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  1. Big challenge and a great opportunity for Nige, good to see it mentioned in places he's got Shakey with him too. It's not a bad club and you could see talent in their squad the other night, I do think he'll need a centreback to sure them up at least though but with Foster, Doucoure, Periera, Deeney they have somewhat of a backbone, albiet an unfit one right now. There was interest from us in Craig Dawson when Nige was here so maybe he'll ascend into a bigger role and step up. But an opportunity for Nige to make a name for himself again. Maybe he will cement another successful ethos, maybe he'll just keep them up and join the Premier League manager firefighting service seeing Allardyce, Pulis et al. have fizzled out. Maybe they go down and gets sacked a month into the season. Either way good luck to Watford & NFP. Hope the local caves of Hertfordshire are soon to be found rich in the rare mineral of staunch Pearsonite.
  2. Echo this. Must've had 3 good rounds on it out of 40+, it's just so hectic with too many lines of sight to look out for, too many camping spots and some awful spawns aswell. The only times I've done well I've been able to lock one corner of the map down with an MP5/MP7 and spawn trap people at the back of the destroyed shop with scaff. Really like the majority of 6v6 maps though; Ramaza, Gun Runner, Cave, Hackney Yard. This game has so much to offer though with Ground Wars, 2v2's but I've been grinding TD & KK so still haven't made the most of it. For anyone watching this game from a distance though whoever makes CoD these days have just introduced "season one" which just seems to incentivise spending alot of money on 'CoD Points' for mostly cosmetic items, guns ect. They waited for the reviews to come in well and now they're rubbing their hands together in anticipation of all the kids getting bought it for Christmas and throwing money on flashy shiny tat like they're out down the fun fair. Hopefully they don't paywall certain over powered guns down the line, they've restored alot of faith with this iteration up to this point.
  3. I'm enjoying it but just not had the time to properly sink in. Not bought a CoD since Black Ops II which I thought was abit colourful, flashy and arcadey; the rest just seemed to get progressively worse and so lost all interest but this is just what I've been waiting for. Gun customisation is superb, graphics are fresh but down to earth, general feel to me is proper CoD but mixed in with oldschool Battlefield with the bigger maps, vehicles and different feeling gunplay. I am struggling to get a 2v2 team & squads going ect though. Managed to get one other person to buy it and have someone else who plays but they're both on PS and I'm xbox - crossplay against PC players seems unbalanced and I have another problem in that my headphones are very good but they dont have a chat wire, the wire for them is detachable but its 2.5mm to 3.5mm and one end has a locking feature which goes into the headphones, so I need to find that specific cable with a mic attachment or buy headphones which arent as good just to chat. Havent found it too campy yet anyway. My style of play has always been speed to get in behind, clear shop and stealth to disappear for the next ambush, so anyone sat camping is eventually going to have me and my silenced MP5 popping 3 shots in the back of their heads.
  4. Lost my 4 year old cat out there this evening. Out on a busy urban Leicester road. Got to him minutes after a neighbor told me they'd seen it but he didn't have a chance; caught on the head by a car, heavy blood out his ears, no breathing, no heartbeat. RIP Egil I know people don't go out their way to hit them and don't want to be sanctimonious but please be aware of small furry things scurrying about too.
  5. Not having that. Superb player for us, put years of graft in to get us up but to be honest in the Prem he was showing age and struggling to make as much of an impact. Great finishes away at Liverpool & that volley against Tottenham particularly, the pen to get it back to 2-3 against United is also a great moment. He came through a tough start here, Sven brought him in when the fanbase just wanted the striker to bang goals in, we were still after Nicky Maynard when we'd already signed Nuge on a free and it was a game against Maynard's Brizzle City where he scored his first goal for us(in a grounding defeat). Then he went through the Pearson filtering process of Sven's team; only King, Kasper, Dyer, Konch & Nuge made it through from a whole squad, and he grew with us into the lethal 20 a season Championship goalpoacher we craved, and it was him spearheading the Club to win the Championship, it seemed every night game on Sky at home he'd score the vital goal. Seems a healthy personality. He's a part of what the Club has built up and is today. Also he had a silly run style where he kept his top half really stable and moved knees down at rapid speed.
  6. He's been a dead man walking for a while, alluded to it pre-Champs League Final saying he'd leave Spurs if they'd have won it, and various other happenings at their Club. Levy clearly hesitant to pull the lever given the severance fee but it must've just reached boiling point . It could be a healthy move for them though, a club in transition after their stadium development but with cobwebs around the gaff, matchday revenue now one of the best around. An opportunity to get a manager with a new plan to reshape their squad. I do hope they get a burnt out Jose in though, spend all their money on flops and sack him off two years later with their play tepid and losing more big monies sacking him
  7. Papy Mendy's contract is up in the summer, so unless we find a buyer in Jan he's off for free you'd think. First XI and anyone of use is certainly safe here for Jan, we'll probably lose one in the Summer again though, Champs League or not
  8. Ahh well. He's sometimes is abit blunt, when we were first linked with him there were noises from his camp which were a little disrespectful to the Club he had been with for 4 years too. I think this apparent statement is incorrect though as the Champions League experience surely helped, he signed a new contract in August '16 and we even signed his chum Slimani. After that season came the hanging out in airports, skiving ect. The second season after the title was a waste, we had no business going into it with Shakey in charge, it was ridiculous and thankfully something we seem to have learnt from. No grudges and no love lost, I never believe anything I read anyway so it still needs confirming as something he's said, we've seen false/doctored interpretations before and media outlets only care about clicks and hype
  9. Southampton's walk out music has to be the worst in the League, a bizarre remixed instrumental
  10. His disgusting acne seems to have cleared up now too. What technique for the goal anyway, swept through the ball while more or less stood ontop of it
  11. Chelsea are slipping under the radar a little bit at the moment, seem to have clicked and upped a couple of gears in the last month, they've been missing Kante since they played us aswell. Also only 2 points behind Man Chitty
  12. He's gone full on talk about anything for clicks & views; about 3 different Youtube channels running with a podcast, a weekly thing where he just reads through what I imagine is The Sun and chats bob about it for 30 mins, like I want to hear his opinion on Chernobyl or Love Island. Fair enough I'll probably still regrettably watch it because it relates to Leicester but substance is lacking with him these days, the shight he was talking about Xhaka being a disgrace and owing Arsenal fans anything earlier in the week, yuck. Any big topic him and his mate will chirp in
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