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  1. Welcome to Bayern - Skills & Tricks - Angry Goose Goosens
  2. Sky giving out a £5 bet if you opt in and place a bet of 5p or more on anything in the England game. Bet365 giving a straight up £5 free bet on England Scotland too. My Yurak Bilmaz bet is dead, must remember to avoid absolute hype jobs pre-tournament. Still have money on Lukaku, Spain and a few mad request-a-bets which are looking healthy. Made a few hundred quid over the last few days backing favourites to score o1.5 & win. Think it'll be a lot harder when the groups finish. Everything still running: Kane & Mpabbe 10+ shots on target each in whole tournam
  3. With a bizarre accent, like Aussie missed with Welsh. Strangest I've ever heard was an Indian who'd moved to Wales as an adult. Not any fond memories of him fom me. Used to be pure danger at the Walkers back in his Norwich days.
  4. He ain't coming back so it doesn't matter anyway. Just thought I'd say because he got alot of comments in the Italy game and it's interesting ... Demiral dropped too, rightly imo
  5. Typical, he immediately gets done. Still looked decent so far
  6. Just hope it doesn't effect his game, aerial battles and determination are two of his key attributes. He might think twice for a while
  7. Impressed by this Finnish O'Shaughnessy lad, doing very well against Dzyuba
  8. Looks more red velvet than maroon. Also what's up with the huge wonky boarder around our badge? I wish the Club/Adidas would just do a special re-issue, they'd make millions. Even Fox Leisure were capable of it 19 years ago ffs
  9. He's abit like Ulloa, would add another dynamic to us. A leader too
  10. Said on comms everyone there had to provide proof of vaccination
  11. 6 minutes? C'mon FIFA, if a goal had've gone in for Spain it would be half of that and you know it
  12. PaddyPower giving a free £5 bet on the 14:30 and Bet365 too, free £5 but on any race. Know nothing about horses
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