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  1. If you are reading this, you shouldn't be. Go to bed, it's a big day tomorrow. Sleep tight you great humans.
  2. Ah, 1-0 down. Fraudulent come back impending.
  3. Thank You Leeds. It's a shame we have found ourselves in the same position of having to rely upon other teams to do our job for us...again.
  4. You just have to laugh don't you? And this bunch is trying to get into Champions League? Scary.
  5. So am I right in thinking that they are forcing you to sit in a compacted, sweaty bus for hours with 50+ other people, but when you get to the ground, you have to sit socially distanced? If everyone has been tested, and they deem it safe to travel in a coach, why can't everyone just sit together like a normal away day? Or can they?
  6. Sorry but that can't go down as anything other than an extremely poor result. Scrounged 1pt from a relegation battling team, not only played with 10 men for 90% of the match, but were missing their most key player, D.Ings. If we want CL, we need to wrap it up before our last couple of games of the season. Poor - No quality throughout.
  7. All this because the team was reased on twitter. Fuming.
  8. The only word for this is embarrassing although i can't say I'm surprised. Southampton....with 10 men....missing their key player.... Lol! Brendan Masterclass
  9. Harsh red but not complaining. That will definitely get turned over tomorrow.
  10. How has this topic got so many thumbs up? Is there really that many people that think opposition managers are working their team and tactics around some dude off Twitter?!
  11. Not sure if anyone is still playing this however if so, there's a new Helicopter Mod that's well worth a look. Level of detail is incredible. Not a big fan of actually flying the Helicopter, and i have far from grasped it, but it's a nice alternative when you just want a little cruise to check out some of the amazing scenery. Managed to grab a couple of shots from above the KP.
  12. I've said a lot of bad things about him. But I apologise for every single one of them. Take.A.Bow
  13. One on Youri wasn't a foul for their goal but that last one definitely was. Anywhere else, or if that's our attacker on their defender from a set piece etc that's a foul every day of the week. More inconsistencies from the farce that is the FA official's.
  14. Hoping Brendan Does something at half time. This is embarrassing for a team who's 'top 4'. We can't even pass the ball!
  15. Not a chance, we'd be fuming if it was us and our goal got wiped out for that. It was just a strong challenge. Youri always looked uncomfortable when that throw got sent his way.
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