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  1. Jaspa


    My Grandparent's old black & white cat? Nahh, she died years ago mate
  2. Ball for next season They've also gone for the Licorice Allsort style colour combo
  3. Actually thinking about it some more buying your Clubs kit through seedy means which in part also means the Club gets zero money from it is kinda scummy. The only time I actually did it was 15/16 when demand went through the roof and resellers on EBay were selling for x2.5. Just wait until March/April if you want to try and get it on the cheap. Meme kits from clubs/countries you don't really support doesn't count.
  4. Keep. I don't want us turning into Southampton, really hard to believe we're going anywhere if we start selling our best players particularly only a year after getting them. You can't always rely on recruitment. Thing is we've got players like this and they're worth more to us herr than just a chunk of cash. Do everything to hold onto stars, only let one go if they really want to.
  5. Please, please, please don't be a betting company
  6. For me, it's Bobby Huth
  7. It's just the way he glides across the pitch keeping everything level until he takes the faintest of touches off a defender, his balance is on a par with Messi. Technically one of the best players ever in the Premier League. Chelsea bought the replacement months ago but it looks like more of a marketing signing than a genuine attempt to replace a great player.
  8. He's lower end Prem/high Championship standard, not been the same since he unfortunately did his knee years ago against Man City. So it's a no from me, doesn't add much and depreciating sell on value.
  9. Yeah, that's certainly better than if Spuds would've won it. What a dull match of football though, Ajax would've been better fare
  10. Tottenham need to get Moura on, missed the trick not starting him. That pen reminded me of Amartey first evening of the season vs Man U, so I'm thinking 2-1 win Liverplop
  11. Jaspa


    In the Cup, Slimani scored a belter against Liverpool in the Carabou and both of them scored nice goals in the same end at Everton. Both tall wirey, buzz haired strikers. Both were signed on deadline nights for inflated fees. Both loaned out until we could find some other sap even stupider than ourselves. Now fans are debating whether we should "give him another chance", it's all abit 2012 again lads.
  12. Anyone with a 'SmartTV' or even a smartphone should be able to watch if it's free on YouTube. Plus it's probably on in most pubs. Only thing that perplexes me is the 3pm Saturday blackout - you can only fit 30k of our fans in the stadium and they're the only ones who can watch live in this country? I know the old arguement was that it would effect attendance figures but I don't think that's necessarily true, also with these modern times(& all that) and the internet it just pushes people towards illegal channels of watching, there's huge demand & money being lost, it makes no sense apart from keeping people reliant on Match of the Day & local radio
  13. Jaspa


    Beckford 2.0
  14. Despite the tragic tone of the Burnley match in November it was a great moment to wave and cheer Nigel off, Ranieri too obviously. I still remember the 0-0 against Hull where Pearson had gone to them in the summer also being quite respectful even despite the fact we'd appointed a huge profile manager for us at the time in Sven and it was a generous reception. Really would like to see him be a success again but it really was the perfect team he had with Shakey & Walsh. Agree on Kasper, one of the stalwarts of this era. My Grandad still doesn't trust him from time to time but a major part of the renowned character of the squad during highs and lows.
  15. If some of you lads are buying Chinese replicas of DHGate ect. drop back in when it arrives and let us know the quality please. I used to buy a few about 5 years ago but the quality dropped off so I stopped going for it. Was using AliExpress mainly but it looks largely the same to DHGate so a little apprehensive again. I think our home kit is actually alright, will take a little while to get accustomed to blue/white/blue again but I I like the chequers pattern, I don't mind gold, it's tidy & not offensive, no other teams in the League seem to be wearing the same kit. Though black kit looks terrible, proper Championship tier template Puma we're giving us back in 2012, pink is unique but another cheap template with no effort making us look like a Liquorice Allsort.
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