy to play a slightly more attacking role, at least physicality and pace of the game are none issues for them. You can buy too many shiny things.
  3. I'm sure Rodgers will be a good judge of the situation as a professional manager who sees and works with him every day. He's hardly an old player and it would be foolish to rely on kids throughout the team in every position. As for past performances, you have course no idea going into the games he's played precisely what job he was being asked to do by more than one manager and we can only guess. It could also be argued that due to unfortunate injury, last season was his first with us and it is well documented that when he went back to France on loan, he was playing with an injury, so desperate was he to play. I very much doubt therefore whether you or I in our position as armchair bystanders have the ability to judge Mendy's potential for improvement or not. Neither can we judge how he will respond to the different types of responsibility Rodgers may task him with. He was bought with a very decent pedigree which he could hardly show when injured. Personally I think he'll train on and like many examples of foreign footballer, will improve in his second year of play. He's apparently performed well thus far in preseason.
  4. He had ample opportunities and more than one manager has discounted him, there must be a reason. Personally I would suggest that he's too slow in thought for the Premiership, he could never even spot let alone catch opposition runners, bar the odd decent pass, the majority were wayward due to dwelling on the ball. He was also physically weak and easily knocked off the ball, he even got bullied by Fleetwood or whoever it was 😂 His physical attributes he could have perhaps done more about. Does this make him a bad footballer? No, not really in my opinion because he clearly has ability but just not for our faster pace more physical game. It's a shame and it's nothing personal, he's not the first or last that cant adapt to our game. Unfortunately at his age when we got him it's probably too late.
  5. volpeazzurro


    Brown didn't do too bad for us until he got caught 'goosestepping' off the pitch at half time!
  6. 😂 I think he'd worked out very quickly how bloody useless he was with Iborra only a fraction better. When fit I think he rightly played Matty James in preference to both of them.
  7. Ranieri stated clearly on two occasions that he was the coach and had no say in transfers. Puel I believe had some. You of course (and I) don't know the mechanics of what happened. The fact that it was while Puel was here we got Tielemens from a club where he had contacts suggests for example that he may have had a role in that and no doubt had recognised that positional problem a long before. Puel joined at the end of October and therefore any transfers had been done. He was lumbered for the most part with a bunch of ill bought misfits with the odd gems scattered amongst them. I'm sure he was astute enough by the summer transfer window to know where our weaknesses lay, combined, like now, with a group who were difficult to shift. The crux is here, again as always, is that we don't know what the transfer budget was that year and who the club tried to get (Tielemans would not have been available at that stage for example). You can't buy from people who won't sell or a player who doesn't want to come and to foreign players, we're not the first club you they'd think of. We just don't know but, most of the transfer dealings were decent. It was that yawning one midfield position that was a huge problem as we had a plethora of either defensive or foreign import duds. The particular type of midfielder we were after is a hard to get one. Puel I'm sure, would have known but he's not a magician and had to go with what he'd got. If the club for whatever reason couldn't or wouldn't get one, again he was stuck with what he'd got. He had after all in Ricardo and Maddison seemingly addressed two of the wish list problems . It always was going to be a longer term restructuring problem. I'm not saying one player would have altered his ways or stopped him getting sacked but he was absolutely nowhere near as bad as people like you make out and Rodgers has inherited some good things thanks to him.
  8. Who knows what a fit Matty James could be like now. Whether he could command a first team place is very doubtful but ... his attempts to get back to fitness and his dedication to it is quite well documented. He's tried his best and is not a waster, I feel very sorry for him personally. There was a reason why Puel would pick him ahead of the in comparison expensive Silva and Iborra and that quite simply was that he was the best choice at the time. There may be other players within our ranks that deserve criticism before Matty. His contract is what it is. I'd be more worried about the contracts of Iheanacho, Slimani and Silva, the first two of which have never shown as much effort and dedication as an easy target injured player like Matty.
  9. From the start of last season, nearly every week he was consistent and vying for man of the match and the pundits acknowledged and appreciated it. He did later have a couple of poorer games and boy, people couldn't wait to get on his back. You shouldn't rate every player by their goal tally or assists, you judge them on the particular job they've been given to do and how they execute it. Neither do I remember Huth being technically gifted but he never needed to be did he. For all his good play, even Maguire made some right balls up with his positioning and Vardy was for long periods ineffective yet such hero's seem to get cut a bit more slack. Don't expect him to be as technically gifted as Maddison and play an attacking role, likewise don't be surprised if Maddison was a shite defensive midfielder. IF he's a squad player, don't expect the club to go out and pay millions for a first teamer to just come and play a bit part and sit on the bench. Mendy for some reason is a much maligned quality midfielder at what he does.
  10. Partly agree but unlike the sort of wages you and I may be on this Is entirely different due to the potential sums involved. Stick in for a couple of years and wouldn't have to work again in your life if you didn't want to, absolutely no need to take a pay cut in order to sell yourself. They'd never have to work again if they didn't want to, just do something in or out of football that they wanted to do. Meanwhile, they're family is sorted for life. Think I'd definitely stick in, it's common sense.
  11. Sounds very noble but what if it was you? What if you had a wife and kids? The sort of money they can earn by staying put can potentially set their kids up and even the next generation as well if invested properly. Unlike supporters who pop and watch a football match for entertainment on a Saturday and then gossip about it for the rest of the week, this is real life. It's their job and their livelihood. Who in their tiny minds at 30yrs old with a family would take a massive paycut just to kick a football around at a lower league club? Such a move when younger may be wise to get game time and climb the ladder but at 30 you're at the end of your career and there are bigger issues. I'm sure many are gagging to play the sport they love but it isn't probably a viable option.
  12. I don't think he is. He and Huth never had pace but were allowed to mostly remain deep due to the excellent midfield we had at the time. If played again, then a disciplined and organised performance by a covering defensive midfielder is a must.
  13. Or could it be that fans have different perspectives? None of them necessarily right, just opinions. If Rodgers decided to run with what he's got, does that mean that despite his professional evaluation, he's wrong and you're right?
  14. Not a cat in hells, he's nowhere near worth it. That's no offence or sour grapes, he just isn't unless you've got pots and pots of money to spend without consequence or fair play rules.
  15. But probably you're missing the bigger picture as well as we can't possibly know what our owners together with Rodgers are thinking. Forget what they may say on the surface to the media or agents, for all we know they might be gagging to get rid of him for the highest price possible in order to invest in some already chosen targets in what they believe is 'the bigger picture'. I think the whole new strategy is precisely this. To buy reasonably priced young players, nurture, coach and improve them, to sell on certain selected odd ones to overall improve the quality of the squad as a whole. They are hardly going to admit that whilst negotiating a desparate for a particular player like Manchester United though for obvious reasons, but I would suggest it's the only way forward for a club the stature of ours. There's absolutely no reason not to occasionally sell one of your better players, so long as it's for an appropriate profitable amount that allows our club to better the playing squad as a whole. Selling Couthino turned out to be one of the best things Liverpool could have done for example.
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