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  1. I get what you're saying. He does sometimes drive forwards only to hesitate and then play it sideways or backwards rather than taking his man on. It can look ponderous and frustrating at times when we know we can still play on the break. I think what people are taking issue with is that you're implying we only won because Chilwell went off which isn't the case. He is one of our more direct players and once the goal went in he'd have loved life running down the left.
  2. Yeah it was great to see vintage Vardy back. Rogers hinted at that before the game in that he's renowned for never giving up on lost causes. I think we'll see him doing that if he's not involved in the game or getting limited touches. If he is heavily involved we'll see him reserving energy a bit more. All about trying to find that balance I guess.
  3. I think the last bunch of results have shown that the top teams in form can easily slip up. Chelsea vs West Ham and Wolves vs Arsenal. Most of the scenarios I'm thinking of have Chelsea, Man U and Wolves all getting over 10 points for the last 5 games. That is unlikely. I think it'll be close but I do think we can get over the line.
  4. Thought Ayoze was great today. Worked hard and got between the lines. He's a good back up to Maddison in that 10 role.
  5. Agree but Liverpool and City are on a different level. Against the rest of the 'big 6' we haven't been that bad so far.
  6. We are 3rd in the league. So we have. And we've beaten Arsenal and Spurs this season. I also don't think we can drop our top scorer for a must win game.
  7. I don't think it'll be the start of the end. We will likely lose 1 star like we do each season. Whichever way it's spun our progress as a club has been remarkable and we are moving in the right direction. We have the best owners and an incredible new training ground on the way. Stay positive. Whilst I don't foresee a mass exodus if we don't get CL, the biggest disappointment will be the likes of Vardy not getting another crack at CL. It's his last opportunity really.
  8. Well that's a purely hypothetical scenario as that would never really happen but I get your point. Both are frustrating for different reasons but I'd rather the first. Then you'd know you were at least capable of performing at a certain level. The second would just be inconsistent. But again, neither of those really apply to us. We're going to finish top 6, not mid table. I love the fact we're mixing it with the big boys. We are far from the finished article and blips happen. We will play well again.
  9. So if we finish 5th or 6th you honestly don't think that's a great season? It'll be the 2nd greatest premier league season in the history of the club. I've already agreed there will be disappointment considering where we were. But perspective is important. I couldn't consider it a failure no. But each to their own.
  10. I know i keep thinking the same thing. I see it as a positive that we've set these high standards for ourselves. It's obviously disappointing that we've let such a lead slip since December, but we wouldn't be where we are if we weren't a capable squad. I do feel our form is coming. Our aim was top 6 and it looks like we'll achieve that. If we surpass it, that's a massive bonus.
  11. I'm not sure football can be used as a comparison to everyday jobs. It's one of the rare occurrences when the manager often gets paid less than his workers. Funny old game 😂
  12. I agree with this. I was going to mention the likes of darts etc. Things that are more skills than sports imo. Disagree about Formula1 though. Those guys are super fit and go through very tough training regimes.
  13. My best friend is obsessed with esports and travels to live events abroad regularly. I see the appeal and it's clear those guys have serious talent and skills in terms of reactions, certain fast twitch muscles and decision making in game. And it's obvious why fans can fall in love with certain teams and players. I do enjoy gaming myself and do it regularly. I'm rather good at counter strike. But not to blow my own trumpet, I have played sport professionally. I don't particularly care if you want to call e-gaming an e-sport or call them e-athletes. But please don't insult actual athletes and sports stars who push their bodies to the absolute physical limits, and have essentially sacrifised any other way of life in the short term, something I'm afraid an e-athlete couldn't even begin to comprehend. Particularly the levels of training and physicality involved. E-athletes get to sit in a room on their desktop, possibly in their mums basement...👀 I jest. But the two are not comparable in the slightest. I know Twitch and the broadcasting has money thrown into it with e-gaming and it's got a huge fan base. But the reality is that those comparing it to actual sports can't and don't fully comprehend what it actually requires to make it to the top in a real sport. Ronaldo, Messi, Muhammad Ali, Roger Federer, Jonny Wilkinson, Michael Phelps...There is just no comparison.
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