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  1. TommyK


    James. Silva, King I don;t think any of these will ever play for the club again.
  2. TommyK


    We all want good signings. Only one of us is going over the top and threatening to destroy there ST if they don't get them like some spoilt child that doesn't know how the world works.
  3. TommyK


    This guy is a quality player. Some of the comments above remind me why I what undeserving/unrealistic and idiot fans we have.
  4. The window for the Premier League will close at 11pm on Friday 31 January, 2020.
  5. Ha ha do you think he gives a shit?
  6. TommyK


    We certainly shouldn't sell him to a CL competitor. No matter how good/bad he is.
  7. Stupid rumor. Goes completely against our transfer policy.
  8. What is a Congerton type signing? Do you think he is the only one that makes decisions about who we buy?
  9. This is true. I worry Praet could be similar
  10. Wow. You really need to get some perspective.
  11. He's 25. He should be in his prime. But he's not, he's nowhere near even getting on our bench. Sell for me.
  12. Disagree. Not good enough for the level we're at. Doesn't excel at anything. Isn't energetic enough despite physical being strong.
  13. I think any signing that fail will now be labelled as `Lee Congerton signings`. It seems are fans have made up their mind about him already.
  14. Sounds very interesting. What was the book called. Really enjoyed reading your post 😊
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