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  1. Biggest problem is the refs allow it, the first few rounds of fixtures in this years World Cup were horrific in terms of simulation and refs either buying it making the diver vindicated, and too in reverse that when they were caught out for diving no card or warning was produced - this set an ugly precedent where prizes were being given out for getting away with successful dives with no punishments for miserable ones. If there was a common knowledge approach taken on in the long run with VAR ect. we can just tell dippy cnuts to get back up in two seconds and if they do it again they re off. But given diving is such a major part of the game these days though you do have to appreciate the lengths players go to and the skills they employ to get a free-kick/peno/card for the opposition - it's a very valuable skill in the modern game, initiating contact and pulling your legs up from the knee is a great thing to perfect, we've seen Vardy do it over the years and now Maddison is buying freekicks weekly. It's just a part of the game and every team does it; I just hope an essence of sportsmanship stays there and the tackles are honest, although contact might be negligible at times; putting your leg in the way, going down and taking the hit is better than losing possession. Anyway the worst/best case of this is from a few years ago Marcelo aggravates the opposition with a dirty kick back, turns back into the approaching, aggravated player and buys a Champions League yellow card(quite valuable in K.O rounds). If VAR/very good ref & common sense were applied it would be yellow for the kick and a yellow for the feign - so a red for Marcelo, but that isn't what football is.
  2. Jaspa


    Watching the tunnelcam just now and Mendy came off with a huge beaming smile. He's got a good mentality too, been injured/out for two seasons and now taking big responsibilities, he's been more of an answer to losing Drinkwater than Kante
  3. Not once does it show the question asked for the response, and the endquote - "what I'm capable of.", isn't an answer saying that he's at the top of his game and deserved to be in the England squad(article dated NOV 17) but what he believes he's capable of; a footballer admitting he wont be capable of starting football matches is undermining his own integrity, endevour and honour. You're basing your opinion off of a clickbate, trickily written Daily Star rag article and quoting it as fact against one of our players mentality & attitude - that screams out as a lack of comprehension of reality The rest of that post is pretentious drivel frankly
  4. Implication came first pal. You shouldn't try and walk over people on here like that on here either. That Daily Star article is complete dramatic headline guff. It calls back to the season before(16/17) where he felt disappointed not to be starting like now for example, but performances up til we bought Puel in were largely disappointing from Gray, with Mahrez and Albrighton rightfully ahead of him. He also isn't going to say that he isn't 'capable' of starting games to the press when asked, thats his pride, his bread and butter and his honour being being questioned right there; do you deserve to start? - Is a big thing to say no to. I see your post as a completely unnecessary dig at Gray, it was unrelated to the topic with opinions based off a rag printed nearly a year ago.
  5. Your statement "Gray doesn't think he needs to improve", is completely baseless and not very supportitive of a Leicester City player. Then you call me a fool & uncivil? Lovely
  6. Wtf are you basing that on? He was making noises before he signed a new contract last year when we had Albrighton & Mahrez rightfully ahead of him. He was pictured walking around on the tunnel cam with a self help book, that doesn't scream of on individual unwilling to face his flaws, it seems the opposite. I hope Gray's being spoken about on here like Chilly is being and soon. He scored a vital goal at Southampton and had an impact when he came on yesterday.
  7. Huddersfield are bloody awful and theyre going down, disappointing because it's a good club with good fans but they havent invested in their squad properly since last summer. Hopefully the experience in this top League helps them shape up for another go at it. Evans looked much steadier, he kept creeping up on set pieces following things through looking for a tap in so the signs are encouraging that he's trying to make a good impression, defensively still seems to be missing part of his brain at times which is odd cause he is a quality player. It was important the team responded after last week, now let's hope we can improve performances and pick up some more decent results
  8. Bastard. There you go, if Leeds hadnt have blobbed on the bed today I'd be three hundred up off £2 a 9 fold.
  9. Jaspa

    Benkovic January Recall?

    Something strange happened at Barnsley though, they went from lower mid-table and winning the odd game handsomely up until December to then be bought by new owners around the same month, after that Barnes(one of their standout players) didn't get picked for the first XI again and we called him back, Barnsley ended up getting relegated. The odd thing was our decision making, a player can't play (be registered to play) for more than 2 teams a season, loan or not. So he came back in January and we immediately took away his chance of playing 1st team football every week for another 7months after we played him for 20mins in the Cup and didn't use him beyond u23s again rest of that season. I'm delighted Harvey's playing every week, the performances are a bonus. If he has a storming year in the Championship he's reached the level we hold Maddison and hopefully he can come back held in the same regard & get more game time.
  10. Would've definitely had him over Slim looking back, maybe signng the latter helped up to keep Mahrez for another season or two but really for the whole squad Deeney would've been a great successor to Ulloa and a brilliant lad to have around the Club. Not now though he's just got into his 30s, the right time was two years ago or when Walter Mazzarri was stinking their place up
  11. If you lose though you have to rationalise what's actually contributed to a losing performance and not make mountains out of mole hills, just move on
  12. Thats dangerous & out of control surely? Also weird detail of West Hams's kit design, for some reason the sweat is pooling and showing through on their backsides making all of them look like they've got soggy arses
  13. First two things - we we're all over the place at the back, mainly stemming from Ricardo being out of position and exposing Wes for pace against Wilson, Fraser and King; completely tore us to shreds with Fraser's two goals. The problem has to be addressed, we either go back to putting Ricardo back on the wing with Amartey back into start RB or we drop Wes for Evans or Soyuncu. Second thing was the attack, we looked decent going forward in the first half and created chances but heavy touches and snatching at it cost us, you've gotta put the ball in the net otherwise there's no point, Ghezzal & Gray particularly incredibly wasteful. Not to detract from our performance at all but the ref was ridiculous. Neither of Wes's cards were merited, if the first is for accumulation it's still harsh but the second yellow is never ever a card; and although Wes has been exposed for pace today, captaining us to a drubbing and coming out looking a fool he didn't deserve a red and he doesn't deserve the abuse he was getting on here in the immediate aftermath - he doesn't pick the team, he just does what he's told and has done us proud season after season. Ricardo couldn't really do much with the handball, was neither intent or realisation, not quick thinking from Ric but incredibly harsh. Pawson's rules for this match played into B'mouths hands perfectly too, they're an equally crafty and sly team, they know exactly how to rough players up quietly and exactly when to back into a challenge and drop to the floor, Pawson bought most of their sells and gave a yellow out to Maguire for nought 10minutes in. It's part of what Bournemouth do and credit to them, they took their chances and played very well, they have good players all over the pitch with a decent manager who's got them playing his drilled and organised style of play perfectly. Its all about the reaction to this result. We came out second half looking more focused and determined not to give the Ref another chance to get what he seemed to want - any attitude. First sign of any aggression was penalised harshly and that was Wes done. We took Ghezzal & Gray off and looked alot better, Bournemouth went defencive against 10 men at home. Enormous coming fixtures for Puel; I hope we make it.
  14. Never a yellow. Disgraceful what I'm reading from fans on here. Ref's an absolute melt