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  1. Pogba has astronomical commercial value, so does Manchester United as a whole and most of their business in the transfer market has been big names, commercial potential & reputation over much else. Signing Sanchez showed them up completely, they had no idea what they were doing but saw the big name, saw a chance to "get one over" Man City for the bants and in doing so signed a burnt out player who didn't fit in with their group at all and pay him over £500k per week! Thing is they can afford the outlay because their brand brings in the cheddar from all over the World. It's a strange Club now because the balance is all off. Pogba isn't a bad player, in the right system he's a star. The thing is unlike France winning the World Cup with him they haven't got N'golo Kante releasing him further up the pitch into a freer role, they instead spend a bucket on Fred and have a defence made up of proven failures at their level of ambition. Also wouldn't be comparing Youri to Pogba just yet. Youri is playing in the right system for him and even got an assist against West Aym on an off day, he's still at the early stage of his career. Pogba was playing for Juve in a tailored role and was tearing it up at his age.
  2. That's never a free-kick, flings his legs out at the defender and already off floor before contact. Well taken under pressure but that's incompetent refereeing. Knockaert also did it better
  3. Never ever ever a free-kick. Terrible referee
  4. They already showed their hand when they released the original Xbox One; the future is disc-less, always online backed up with "the cloud" - people may not like it but slowly slowly it will become so. Just another step at getting people used to it Game Pass is another one of those steps, it's nice you can have a whole plethora of games to download and play for a couple of quid a month, as long as you're subscribed, no physical discs, all online. The best thing Microsoft has done this Gen is more crossplatforming with PC, Forza Horizon 4 and the like can be booted up on your old tower no problem and it all runs like hot butter.
  5. Quite clearly hit his arm first, you see the impact wobble his forearm musculature. Then off the hip, would never have been scrubbed off without VAR but the state of the commentary
  6. Home shirt could be alright, need a proper look. The two template secondary kits are just lazy, and bad. Salmon pink isn't a bad colour but that looks more of a washed out pink, and it's picked straight out of the 2019 Adidas template catalogue with a cheap monochrome badge glued on and tharr ye go, sixty quid please. Also need a better look at the gray one, it's not a flattering image of it to be fair but it does look another stardard catalogue job. Not at all impressed by Adidas so far. Feels like you're dealing with a computer algorithm and we're not a high priority. They can't actually be a***d to design something
  7. Looks more forearm than elbow to me, intent to brush him but not gone in point of elbow to actually hurt him. It is a little harsh
  8. Jaspa


    Think you get one guaranteed Lucky Trade out of it and that's all. You do get the same chance to get to lucky friends with the same person again any time you interact with them though
  9. Had a feeling the game would come to life after that first half. Chelsea still asleep and shellshocked after the first goal, their left-back particularly susceptible. Then Chelsea had a fifteen minute patch where they could've scored 3, Hazard doing everything but put the ball in the net, that's Chelsea's plateau today. Then substitutions from both teams level the game out, Higuain is an absolute donkey, Kante still playing as an attacking RCM with Willian dropping deeper than him on most occasions - Kante is the best CDM in the world This is madness from Chelsea and it they lose Hazard and either keep Sarri or lose Kante too they're not getting Champs League next year. Liverpool bouyant. Good performance which will serve as more of a confidence boost than anything, their fans will get even rowdier from today. Should be an interesting climax
  10. Jaspa


    He's finito. Doesn't have the pace, been ravaged by injuries and has had no consistent impact on the game in more than 4 years
  11. Kept trying the same things all game, we didn't produce when it mattered. Newcastle were solid and turned in a typical scrappy, time-wastey game but they were very hard to pick apart, very hard to get the second ball off of and very hard to find space against, they nullified our Maddison & Tielemans combo play, making Ndidi look back to his Puel form and was very scrappy in possession. The goal came from a simple situation, ball came back on the wing and Ayoze Perez more alive in the box than Wes and a good header over a seemingly 5'2" Kasper. Their touch was right, their pressure was right and they deserved the win; that's them on a good night. Ref wasn't good, facilitated alot of time wasting even in the first half, missed a couple of yellows against them for stopping counters beyond the first phase. We never seem to get results with him. Ricardo MotM. Not a whole lot else positive, Wes handled Rondon well who was a real handful. Thought Chilly was wasteful, never seemed to get the right weight of pass to Barnes especially in the first half. Vardy had a chance or two, Maddison was stifled and booted a couple of times for measure. We'd have done very well to win that. You'd hope we come up with some better ideas against tactically & physically solid teams who are well drilled and determined next time.
  12. Not bad. Third looks typical template again though, second looks more like a goalie kit in this mock-up although distinctive. Around this time last year I remember it being said we'd gone to extra lengths to have the collar made differently to the standard design. Any ideas of we're having any finer details this year too?
  13. Jaspa


    Good ol' Leicester Merc. He turns 31 this Summer
  14. Like watching La Liga now, players diving on the floor every thirty seconds for the most minimal contact, ref fully facilitating with cards - embarrassing
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