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  1. Wouldn't blame him to be honest after Mee destroyed a players knee the other week.
  2. To be honest I only know of him from that dummy he sold to van Dijk in the Champions League. Sign him up
  3. Not like we were beaten by a particularly great team, they certainly had more motivation but they still gave up enough chances to us for a different scoreline and most of their opportunities were from our own sloppy play in midfield and defence. I think Evans has dodged alot of criticism on here tonight when he kept Ings onside for the second and was running out of position to close wingers down when they were already covered which left gaps in behind more than once. Soyuncu also looking uncharacteristicly nervy closing players down, no idea why Rodgers chose to switch the CBs around for this one. I think partially one symptom of us playing so poorly is Chilwell, he was rattled against Man City and Liverpool which cruely showed him the level he needs to play at to achieve his and our ambitions, that weight coupled with the rest of the team dipping in form has put him in the spotlight because he's always bombing down the wing to make high risk crosses/passes which aren't hitting their targets, he runs up & down that wing all day for us and fans get frustrated at repeatedly seeing his efforts fail to come off; which is not me defending his poor form but I think he's one who flourishes when the team ticking over nicely. We've looked ragged at home for more than a month in the League now, incidentally since Rodgers & Co signed new deals. If this form creeps into our away matches too we'll struggle to stay Top 6 let alone 4.
  4. Could've been, I wouldn't know our accounts close enough. Weren't there fairly firm bids for Tarkowski and/or Ake right after we'd sold Maguire? Also does anyone know the deal with FFP and healthily growing our wage kitty? I know it can be incrementally increased a percentage over a number of seasons but it seemed alot tighter under Puel in regards to buying players when it seemed we had a raft of dead weights like Adrien & Slimani kicking about and all we could add was Ghezzal even when we'd just sold Mahrez. Reason I mention it is because selling Maguire also meant we dropped off a big wage and if we're under a certain number because of that sale it could slightly hinder growth in future seasons if our future wage constraints then are tied to our current expenditure. Could be a load codswallop
  5. Mina Rzouki. She does a few things for radio, like World Football Forum where she's known as the Colonel for her love of KFC. If this Maguire money is still burning a hole in our pocket we might have enough to get him off them, they'll still be open to business and having Soyuncu will probably help our cause but yeah, very long shot. Proper player and only 21 years old
  6. As an aside, apes are magnificent creatures
  7. Mendy's a good squad player, I'm sure he's a positive to train with to keep the squad sharp and when needed today he provided the goods. I think Hamza had a bigger impact today though and while Mendy played well Wham were absolute bobbins and duely sacked their manager after failing to challenge our second string. So I think behind the scenes he'll be a miss but I cant see him getting many opportunities here which his talent & age merits somewhere at least. But he's certainly replaceable. It was unlucky how it started with us, the injury against Arsenal in 2016 and the long time on the mend, then Puel played him but when given the important squad role he was found lacking, particularly closing down shots from the edge of the box which we leaked heavily with him always out of position or waggling one of his thicc legs at thin air. Attract a buyer, get the wage gone, wish him the best and recruit. Agree with others, he'd be great at a lower mid-table club like Watford/Southampton
  8. Men against boys, could see it in the press they made it seem like we didnt have any outlet besides a panicked long ball and when we pressed them it seemed easy to spin us around and hit us repeatedly. That said it was a good performance from Man City, Riyad certainly well up for it, de Bruyne conducting the show, wingbacks both solid. Didnt think Youri or Perez had much of an effect on the game, Ricky with another off day. We're still screaming out for a top quality winger. Best team won.
  9. Title winning XI. Not to denote other achievements of the last ten years but it was a monumental moment in sport. Goal of decade for me: either Vardy 4-3 against Man Utd 2014 which was pure delight and announced us back in the Top flight or Mahrez 2-0 verses Man City 2016 which for fans of other teams and the media was the game which really made it clear LCFC meant business and that we were well in the right place for the title; beauty of a goal too, Kante winning it and bustling forward, passing into Riyad who hurdles Otamendi to then wrong foot the defender and right foot it past a flabbergasted and stationary Joe Hart.
  10. Norwich were good, Pukki impressive and Aarons not bad either. We set up wrong, they completely ran over the midfield and could've been 2 up by the time we'd reacted. Gray not great off the bench, would've favoured Ayoze given they were going to sit in and invite pressure. We didn't lose and we've played pretty poorly. Long way to go this season and we're clearly still a work in progress in regards to having different plans for different opponents. Vardy getting 8 in a row is still very impressive, as was the 8 game winning run. Still time to get something else up and running again this season.
  11. Watford had chances for at least a draw, can't say they were unlucky just needed to kick the ball cleanly infront of goal more often. Enjoyed 70-85mins though, Liverpool looked stressed, lost Wijnaldum too, their supporters very nervy against rock bottom at home, 11 points clear in December
  12. How can you be offside off your own pass? Referring to the Deulofeu corner hitting the post and coming straight back to him
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