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  1. I am sure Ndidi will be with us next season however i can definitely see him at Chelsea or Man Utd in 3 years time. He is looking to be a gem find.
  2. I would like him to stay but he is only ever going to be a squad player. Would like to see Defoe when Sunderland go down
  3. Anyone know why Bournemouth says Sold Out even though its not released to Silver yet? I thought it usually just stays faded like Tottenham currently is.
  4. I have X2 travel available for this fixture. Ausden Clark Supporters Travel Leaves from The Counting house at 14:30hrs. No stop off so will get you to the ground in time for food and beer. £30 For both. (SOLD OUT on the website)
  5. Tammy Abraham would be a good loan signing. I hear he is a very good friend of Gray and therefore a good chance of him coming here should his club agree.
  6. I think we will be safe with Vardy however i would love to see Mahrez dissapear for a healthy profit - An obvious lack of effort and desire all season. I wouldn't be suprised if he already knows he is leaving. Certainly playing like it.
  7. To be fair, i do enjoy the small, odd articles the Sun puts out such as "Elephant gets its testicle bitten off by a crocodile"...maybe just my level of education.
  8. Looking foward to this one. They are more than beatable at the minute however i fear that if they DO decide to turn up, it could be a 3-0 sore bum game. Watched them against M'boro and M'boro could easily have won if they were capable of actually finishing.
  9. If your not too bothered about the season ticket you may aswell change your Gold membership to a Silver or a City Fox. I am silver and have got tickets to every game including the champions League...
  10. Come on sale to Silver the same day as Tottenham. Expensive day..
  11. She's round mine tonight so i'll ask her. Cheers mate.
  12. Can't wait for some generic foxes eyes curtesy of the club! Such a shame. UFS put on such a display and its always a goosebump moment.
  13. No mate, i don't think they have gone on sale to anyone yet.
  14. Good post...i guess they dont get their respect and fear factor from selfies and politely asking tw@ts to put out their flares.
  15. The kind of comment i would expect from some one stood at the front of it all, flare in hand. Grow up. 'Genuinely would celebrate any death of theirs' bang out of order, Whatever happened in Madrid. Take a minute, put your dummy in and put things into perspective.