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  1. England’s number six in his last appearance coming in at number seven for his club too! Meanwhile Leics bring Klein in.
  2. It’s not the moral high ground if you sell them based on how good they are or how much money they might bring in. While it’s weird none of the players have said anything yet in way of an apology (hopefully that’s not due to legal reasons) it should be dealt with now. They’ve got to do their talking on the pitch when they get their chance to get back into the first team.
  3. The real victims in this thread are those of us in our late 30s that were looking forward to going out again. On the day pubs reopen of all days.
  4. To be the fair the first was a bit of brilliance of the type you wouldn’t even normally attempt, never mind curl it so perfectly, and from a player who can do no wrong at the minute but who you know will be shanking those kind of efforts into the stands in a couple of months time. The second, while there were defensive faults in the build up, was also just millimetres away from being good defending, whereas we were also potentially millimetres from potentially getting a penalty, not that they bothered looking at that one. Was just fine margins went against us. The less
  5. Still fuming about that third goal. Was just dreadful across the pitch giving it away and then letting them virtually walk it into the net. Felt even at 2-0 we were still in it and that was going to be crucial. Fair play to Albrighton. Absolutely immense.
  6. Had more than West Ham. They’re just on a roll where everything they do is turning to gold, even the right offsides going there way. We’re still in this.
  7. Bloody hell, was he worried they were only 400 runs in front?
  8. N’Didi didn’t play in the first game so hopefully that and them missing Rice will make a big difference compared to that one. They’re in great form, enjoy playing on the counter, outplayed us in that first game and good at set pieces, so should be one of the teams that can hurt us most, but for some reason I’m more optimistic than usual about this. Can feel a Vardy masterclass incoming too.
  9. Vaguely remember the stat being for the 03/04 season that if games had finished after 85 mins we’d have been fourth. We just collapsed late on seemingly every week, even if there were some memorable games. To show how much more top heavy the Premier League is now compared to then, Liverpool finished fourth that season with 60 points. That’s only four less than we have now with eight games to go. We scored as many as fifth placed Villa.
  10. Yeah, looking at the scorecard I think you’re right and he didn’t bowl. I thought Griffiths had started to show a bit of promise last season but Mike surely is the one with more potential.
  11. Obviously the best bowler we’ve had for a number of years is playing for the opposition. At least in conditions where the balls still doing a bit 60 odd overs in it’s not in the hands of Abbas and Abbott yet.
  12. Absolutely disgusting and arrogant article from Phillip Lahm......but nice of him to include us. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/08/bigger-more-diverse-european-super-league-can-enrich-football-philipp-lahm
  13. Stream and overall coverage is great to be fair. Knowing where the balls gone after it’s left the bat does make a difference!
  14. Only four mins injury time when Soucek was sat on the ground for a good five mins.
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