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  1. Seen a lot of comments about Barnes being a potential Vardy replacement. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought it myself...but the more I have the more I've thought against the idea. Both are pacey but Vardy has explosive pace off the mark and has predatory instincts that you just can't coach. His movement off the ball is some of the best in world football. Barnes doesn't quite have that and at the top level it can be the difference between a striker that scores 20 goals a season and another that will get 5 a season. And to add to that, Barnes would be wasted if not
  2. For he had often been bound with shackles and chains, but he wrenched the chains apart, and he broketh the corner flag in pieces. No one had the strength to subdue him...
  3. It's too easy to write players off these days. Normally only takes a game or two. This guy has been constantly injured but is now showing why we signed him in the first place. Fair play to him.
  4. Looks like the player we thought he'd be. Sometimes it takes these guys a while to adapt to a new environment and Praet was one of those. Very glad that he hasn't been shipped out after a quiet start at the club. And what a bullet that was to clinch the win! Loving our midfield options.
  5. They look very beatable. The boys have nothing to fear. I just wish we could all be there to drive them on. Thing is about them, even when playing badly you feel they can always score on the break with the three upfront.
  6. He really was solid. Very insulting to him with some saying he's championship standard. Far from it. He's big, quicker than he looks and versatile.
  7. I think we made them look poor as well tbf
  8. What a fantastic professional performance. Rogers got it spot on. Thomas was fabulous, what a talent we have there. Justin getting better each game. Wes Morgan...what an absolute hero. So solid and experienced. Just what was needed. Evans and Bennet were excellent next to him. What a pass from Evans for 2nd goal. Youri is so good further forwards. Best performance from him for a long time. Ndidi solid as always. Perez. That's what we signed him for. Harvey was a constant threat. That boy has wheels. Must be quickest in squad apa
  9. Lets be honest. We wouldnt be having this conversation If...Kasper hadn't booted the ball into the back of Ndidi's head who immediately gave away a pen which Wilson scored followed by Kasper failing to stop a dribbler from Solanke resulting in Cags booting Wilson and getting a red card. Couldn't make that up.
  10. Please refrain from ever giving motivational speeches.
  11. They've been winning a lot of games by a three goal margin recently! But it never lasts.
  12. I'm the same. I think it's because literally anything can happen. We've done crazier things before. Let's go!
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