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  1. We didn't deserve 3 points. That was atrocious and painful. Absolutely no way will we be in Europe, its all uphill from here.
  2. Worst 90 minutes of football I've ever seen. Slightly embarrassing.
  3. I can see it being an enticing move for him. I get he's playing with his 'mates' but in the same token, a lot of his mates have either moved or will be moving on. Plus, in the football world and with England, I'm sure he has plenty of mates at Chelsea already. Good chance to rinse Chelsea of some cash. Interesting how close he is with DD and what influence that could have on any decision as to how he describes his own treatment at Chelsea. I've given my fair share of critism towards him but I believe he has a lot more to offer. Hopefully thats with us and not Chelsea.
  4. I can see why it would be infront of the shop. Most visible to persons passing, tourists and sets up the photo opportunities. Whatever they do and however they do it its brilliant and much needed.
  5. But also, how difficult is it to know that Lampards not at home when Chelsea are playing away in Europe or even in the Premier League when most of the time they stay in hotels the night before the game. Not saying it was the case, but I have heard of many similar burglary incidents where it is the case.
  6. Having previously worked within the justice system, we'll have to agree to disagree. With the biggest punishment being sent to a place where you are guaranteed not only shelter, but also meals...and a chance to catch up with all your pals and keep upto date with crime trends / methods - I don't see a deterrent. That said, I would bet a comfortable amount that those responsible for this were more likely organised criminals, habitants of caravans, than your local crack head.
  7. They have no moral compass or conscience. That paired with a justice system that offers no kind of deterrent is unfortunately a breeding ground for this species.
  8. Think I saw him and his agent having a snoop around Deansburn House off of Aikman Avenue.
  9. If I am totally honest, I chose the badge because that's the badge that was worn on the 83 -85 kit to which i have based it on. That said, I think our current badge would work as well, if not better, with this design as it would mix the old with the new.
  10. I had put it there as a nod to our owners rather than it intending to be a different flag for each player. That said, I can completely see your point and it is perhaps unnecessary.
  11. Thats the shame, I'm sure its not as easy as this but it took me around one hour to design that kit. I could then go on to DH Gate and have it manufactured. How a global brand being paid Multi - Million pounds can't go to even less effort is beyond me. That said, if the clubs happy to accept these deals and settle for a generic kit, more the fool them.
  12. Final One - Maybe Third kit vibes but I can't see this one being too popular...
  13. Thoughts? Spent a bit of time on this one! Based upon the 1983 - 1985 Home kit.
  14. Hi All, I always used to make Concept kits but stopped a couple of years back. Seeing this Forum made me want to dig out the old templates again and have a play. Spent a bit of time creating this Concept Kit having a play around with colours that seem to be popular within the Forum and also implementing the subtle Thai colours. Just a bit of fun, I don't expect to see it in the club shop! What do people think? I look forward to making more unless this gets slated in which case I shall just slither back in to my cave. Thanks & Stay safe.
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