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  1. Agreed but, only if a 'big job' comes up, but those two currently aren't in my opinion at this particular moment in time. Both jobs have the potential to ruin Rodgers future big time. Let's just remember how low his stock was when he went to Celtic, nobody of any note here wanted him, he was seen as a failure and has had to build his reputation up again albeit with a dead cert of a team in a poor league. I wouldn't blame him or any of our players to want to better themselves, they do it for a variety of reasons and we would too if it was our job. However, Rodgers is nobody's fool. He leapt here because he could see that he was onto a good thing. Unlike Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal who will need rebuilding, the latter two with no more money than he could potentially be given here, we are a very young talented side with the right players already here. The odd tweak player wise in the transfer market and a bit of coaching and he's in a win win situation. Get us into the top 4 and his stock will rise even higher and I'd suggest that at the end of next season we'll be talking about much better jobs than those currently on offer, possibly abroad like Bayern or if Pep goes, Man City. Its surely got to be worth forgetting these potential bananas skins at the moment. Timing for him is everything.
  2. Fuchs positioning as a centre half has always been questionable at times, Morgan is and always has been far superior in his right position lest we forget or he'd have been dropped in favour of Fuchs long ago. We had all this last year yet, when you actually looked at the stats, we appeared at least as good if not better for not conceding goals when Wes played with Evans rather than Maguire who we flogged for 80m! I therefore can't see why we suddenly think he can't do a job with Soyuncu? Did I miss something last year, did Wes suddenly put in some piss poor performances that missed? If there was a risk at all, it was starting the season with Soyuncu and look how that's gone, could it be that Brendan and our management team just happen to know what they're doing? If so, and they are happy to play Wes in a game like this, then perhaps again, they know exactly what they're doing rather than a bunch of fans who look at age first and ability second.
  3. Absolutely, I find it quite bizarre. He's naturally fit, not the fastest but how many centre halves are? He's strong and reads the game incredibly well. There would be a number of Premiership teams that wouldn't hesitate to play him including Brighton to replace the absent Dunk.
  4. It really is just unbelievable isn't it! You couldn't make it up. There must be some giant skeletons in certain other parliamentary wardrobes.
  5. In fairness, most of our players were still pissed that day 🤣🍾
  6. I would like to see game time for Praet and Gray in particular but would be reluctant to change a winning team too much if at all. However, dependant on Madison's injury, no need to rush him back and aggravate his injury, there may well be an opening for Praet. Also, I don't feel things would be disrupted too much if Gray started and Perez sat on the bench. However, if our goal was to achieve an incredible top four place, it's precisely the regular taking of 3 points against the so called 'lesser' teams that will get us there. 3 points against teams like Liverpool and Manchester city are a big ask and whilst doable, it is against the lesser teams that I feel we should pick our strongest sides against. Wins against those two would be brilliant but arguably Everton and Brighton are potentially more important to secure the result against.
  7. The times I've seen Brighton on TV this season, they've been unrecognisable from last. It takes time to change so radically and I hope the fans are patient with Potter because for me, from the outside, he's doing a good job and is noticeably quite honest in aftermatch interviews. Dunk will be a big miss and Trossard has certainly looked a talent the times I've seen him. As a Leicester supporter of course I hope for a Brighton off day but good luck, onwards and upwards after that.
  8. Wow, what a coincidence! It was December the 12th and a couple of years ago I managed to get the original programme off Ebay. When you think that United won the European Cup that year it was quite a win at the time.
  9. Brilliant, I'd not seen that, thankyou!
  10. Really enjoyed that post thank you, it brought back pleasant memories. I was a huge George Best fan back then and one of the first matches my Dad took me to was against United. I saw Best, Law and Charlton that day as Leicester won 2-1 (Nish and Fern scored I think), how lucky was I to see that. A mate often says, it was almost worth the entrance fee just to see Frankie warming up before the match back then but for me, my favourite always was Weller. My knowledge of the game in truth was very limited but I instinctively knew that I was watching someone quite special. And those white tights! 😄 As someone has mentioned, it would be great to revisit some old footage, if only it existed.
  11. I think it's a possibility, what an achievement it would be to come even close to getting one over the big boys. We would certainly shoot up the ladder as a club highly rated young players would aspire to. I feel quite sorry for young players like Foden who really should have been playing by now. You have to ask whether Abrahams, Odoi Mount and others would have got their chance this season if it wasn't for the transfer embargo? I think we have a lot going for us at the moment.
  12. I don't fear Rodgers going to Arsenal or Spurs, both clubs have currently got problems and appear to be on the wane. Both teams are in need of significant rebuild with a number of players either ageing or nearing the end of their contracts with no willingness to resign. Neither are clubs known to throw huge money at rectifying such issues. Though better off in terms of finance, Man Utd too have problematic player issues and arguably need a ruthless style manager to do a Pearson or Puel type job to clear out some of their problem or not up to standard players prior to a Rodgers style manager coming in. Rogers is certainly not a daft man, he clearly saw the excellent opportunities that were open to him at Leicester City. Talented young squad, money to spend within reason, new training ground, a stable and extremely viable ownership, in short, very much a club on the up and, in terms of future personal footballing ambitions, he's getting on board the ride very much at the right time. To get Leicester City, a team seen as a small provincial club by the outside world punching above it's rate will make Rodgers one of Europe's most sought after managers if it all goes to plan. So forget Spurs and Arsenal, they're just not in the running or worthy for his potential ambitious goals. The only viable temptation here may be Man City should Pep leave otherwise I foresee a big European club after at least one more season where he'll get us playing in Europe.
  13. I think you're right. If we credit Rodgers with getting the best out of other players, why not Armarty? He who was bought in as an excellent prospect. For me he didn't look fluid enough as a midfielder and wouldn't stand a chance with our current crop. He eventually did an admirable job when filling in when needed in an unfamiliar right back role. However, it is at centre half that he excelled for his national side. A loan to get completely fit would seem a good option in order to reassess in the summer. Should we get into Europe we're going to need a big squad and Rodgers may just be able to do something with him, don't throw the baby out with the bath water quite just yet.
  14. With the exception of some of our loan or very fringe players, we'd be absolutely mad to let anyone go wouldn't we, we have a very realistic chance of a great prize, let alone building for next season. It just isn't going to happen.
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