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  1. I'm only being a miserable git. It's a decent plate and I'm sure you'll manage to find a buyer.
  2. Yeah, I payed someone off here to do my drive way and he still hasn't turned up.
  3. Are you forgetting that it was the worst team (by far) in the league... Such a negative set up before and during the game.
  4. Because we weren't winning either! At 0-0 against the worst team in the league, who haven't scored for hours upon hours, when you are dominating, why bring on a CDM for a CDM.... If Tielemans would have come on instead of Ndidi we would have had a more attacking set up and they would have eventually crumbled under the pressure. Brendan failed to take advantage of the game and so our shambolic run continues - Maintaining a CDM showed to me that B.R was happy for a draw.
  5. I'm no master tactician, but to me, B. R lost us that match. The Ndidi substitution did it for me. If we would have bought Tielemans on at that point we would have pressed them and I'm confident we would have scored. Instead, we bring on a defensive player, in Ndidi, and that bought pressure on us and limited us in attack. We bought pressure on ourselves, conceded and had nothing to offer. It seemed as though the Ndidi substitution was B. R trying to hold onto a draw. The Albrighton sub was a strange one for me too, hes arguably one of the best crossers in the league but we have no one will take advantage of it. I think (for my sins) Gray could have put pressure on their tiring defence.
  6. I'm sorry but I think I could lead Celtic to a league title. My feelings on Rodgers will be judged by our final position. Granted he's done well to get us where we are thus far but this run is an embarrassment, as are many of his decisions which have contributed to the results.
  7. Ye sorry mate, I should definitely have saved that shot and played that through ball to Nacho. Fans to blame
  8. I think you mean season, silly auto correct.
  9. Probably might want to re watch it mate. We've been shafted by VAR in the past but not this time so it can't be used as an excuse for this abysmal display, this one is completely on B. R's head.
  10. Come one ref, blow please, this is far too embarrassing.
  11. Emphasis on had.. They are now about to wave and laugh as they gently overtake us. And losing to Norwich is as exactly as poor as we are making out.
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