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  1. In love with Ngolo Staggers me he's still at Chelsea and that PSG, Barca or Real haven't given the moon for him. Best defensive midfielder in the world
  2. I smelt the coffee in 2012, can't believe some have taken this long to cob on, they've been inching that shaft further and further into you with each willfully played iteration of FUT. The real problem is it's not actually you they're targeting, don't get me wrong they do take advantage, but the real target is children with lazy or busy, rich parents who let their children free on the virtual fun fair that is modern gaming - the conveyor belt for that market regenerates as the kids/gamers grow out of the cycle to be replenished by more and more excitable, bored kids. Good effort boycotting EA but without the government stopping them milk ridiculous amounts of money out of children and parents, passively or willingly allowing it, it won't stop.
  3. Jaspa


    Hatched this the other day
  4. Amazing how much piss he boils. He's very frustrating but he's not necessarily a bad player. Seriously hope he gets it together here, I just think alot of fans have given up and will spill bile and boo at any opportunity. Ultimately it's up to the manager to decide and to get more out of him, if he doesnt see anything in Dimmy he'd have probably been moved on in the summer with his stock still high. I think similarly to Soyuncu he needs to be shown some love by the fans and he needs to up his game
  5. Saved by VAR. We really couldnt get through them, Maddison wasteful, Chilwell off form all game, Vardy isolated. Good points are we didn't lose. Ricky P stable as ever, Soyuncu handling the step up well - zero errors today too! Ndidi showing why he comes straight back into the XI. Albrighon & Barnes bright off the bench. Evans solid & limber
  6. Who was it one of their fans said was better than him a few years ago, David Jones? Anyway yeah it'll either fitness or tactical, he should've done preseason work with Chelsea if he wasn't injured, unless he completely gave up on football and thus his wages too - unlikely
  7. Could be a huge score. Back when I used to play Fifa career mode, when popping one in every ten minutes of a game it was time to turn the difficulty up
  8. Salahs hair eventually turning Crusty the Clown's style
  9. German reports saying Leroy Sane has torn his ACL, had a £140m transfer to Bayern lined up apparently. Should mean more game time for Riyad
  10. Was gonna say having only watched his clips prior to last season - pace merchant no.7 with patchy end product? However seeing last seasons highlights just now Sarr looks to have have developed end product and direction. The writing really would be on the wall for Dimmy if we sign this lad, at the same time you want him to have turned the same corner. We still need to offload Ghezzal but I'm not against getting Sarr.
  11. Basically just censorship. There's far more goes on with that website, it's always just been a place for outsiders to start a message board about whatever and chat openly in their own safe space without a spotlight being on them or being held accountable, any topic is fair game and open to discussion. So the majority of boards & people on that site which weren't hurting anyone will be looking for a new place and with their general options currently being Discord, Reddit, 4chan, Facebook & Twitter - all of which these groups already struggle to agree with - I don't see how this helps the internet by completely taking this down. The loonies will just find another newer place which could make itself more culturally accessible and longstanding healthy cultures die for their sake. The internet as we've known it will continue to be dismantled piece by piece, it's future is looking more and more like Demolition Man, Stallone & Snipes.
  12. Swap for Sesseggnog + £15m?
  13. This is one of the main reasons the Club has taken the long term stance of buying potential & rough gems. Proven Premier League players at stable Clubs will cost an absolute mountain of cash. Bournemouth have every right to ask for that fee as he's their player, they took him and improved him. Going on as we were with Soyuncu & Benkovic feels quite risky but the dye was cast last season when we bought the pair. Man United have weakened us this season but we got a phat sack of loot. I still can't see us signing an attacking mid or winger without offloading Ghezzal or Gray - so that could be our window done. Evans, Soyuncu, Morgan & Benkovic
  14. I posted it in the now derelict original Tarkowski thread a week or so ago after looking up the stats
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