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  1. And as I say, he's gone from our rock to our weakness. He hasn't always been this poor.
  2. "If he's 10th for saves, does that make him 'bang average" ... Well he's 10th in the stats out of 20 teams so, yes Einstein it does.
  3. Number of high Claims : Ranked 15 Sweeper Clearences : Ranked 8 Punches : Ranked 12 Saves : Ranked 10 (stats taken from Premier League site) Kasper is bang average and the only thing keeping his number of conceded goals looking a healthy stat is our defence. He flaps around like his feet are stuck in mud and his distribution is dire. He needs some competition, like actual competition, as he's gone from our rock to one of our weaker areas.
  4. To be fair, I had to thumbs up you myself for that one.
  5. I'm really not a fan of Kasper Schmeichel. I get he can be a great shot stopper for the most part but his positioning is questionable for a number of goals throughout the years. Another frustration is his inability to actually kick a ball and keep it within the field of play. I've also heard, from a fairly reliable source who works for the club, that Kasper is the instigator of the 'click' that saw managers sacked through player power. Having seen his attitude and arrogance over and over, this becomes more believable.
  6. There's something about Wolves, when they play there are very few better. Hoping to catch them on an off day. I think a draw would be reasonable and safe.
  7. Shame, there's some decent Sunday League kids out there for our No. 1 replacement.
  8. Silly ain't it, proper fans like you an I remain for those final minutes, watching two tired and defensive teams playing keep ball in the middle of the pitch for 5 minutes...then, to be stood on the stairs waiting to get out, then to be stuck in the queue getting out of freemans Common and then on Aylestone Road for about 3 days. They should be banned these early leavers.
  9. I think Schmeichel gets by due to his influence in the title winning season and status within the squad. Reality, its not rare that he costs us goals through his flappy attempts at goalkeeping and the amount of times he punts the ball completely off the pitch. Even a child can take a goal kick and keep the ball within the field of play. I don't think he's terrible, but bang average in terms of Premier League GK's. I just can't see him being replaced until he makes the decision to go himself.
  10. Especially when it's Rudiger
  11. Yes, he scored a deflected goal, our prayers are answered.
  12. Hello darkness my old friend. I honestly believe we'll f@&k Europe up. Losing to villa is just atrocious...
  13. At least our good run of form has given us a cushion ready for when we turn back in to our sh1t selves. Cant wait to scrape our next point at Norwich (hopefully)
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