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  1. Here's how our other Group G counterparts got along lastnight,
  2. Quite intelligent, switches around defence quite well for different situations. Solid defensively. Impressed Had 3 opportunities to score from corners tonight though, only connected once.
  3. Fofana's quite an intelligent player, shifts around well and confident. Nacho doing really well; two assists, laying it off, hold up play, goal for him would be icing on the cake
  4. It's weird because physically when you look at his build he's got a Klitschko style, long springy limb thing kind of going on. He should be an absolute beast, I'd still like to see him fulfill some potential and not just be another Kapustka
  5. Ward Castagne Wes West Thomas Mendy Praet Maddison Under Kev Nacho Do the tactic you have to when FIFA makes you play 2 games in a single day on career mode, go hard for the first goal and then just pass it around the back for 75mins. We can use abit of youth here, Man U particularly used this competition to blood alot of talent. Thomas, Choudhury, shame we let KDH go because were heinously light in midfield backup with 2 games a week for the foreseeable. Would be tempted to play Perez in
  6. Didn't even realise West Brom Burnley was on. Weird to have it on so early though, pre-6pm on a non-bank holiday Monday, people are still out there working, why not just have multiple kick-offs around 8pm like usual?
  7. The piss he boils of our own fans is in the nautical leagues, clearly. Slim would be infamous & feared by other teams if he got a run together. Given the circumstances it's probably worth considering too we've thrown him in when there aren't any of his own fans to boo him in his first 25min cameo for two and a half years. If he's our player he deserves support. If he's the wrong choice to play over Nacho(because Vardy is injured) then blame the manager.
  8. What's Leon Crncic up to? Would be another remarkable redemption arc
  9. This is absolutely ridiculous Get well soon Cags, Riccy, Wilf and Vards. Maybe Maddison will get to full fitness soon. The players have had a glut of games and will be battling from now until November, two games a week, Ukraine & Athens included. There does have to be an internal investigation though, physio sacked ect. - did we even replace him? It can't all be bad luck
  10. Can we just have our players back soon please? Whatever it is, physio we sacked rubbed their abductors up the wrong way, just get it fixed
  11. Tottenham & Everton probably top 4 this season, could be a chance for one of them to actually win it if Man Chitty & Liverplop continue to be patchy.
  12. He got a clean sheet against England at Wembley 4 days ago
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