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  1. I'm gonna head down and try my luck, i'll bung a tenner in my pocket in case i have to line someones hand, and if all else fails pour my heart out to the ticket office.
  2. I have asked and they only have hospitality at £100 a pair so that is out of the question. I'm thinking get there early and try our luck, any nonsense from the stewards and we will get our selves to the ticket office see if we can get one of these magic passes, i know they do them for season ticket holders. Most annoying thing is i'm trying to do the honest thing and not rip the club off, its just not going well atm.
  3. I have bought some tickets for tonight from a friend, the only problem is after purchasing I realised it was for for one adult and one under 16, we are in the family stand. Seeing as i do not have children i was hoping to take an elderly relative with me instead as it has been years since he has been able to come to a game, I called the club to upgrade the under 16 ticket to a concessions and i have been nigh on laughed out of there by the operator who told me straight up, No i cant upgrade it. I replied saying that i will just have to send him in on his own and or go by myself and was told that i would be unable to on account of me having no child to bring to the game. Any ideas on what to do for help here, I do feel a bit stuffed, sounds like there are going to be two empty paid for seats, and I completely understand the point of the family stand I really do, but in trying to be honest about it and not sneak the old boy in on a cheap ticket i feel we are being shafted by the club a little.
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