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  1. kelechi Iheanacho must be chuffed he now has competition.
  2. Looks like the away end has sold out then.
  3. Glad some excitement has been added to the International break, bored already!
  4. Whilst I believe he's got potential, I fear he has reached his peak at Leicester and we may only see him up his game now should he move to one of the glamour clubs. 'one of our own' or not, I can definitely see him waving bye to us if ever a serious bid came in. "see you in January Ben"
  5. Yep. As decent atmosphere to expect from a team that relies on hitting a piece of cardboard against their hand.
  6. Away end was decent. Log out and go bed you sad toad.
  7. Probably because they want to? Glad you saw that from your arm chair. Close thread, bored.
  8. Sorry to disappoint mate, but I've heard from a reliable source that the cranes are to stay for Iheanacho's shooting practice.
  9. https://www.ilivehere.co.uk/coalville-leicestershire.html This seems a pretty accurate summary of Coalville. Minus, of course, the factual information on the number of fingers.
  10. Nice video, just watched your East Midlands landing on your YouTube channel and again, brilliant. The scenery on your East Midlands video looks very good, how would I go about getting that? do you see any decrease in performance?
  11. Went through some of my in game screen shots that I have saved during various flights. These three are some I've picked out for being particularly nice however I will delve deeper to see what others there are. Unfortunately I can not remember any of the specific flights as these were from a few months ago. Image 3 shows the Ground handling deluxe tug which looks brilliant. Also, love the moon in the background of image 2.
  12. Can't wait for all the hype and over reaction by the press as us being the next world Cup winners after scraping past Bulgaria 1-0. The only thing more frustrating than watching England's sloppy negative football is the over hype from the press after. I'm still struggling to see how we had such a good world Cup having been bummed by the only good teams we played.
  13. I get we are in third after 7 games, which is brilliant, but it's not as if Brendan Rodgers had lead us to 3 titles. Putting aside his Celtic accomplishments, which would be like managing a Championship team in the Sunday league, he hasn't really achieved much of note. I think if we finish in a champions league position come the end of the season, we could see him be poached. For now I just see it as paper talk, just like when one of our players has 3 good games and is then linked with the top 4. I see the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham, if the player rumours are true, as being toxic jobs.
  14. Looked very comfortable and composed throughout given his amount of playing time. Excited to see him and Youri bossing our midfield in the champions league next season.
  15. I always stay until the end however I can see why some people would rather beat the traffic and save an hour on their journey by not watching the last 5 minutes of keep ball... Obviously you always risk missing a goal.. The exit routes from the King power are not very good when driving. I park on freeman's Common and its gridlock getting out of the industrial estate and then gridlock going up welford Road.
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