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  1. Without wishing to sound pesamistic, I just don't see that all happening. Even if we sell Maguire I don't forsee a huge spending spree. We're ok for RB cover and wing cover. We do need Tielemans or similar plus a striker. I'd far sooner spend big for quality on those two positions than buy a plethora of more squad players, we've got enough to offload already without any more.
  2. Yep, they'll be gagging to sign Silva also, he's clearly had a big impact on their survival performances and 'made the difference'. 😂
  3. Not even thought of that, it would make much more sense. We'd better keep it quiet. I wouldn't be too surprised at the end of the season if they stay up, which they should, that they've just strung Silva along to get good performances out of him and they 'suddenly decide' for whatever seemingly good reason they come up with, that unfortunately he's not in their future plans and then try and get as much hard cash for Tielemans as they can. I know I would.
  4. I suppose it depends on who's willing to pay the most for him. With Tieleman, we get a young player with tremendous potential sell on value. Even if Monaco were only quoted a price of 10m for Silva, is a player probably with a couple of seasons left in him, no resale value, worth 5m a season plus no doubt a big wage packet as he's not going to want to take much of a wage hit? I wouldn't want him here. They'd be better investing 10m on a bit younger player with less of a wage claim I think.
  5. I must be worth at least 12m then, perhaps it's not too late? 😄
  6. I just think 10-11m is reasonable and fair valuation compared to the dreamworld 20-25m that some people think he could be valued at. For potential effectiveness in the Premiership I'd give a maximum of 5 personally, hopefully he's far more effective in France where the pace is slower and there's no nasty roughie toughies to knock him off the ball bless him.
  7. I agree but think his value will be more like a money off 10m Amazon gift voucher than a decent 20-25m transfer valuation.
  8. I doubt they're that stupid. A 30yr old that we don't want because he's not good enough for the Premiership, I suspect that they'll know our predicament.
  9. Let's hope you weren't writing up those contracts 😂
  10. Because in the French media at the time he was regarded as the biggest flopp in their league (they too had expected much more of him). With that sort of reporting would you really think it wise to blow a mere 40m away? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  11. Agreed and actually, when out of the media view, was a very pleasant and polite unassuming bloke, he lived in our village and was never flash in his behaviour though did like his nice cars 😁. A regular at our pub for Sunday lunches, I remember him once sitting at a table with his wife Sarah waiting for his dinner, when he suddenly got up, left the pub and drove off in his car leaving his wife at the table! She looked a bit confused and said she didn't know what he was up to. He returned about 5 minutes later. What he'd seen was a young village lad and his mum come in the other door of the pub (season ticket holders). He'd been back home and fetched his previous days Leicester shirt he'd played in and gave it to the boy because he'd previously spoken to him and promised to get him a shirt one day. One very happy little boy. As locals we used to speak to him but largely left him alone for privacy reasons. His wife was lovely also and she and my wife used to chat as they both had young babies at the time. I met his Mum and Dad when they were sat looking at leaflets for houses when Robbie was moving to Birmingham City. Lovely people and it was really sad to hear when his Dad had dementia, it's an awful illness both for sufferer and families. The 'outside of work' Robbie was one of the good guys and nobody round where I live has a bad word for him.
  12. Rodgers has indeed inherited a very good squad of young players and has been very fortunate in that respect as it is the best squad we've had for a while. He also faces far less problems than when Puel first arrived. Top 6 in fairness is a very big ask, though not completely impossible. However, should we actually manage to get Tielemans, barring lengthy injuries to certain of our players, If Rodgers doesn't finish higher in the table this year compared to last, after all the fan and media hype around him, combined with his own media friendly input, questions should be asked. He certainly talks a good game and If he's half what he's touted to be anything less would be disappointing.
  13. Can't see it working somehow. He can't play off the front man, no real pace, can't dribble past a man, the only mild hope would be that there would be a quality player to lay it on a plate for him whereupon he could use his supposed 'not yet seen here' myth of deadly finishing. But ... as he's too bone idle to put himself out to get into the box to be in the right place at the right time, that ain't going to happen. Times I've seen Vardy or another racing down the wing only to see a midfielder overtake Nacho and try and get into the box. That isn't lack of confidence, it's lack of effort. There's a reason managers aren't playing him including his national one whose cited him as being unprofessional. He's a lazy unmotivated twat who we need rid of ASAP but nobody that I can see would be stupid enough to buy him! Rodgers is a coach not the Messiah, but if he could con the pratt into giving a handful of half decent performances enough to get rid at half price then that for me would be the best for all parties.
  14. I'm not in disagreement with reasons for wanting him and all the potential bonuses, I think on the surface they are sound. But, if just for example they decide to ignore any offers for any of our players in order to keep our current squad together, they may just feel that 40m on one player doesn't for them represent good value. I don't necessarily agree with that but they will probably have sound business reasons and a vision behind that which we aren't privy to. It's their money and their decision and although I'd be disappointed, I'd just accept it and think nothing less of them for it. Ambition is one thing, paying for it is another.
  15. Yes I totally agree and we can't just forget their past investments. They must, and no doubt will, invest comensuratly with their own game plan whatever that may be. IF that means for example that for this year they don't intend selling anyone and don't intend spending 40m on one individual player then so be it. Their money, their plan, their choice. I can see all the potential bonuses of buying Tielemans like many others but it's up to them for their own reasons which will be business ones.
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