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  1. Amazing from Thiem! If Fed can't get past Djokovic then I hope we can get a new champ.
  2. Well said. I feel these topics really expose a lot of hypocracy. Most people don't even recognise their own prejudice when they are sitting on their high horse. It really does work both ways. Folau was incredibly foolish and insensitive and was rightly punished (the extent is up for debate imo). Whilst what Wigan have done is reasonably amusing on the surface I just feel it's going to add to the issue and create further division/animosity. No doubt others will say it's 'raising awareness'. Would be far more effective to just get on with it imo. If he steps out of line again then he's finished.
  3. I know Maddison keeps missing but I like the fact he's shooting. Shows confidence if anything.
  4. Was worried Vardy might do his groin again blasting the ball into the crowd like that 😂
  5. Agree. It adds so much uncertainty for defences as well. Sometimes the ball ends up going to a completely different player to what was expected. And that's on the TV screen! So happy we have him and very satisfying to watch.
  6. Isn't the shoulder part of the arm? So it's handball? The definition isn't clear. And it looked like Jonny was perfectly level. When it's that close how can they be sure the ball left the passers foot at that exact moment...
  7. At the same time as educating and advancing the modern world. As I said before, every nation has a history, and history wasn't particularly pretty or sympathetic in different eras. It was very much survival of the fittest and the British excelled. Whilst we can agree certain actions were indeed horrific and wrong, that's the beauty of hindsight and we have obviously learned from that. If you had been there you would have been raised to believe it was the right thing. And yes Hitler was actually a pretty effective leader in terms of his own people prospering, he just happened to be a twisted psychopath. Here's one for you. If it hadn't have been for the success of the British Empire then Germany would have most likely won. I think its very easy to pass judgement on past actions but none of us really have much context at all. We have it pretty good really.
  8. Then what elements of history should be celebrated? You don't think the British Empire had any positive impact at all? The series 'Empire' by Jeremy Paxman is an interesting watch if this is what interests you or if you want a broader context.
  9. Well when you originally said the country was built on racism I responded with my own historical interpretation but got nothing back. Not that you have to reply as I'm sure everyone is fed up of this thread by now 😂
  10. Good response. I don't pretend to be an expert on these subjects but my academic background very much lies in propaganda, media and public interpretation. Unfortunately any data like that is used as a justification one way or the other and its very rarely done in a completely unbiased(couldn't think of a better word) way. That's not to say the data is wrong, but it was inevitable that the awareness surrounding racism was going to increase after the vote because Brexit was so often stereotyped as a device of the far right. And I say stereotyped because it will only be the minority of idiots that voted for reasons of race. Other reasons just seem irrelevant in the eyes of left wing media because they aren't controversial enough. To be honest I can't stand the whole thing. Extreme right and extreme left ideals are as bad and dangerous as each other. I cant speak in terms of what the PM has said so id need to look into that but in terms of sport I honestly feel the individuals involved just need permanent bans from stadiums and games and the authorities involved need to be ruthless with it.
  11. *facepalm* At least engage with people that offer different opinions rather than just repeating yourself and not even trying to look at the broader picture.
  12. Agreed. Can we all go back to being on the same team now?
  13. Yeah I don't disagree with you there. Maybe the word tiny wasn't necessary but i do think it's the minority otherwise we're all doomed
  14. Are you going to point those individuals out? Quite the accusation there and seems a little inappropriate for the debate. Everyone has different perspectives and backgrounds. I don't think it's necessary to bring the hostility on here as well.
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