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  1. Hollism

    Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    Well happy with that
  2. Hollism

    EFL Cup 4th Round Draw: Wednesday Night

    I'm supposed to be going Brizzle at some point soon to catch up with a school friend. Brizzle away would be perfect
  3. Hollism

    Replica Shirt at Puma £35

    How much are they in the shop nowadays?
  4. Hollism


    I'm flying to Dublin with them in seven days. It doesn't look like they're cancelling any flights between the UK and Ireland but this is ridiculous. I've never had a bad experience with them before but it's an insane decision to do this.
  5. Hollism

    Irish Foxes fans

    I'm headed to Dublin in a few weeks. I was planning to watch the City game at The Living Room (Bournemouth I think on the 30th). Anyone gonna be there or planning on watching somewhere else?
  6. Hollism

    Penalty taker

    I think your "mental strength" argument might hold water in a shoot out, but in a match the only thing that matters is keeping the ball out. If Harry Kane steps up to take one against us in the 88th minute and buries it in the top-right corner, but Kasper thinks he's gonna slot it down the middle, I'd prefer Kasper to stay where he is than dive to his left or right to look stronger to the opposition or the crowd.
  7. Hollism

    Gotta to be happy with this window

    Just wait until we have to sell Maguire back to Hull for £30m because of a clause and they sell him to Man City the next day for £150m
  8. Anyone still watching? How the **** was Chris Foy a professional referee?
  9. Hollism

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    West Ham board care about PR over all else. If they had their way they'd be FC London by now. I honestly can't think of a manager they'd want less than Pearson
  10. Hollism

    Harry Maguire called up to England Squad

    Just said on SSN he didn't train this morning due an injured knee he got at Bramall Lane. Please don't be true ffs
  11. Hollism

    Premier League at 25

    No mention of Scholes? Easily my favourite non-LCFC player.
  12. Nah I think we're only including players that actually exist.
  13. Sorry folks for being the last one in! Not been able to get the time to do this until now. My team is inspired by this though, so without further ado... Team Name: Missed Deadline FC GK Kit: Pink and Black vertical stripes Home kit: Black with an aqua sash Away Kit: Orange and black vertical stripes Third Kit: All white Stadium: Tardy Park Crest:
  14. Hollism

    Is Nigel Pearson finished in football?

    I was surprised as well. Club with all the facilities for the top flight (since they've just been there an all), in need of a bit of a rebuild personnel-wise, and he has history with them. Seemed the perfect fit. Maybe he'll end up somewhere like Burton if they're struggling this year.
  15. Hollism

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    M6 J3 is probably the worst for it.