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  1. Better potential maybe. But Tarks is a better now.
  2. Would be a good signing and definitely make our team stronger. Ake went for £40m. Who is the better defender?
  3. Or just surrendering Forfane
  4. Which side does Tarkowski play on?
  5. Burnley are in real trouble this year. There team is no where near good enough. And there manager knows it.
  6. Sell Gray, get this guy in
  7. Spurs have loads of wingers. Can't see it.
  8. Uh oh. There goes the money ball model. BR really does think a lot of himself. "I can turn this player around, ..."
  9. We're so far pass what Armartey has to offer. He's too slow for our game now. We have far far better right backs, far better defensive midfielders and he's never been used as a center back. There might be a player in there, but for me, it's time for him to move on.
  10. I think this guy could be good
  11. Gray: Prem; 132 games 10 goals 9 assists Under: Serie A; 70 games 13 goals, 8 assists
  12. If they don't sell him this year, they'll get less next. Another year older, only one year left on his contract.
  13. Albrighton us still good at what he does. The problem is we haven't played that way for seasons.
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