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  1. And so we might never have signed Ndidi. All this Ngolo stuff is hypothetical, he did more than enough for the Club and will always be one of our best ever players and a major part of our most legendary team.
  2. I think there's 2 ways of doing it but they're both a ballache plus I dont have the kit for either. 1) Plugging Tivo box into a PC which has a capture device, which you should be able to plug the Tivo HDMI straight into and record onto the PC. 2) Finding unknown software specifically for this purpose and using it to decrypt the data stored on the Tivo HDD. Also not entirely sure about the legality of it So I wouldn't openly encourage this but if you know anyone who has a HDMI capture device I'd try that first. Problem with option 2 is if you take it apart to get the HDD you could break something or even corrupt the precious data, Virgin Media will probably send you a bill for the box at some point too because it's still legally theirs, you could just say it broke and hold onto it longer.
  3. Looked into it briefly but seemingly all modern Tivo HDD's are encrypted to stop people from just recording any live TV/movie ect. and putting it onto the internet You should be able to take the Tivo box apart, get the harddrive out and hook it up to a computer to check but it's unlikely you'll be able to get the data off cleanly. Something like this came up before on FT when someone had a Sky Box they wanted old stuff extracting from and there was software posted by someone else which let you rip it all onto PC, don't know if that exists or works for Tivo specifically.
  4. Jaspa

    Corona Virus

    Great. Stuck in a house with 5 orphaned kittens for the foreseeable future. Planned to move them on in 2 weeks when they hit 8 weeks old but now it looks like poopy scoopy, ripped to shreds household living for a while
  5. Might find a few in here - https://footballia.net/competitions/premier-league?page=22 I've only just discovered the site this weekend to be honest but their library of games is huge, all WC games in full back to '66! You do have to sign up but it's free and pretty easy
  6. Found it and clipped it. Don't know how long vimeo will host it without copyright strike. Anyway I can't really blame Grealish on this occasion, it's a 50/50 and Ricky unfortunately gets there slowly and dangles his leg out into Grealish's stride. It seemed innocuous at the time but you can see how by extending his leg Ricky has exposed his knee ligaments to the hit.
  7. 9/12 Somehow even got the physio's name right but misspelled Sven by a hyphen so added myself an extra point.
  8. Born in Nuneaton aswell One of the best players in the Championship of that era and Cardiff just seemed the right club, his goal/assist record at that level was superb for them. RIP
  9. Did anyone make/find a clip of the offending tackle? Can kind of remember a rough 50/50 and Grealish coming in a tad late but that's all really. Media pieces above seem a tad overkill if there's no evidence to base it on, like if the same happened with Targetts leg breaker on Ricky earlier in the season we had the clip to back our disgruntlement up on the day.
  10. Matty James came in from Man U with it being mentioned about his knee but I think he actually did his other one here(last game of 14/15 season against QPR?) horrifically when he turned to track a runner off the wing and just crumpled into a heap on the floor in our box, didn't see him for another year and a half. I think he was particularly susceptible because of his playstyle, he pivots on his joints quite alot hunkering over the ball and he is and was quite a barrel chested lad so was abit erm, top heavy. Think Gareth Williams did his ACL with Watford not long after joining them in the Prem. He was a just above average player really, scored a couple of decent goals and kept it ticking over for us, mid-table Championship, maybe he was stiffled playing with Tiatto/Steven Hughes/that absolute plodder we brought in from WBA(Johnson?), our only decent midfielders during that whole bleak era were Joey Gudjonsson and Steven Clemence the week he wasn't injured. Anyway it depends on the severity of the injury, our medical team and the player's natural propensity to recover. Given Ricky was able to carry on and only noticed the next day indicates it's not a catastrophic injury for him but the right steps have to be taken for him to recover. My Uncle said(he probably knows nowt about this in truth) back when we were in the Championship battling with Burnley for top spot and they lost Vokes & Ings to ACL's that the training ground pitches at some Clubs were too harsh and that's why you'd see them pick up these injuries more often. If we've only picked up 2 in over a dozen years you have to feel quite confident really.
  11. It was more than 5 yards, it was about 10! Howard Webb was the ref too and just before taking the kick he Whittingham knocked the ball another yard ahead with our fans screaming. Beauty of a freekick though, made a ping noise kissing the post as it went in, much like I remember the pinging off Paul Merson's goal against us for Pompey in the Championship promo season under Mickey Adams. Half decent player though. Come on lad, pull through
  12. Transfer markt dot com rate him as our 4th most valuable player; behind Maddison, Youri & Chilly respectively. He's an absolutely crutial member of our squad though and given Champions League football we have to and should be able to keep hold of him. It's crazy how we just plucked him out of relative obscurity, it was obvious a few games in he was going to develop into a world class player. He's getting there with us and should be playing the highest level possible again to really prove his class.
  13. Love Ricky P. One of our best players who wouldn't look out of place in Madrid, Paris, Turin ect. A warrior too, I don't remember there being any indication of him being injured during the match, just got on with it. Let's hope for a successful recovery with him back to his best playing Champions League footy come October.
  14. Where's Pegguy Arphexad when you need him, ay Liverpool?
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