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  1. Perhaps the subs bench seats are more comfortable at scouse and spuds because if he can't make our first team he will die of old age before he gets 90 mins for them....He will be playing for stoke west brom in a couple of years time.
  2. But they didn't have to spend 30- 40 million on Lingaard first , then pay him 100k a week...
  3. bet he gets an 8 and man of match on our side.
  4. Look on the bright side, could have paid 50 quid and half a day off work to watch those tactics..
  5. Best player in our team today, he was colossal...
  6. The title of the thread ought to be... Reasons to be cheerful part 3.. Hit meeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
  7. 3-0 easy home win..
  8. Well if Vardy is one of the ring leaders he needs to be made an example of, our owners are wealthy enough to make him spend the next 3 seasons playing with the reserves. Don't even give him a squad number, hero to zero in a few short months, make the rest of the clever buggers think.. If it was a choice between claudio or steptoe I know who i'd choose..
  9. It's obvious the players want him gone, or at least some do.. And sadly I think they will get there wish in the next week or so and performances will pick up and we will survive relegation. But me personally wants rid of the arseholes that have caused the problem, I think we can all have a guess who the strong characters are that would have the influence. Its nothing to do with tactics or been worked out, and teams playing deeper to counteract are style, the players are not putting in the hard yards. I hope the next manager is strong and gets rid of the trouble makers, because for me they have ruined last year, and now I'm looking at them in a different light, shame really, It's the owners i feel sorry for they will speak with Ranieri and will remove them from the club, but they have stabbed the manger in the back... Player power ffs, they ought to be ashamed of themselves, bunch of selfish overrated w---ers.
  10. Champs to chumps.....
  11. Champs to chumps.....
  12. Don't worry boys, we will still have Super Slim up front and Ulloa will be sold in Jan,,,,
  13. Spot on that man, Drinky is starting to believe all he reads in the media, he's a poor mans Richie Wellens . Roll on January and hope red shite offer 30 million for him
  14. Nothing wrong with ref youth,,,,,,,shit defending more like..........