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  1. Bozman

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Not a chance.!
  2. Bozman


    One thing we have to remember with all his demands of 3 years and 100k a week, he has no resale value which needs taking into consideration..
  3. Bozman

    Patrick Roberts

    If this deal is on the table i'd take it, but would also demand the buy back clause of Nacho removed too because he looks better every game.
  4. Bozman

    When did it all go wrong under Puel?

    All this will happen again if we don't clear out the old players, who are looking after their own interests and not the clubs... namely Morgan , Simpson, Allbrighten, Smeichael, Mahrez, Huth...
  5. Bozman

    When did it all go wrong under Puel?

    appointing him...
  6. Bozman

    Crystal Palace match thread.

    Too many kids playing in mens football,far too lightweight, no shape no direction, if we can get upwards of 40 mil for gray and chilwell bite the buyers hands off...
  7. Bozman

    Crystal Palace (a) - Pre match thread

    Another nail in the managers coffin i reckon...could be wrong but a very unbalanced side again to me..
  8. Think this poll should be done in about 3 weeks , bet the numbers would have differed then. I can see 1 win and 3 defeats...
  9. Defeat at Palace on Saturday should just about make up the owners mind if they think this is the way to go. They will have heard the booing at the end, if that was that was directed at the players , I wasn't at the match..
  10. Bozman

    unrest in the squad

    Makes perfect sense to me... You should get out more..
  11. Bozman

    Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    WBA or Stoke will be after players in the summer, let him go to them because he didn't want to play for us and that's about his level..
  12. Bozman


    I think he has 6 games to save his job, defeat at Burnley , Palace, Spurs and at home to Arsenal will see him gone..and then I bet that Puel in or out vote would change..
  13. Bozman

    Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Don't agree with that one little bit, i'd say the amount of money spent on transfers is what fuels expectation, and we are seeing on the pitch of late doesn't match that. When Puel first arrived he only changed it a little and we still looked effective going forward, now he wants us to play keep ball with players that do not have that ability . SO what happens now we are hardly creating any chances in the games like we used to and go behind and then come out 2nd half and play the most stupid panic football iv'e seen . e.g Maguire playing left wing all 2nd half .
  14. Bozman


    No direction from this fool at all , he has no idea what to do.the football is the most boring iv'e seen in a long time and it's hard to believe but it gets worse every game..
  15. Bozman

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Spot on buddy. I'd love to be able to just go online and get tickets for a game and not have to wait till it's gone through all the stupid priority phases, Iv'e stopped looking, I need 3 seats together for me and my 2 lads no way in the world do I want to get to the ground and then we head off in different directions to singles seats we travel down from Alfreton .