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  1. MiDuck55

    Corona Virus

    Whilst i agree that footballers should not be made scapegoats, i think Rooney's comments regarding Hancock are unfair. Hancock was responding to a specific question from a journalist during one of the daily updates. What was he going to say? If he had made any hint that he didn't think they should take a pay cut, or tried to avoid the issue, it would have been headline news next day. Footballers are in this strange situation where their income is common knowledge. How many other top earners have their income discussed so openly? They are well known figures who are easy targets for the press. Its a mess and the PFA should have set up a fund that the players could donate to. That way they would have paid the full amount of tax, the players could donate at a level they are comfortable with, and i'm sure the amount raised would quickly shut down the bad publicity. Time for the PFA to earn their keep!
  2. Matty was my favourite player from that time. I'm sure I remember a couple of games when MON made him play as a centre forward because there was literally no-one else fit who could, we had such a small squad at that time. I think most of us fans expected the worst, but unless my memory is playing tricks, I'm sure he scored two goals away at Everton to get us a point. Legend!
  3. MiDuck55

    Corona Virus

    Come off it Milo. The payment of dividends is a well documented tax avoidance method. You seem to have omited to mention that as a basic rate tax payer (given the £700 per month figure you quoted) the tax rate you pay on the dividends is 7.5% rather than the full rate of 20% on income UK to £50k. Chickens coming home to roost mate.
  4. MiDuck55

    Corona Virus

    View the BBC News online site report of the statement made. Towards the bottom of the item it says.. 'The scheme does not cover people who only became self-employed very recently - the chancellor said they would have to look to the benefits system for support.'
  5. MiDuck55

    Corona Virus

    I've just listened to this and would strongly urge everyone to do the same. As Mikey said it truly shocking to listen to this very calm guy talking about his despair that so many people are putting their lives at risk, and as for the impact that the shortage of ventilators will have, well, it reduced me to tears. The message we were repeatedly given, that the majority of people will only suffer mild symptoms, may prove in the long run to be statistcally correct. However I think it has only encouraged many (including me) to believe that it wasn't anything to be that concerned about , unless you were in an 'at risk' group. I can't believe anyone who listens to this phone in would still feel the same. It should be widely publicised and broadcast on the BBC as this real picture of the situation in the NHS now and what the doctor believes is about to hit the fan, would have more impact than anything Boris or his experts could put across in a month of Sundays. This doctor, who said he fully expects, as do most of his colleagues, that they will get infected, deserves our total respect and undying gratitude. But most of all he deserves to be listened to.
  6. MiDuck55

    Corona Virus

    The mayor of Bargamo has stated that in his opinion the true figure of infected people in his area is 5-10 times the official figure. Elderly people dying in their homes are not tested. Only people who make it to hospital are tested. March 1 -18 they had 611 deaths when the average for this time of year is 100. Over half of these were never tested.
  7. In 11 matches time , the last game of the season , all PL matches will be played at the same time. To my mind that's an ideal time for the fans of all PL clubs to make their feelings re VAR known. Surely there are enough vociferous fans groups who are fully across social media, who could get something organized at all the matches at the same time . Off the top of my head how about holding up a big red card just before the teams run out if we want to get rid of it altogether? With the appropriate chant of course! If the Premier League gave a toss about what the fans thought about VAR it could work. Problem is I don't think they care what we think, even though the game we love has been ruined this season through the heavy handed application of a system that should have been an aid to the game. Instead we have been subjected to painfully slow and blatantly inconsistent decisions that have taken us backward and continue to get worse week by week. Rant over, thanks for listening, I feel a bit better now.
  8. I get you, but surely this season it's got to be Vardy. He has never been voted POTS yet he's an absolute legend. Please please let's show him how much he is loved here this season.
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