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  1. I will buy you the full kit if you get Musa. Please!
  2. Went to buy one and put it in my local clothes bank to help cloth a child in Africa. The fooker sent it back!
  3. Why is Matty James made out to be Iniesta? He's just spent the last 18 games at Barnsley (14th in the Championship)...
  4. To be fair, if we get a decent figure, i would be happy to see Mahrez go. We all know what he is capable of but he's playing like he's already signed a contract else where. Doesn't seem to be any desire from him.. Seems like we play him for 90 minutes in the hope of him producing 10 seconds of magic which we know he is capable of. I am not saying i want him out, but i am saying i would take a decent sum of money for him, Slimani too.
  5. Not bad considering Huth and Morgan have made a career out of kicking the ball out of the stadium.
  6. Ah perfect, another Polish starlet to strenghten our u15's.
  7. I actually rate Benny. He looks a lot more comfortable on the ball than Huth and Morgan and he is pretty solid. Yes he makes errors but they will iron our with more playing time.
  8. String more than 3 passes would be nice, drop Mahrez too. Another loss for sure.
  9. I suppose when you spend 90 minutes passing the ball straight to Arsenal when you have possession the result is inevitable. Just suprised it took so long. Awful performance and the only reason it wasn't embarrasing is because Arsenal were shit.
  10. I am sure Ndidi will be with us next season however i can definitely see him at Chelsea or Man Utd in 3 years time. He is looking to be a gem find.
  11. I would like him to stay but he is only ever going to be a squad player. Would like to see Defoe when Sunderland go down
  12. Anyone know why Bournemouth says Sold Out even though its not released to Silver yet? I thought it usually just stays faded like Tottenham currently is.
  13. I have X2 travel available for this fixture. Ausden Clark Supporters Travel Leaves from The Counting house at 14:30hrs. No stop off so will get you to the ground in time for food and beer. £30 For both. (SOLD OUT on the website)
  14. Tammy Abraham would be a good loan signing. I hear he is a very good friend of Gray and therefore a good chance of him coming here should his club agree.
  15. I think we will be safe with Vardy however i would love to see Mahrez dissapear for a healthy profit - An obvious lack of effort and desire all season. I wouldn't be suprised if he already knows he is leaving. Certainly playing like it.