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  1. Thanks mate. How long did you take to do it?
  2. Oh absolutely. I didn't mean to post it here as if to say "Ha look at these pussies, I'll show them!" I asked on there because it will be populated with people who enjoy travelling enough to seek out a forum dedicated to discussing it. I think the reply that made me realise how much I need to change it up was the one about European's assuming all cities are good just because they're cities. When I think of cities I think of places like London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Vienna, Amsterdam, etc. I didn't realise it until I read that person's comment, but I naively assumed the likes of Salt Lake City and Dallas would have just as many things to see and do...
  3. Thanks for your replies guys. In a weird turn of events, the American's are more pessimistic than us lot! I'm getting ripped apart on this forum: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/forums/americas-united-states-of-america/united-states/9-000-miles-in-31-days-can-it-be-done
  4. Bingo
  5. Me and a friend are planning an All-American road trip some time in 2019. We initially looked at route 66, and then a full coast-to-coast trip, but being the way we are, we want to go BIG. New York-New York via just about everywhere is the plan. (http://imgur.com/nfFNJQ1 for the first draft of the itinerary) The plan is to hire an RV to allow variation to the itinerary though. The last thing we want to do is force ourselves away from a place that we allowed ourselves to spend half a day in, and it turns out that 1.5 days would have been better, because we have already booked hotels for the rest of the month and it's too much effort to change them all. If we are in a camper and want to stay some place for an extra day, we can find that time by skipping somewhere at any other point in the trip. Has anyone done a similar amount of miles in this kind of timeframe? If anyone is able to offer any advice with regard to any aspect of our trip, it'd much appreciated. We both love driving and are totally unphased by the thought of sitting on a highway for 12 hours, but this would be on another level to anything we've done before. The minimum amount are expecting to need is $8,000 each, although we're in agreeance that $10,000 would make for a significantly more enjoyable trip, as well as an emergency fund. (This includes the cost of return flights from the UK to NYC.)
  6. It's being widely reported that the explosion was outside one of the exits.
  7. Hope he starts tomorrow to come off to a standing ovation. We got him past his prime, but he did put in a number of solid performances over the years. Definitely a great character to have around the club too.
  8. I know what you're saying but losing like that to anyone is embarrassing.
  9. On a positive note, really pleased for Chilly getting his goal.
  10. When's the last time we got battered like that? Embarrassing.
  11. No mention of it so I doubt it. Agree that this could be a hinderance long-term. Hopefully it doesn't set back the need for VARs.
  12. http://www.thefa.com/home/news/2017/may/18/fa-to-punish-simulation-retrospectively-180517 Mods feel free to move this into the 17/18 PL thread, but I thought this warranted it's own for now.
  13. I wasn't particularly impressed by Griezeman at the Calderon to be honest. He's obviously a great player but I couldn't help thinking he was overhyped. However at the KP it was a different story. Again, he wasn't setting the world alight with his attacking performance, but we were dominating the game for so long and his defensive work was world class. I'd definitely have him here to replace Okazaki. I can see what Simeone was getting at because Vardy and Griezeman would be unstoppable imo.