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  1. Surely the point is, of course we played better when we put Maddison inside and brought Barnes on, just like he said, most people on here have noted that from last season and could have predicted that before we even kicked off against United. Ric Flairs stats show it, so why is Brendan trying to reinvent the wheel? It's why some people are getting a little frustrated. If he doesn't know by now what Maddison and Tielemans best positions are by now it seems very strange.
  2. Wow, I think that's quite enlightening and damning really. If you couple that with what he's just said re playing Maddison out on the wing it sounds a little worrying. Will he change it or stubbornly stick to it in order to fulfil the media hype of him being a supposef tactical genius. I can just about stomach his sickly media blarney after the polar opposite in Puel but are we seeing yet another individual with a messiah complex. The United game in particular angered me. Whilst you would never expect to automatically beat them at home they are not what they were and were without key players. If you have any pretentions of breaking into the top 6, surely you have to at least try and beat other competing top 6 teams? Outside of the top two I don't see any other team whereby, with the players at our disposal, we wouldn't at least start with a positive mind set. Rodgers very much talks the talk but we will very soon find out if he can walk.
  3. Spot on in every way for me Ric I can't really add anything to that. I just hope like you that Rodgers hasn't got a Messiah complex.
  4. Exactly. Can you imagine the meltdown on here had Puel put that team out against a below par United with key players missing? If you have any ambitions of trying to get top six, you've got to try and play like a top 6 side i.e. set your team up to try and win, not just try not to lose and hope you nick a goal in the second half. We have some great young talent that are not being trusted to express themselves or be played in their best positions. This wasn't Man City or Liverpool we were playing against, they're vulnerable to players running at them and got beaten by Palace at home!
  5. A much maligned and underrated player by England supporters. Yet you listen to some of the forwards he played with and they undoubtedly appreciated him. Whilst known more for his supposed 'support' role, I remember the lightening fast power house young player that used to run at and past defenders and absolutely frighten them to death. Supposed top England defenders like Campbell and Southgate just couldn't cope with him and often two players were given the task of marking him. He's always seemed to be a genuine nice individual, sometimes perhaps to his detriment on the field and absolutely came to our clubs rescue financially when it was all getting very desperate. He should always be given a hero's welcome here. Whilst I would be in absolutely no hurry to lose the Birch, who from personal knowledge does a teriffic job behind the scenes, it would be great to see Emile (and Kingy) back in some kind of ambassadorial role one day. Both of them for me represent what is good about Leicester City.
  6. Come off it, a chimp should be able to get us through these qualifying stages our group is so weak. Southgate has a great bunch of young talent to pick from but, in my opinion, is just starting to make the same old mistakes of the past. Players should be picked on the strength of their current form and not on what they did 18 months ago out of a misguided sense of loyalty. Selected players should be currently playing for their club sides and, where possible, played in their corrrect position and not just shoe horned in due to their name or which club they play for. Usually we can get through qualifiers and then later perform poorly at finals. The World Cup, as good as it was, was more down to luck and the extremely advantageous draw. Southgate needs to be looking now to the finals and not when they arrive. He should know from previous experience for example that Barkley always flatters to deceive and just isn't good enough and therefore blood the future now ie the likes of Mount and Maddison. We know from experience and stats that at Man Utd Rashford performs poorly out on the right and needs to be in the centre or on the left, don't just shoehorn him in like against Bulgaria out on the right just so he can play in a 3 with Sterling and Kane. It wreeks of past history when cramming names like Gerrard, Lampard and Scholes together with the latter even on the left wing! Sancho is far more effective there on the right and needs the international exposure. Rashford is a talent but has his place in the correct pisition when appropriate. Why play two defensive midfielders against Bulgaria, the weakest team in the group? Our defence is poor, play 3 at the back. I like Southgate, he was the best candidate for the poison chalice job at the time, he speaks well and has given youth a chance but, pick them on merit and not on club or the past. When some of our younger players have great club coaches like Guadiola and Klopp, why are England trusting them to Boothroyd? What is it in his lack lustre career that got him the job? Southgate, also a failed club manager, needs to make sure he sticks to his youth mantra and ignore any old school biased opinion from the FA as it's never got us anywhere in the past.
  7. True but even if we finished in the top 6 this year, the establishment won't accept us as a proper top 6 team. A bit like when we won the Premiership by 10 clear points, we didn't really win it, it was just down to all the other establishment teams having a bad year.
  8. I agree with that. Arguably one of the reasons we lost to them last season was because we showed them too much respect. Their defence is definitely breachable but not if we play with the sort of line up and tactics Rodgers employed in his first two games with, both games in which we were lucky not to concede more. Only the second half at Chelsea was reasonable. Albeit young, we've arguably got one of the most dynamic and exciting midfields outside of the top two, a midfield that many teams won't fancy playing against including United for all their huffing and puffing. Revert to early season tactics and we will huff and puff, be too narrow, Tielemans will be anonymous because of lack of passing options and Vardy, whilst he'll work hard, will be starved of opportunities.
  9. Exactly if the reports are accurate. Whilst it's difficult to know people's personal financial situation this is no more than a car loan if it's only 12k. Ultimately I just hope the poor girl gains some success in her treatment.
  10. Yes, it could be a bit of a jinx! Personally I don't think he deserves it though. Our position is good but performances largely poor. I'd give it to Woy.
  11. And your leaping on the use of the word propaganda is evidence of why people at times don't want to engage. People use words that they feel are fit for purpose at the time, yet there are others that can't wait to pick them up on such use of one word in a show of feined shock horror, point scoring and an attempt to reveal an air of superiority for their own agenda. If you really think that people can't get into trouble for saying things innocently 'to them' then your being incredibly neive, probably you're one of those that jumps on them to prove a polititical point. Gay people undeniably get beaten and harassed on a night out at times but, isn't your use of the word 'routinely' perhaps also a little overstated? Many people get beaten and harassed on nights out for a variety of reasons, mainly by drunk ill educated thuggish individuals that will try and find any excuse ie gay, ethnicity or religion being just a few. They are all equally as bad and need stamping out. I think in real terms we would broadly be singing from the same song sheet regarding our views regarding issues of equality. I just feel that sometimes the way the message is put across can be counterproductive to the cause and people switch off.
  12. Whilst I don't disagree with the majority of what you've said, I do think at times we are reaching saturation point with LGBT issues and propaganda to the extent that people will just switch off or worse, from an LGBT point of view, become quite anti. Having worked in a public body workplace these issues seemed at times, to be more promoted than what our core business was about (other issues as well in fairness). Such was the tone used at the time by certain LGBT zealots that people would just not even discuss such issues with each other openly. There was a formerly male colleague who came out as transgender. Whilst previously, certain colleagues might have tried to interact in the nicest possible way and off support, I know many would not even embark upon even a simple conversation in fear of perhaps accidentally using the wrong term and potentially losing their job. Not much of a result really. My daughters friend at Uni (not Leicester) was invited by her gay friend to go with her to a gay disco night on campus. She was stopped at the door and asked if she was gay, when she said not, she was refused entry! How inclusive was that? I have a couple of gay mates and they just shudder at times at some of the things done and said supposedly their name. They merely want equal rights, to get on with their lives and mix in with the community where we live (which they do and are wholly accepted). Sometimes being gay is made to be more of a hip fashionable statement than a normal way of life to the individuals involved. Some within the LGBT movement appear to be motivated more for their self promotion, career and other selfish personal prospects than any real cause.
  13. I think that's quite a fair assessment from me being an Liverpool outsiders point of view. When Sanchez went however, it did go a bit tits up and, as you say, his nous in the transfer market was questionable, as it was at Celtic with his mate Congerton. I do think the axe at Leicester was far more difficult however for a variety of reasons. I also thought that there was bad blood between Gerrard and Rodgers that was rather public at the time? For me, and I'm sure I'm in the minority, the jury is still out. Sometimes you just can't help but get a whiff of bullshit compared with someone like Guadiola who wreaks of knowledge and class. He's been more than a bit fortunate with what he's inherited here which I think was cleverly calculated by him. I also think he left Celtic at the right time and don't overate his achievements there. I think that currently we are where we are due to the quality of our players and not necessarily by his tactical nous. But, blarney or not, our players do appear to like and believe in him which is a huge part of the battle in fairness so time will tell.
  14. Exactly, you can only play the players you've got and when Puel arrived he had a right mixed bunch to be fair and some with some questionable egos/attitudes. Whilst what happened may well have been for the best, I wonder how Rodgers would have coped with the same situation and whether the players would have acted the same towards him whilst he was completing a big axe job. In fact without the players we had when he arrived and the promise of money to spend I'd doubt he'd have come in the same circumstances.
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