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  1. If this is the best the Portuguese league has to offer then there's still hope in me becoming a professional footballer.
  2. Yup. But ultimately, your arguing with some one who doesn't even trust his own opinion and couldn't care.
  3. We beat these 4 nil at home. If we weren't playing like the blind and crippled we'd be winning by the same margin tonight. These are not good, just better than us tonight.
  4. Perhaps so, dont take it personally, it was probably just a silly comment by me (most are which is why I'm sat at home and not on the touch line)
  5. Your right, I do only watch English football. Its the only league that I can justify spending time of my life watching.
  6. With the greatest of respect, without looking at the league table, I bet you couldn't name more than two other teams in the Portuguese league and even then, I'd bet my mortgage you name Porto and Sporting Lisbon. Ah sorry, didn't realise Wolves couldn't beat them, that changes everything, sorry Brendan.
  7. Which shows depth issues. We lose some first team players and then get schooled against a team who are probably mid championship quality.
  8. Schmeichel's distribution is embarrassing for a pro footballer.
  9. Guarantee we show these too little respect.
  10. 'Limited Edition' gave me a clue that stock might be limited.
  11. I don't think our team is set up for winning aerial battles hence why we always tend to try short intricate set pieces. It's just a shame that all of our set Pieces end up with Kasper who then kicks it out of play with his Coalville esque club foot.
  12. Frustrating not to be given the stone wall penalty but ultimately, it would have served no more than a consolation goal. Tielemans, Evans, Barnes, Albrighton & Maddison all extremely poor tonight. That said, Liverpool still put out a strong team and made us look like Fulham. Disappointing to lose the way we did but this is Liverpool and many other teams, better than us, will suffer a similar fate to them. Take it on the chin and go again.
  13. Have you never seen Barnes play? Id have been more shocked if he did hit the target.
  14. Its not losing thats frustrating, its how we lose. This game was there to be taken, or atleast a good go, but they have made us look like kids.
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