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  1. Sky are dicks. They have always been baised to the big clubs, but this season if just seems so much more obviously than usual. Maybe because more fans are watching sky as they are not at the game. The bullshit around Villa and Leeds is sickening. On another note, how is Madison not in the England squad? Sancho grealish Madison sterling Kane What a front five that would be.
  2. It won't be that pace other 100 meters through. Vardy is lightening over short distance.
  3. Or anywhere. He's going to drop down the league's and become a nothing player in the next few years. And we'll be talking about how much of a waste of money he was for years.
  4. I thought he would be central to us this season. Definitely not so far.
  5. Looks to me like he has a bit of talent. But like alot of wingers misuses it. From the YouTube video I think there is something there. Maybe Puel can make him consistent. Maybe it'll turn out he doesn't adapt to the PL and we're trying to offload him next summer. This type of player could go either way.
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