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  1. They have just compared Kel to Dennis Berkhamp, I'm dead 😂
  2. "All the way though and in" ...... Fvck me Evans was still on his way to the baggies box on my stream
  3. I'm going all out here and saying 4-0 Thank me later
  4. If us here on foxes talk are a representation of the fans who could make up the 51% then we are truly fvcked if this happens 😂
  5. Ohhh beamback would be a great shout but I'd imagine with covid restrictions it might be a bit of an odd set up
  6. I haven't decided yet but really fancy being in the city sinking pints from 9am for the final, what are your plans chaps. I was in town for the Everton game when we lifted the cup and the spirit was awesome ended up have a beer with a load of Italians who trekked over. The dreamer in me wants to say Wembley of course
  7. You really can't slate the guy, he's had the bollocks to stand in the telly and tell them that the hopes the plans and dreams of his CEO are shite and he hopes they fail ... Football or not there's not many that would do that. Hopefully that's the first step, if Messi and Ronaldo come out and speak up the battle is half won
  8. I'm sorry but how can you call your self a fan and not live the emotion of the live game, we need to be with the boys through thick and thin, we don't let them bottle it when it comes to the game so let's make sure we don't bottle it ourselves as fans
  9. Every thing is a P/R disaster these days mate, and the longer us lot contribute towards this shithouse of a situation via this thread, Twitter and any other social platform that chastises 5 young blokes having a midweek drink together the worse off we will be. Give it a 5 years and we will be here debating if we need to stop calling our selves foxes because its patronising and offensive to foxes and people who identify as foxes
  10. What if they had traveled with standard flu, sickness bug or fvcking headlice? It would have still been spread, the world can't be wrapped up in cotton wool, the lads took the risk they made there own choice leave them to it. Hats off to those who have followed every guidelines to the letter (they sure do love to fvcking mention it) but I for one and I'm sure these lads too are sick of wasting a short life staying shut in, because I'm worried some miserable curtain twitcher will think I'm a public disgrace for living my life.
  11. Don't get me wrong here fellas I'm fuming at these guys, they know the scrutiny they are under and should have waited ... However we are having a go at 5 blokes who are fit as fiddles and at no risk at all having a drink together, the fact that alone it is illegal is bat shit crazy and so many people in here sitting on there fvcking high horse condemning them, get a grip.
  12. Have completely let any animosity towards these lot go myself, none of them could even dream of getting close to us, let them fight it out in the trenches whilst we worry about our real rivals the big 6 of man u, city, Liverpool, spurs, arsehole, Chelsea
  13. We will win this 5-2 and our misery will be over
  14. Kasper needs to stop doing fkk all and telling everyone "Get it away" and actually attempt to collect a ball. He is the equivalent of a lazy fat fvker of a foreman on a work site sitting on his arse chaining it telling the grafters to get s spirit level on their work as it doesn't look right Sort your self out and maybe you wouldn't have to make these "world class stops"
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