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  1. Junior Lewis would have looked good whipping corners in against Montenegro...
  2. 2 year contract? Or do you think he'd consider that a waste of his time...👀
  3. The media twist words all the time. I doubt that is a direct quote from Riyad as he has shown plenty of respect for the club and the owners since he left. Newspapers need to sell stories and get a reaction and based on this forum the journo has done just that. I'd take it with a pinch of salt.
  4. Agreed. I still think he'd score tries for England but would be ineffective against a resolute defence, especially on the back foot. Doesn't have the intelligence of a Shame Williams. I do however think Cipriani would have been world class if it weren't for that injury early in his career. He was England's answer to losing Wilkinson and I remember him tearing Ireland a new one at Twickenham. Wasted talent, mostly his own doing.
  5. He's certainly isn't shit. I'd say he's a liability defensively but you should try defending him 😂
  6. He's unbelievably dangerous but a massive liability in defence. If you think Daly struggled under the high ball then Wade would have been even worse. And tbh the wingers haven't really been an issue. As dangerous as Wade is, May and Watson are better players. Wade wouldn't have had a sniff today with how poor the passing was from the inside men.
  7. Incredible defence from South Africa. Particularly at 6-3 on their own line. That missed kick from Farrell was key at 15-9...right when England had a sniff of momentum. Unfortunately for England their passing accuracy went to pot for this final. The majority of the passing was at the shoulder or just behind. Can't do that against a side with the line speed and discipline of South Africa. That, combined with the scrums, was the difference. Every opening quickly vanished with either a poor pass or poor decision. Overall a great world cup! Kudos to Japan.
  8. I like to think some top sports stars can get to the top without the arrogance but by purely believing in their own abilities. Jonny Wilkinson comes to mind. Barnes seams to be a similar type of lad. I don't think they always need to have arrogance although that certainly helps make it easier fitting in with the rest of the lads.
  9. I wouldn't call Wales a lesser opponent. And Japan were the hosts and flying. Obviously the All Blacks was a major scalp for England but Australia aren't the same force this year.
  10. Yeah its insane. The guy used to practice from his own 22m line in training...Not that any of those went over
  11. I bet youre screaming every penalty decision as if its a try !
  12. Steyn on for the 70 metre penalty attempts 😂
  13. Captains call. Brave and brilliant. This Welsh team may not be the best but god damn they are tenacious and always find a way
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