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  1. I remember it was Princess Anne cos she turned up wearing red and black which was the colours Man City played in that day. I've always had a grudge against her ever since
  2. This is Sofascore's PL team of the week. Four City players, wow!! I'm abit surprised by Morgan but there's clearly life in the old dog yet.
  3. Let's keep it easy. 'Youri Tielemans Leicester's number twenty one' Got a tune in my head for it but can't remember where's it's from
  4. Years ago my son and I were standing in McDonald's on the Clock Tower not long after a match against Man Utd where we had shipped 6 goals. Next to us was Spencer Prior and his wife/girlfriend. I said hello and commented that we could have done with him in the team , (I didn't actually mean it as I never rated him but I couldn't think of anything else to say). He asked why and I told him the score to which he laughed and looked away. His wife then turned and said nastily 'well they shouldn't have got rid of him then' and flounced off leaving Spencer looking sheepish (sorry couldn't resist that, as he was playing for Derby at the time)
  5. Me too please. Thank you for the opportunity, Sir Alan err Mark.
  6. The programmes are available in the shop. One per person and you are asked to give a donation min £1.50. They are superbly designed and I cannot begin to understand how they managed to produce such a quality item with well written, poignant contributions from so many, in the restricted timescale they had. Reading mine during the match and again since, has reduced me to tears. Thank you and well done, yet again, to all involved.
  7. I got soaked on the walk and went to my seat in SK2 at 1.45 only to find the 'lady' sitting next to me had taken my pack. Denied it of course even though I had seen two packs under her seat until she hid them. She kept a poker face on, even when I said how disgusting it was that a fan could steal off another fan today of all days. Thanks to a steward I was able to get a replacement pack during the match. Sorry to moan on a day like this but it really sickened me at the time.
  8. How lovely it looks as they have taken all the wrappings off so you can actually see the beautiful flowers. This club of ours seems to have thought through everything, at a time they must be under massive upheaval. If they had had months to plan this it really could not have been done any better. Even down to the statements that have been issued which have been superbly well written. Its been suggested elsewhere on the forum that Susan Whelan have been the driving force behind the club's actions since the tragedy. If so, massive respect to her for everything she has done. Long may it continue.
  9. Personally I cannot abide listening to Stringer. I've never forgiven him for comments he made at the end of his match day report Christmas time 2014. We had just been beaten away by West Ham 2-0. He finished his report with the words "That's it folks. There's no way back from this. It's all over. We're down. Happy Christmas" It was bad enough without that idiot rubbing our noses in it. Of course he was completely wrong because the Great Escape happened but it still grates on me when I think about it, even now. Given all that's happened it's unbelievable that he kept his job. But I do love listening to Pipes though. Love his Leicester accent!
  10. I get where you are coming from but can't help thinking that to put out what might be regarded by some as a weakened side against Cardiff could be seen as a disrespectful to them. They have been fantastic to us his week and I wouldn't want us to do anything to change the respect that has grown between the two clubs and groups of fans.
  11. Does anyone else feel like I do that we should consider starting the fund now? I know it's far too soon to make any decisions yet or approach the club, but I just feel there is a tremendous need to do something and donating to a fund to honour Vichai could help. I just see Xmas coming up followed by the credit card bills hitting the mat in January and people genuinely having to think twice about donating in the months to come. I realise that the fund raising venture may well be a long term thing but I worry we could lose momentum the longer we wait to start. I want the fund to be massive to reflect how much we love this man and i would hate us to be struggling to raise enough to do something meaningful. I'm a long time fan, 50 years this year. Thought I'd seen it all, but this disaster.. well its knocked the stuffing out of me. I would like to contribute to something lasting. My preference would be a statue of Vichai holding the trophy but that's just my choice. I feel its got to be something paid for by the fans and only the fans to show how much we love and respect what Vichai has done for the club, the fans and the city. I'm just asking what others feel. I know the next question would be who organises it but surely we have enough fans groups and forum for it to be sorted out. What do others think?
  12. This is so perfect. Just a thought...The chorus line where Kirsty sings "Days I remember all my life" could we just keep repeating that at the end of the verses above . Or to make it more personal, sing Vichai's name Its 5 beats and that would fit .. Vichai Shriv add hana prabha . Whatever , i'll be singing along if I can hold back the tears enough .
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