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  1. Puel

    Personally I thought our lads played really well yesterday with a couple of underperformnces. Some people whine on and on like spoiled kids and expect the world. For one season their was an aberration and a team of journeymen won. One look at the start of the game made it obvious that Chelsea have a more expensive and better put together team than ours however they are performing to their own expectations and, regardless of them having a game some 4 days earlier which is plenty of time to recover. 9 times out of 10 such expensively assembled teams, even disfunctioning one's like Manchester United will beat the lesser ones however ambitious the latter. Kante, Hazard, Oscar, Willian compared to Ndidi, Iborra, Silva and James, 9 times out of 10, whose going to win that battle? The same with this constant sniping at Puel, who else do people realistically think is likely to come here? Guadiola and the many millions back up is hardly going to happen here is it. Puel was been left with a disfunctoning bunch of ill thought out purchases however talented some of them are individually. He just can't please the plethora of opinions on here. Some slate him for playing Chilwell, others demand to give our own youth a chance. Some demand the inclusion, to give them a chance, of our big purchase like Iheanacho or Silva but when they don't perform to expecting, start whining. The season was virtually written off in some respects before Puel even arrived and he's doing the best he can in the circumstances. Do one thing on match day and on here, individuals with their combined professional armchair talent will offer 5 or 6 better team selections even without knowing fitness, personal circumstances and how they are performing in training let alone homework on the opposition. Yesterday the result went the way 9 times out of ten it should reasonably be expected to go. Our teams made a good fist of it in the circumstances.
  2. Iheanacho

    I agree and it's even more galling when you pay £1m and £400,000 for two brilliant diamonds but tens of millions on turkey's! The point has been well made that this is more about buying square pegs for round holes rather than really poor players. It's about poor knowledge in recruitment. None of us are experts but dozens of us on here have a reasonable knowledge of the difference between a number 9 and number 10! Vardy, Slimani, Iheanacho, Ulloa and Musa are 9s, how difficult can it be?
  3. Southampton fans must be loving this

    Qualification for Europe is hardly a yardstick even that pub team from Scotland get there every year 😅. Outside of Benfica and Sporting however who is there? I maintain it's a poor league outside of the top two and those two are no longer the force of old. Not their fault as I think money comes into it. As for the players you mentioned, Ronaldo and Carvalho accepted of course, but would you have wanted any of the others at Leicester. Just because you've played in the Premiership doesn't mean you thrived and were a huge success. As for Silva, I too wish him well but as for his record, have a look at it as an international, don't think he played when they won the Euros though he was there and in the next competition they flopped badly. Technical ability he clearly has but ,for one excellent pass he seems to complete he gives the ball away twice. He doesn't appear to see let alone track players and he's brushed aside far too easily. I suspect this is why he's not playing sadly. For the price paid you'd perhaps expect better. Strange that at his age no one else of note has taken a punt on him by now, perhaps there's a reason. Slimani I do have a lot more sympathy for as he's an out and out number 9 and we've rarely played him there. I think he's got lots of goals in him though in the right team with the right service.
  4. Southampton fans must be loving this

    I absolutely agree with your post and believe it to be a big problem and a situation that we absolutely as a club fell into the trap of. There are two standout players in the world in Messi and Ronaldo. Then the next tier of players like Suarez, DeBruyne, Neymar and Aguero etc with a slightly lesser 3rd undertier. We have to accept that with the best will in the world, even if we had the money, we're never going to attract this calibre of player. The problem with the commercialism and utter hype in football these days with the flames of the fire being fanned by agents, players like Slimani and Silva for example, with no sell on value, who even at their age have had no history of a big club willing to take a risk on, are purchased by ambitious clubs like our for extortionate sums like 30m! Being honest and with hindsight, neither are remotely worth that, we fell for the old Emperor's new clothes trick. The inferior smaller leagues of Russia and Portugal are seemingly poor buying markets where it would appear easy to be seduced into buying a big fish from a little pond only to find that they can't adapt to the deeper and faster flow of our game. Though French football is not currently in the pomp it used to be, nevertheless we've found their bigger more bloated market a happier hunting ground even at a lower level e.g. Marhez and more recently even Diabate. At those prices you can afford to take more of a risk and mistakes can be moved on with much less of an overall financial impact. There also have to be more Vardys about out there but our markets are a bit more expensive in fairness. Southampton have consistently over a fair period of time shown that if ran efficiently, academies can be effective though young players do need to be given a chance by a brave manager with club and supporters on his back. This summer is a huge watershed for us I believe. We need to get rid of a number of our expensive overpriced players that bloat our squad with mediocrity. How many number 9s have we potentially got on our books yet no real number 10? Let's hope that lessons have been learned from this 'kid in a sweet shop with his pocket money' attitude we've adopted in recent times. Maguire and Diabate are great models to follow. It really isn't that long since we taught the whole footballing world a big lesson, it's about assembing all the essential parts of a team, not collecting the exotic individual, our winning team cost less than one Slimani! Ostriches need to pull their heads out of the sand and stop following the crowd, we of all clubs have proved that difference can pay dividends.
  5. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Strange about Kante really. Always a beaming happy little genius when he was here for us and left after such a short time. Yet rightly he's not disliked by anyone and it will be good to see him back. Did himself no harm when he came back for a game to watch and waved to and acknowledged the crowd. He doesn't appear quite as happy in his current post as he was here and I hope he ends up at a big club and happy. There does still seem to be a genuine affection for him here.
  6. Marbella, Here We Come!

    So who's going to let the first fire extinguisher off this time?
  7. Puels man management

    Sorry but I don't see how. He undoubtedly has technical ability but is lightweight, easily knocked off the ball, fails to see runners let alone track them and, for every nice looking little touch or pass he makes, appears to give the ball back to the opposition twice as much. Fit he should be by now, but he's struggling with the pace of our game. Some people would say we should persist with him for that reason but others say that we should do the same with several other players also. When the manager tries this and the results don't go our way, the same people slag him off for not picking someone else! There will be reasons why some players aren't being picked from the eyes of a professional experienced manager as opposed to a bunch of supporters that all differ anyway.
  8. West Brom away match thread

    Hardly had a mention on the radio. Matt Elliot doesn't hold that opinion. But if you're there I'll go with what you say.
  9. Name a better option than puel

    And then if he, being new to the job and without a transfer window dared to not to win a few games, we can sack him as well! 😂
  10. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Yes I agree with all that and perhaps didn't explain myself well. We do indeed have some genuine quality individuals. It's more that in Vardy, Iheanacho , Ulloa , Muse and Slimani for example, we potentially had 5 number 9s yet only 1 can play at any one time. There is no outright recognised number 10 like a Sigurdson type figure? Whilst such transfer policy is not being good for building an actual team, it also conspires to cause ill feelings in that most players want to play and can't. Likewise in midfield, in an ideal world you'd have a mix of defensive, box to box and playmaker with good cover, have we got that or all a bit much of a muchness? We are indeed blessed with some genuinely quality individuals but that doesn't make a team, the epitome of which was our Premiership winning team who, despite being low cost individuals some of whom were discarded by their previous clubs, nevertheless knew their jobs and complimented each other. The club, with their little boy lost in a sweet shop approach to transfers has only served to squander millions and millions of pounds. In this respect I do feel sorry for Puell despite all the criticism of him as he's trying to fit together ill fitting parts of a jigsaw with a trial and error approach. Expensive as it will be there needs to be a big clearout and the right visionary manager having a much more hands on role in our transfer policy as opposed to faceless dubiously qualified backroom businssmen. Realistically Puell has at least got some history in this but I don't see anyone else more suitable rushing to join us anyway. It took Guadiola a season, with some criticism, to see what he'd got and what he needed prior to his big clear out and spending spree. On a much lesser budget perhaps Puell needs the same time afforded to him?
  11. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Personally I don't think we have a good squad. I think we have a hotchpotch of ill matched individuals albeit a number of them have certain skills and capabilites. That doesn't mean that you have a team, we had a proper team with lesser known cheap journeymen players that were well put together on a budget! With the odd exception our recruitment has been very poor with huge amounts of money thrown at it.
  12. Adrien Silva

    Yes, he played 4 games in an uninspiring micky mouse competition where Portugal didn't actually hit the heights. Not that much of a pedigree really when you look into it. Decent player. ..yes, worth 29m, don't think so thus far. Can he adapt? Possibly but there were probably better younger candedates at half the price, poor scouting imo as he was hardly unknown was he. Doubt the league he was playing in bar about 3 teams is much better than our Championship at most.
  13. Adrien Silva

    Correction, he played in a team that won it, wasn't he a sparsely used substitute at that? Not sure on the last point in fairness but I think they have a few better Silva 's that play alongside the world class Ronaldo.
  14. Adrien Silva

    He flatters to deceive for me. A couple of one touch passes and the odd flick doesn't for me disguise his persistent giving the ball away, failure to track players and generally being unfit and lightweight. He struggled at times badly against lower league opposition let alone Premiership. For those wondering why Puell hasn't been picking him, well they got the answer today, he stunk the place out. Now we can see quite clearly why he wasn't started against a large physical Stoke midfield last week, he'd have been eaten alive! He came from a place where he was a decent size fish in a little pond just like Slimani and a different level and quality of competition week in week out, neither ofvthem worth anywhere near the fees we paid. At their ages one has to ask why if supposedly so good hasn't anyone else bought them?
  15. Puel-come to the future

    Whilst at times as supporters we may not be privy to all a manager is, ie which players are carrying an injury, who's tired, whose got personal problems, this is a well thought out post and I've also thought this for quite a while. For example, we know that our Premiership title win was largely achieved with a particular style of play, however, arguably two of the main catalysts for this were Kante and Drinkwater. So why when they'd gone did Shakespeare think that by merely slavishly repeating the style of play was going to be successful. Barcelona were hugely successful with their particular brand of a passing game but, it was significant that they had Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and Messi etc. There surely has to be the correct mix of system and appropriate players to carry it out usually for it to be successful. Anyone remember Sousa at Leicester, he tried to play champagne and oysters football with beer and mushy peas players! Puel had to change things yet to some extent, through poorly thought out signings (not necessarily poor players), he's been left with a hotch potch squad of players which is in dire need of being sorted out. I think he's still unsure of who he wants and who he doesnt want! This is what happens as I see it when someone other than the manager, who should know what he needs to build a TEAM, is just given a bunch of players and told get them to play well together. As everyone on here appears to acknowledge, this summer promises to be a long, interesting and frustrating one. We have to trust Puel as I see it as he's just really got here and inherited a problem (like Pearson), he has a decent pedigree and, if we got rid of him, who on earth would want to come to such an unforgiving club for a manager?