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  1. Youri has really stepped up recently. So good
  2. Marc and Simo should’ve got the call from Roy
  3. Albrighton forever. Get him a job at the club once he retires from playing. Legend and a gent.
  4. Jake Humphrey and the sugar tax.. Ribena isn’t the same
  5. Schlupp & Drinky need to be brought home to city. Puel could’ve made it happen with more time Kanye’s Yeezus album was his best
  6. Missus says I can’t go 😂 - any takers for 2 x adults FV. Dm me if interested
  7. I have 2 adults for Burnley away if anyone needs
  8. 2x FV adults g as unable to make it now. DM if you’re interested. thanks
  9. Just had a work stitch up.. anyone want two adult tickets for this?
  10. Does anyone want two adult ticks for this? Work have decided to book an evening for me
  11. Got two for Southampton away going spare
  12. 2 spare for Rotherham if anyone wants
  13. I've got 2 spare for this if anyone wants
  14. I've got 2 spare for stoke if anyone wants
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