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  1. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Kaspar needs to know that if he's not putting in the performances he's not undroppable or untransferrable. He sometimes for me last season was too much in the comfort zone and less of a team player also. At times he appears to think too much of himself.
  2. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Wish I could say that, sadly I can go back to Peter Shilton!
  3. volpeazzurro


    I think that's spot on. We had some good players but were short of a few in certain positions where we had to play people that were arguably not in their best roles. We have potentially bought well. Evans is an experienced CB and will just have to get to know his team mates as he knows his job. Maddison is potentially the proper number 10 we've been crying out for but we need to be a little patient as he's young and stepping up a level. Perreira is the unknown quantity and it may take a while for him to get used to the pace and physicality of the Premiership. I don't think he will be as good at actual defending as the much malagned Simpson but that's not what he's been bought for and it wouldn't suprise me to see Puel counterbalance him with 2 defensive midfielders as cover. We're not a squad of expensive superstars and top 6 is a huge ask but not impossible. We WILL lose quite a few games but unless the style of those losses or play is absolutely dire I don't think an instant turning on the manager is warranted, he too needs time to drill home his style whatever that may be to some extent. We have a very young squad with bags of potential. We can't afford or attract the ready made top of the tree players, this has to be our blueprint for success. Young professionals will make big mistakes, it just happens. It would be nice to get behind them and see them grow in Leicester City shirts.
  4. volpeazzurro


    There ... that's better isn't it, let's play nicely.
  5. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Or if he could come out to deal with crosses and command his area 😃
  6. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Don't think Roma could afford his wages. I also think any top 6 English club looking to sign a goalkeeper would be looking for someone better than Schmeichel if one was available.
  7. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    My thoughts too Bert, there's a bigger picture we're not aware of.
  8. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    I agree, I also don't see him as a replacement for Schmeichel unless they know and see something we don't. Schmeichel has been brilliant though not as good last season in fairness. Again, you're right about Puel but I think he should be better judged when he has his own players in. Let's face it, we had some very good players but a hotchpotch of individuals at the same time ie how many number 9s and no 10. He's now got a proper 10 in Maddison though we need to be patient there and we now have an attacking right back . Evans is experienced so looking promising. What we don't need is any undermining of the manager in front of the new and younger players.
  9. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    And after the Championship winning season, what have our players done to warrant the sacking of Ranieri, Shakespeare and nearly Puel last year?Some of them needed moving on including Marhez. If in the club's judgement Schmeichel is another then that's how it should be. We don't need our newer players contaminating with old team player power undermining of the manager whoever it is.
  10. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Sadly some of it needed dismantling. There's no smoke without fire and under Ranieri , Shakespeare and Puel there have been supposed incidents involving player power etc. If Schmeichel is one of them then bye bye mate, there can only room for one manager.
  11. volpeazzurro

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Got to admit that had crossed my mind. Their two supposed top goalkeepers were having a mare and he still wasn't given a run out so had bad could he be? Unless of course Jukupovic wants guaranteed 1st team football elsewhere and is on the move? Would have thought a move for Butland made sense, unless they already have and been rebuffed of course.
  12. volpeazzurro

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    So's mine! Bugger!
  13. volpeazzurro

    Danny Amartey

    Mixed feelings about this. He came to us very raw. On the occasion he was given a run in midfield due to injuries, he gained confidence and grew in stature only to be replaced when the injured got fit. At right back after a shakey start he did well there also. Never ever have I heard a bad word against him and what little I hear is that he's an absolute grafter. He seems a very genuine likeable young man. Therefore if there's no intention to play him then sadly, and in his own best interests, we owe it to him to release him and get his career kickstarted. It's a cut throat game I know but there's nothing wrong in doing the right thing if you possibly can.
  14. volpeazzurro


    Haha, as it happens you're spot on! On holiday in Skiathos. Mythos brings everything into perspective for me ... or not 😂
  15. volpeazzurro

    Ahmed Musa

    Oh I see, didn't know that. 😊 Either way it would be the answer to one problem! If we could recoup most of the purchase price it would make it more palatable for our owners to let some of our others go at a reasonable loss. I can't really blame them for not spending much more than they have this summer until some of these things have been sorted. The ongoing wage bill must be sky high for players that aren't even going to get a look in. Our most recent purchases seem a lot more pragmatic and will always be there or there about the first team or squad I would think.