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  1. Hope Sterling just spends the whole weekend camped in a casino.
  2. Yeah. When you first mentioned it, I thought it was a two or three goal loss.
  3. You’re thinking of a different game against Bolton, presumably the 03/04 season. I know the one you mean as they scored from having at least two players standing on the goal line when the kick was taken. Pretty sure it was at the Walker’s though. Quick google and I think it was this one - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/3456283.stm
  4. The only game I’ve ever left early from. Last East Mids derby at Filbert Street and effectively confirmed relegation from what I remember. Thought it was 3-0 to them though.
  5. Not under the laws as they are now as he made a genuine attempt for the ball.
  6. To win the league this year we’d need at least 15-20 more points than we got in 15-16 when we only lost three games all season and - we’ve already lost two this year. Liverpool finished second with 97 points last year remember. Next two games will tell us a lot but let’s just enjoy the ride. I’d still be delighted with seventh, hell even top 10 and a cup.
  7. This is the big one for me. Must have been 10s of thousands of top flight games and in each one the away side effectively trying to get the biggest win ever. We witnessed tonight our team do that and what no away team has done in top flight history. So proud!
  8. That’s up there with the ‘walking on air’/‘what have I just seen’ feeling of the Man City away in the title winning season. Need to soak this feeling up. What a team. Bit harsh on Perez (and all of them to be fair) but even though he only played for an hour, thought Harvey Barnes was MOTM. He opened up the space for others.
  9. I wasn’t going to watch it, but became weirdly drawn in about how shit it all is. I was never going to support it anyway, but even less so now it’s basically Notts. Hopefully it winds the Leics lads up enough to fire them up for the Blast next season while others rest on their laurels knowing they’ve got a pay day later in the summer.
  10. Even when down a man, France have made so many poor decisions when they’ve had the ball in the Welsh half they should still have won It anyway.
  11. We go second in the league, and that’s your first reaction! Jesus wept. Still 100 per cent against sides who finished lower than the top seven last year.
  12. Looks like the ERG are going to vote for it. Watch it be 52%-48%.
  13. Imagine dropping two points away from home because a player who plays for Neil Warnock, and who should have been sent off for an elbow, scores a very dodgy late free kick that was also offside.
  14. Jurgen Klinsmann celebrating scoring on his debut by fake diving.
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