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  1. I've read enough Foxestalk to suspect that In the ongoing plastic/real fan debate I'd probably be considered by many to be the former. Despite developing a true passion for the club, taking time to read the written history and having familial ties to the region, I only started following the club closely at the start of the 2014-15 promotion season. I was hooked from day one but there ya go. I'm also a Yank who has only played the game for a few years at the youth level. Therefore in a (perhaps futile) effort to unplactic myself I've decided to fill this live game void
  2. This side of the pond today on Grumpy Pundits, Rodney Marsh and Tommy Smyth were discussing who would go on different club's and country's Mt. Rushmore and seemed like a decent international break distraction. So who would be on the LCFC version. I'd go Arthur Chandler, Gordon Banks, Steve Walsh, Jamie Vardy. What say you?
  3. As soon as I read this I called the Fanstore in a sub to quasi panic. They have assured me the disappearance from the online store was neither intentional nor due to a lack of stock. They said they should be coming back online this afternoon. Crisis averted.
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