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  1. Not only that it's also how consistent he is. Even when we were struggling under Puel near the end he was head and shoulders our best player week in week out, the odd Cardiff at home blooper aside. It's incredible Man U favoured Dalot and even more incredible we still have Ricky P after last season, Absolutely no doubt he's top two or three best RBs in this division, we have to get him playing in the Champs League.
  2. Choudhury has a decent chance of getting into the England XI on the face of it; energy, closing down, coolness, firmness, can drop in to fill gaps, knows when and how to stop danger. Put a brain next to him who can pass and dictate play, you've got a modern midfield.
  3. He got away with this in a World Cup Final
  4. Another CB playing CM, just like Dier. I think the intention is to have a player doing similar to what Ndidi does for us: intercept, tackle, fill gaps, win balls in the air, lay it off simple. Dier is dire and Rice hasnt fully developed although I think were wasting time playing either anywhere other than CB. Our midfield is a shambles and has been for years. Henderson is the main engine and we're attempting to jam defenders in to be breakers. It's a huge problem
  5. Simeone's the only man I imagine having Man U's desired impact. But he isn't going to leave Atletico for them them and he can't speak English Whole Solskjaer thing is about evoking the ways of the past. Problem is it was only 6 years ago and Old Babyface isn't Sir Alex Ferguson. More hilarity please
  6. Jaspa


    There should be no reputation, every tackle should be judged from instance to instance. It was a yellow card professional foul, in the context of play he took one for the team. Klopp is talking absolute codswollop and Salah will be fine. Move on. We have a unique player here and that concerns other Clubs & managers. He is not a dangerous knobhead who goes out to hurt people, he's a hot blooded young man who is not scared to put it all on the line for our team, you don't want to change any of that. Opposition being fearful is their problem, he shouldn't look to alter his game too much and he can always improve.
  7. S'ton sold their soul to Liverpool and have been a turd which won't flush for three seasons. Take it as abit of a warning to us though, similarly sized Club/Stadium, decent new training ground. You can't always rely on recruitment, clubs like Man City don't just spend £60m on players for their squad to make theirselves stronger, they do it to also weaken the competition.
  8. Jaspa


    Did the right thing. No malice to hurt the player, Salah has actually anticipated contactv and shielded the ball with his touch to block the tackle, which is controlled but forceful. Never a red, yellow all day. Unlucky for Salah if he is hurt. Wouldn't want him to take it out of him, I think it has it's time and place, it's a mans game. If people are afraid of going into 50/50s with him all the better for us, a reputation isn't always a bad thing as long as refs are fair.
  9. Great performance against a team with only one equal in this League, we chose our moment to hit them and should've got a draw if it wasn't for Kevin panicing throwing a leg out in the box with a minute left on the clock. They had 3 chances in the first half and were fluid and a persisten threat with their movement and energy, not many in the world can keep them locked out and it showed when Jonny Evans was a yard out of position and Miller tucked a perfect ball around the back for Mane to run into - one yard space equals one goal down - we were still in the game though but Vardy particularly was isolated and we were stifled on the counter. Second half we'd figured out how to hurt them and tock the risk of keeping men out the field to be hit on the counter. Rejigging the personel helped a huge amount, Perez breaking the lines and pressing their tiring defence and worked brilliantly for our equaliser. Hamza took the hit and saved the team for the cost of a yellow. It's a pen and Mark's let us down, no excuses. Thought we looked nervous in the first 20 minutes, edgy on the ball. In comparison they were so sharp, there was a moment in the first half the ball was free in their box with Vardy on the ball, he tried to trick Lovren who got a touch on the ball and it popped out van Dyke nods the ball back to keeper in a fraction of a second, they dealt with the threat like a survival reflex, immidiate. Kick in the balls and lessons to be learnt but proud of the lads talent & ambition
  10. Jaspa


    Fine defensively and a great engine. End product doesn't exist though, runs down the line all day but 99/100 does nothing with it, which is fine against average teams just to stretch the opposition and tire them but against better sides they'll just give him space to run into and just wait for him to boot it too hard. It is the only aspect missing from his game though, if he had end product he'd be going Madrid/Barca. Still years in him to improve.
  11. Dean Windass saving an injury time penalty for Oldham in a 0-0 draw at the then Walkers Stadium
  12. New Premier League Chief Executive will be David Pemsel. Big time media man CEO of the Guardian Media Group
  13. He so consistent as well, last season after he'd tuned into the League even in the games we struggled with under Puel he stood out every game. He leaves space in behind him once a game but everything else is exemplary. The fact he's so consistent and adapts quickly tells me he's intelligent, committed & diligent. Still young too. He should be playing for an "elite" team in two seasons. Really have to enjoy him while he's with us
  14. Arsenal & Man City are the worst for this. We're no way their level for it as we rarely get the opportunity to comfortably leave with it all tied up but I agree it is embarrassing not to see our fans cheer the lads home. Suppose they have better things to do. Avoid the traffic jam? Get tea on? Never understood it.
  15. Said after seeing the YouTube compilations of him when we were first linked, elastic ankles. Spins and twists opponents apart, squeezing the ball through angles. Very tidy player. Don't see the Albrighton likeness much either to be honest. Different build and face structure
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