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  1. Dead right. So many obvious options ie Chilwell, King or whoever for Mahrez and I don't mean that as a downer on Mahrez but, although James and Albrighton were knackered, they still both offered more than Mahrez. For all King's knockers he does at least have good positional sense, awareness and and always gives of his best. Chilwell equally would have offered a lot more defensively and would be a breakaway threat.
  2. We won't miss what he's contributing at the moment or last season. We do miss his efforts and performance the year before. People need to stop dreaming. When he leaves and starts to perform again for some other club, some deluded people will still believe that it was the rest of the teams fault that he wasn't performing! At the moment, at best, he's some clubs 2nd or 3rd choice for a reason. As brilliant as he was, it was for one season only. His temperament last season reveals a flaw, would you risk £50m? His low marks on here represent the popular opinion of how ever many people voted, it's not coincidence. Very sad but true.
  3. George Hirst

    Absolutely agree with this. He was our player, what about welfare issues as well as keeping an eye on a business asset. Hardly makes you feel part of a club. For his own best interests it was best for him to go and I wish him the best of luck. One day if he succeeds he might get to play for a big club. 😂
  4. Strikers

    I admit to being in the keep Slimani camp. Firstly, despite all his criticism, I think there's a really good striker in there that hasn't stood out because he's been asked to play in a role which is not his forte. How would Vardy fair in that role? Makes you wonder the thinking behind his signing in the first place. The talk is mainly of what would happen if Vardy got injured and whilst not wishing to sound too pessimistic, lest we forget, Iheanacho is a very young player without a full season behind him and may this year be a little inconsistent. I think he's going to be a quality signing but we do need to cut him some slack. Just in case though, we have a quality international striker as back up in Slimani who, if played in his correct position, offers something quite different certainly in the second half of games, we should know this from last week when Giroud came on to great effect. With a long season ahead, cup games and for the good tactic of having something different up your sleeve coupled with a supposed ambition of aiming very high in the table, I think it wise to keep hold of Slimani. Whilst Ulloah has been a good servant, he is just not of the same pedigree and quality and I don't see Musa stepping up to the mark any time soon. Do we really need the money? For me if he's happy to stay and fight, his sale would signal a lack of ambition unless they have someone else in mind to purchase.
  5. Tom Lawrence to Derby - Done

    Good luck to him for a successful career in football.
  6. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Agree with that. What do you think about him as a centre half? He seemed to be highly acclaimed at AFCON though I recognise that that's not the stiffest test in the world. Perhaps would have been worth at least the best part of a preseason game though to evaluate him? He'd also played there at Copenhagen. I don't think he's rb material and when fit, half a team in front of him in midfield.
  7. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I think that's partly my point though. If Marhez had a whole season and performed the way he did, then I'd sooner of had Gray get a run in the side. I agree he hasn't set the world alight to date but there's definitely talent there, but you can't really expect him to shine with the odd ten minutes or so here and there. Some of his cameos have resulted in him perhaps trying to do too much and failing but I see at least part of that being the pressure of being a very young man, knowing you've only got a few minutes to try and show something . Marhez has bundles of experience and still tried to do too much. Why should he want to be here when he can't get a game when the bloke who's supposed to be better than him doesn't make the effort and is a total disgrace and voices the fact he doesn't want to be here. Yet he still plays, what sort of great managerial message can you glean from that? Would it make you feel wanted or part of any plans? He's at an age where he needs games to develop and if he were my son I'd be advising him accordingly. You don't mind playing second fiddle to an individual who through form can't be removed, but in this case it's purely nepotism.
  8. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    1&4 Agreed. I had no problem with Armarty coming on for the tiring Okazaki, in fact he made two or three decisive tackles not long after coming on. As you mention, it was the second one. James may have been tired but was still offering more than a lack lustre Marhez. Could have perhaps considered King as well but either way Marhez needed to go.Gray for Albrighton, too little too late, panic stations. 2. We'll never know about players like Gray or Lawrence when he was here but they can't improve without game time. Probably why Lawrence has left and certainly why Gray is discontented. Do you honestly think Marhez's contribution last season makes him worthy of a start just 'in the hope' he comes back to life and turns it on, he had all last season to do that and didn't! If your form goes then you at least keep trying. He didn't, he turned in late for training, idled about on the pitch and claimed his wages by false pretences. Any decent manager would have dropped him for a couple of games, meanwhile we disillusion a keen young player and show him that such behaviour is acceptable if your face fits. 3.Yes actually, I would have preferred Benalouane or Armarty. The former shows much better movement on the ball and all round play than Morgan at the moment (I do think Morgan will come back and i don't think Benny is a long term solution). Despite the stupid tackle recently and although prone to the odd mistake, I thought he did ok when called upon last year for the majority of the games in which he played, certainly better than Morgan the last two games who continually gives the ball away and is panicky and cumbersome. Even with little club experience I'd have preferred Armarty there but we don't really know do we because despite playing for his country there, he's not been given a chance pre-season, and training isn't the same as a match. Poor at right back and very mediocre and uncomfortable on the ball in midfield, it had to be worth a try or why keep him?
  9. Ben Gibson - Interest

    Yep and if we buy many more we'll be called Hull, what could possibly go wrong?
  10. Shakespearean Chants

    ‘How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!’ Suitable player's name on a postcard please.
  11. Mahrez to .......................?

    Must have been comparing him with goalkeepers. It's not about how much ground you cover, it's about what you do whilst your covering it. You can be in a battle and cover a long distance running away in the opposite direction. His influence on Friday was minimal.
  12. Mahrez to .......................?

    According to Arsenal and other teams, Marhez is a distant choice behind those two players, this alone is part of how Marhez is viewed by managers and opposition supporters alike. They are generally of the view that he's a one season wonder and lazy non-trier, and if he wasn't putting his best shift in, whatever the reason, it highlights a flaw that could resurrect itself in the future with them. If you look at his form without recourse to nostalgic blue tinted glasses, I can see how they draw their conclusions.
  13. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    1.His substitutions on Friday were poor and non-sensical, there's fairly general concensus re this both on here and with TV pundits at the time. 2. He persistently shows favouritism to a player in Marhez who is adamant he wants to leave. We needed to plan for the future without him. Far more game time should have been given in pre-season to Gray, Lawrence or whoever to both give them valuable experience or evaluate whether they're going to be good enough. Marhez was with Morgan, the poorest player on the pitch on Friday, so why was he left on? That one bit of game turning magic? It wreaked of the management of hope, nostalgia and desperation. 3. Morgan. Love Wes to death but, either because he's been thrown in to soon after a long way off, or for whatever reason, he's not at the races, an almost blind man against Borussia could see that he's currently a liability so his performance against Arsenal should have come as no surprise. Except to Shakey that is who continues to pick on sentiment and not the performances played out before his very eyes. 4. Some people have commented that when Armarty came on, the players looked unsure of their jobs, if so why is this? Is Shakespeare not capable of briefing them beforehand of possible variations, or does he just make substitutions on a whim and hope that the players can guess his thoughts? When we won the Premiership, Shakespeare, Walsh and Ranieri quite rightly took all the plaudits as a brilliant team. When it all started to go wrong, Ranieri it seems has become the main scapegoat and Walsh has gone too. If partly responsible for the success, Shakespeare by definition was also partly responsible for the demise. He was also partly responsible with Pearson for the rediculous cautious tactics the first year we were nearly relegated. Our form and his tactics also started to fall apart towards the end of last season culminating in that debacle against Spurs. Will we get relegated? No. Why? Because there are far poorer teams with poorer players than us in there. We have three exciting new signings, but is this man capable of having the vision and single minded unblinded by sentiment drive to push us forward and getting the best out of them and others, I doubt it, Shakespeare's world I fear is groundhog day, trying to cling onto the same old players used in the same old way and formation hoping for the same past glories.
  14. Does Shakespeare have any input on transfers

    Probably if we had got rid of Marhez by now, Shakespeare would not have been able to continually play his love child. Instead, he would have been forced to play Gray and Lawrence more in match day situations to evaluate their effectiveness better. His continued use of an out of form player screaming to leave is nothing short of stupidity.
  15. Shakespearean Chants

    Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee. I shall thrust thee into Marhez's arse to see can we not encourage him to run round a bit more!