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  1. Jaspa

    Andy King to..........

    He got some goals at Swansea and improved them quite abit with Leroy Fer out of their team, he kept getting the ball outside the box and chipping it over the top of the defence which got thema couple of assists,. Scored a few goals too and one on the last day of their season - definitely one of their better players from what I could tell. Think he's better in this League than Adrien, he's more physical and holds possession more often than not, scores vital goals at times too. If it's only Forest and he's thinking of going for gametime just give him a new contract and loan him to wherever Premi team or maybe West Brom will take him for now, he shouldn't have to suffer the fate of playing for Forest
  2. Jaspa

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    What's the point in spending if they're not going to be an improvement on Chilwell and also what would be the point in spending money if the new guy gets sold off after having half a good season. We don't want to be Southampton and the only profit as fans we can dream of is watching good exciting players we like and staying high in the Premier League. Selling/bringing others in constantly =/= stability
  3. Jaspa

    Chilwell to Manchester City

    Don't think I've ever read one of your posts and thought "yeah I agree with abit of that", but i do here. They do whatever they want at this point, themselves and PSG are walking all over the sport by having an incredibly wealthy country bankroll them. FIFA is complicit not only with the money in play being taken into account but if they tried to take a hard stance they would be harangued by 50 of the world's top lawyers. It's not like other Clubs in the past haven't walked all over the sport, I still don't understand how Real Madrid are able to get away with making goalkeepers give them free goals at semi and full finals of Champions League's. Maybe it could be seen as a case of better the evil you know. It's not like I dislike their players either apart from Otamendi, Fernandinho and maybe Ederson - their development over the years and the core group of their squads seem like a likable bunch (Kompany, Aguero, Silva, Yaya, Zabeleta) and their percieved growth has been somewhat homogeneous because of that. The same could be said of their fans, the core group is fantastic; the tourist lot who plop off at 70mins 3up after grumbling a 1-1 draw off the week before can do one, same type as Arsenal. They are getting on my tits anyway. It looks like the League will be theirs again and they will continue to grow, it's been a while since we've had a real dominant team in this League and hopefully it doesn't turn into another Bundesliga, Seria A, Ligue 1 situation where a country has to deal with compete ownership of the League for a decade.
  4. Jaspa

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    They had him off us as a strugling Bundesliga side didn't they? Looking to save their 15/16 season, three years later he's banging them in away at Man Chitty and also being one of the main men for a World Cup Final international side
  5. Jaspa

    Betting Thread

    The opposite of whatever Walkers posts
  6. Jaspa

    Danny Drinkwater

    He got injured second half of that season didnt he? hip flexor or something - we kept him in the XI and out of surgery so he could help us in the Champions League Too many injuries and too high a wage, steer clear. I can see the reasoning for it, we could do with another experienced midfielder to spray balls around and dominate games especially with Silva going but Puel seems to trust Mendy enough for that roll and overall Papy has grown into it - its not worth shelling out millions on gettiing Drinky back in + wage for an incremental improvement, if that
  7. Jaspa

    Goose that laid the Golden Egg.

    I actual too. Good & fair post
  8. Around Towm Hall Square the other week and noticed a bunch of three scabby lads maybe 18-19 years old huddled around a bin goading the pigeons, they were trying to entice the pigeons over by chucking greasy smelling chips at them and laughing/gurning hysterically, occasionally lurching forwards when one got within range of a pair of their Air Max 90's. I've casually walked along and pulled out an old trick of lifting my arms up and outwards which usually tricks the pigeons into thinking you are about to take off into flight - it worked and half of the pigeons flapped off much to the delight of the greasy chip eating lads, they were genuinely smiling and impressed by this little interaction, the biggest of the lads exclaimed "Thats amazing mayte!", and I went about my afternoon. Thought I just had to add that
  9. Jaspa


    Weekly bonus came in good On the IV thing Booze Up's covered it all really well. A high IV 'mon is only an incremental improvement on the average, there isn't a huge advantage but it will buy you a second here and there in battles and everyone wants their Pokemon to be the very best.
  10. Jaspa

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    BT Sport pretty much saying it doesnt matter if a goal is offside, liking Sperms ar**holes like most weeks. We were terrible, the first 25mins of the match we were well in it and then Totters turned the heat up and picked us apart - the first goal Iborra's sunk deep waiting for a cross to get his head on while Mendy did an awful job closing down on the edge of the box; hopping into a moving Son making it aparent where his weight was going to be dedicated. Mendy had one of his worst games for us I thought, the second goal he turned over possession to start their break off - Dele Alli was offside. But overall we werent in it and deserved to lose. Our biggest problem at the Club seems to be the dead weight. We can't go out and offer a high profile player high wages because Slimani, Silva ect. are soaking up yuge amounts of the budget and the Club probably feels a little burnt and rightly wary of future acquisitions. Whether improving the training facilities and the ground makes us a more attractive proposition helps long term, we need to get our sh** together soon because a section of support is clearly getting frustrated and toxic; while we have a manager in place who specialises and is specialising in developing youth - Chilwell's rise is breathtaking and Puel has to take a large part of credit for sticking by the lad and showing the trust needed. All of our bright spark at the moment is coming from our younger players and it should be a window into the future for us. Depressed imagining the type of stuff and arguements I'm probably gonna find myself reading tonight and through the week, I trust the Club believes in what it's trying to do and doesn't let sourness creep in, but at the same time we have to pick up results and stay bouyant; otherwise it's Allardyce ball for the second half of the season or worse . . . Pardew
  11. Jaspa

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    We were doing well til about half an hour in, Wes kept us in it by getting to Alli in time. Kelechi seems to lose confidence if things arent going well for him, he's not an outball for the counter, we've tried hitting Dimmy more often but Winks is coming across to close it. Ref's dodgy again, if Mendy's is a yellow on Sissoko then so was Aurrier on Maddison. Dejecting goal to conceed, everyones gone deep into the box to anticipate a cross, they've come inside, Mendy hops infront of where Son was a second before, Wilf is tied up and Iborra is in the box doing musical statues - great hit by Son. They're a good side but we're creating our own problems in places, we have to make it count when were on top and players have to be picked up or pick themselves up when it isn't going right. C'mon Leicester!
  12. Jaspa

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    How wasn't that a yellow for Aurrier? Did exactly the same thing Mendy got booked for We're doing alright, they're slick team. Their incisiveness and tactics has been causing problems from 25mins onwards