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  1. In 11 matches time , the last game of the season , all PL matches will be played at the same time. To my mind that's an ideal time for the fans of all PL clubs to make their feelings re VAR known. Surely there are enough vociferous fans groups who are fully across social media, who could get something organized at all the matches at the same time . Off the top of my head how about holding up a big red card just before the teams run out if we want to get rid of it altogether? With the appropriate chant of course! If the Premier League gave a toss about what the fans thought about VAR it could work. Problem is I don't think they care what we think, even though the game we love has been ruined this season through the heavy handed application of a system that should have been an aid to the game. Instead we have been subjected to painfully slow and blatantly inconsistent decisions that have taken us backward and continue to get worse week by week. Rant over, thanks for listening, I feel a bit better now.
  2. I get you, but surely this season it's got to be Vardy. He has never been voted POTS yet he's an absolute legend. Please please let's show him how much he is loved here this season.
  3. I remember it was Princess Anne cos she turned up wearing red and black which was the colours Man City played in that day. I've always had a grudge against her ever since
  4. This is Sofascore's PL team of the week. Four City players, wow!! I'm abit surprised by Morgan but there's clearly life in the old dog yet.
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