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  1. 42 years! She saw so many of our club's highs and lows, always there, an ordinary person doing all they could. I'm sure the Club will pay appropriate respects to her family. Can't think of much she did wrong really. Can't blame her for the rags Jako kitted us out in to be relegated to League 1 in. That Le Coq Sportif kit we had when wed bounced back from the Championship can't be blamed on her, it was made out of single ply tissue paper! RiP
  2. 6 more yards Tom. That's all you needed to do for me, Mr throw balls far accurately at high velocity, 6 yards
  3. PaddyP were doing a free £5 on this Went Bucs, Brady +285.5
  4. Currently 2 down at half time against their arch rivals Lyon
  5. They're going with a strong side tonight
  6. Lump hammer or chisel? Depends on the task
  7. Big Dan having a very friendly looking chat with Brentford's management after the match. Remember Fulham being linked with him a while ago but strange he's tight with their guys. Anyway, we turned on second half. Brighton up next. Bit conflicted as I think our priorities have to lay elsewhere, save ourselves for the Premier & Europa and avoid burn out when the fixtures start to crunch in February. But it's a win, the squad played, no injuries and an away comeback win against an okish side. Fair play if we're assaulting all fronts, we've got a great squad, just hope we can keepi
  8. Since when can you play advantage from an offside?
  9. Sorry lads, wouldn't mind respectfully bowing out here, but obviously would still be happy to see us win. Premier & Europa League have to be priority, attaining Champions League football the real goal for this season. FA Cup can't give us that and we already have a serious cluster of matches coming up.
  10. Unless we sign him permanently the full £300,000 a week contract would still have to be fulfilled by Inter. What we would be haggling about, if we really are interested in loaning him is the percentage of his wages we would pay to Inter for his time here. I'm not sure how appearance/assist/goal/win bonuses cross over but I'm certain that'd be another negotiation to have.
  11. With the fixtures next month and onwards we'll need him, so probably the precaution to take. Not really confident in Nacho stepping up, Ayo false 9 again? If not get Edouard in please.
  12. It came from a meme posted on Twitter years ago which became known as "Mocking SpongeBob". Basically you make an inane statement using said typeface which characterises the opinion you're against, then post this picture of SpongeBob Squarepants along with it to complete the comment. Some people take their passion for all of this very seriously . . .
  13. Did someone say Rodgers wanted to sign a 'broken player'? Eriksen has looked just that for the past couple of seasons for club. I've heard Kasper talk about him in very high esteem. Don't picture it happening though, thankfully
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