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  1. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    At least they're consistent, they've got it wrong before haven't they. Makes you wonder what the qualifications are to be an expert, perhaps I might apply next time.
  2. Transfer Window - January

    Whilst I see your point you have to look at why they rejected the offers which I feel was the right thing to do. The first bid from Alves was reported to be around 1.7 which was derisory given that in the summer he was seemingly worth 12 to West Brom. With hindsight the West Brom deal now looks good but the team collapse we suffered was unforseen. The alleged 6 million bid from Sunderland was more interesting but ... at that time we were both in the same pot fighting relegation. Sunderland's problem was scoring goals, how stupid we would have looked if we'd sold him and his goals kept them up and sent us down! Hindsight is a wonderful thing. The real mystery for me is why we gave him another contract but, there again, we're not privy to what the other considerations were at the time, mostly we just speculate.
  3. Puel

    Possibly .... but perhaps not without Kante and Drinkwater. It was great whilst it lasted. When Sousa came as our manager for example, he admirably tried to play champagne and oysters football but unfortunately with beer and chips players. For any good recipe you need mostly the right ingredients and a good chef to bake a good cake. Unfortunately we'd lost a couple of those main ingredients and then put a school cook in the shape of Shakespeare in charge. Sadly things had to change and evolve. Thus far under Puell, the new shoots of success look promising bearing in mind he's reorganising what he has at his disposal. For all the criticism by some, it's a lot better than what was on offer under the hapless Shakespeare who was sadly completely out of his depth.
  4. Chilwell is amazing

    Exactly. You can't expect a young inexperienced player to break into the side and ovrrnight be experienced. Young players will make mistakes through inconsistencies or lack of concentration. Alternatively you could buy seasoned top of the market players all over the pitch but, unfortunately we've got the finances of Leicester City not Manchester City, mind you, even with all their money their defence hasn't always been the best! Personally I find the potential development of Chilwell, Iheanacho, Maguire, Barnes, Gray, Thomas, Chowdhury and a few others under a manager like Puell quite exciting. Such potential is good security for our future either on the field of play or in the transfer market. We should encourage and not get on the backs of such young talent.
  5. Sit Down or Stand Up?

    Used to like to stand up but couldn't do 90 minutes now due to a dodgy back! I like being seated now anyway. But ... I believe strongly that there's room for all of us and if there was a vote I would vote for a standing area. I like noise and atmosphere at a football match it's a huge part of it and I'm convinced that the noise we made in our winning season had a positive effect on our team.
  6. Iheanacho

    He would need a run of games to be fair to him and compared with the other players mentioned and his age, I'm a long way short of despair with him yet. It's not long ago that some people were demanding that players bought in fitted in with our Premiership winning style and, whilst I do have some sympathy and exceptence of that, practically speaking where do we find for example another Kante? Is there one out there? Can we afford him? Would he sooner go to another club? Likewise Drinkwater. Both were very integral to that special season. Yet, early days as it is, Puell is adjusting our style, just as other teams styles have to adapt to the strengths of their players. There's less long ball, more passing, yet still good to watch. A style I think that may be more beneficial to Iheanacho in the long run. At this moment in time Vardy, quite rightly, is our centrepiece striker. Can Iheanacho, with help from Puell adapt to compliment Vardy? I can't say. There will come a point however in the next couple of seasons when Vardy's powers will start to wane and if Iheanacho is still here it is not beyond the realms that this still very young man will be the new, but different in style focal point.
  7. Albrighton. Underrated?

    He's probably doing as he's told in fairness. As he's naturally a right winger, he's played on the left to do a particular job which sometimes doesn't paint him in the best light, he nevertheless does that job selflessly.
  8. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    He's not good enough for the present Manchester City side, his work rate alone (and I don't mean defending in his own box) at the moment would preclude him from playing in any Pep Guadiola side.
  9. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    I do take your point but feel in Vardys case, he's following a brief to a certain extent ie making best use of his best asset ie pace. He has developed somewhat however in terms of better touch and can now use his pace to the benefit of team mates getting into the box or even on occasions the more 'fox in the box' type goals when given the opportunity eg like the one for England. Given a better midfield he'd score more goals imo as opposed to the present where he's been feeding on scraps. Whilst he appears to be developing his game in different ways, Marhez in comparison has been on a downhill slide for the last 18 months.
  10. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Because Vardy can't perform without the ball, not all Marhez's fault by any stretch but he is a main culprit. His continual one trick pony selfishness in running down blind allys instead of bringing team mates into play is getting a bit wearing.
  11. Mahrez v Gray. Gray v Mahrez

    1. Correct in as much as I also don't see Messi as a great defender haha, but on the occasions I've watched him he covers a lot of ground and as such is elusive, I think Silva is equally elusive and energetic at Man City for example. You fairly regularly see performances from those two that single handedly change a whole teams performance. Marhez in comparison is for 80% of many matches a damp squib. Mind you Messi and Ronaldo are somewhat older and rumour in the Spanish media is that Messi's legs are going but I can't comment on that. 2. I wasn't suggesting Marhez bulks up but particularly last season he was typically knackered 10 minutes before half time and it wasn't through effort put in compared to his counterparts. On occasions, albeit just over the halfway line he'd be overtaken by his midfielders running from their own penalty area. He wasn't fit and that is why he was continually hoiked off in the second half. In fairness I wasn't privy to his brief but he'd generally hang about and not contribute much in terms of movement off the ball. He's been better this season in fairness. As people have pointed out though, his continual tendency to overplay is frustrating and getting easier to read, a few quick and accurate passes to teammates (which he's well capable of ) would be an asset. 4. Shinji I would think has had a lot less game time compared to Marhez. Yes, absolutely agree with people who say that Marhez can supply that special bit of magic that others can't but ..... it was rarely seen in evidence last year and is sparse this year. He's an enigma for sure and when he leaves it remains to be seen whether he can, with much more effort, hit the heights after the novelty of a new club wears off or whether he slithers off into obscurity.
  12. Mahrez v Gray. Gray v Mahrez

    Whilst I do tend to agree with some of the general tenets of the argument, you only have to look at Messi and Ronaldo who, whilst being the world's best flair players, also manage to work bloody hard and put a shift in at the same time. Ronaldo's training regime is legendary, whatever natural talent he's had he's bettered it. Being a flair player doesn't mean that you have an excuse to be aloof and lazy. This is why at this moment in time Marhez, unless he alters drastically, as talented as he can be, he can never be world class. It's also why he won't get a move to Barcelona because they expect much more from a player than excellent control and a bit of entertaining dribbling, they demand end product and a strong work ethic (as does Guadiola at Man City). Sadly, Marhez is selling himself very short imo. He needs to recognise that he needs to train harder, get fitter and most of all, that its not all about scoring goals. Barcelona are more likely to be interested if he could prove consistently that he would be able to provide assists to their already very talented other team members. Gray on the other hand is considerably younger and still learning, he's only had a hand full of 90 minute games in the Premiership compared to Marhez who's had considerably longer, but I do think Gray has the far superior work ethic of the two. As for work horses I think both Okazaki and Albrighton are far better than that. For what Marhez produced last season whilst we were waiting for all this game changing flair and ability that didn't materialise, we may as well have had another 'workhorse'. Marhez started off a little brighter this year but that's about all. The 'workhorse' Okazaki has arguably had more influence and scored more goals in his appearances thus far. A blindingly good bit of one touch control of a high ball, or the drifting past 2 players with no end product just serves to deceive the viewer and give false encouragement and although seemingly entertaining at the time, it's utterly pointless when repeated over and over again.
  13. Mahrez v Gray. Gray v Mahrez

    Watching Marhez at this precise moment in time is like going to the toilet expecting a big shit .... only to be disappointed with a protracted wet fart!
  14. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Agreed. I've seen positive articles about Puel by Henry, Hazard and Treseguet in the past on how he helped them. It will take a little time but I do think we'v got a seriously good manager on our hands. Although we missed out on the 3 points last night there were some very good passages of play and better ball retention. Perhaps Marhez will buy into another dream.
  15. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    If he's to improve with Pep it will involve a lot more hard work in training and the match compared with Leicester. I do think that a change in manager in Puel is a positive thing for him though. Looking at the players Puel has worked with that have a lot of respect for him, if Marhez doesn't improve then it will be down to himself, he's got no excuses now.