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  1. He is shite, league 2 standard get him out of this club..
  2. we look like a bottom 3 team...being bullied all over the pitch, 2 games on the spin ,very strange..
  3. The more you keep gate crashing the so called big 6 party, the sooner you get accepted it really is that simple...
  4. Mahrez and Mendy getting both barrels on Bluemoon...
  5. or you could try Aria they are based in Manchester... Me and my sons build our own pc's, and buy all the bits from ocuk or Aria.. you will not get value for money buying a gaming laptop from Pc world..we all play the latest shooters Bfv mostly.. hope this helps..
  6. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/msi-gl73-nvidia-gtx-1660-ti-16gb-17.3-fhd-i7-9750h-gaming-laptop-lt-291-ms.html
  7. 5th wouldn't keep the squad together, 4th would definitely keep them together,not one player would want to leave...so champions league or a potential mass exodus ..
  8. It could be today, if he still persists with his negative head on, too busy worrying about the opposition rather playing to his own teams strengths..
  9. I was full of optimism before last weeks game, thought the manager would have gone to win the game with half of the yanited team out. I think we will lose by the odd goal, and still play backwards a sideways at snail pace for 58% possession. And be bored stiff by halftime , just saying like..
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