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  1. Obviously you know you're mates best, but I think you need to think about how they will react. Even if you did it exactly how they want it, I reckon most people would be a bit uncomfortable with someone making semi-permanent changes to their home without their permission. Giving it a proper clean including shampooing carpets, maybe buy a new set of towels and stuff like that for them?
  2. Met loads of genuine Man City fans at the Etihad last season and they were full of support and praise before and after the game. Couldn't be more different to the Arsenal and Spurs fans.
  3. All those empty seats on the helicopter shot
  4. Textbook case of there not being a need for contact for it to be a foul. Penooo
  5. Bladdy Reading are resting players for the play offs it seems. Great day for Forest. Seems it's between Birmingham and Blackburn now for the last spot.
  6. Reckon Ulloa deserves a start after his recent two appearances. I'm in favour of starting with pretty much the team we finished with last night. Schmeichel Fuchs Huth Morgan Simpson Chilwell Ndidi Albrighton Gray Ulloa Vardy
  7. Full English vs Roast Beef should be the final. No way that Roast Chicken should reach the final with Beef in the play off
  8. Schmeichel Simpson Benaloune Morgan Fuchs Mahrez Ndidi Drinkwater Albrighton Okazaki Vardy
  9. Nah mate. Ref will decide there was no genuine attempt to play the ball. Who's side are you on?
  10. Forest go behind as Blackburn equalise! Holy shit they could be in the bottom three with three games to go!