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  1. Possibly might have, so hypothetically. It's not about rewarding staff either, if they've never been a manager or claimed to be why would an aspiring top club move to do make them so? In the interests of everyone to do with the club we should've made a better appointment, instead we wasted a summer on project Iborra, James & Adrien Silva and sacked the manager before the clocks went back.
  2. He is a coach or no.2, not a manager. We did the right thing in sacking Ranieri when we did and Shakey unleashed the dogs on Liverpool & Seville, but giving him a manager's contract into the next season was an error, it was obvious at the time.
  3. For all the great decisions we've made in recent times, making him full on gaffer was a huge mistake. I'm still mad about that Arsenal away game season opener, winning late second half he takes a midfielder off for Kelechi when we couldn't hold onto the ball anyway. Three mins later we've lost the game after being well in it. Anyway it's good to see him still going
  4. 'My club is bigger than yours' One of the most pointless, pedantic arguments you can get into on here
  5. A player's value to a club and the value you can get from selling them aren't always the same thing, not everyone should be for sale. Our success has been built around a core group, that continuity has seen us through some rough moments and kept us grounded as what we set out to be years ago. This is part of what you have to do to remain a top club; build a strong core group of talented players with the correct mentality, develop them together and keep the best ones central to your plans, add pieces around them. If there is a player we are confident can come in and play for us as a core member of the squad for years to come we should be looking at spending money to do it, not everyone can be a bargain or young. Players seen by the top clubs and rejected previously include Kasper Schmeichel, Bobbert Huth, Danny Simpson, Danny Drinkwater, Christian Fuchs. Instead of buying young players as just an opportunity for money is wrong, we should look at the potential they can fulfill for and at our Club.
  6. If you're confident he can come in and play to a level we aspire to for the next five years, does it represent good value for money? It's not all about sales, we need to keep a well structured squad built with the right individuals. For £35-40m I think he could represent good value if he could come here and become a core player. For fifty it impacts our budget too much and we should find better value out there again.
  7. The lads are already in Barca building the chassis. Perry is there with his colleagues the spanner and the drivetrain. This deal may take time, several pans of Paella & a few crates of Estrella but they will get the job done. Either that or Trincao runs into a little accident in training . . . wouldn't want that to happen now, would they
  8. Obligatory . . . Tarkowski sounds forun enough to me
  9. If Tarkowski is worth £50m then Cags is £100m. Offer him a new contract, would be a shame to lose him after basically one season. Not that he doesn't deserve a chance at Barca and all that comes with it but not yet, please sweet Lord Farquaad(and his agent).
  10. Not even Rudkin used to get threads made about him
  11. That whole Leveine era & hangover from it was absoletely revolting. We should've gone down before we did really. Southampton in the FA Cup right after they'd sold Walcott, 0-0 all game my mates both had new PSP's and were barely watching, they leave three minutes before the end and I'm like nahh I'll be a proper fan and see this out . . . they're gone 2 minutes we conceed and I'm flying out down the stairs. Also that game a glued together Michael Bridges scored for Hull or someone in a night game, another screamer in a match where nothing else happened, just terrible football.
  12. Yeah fair enough, I just roll my eyes half the time you mention Wes because it's whenever he's on the bench and even way before that a couple of years ago. I don't think he deserves it, even on here, he's our greatest ever Captain. Just saying he did alright in the run in too, he looked better than Jonny boy anyway.
  13. Certain poster is obsessed with Wes, for a couple years now half his posts somehow manage to bring Morgan into the topic. I thought Wes did very well in the run in, not only for his leadership and commanding qualities but he surprised me with how fresh he looked. Admittedly he is past the 'getting on' stage now, we have to phase him out but I don't see the point in slagging him off whenever possible. Fuchs though, he's a great character but against Bournemouth he lost all his energy in the second half. We can't even rely on him to fill in so we do need more appropriate back-up.
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