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  1. Gray and Madison both bang average at this level..
  2. Maddison looks like a kid playing in mens football..
  3. No industry in midfield at all..
  4. More steel in midfield,no need for tielemans and maddison both play same role., Chouds on Maddison off, let Tielemans do the passing...
  5. that's because he is poor, he needs going on loan not good enough at this level..
  6. Feed the Goat ! Chilwell and 20 million for Mahrez, go use the money for Tierney jobs a gooden...
  7. Barnes as had about 4 games looks a world beater compared to Madison who looks 2 yards to slow at this level, and in my opinion the reason he keeps misplacing passes and getting caught in possession and going to ground all the time looking for free kicks, hope he improves not sure he will ..
  8. No , he is too slow at this level...said it all season but people on here think he is the dogs bollox,must watching a different player to me..
  9. Get Madison off and chouds on , needs some bite in midfield we only need 1 ball player ...
  10. Madison bang average again, just slows all the play.not good enough at this level, bin..
  11. It will be close if this man isn't removed...
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