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  1. Nigeria, Russia and Ukraine the only teams left with a 100% record. Okay.
  2. Not judging but can you clarify if your friends are in the UK legally? It makes all the difference in the world to what options she has.
  3. Parents aren't into football so took me a little longer to fall in love with Leicester than it might have done. It was the season we were runners up to Portsmouth that I got into it, but it was Lilian Nalis's goal against Leeds the following year that I caught the bug, aged about 10.
  4. Eazeh Seriously though how are Ukraine so OP on this game? I had no idea
  5. Is there any kind of official statement from the club on this? Or are we just going off what the poorly trained staff are saying in the shop?
  6. Nicked one of the out my mates bag once. He really didn't want me to see it though, he'd stuck all the pages together.
  7. No idea then mate. It's an offence to remove the ticket from someone's else's car but I don't know how that can help you. Best bet would be to ring them up and explain what happened, and offer to pay the reduced fee immediately.
  8. There's a bubblegum flavour of Rockstar that's delicious. No sugar free version though so I usually have one every week or so.
  9. Removed what? The ticket from your windscreen?
  10. Nope. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mus_(Mus) I used to batter those little bastards.
  11. I used to be addicted to mus wrestling. Been clean four years now.
  12. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/orlando-city-lions/on-the-pitch/os-orlando-city-soccer-dropped-sean-st-ledger-martin-paterson-skipping-flight-20150818-post.html This was the last I'd heard of him. Had no idea he was involved with us again.
  13. That commentary "Your impression so far Jim?" "Well this lead is starting to look a little delicate. I'd prefer to see them show the ambition and the adventure to go further ahea-" "AND IN IT GOES. TWO UP!"