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  1. Kasper Ricardo ________ Soyunchu Thomas Albrighton Youri Ndidi Castagne Vardy Nacho When you say 'EIGHT' players, I think it's a poor excuse given the players still available if we would have set up to actually take 3 points. There's only one space there than I can't fill. When you look at the players on that team sheet, they have to be beating Burnley surely? And you use our 'Out of form' striker as another excuse yet Burnley sit 15th with a team of 11 out of form / sh1t playe
  2. Hanging on for our lives to gain a point against a 15th place Burnley speaks volumes.
  3. I think it was soft, and I don't feel aggrieved at not getting it, but it's frustrating to know if thats Manè, it's a penalty all day long.
  4. Tottenham.....is that you calling?
  5. Every Opposition Manager: "Pump balls into the box and win set pieces" Do that effectively and we are a beaten team. Absolutely zero defensive ability when it comes to set pieces or crosses yet so many clumsy players willing to give them away.
  6. SFE strikes again - I reckon Gray must still be in the Whatsapp Group . Not a very positive team but when you look at the injuries, can't really see anywhere that it could be improved, its just the position we are in. Anyone else putting a healthy bet on Chris Wood to score? Our defence is like a wet dream for him.
  7. I think the amount of injuries have taken any 'choice' out of BR's control. Hopefully some people on the bench to inject some venom in the latter stages of the game...if we're still in it.
  8. We'll find out shortly however he is usually very accurate thanks to whatever 'connections' he has within the club.
  9. SFE has spoken on twitter.... The team for tonight allegedly; "Schmeichel Amartey, Ndidi, Soyunchu Castagne, Choudhury, Mendy. Tielemanz, Ricardo Iheanacho, Vardy"
  10. Give it until the end of March when we are out of all the cups and down to 6th, im sure the rumours will fizzle out like last season.
  11. Does vardy really need a rest when he hasn't broken a sweat for over a month?
  12. Gutted for Barnes but it can't be used as an excuse for that shower of sh1t today. The team was good enough to win that game. Another game where we have failed to defend at set pieces as well. Surely its got to be time for some coaches that match the quality of our training set up?
  13. Suprised your bail conditions allow you on any forum.
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