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  1. adejo92


    I am very tempted by the PS5 and i would only be kidding myself saying i wont get one. That said, i think i'll wait as the first few editions always have the teething issues. Its a fine line between not rushing in and not waiting forever by which time the PS6 comes out! Look at the PS4 for instance - they then bought out a PS4 pro which actually is like as PS4.5! its incomparable with the PS4. Reality, i will probably get one and just deal with the teething issues!
  2. So when is That? 3 games in with 9 points dropped? Could always use the transfer market like all of our rivals.. Brendan can't blame injuries.
  3. Maybe we need to set our standards a bit lower then. My opinion is just based on our squad and hard facts. We shall see as the season pans out. I hope I'm wrong but after all, its only an opinion.
  4. Its an expensive purchase just for some updated squads and kits. They spent all that effort putting the Alex Hunter story line in a couple of years back but I dont remember seeing any improvement in the gameplay that runs on rails and is scripted - despite the alledged 'gameplay improvements'... I wont be fooled this year.
  5. Yeah there's some great individual quality don't get me wrong however I just don't see us as a quality team. The fact is we haven't got everyone available and have done nothing to strengthen. Do we just drop points until whenever we get our full strength team back? Add in Europe... The fact that there's talk of our best midfielder having to cover as a defender is all a bit Sunday league - Not premier league.
  6. Hm, you can find an excuse for every transfer but ultimately the over all factor was us not being attractive enough which in itself is a problem for me. Plenty of other players don't mind relocating and have had their wage and transfer demands met....just us? In my opinion we just haven't tried hard enough to sign players.
  7. Benrahma to Palace, Jay Rodriguez to Everton, Watkins to Villa, Lallana to Brighton, Batshuayi to Palace, Wilson to Newcastle..... We clearly consider ourselves too good for any of the above. Hopefully Brendans confidence in this generally average squad with very little depth pays off. I can see us winning today but over the course of the season we will evidently show our lack of quality and depth and be mid table at best. Beyond belief the lack of improvement this club has made. Sorry Vardy, the goals are all down to you again - Good Luck! Some of the squad choices I've seen here I wouldn't even trust for a league 2 friendly.
  8. You definitely picked that blind folded.
  9. I am all for supporting Mental Health but its just a buzz word now that's used far too often by far too many people as a defense for a stupid decision or action. Takes away from people who are really struggling though you don't tend to find out about them until its too late.
  10. And he's in a WhatsApp group with the rest of the squad.. We'll have to call the game off.
  11. Theres got to be some more signings surely?! The lack of quality is one thing, the fitness strain after a few games is a whole new level of scary. Heres for hoping.. Schmeichel Justin Tarkowski Soyuncu Castagne Gray Tielamans Ndidi Barnes Nacho vardy
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