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  1. Do you mean “fourth best team” as in normal 1st XI or squad? Because there’s a fair difference.
  2. While I agree with you and don’t want him gone, if you did swap the half season’s around he would probably have been sacked while battling against relegation.
  3. He was brilliant first half last night, as he has been for much of the season. He can’t do it all himself all the while and most of the damage last night was caused from others cocking up behind him. Are you expecting him to control that ball from Kasper? One of the few things that went our way last night was him not seeing a straight red because then we’d have been even more buggered for the last three games.
  4. This. All day. We more than any club have seen generally how the next season goes after we finish poorly/well.
  5. “Eddie how did you win that game?” ”Well...you have to give credit to Leicester....”
  6. That first half I genuinely thought Bournemouth were worse than Southampton away. That was just purely mental, nothing to do with talent and that’s really fecking scary. I’m more worried about next season now than getting in the Champions League. Can’t see us picking up another win so we might not even finish fifth no matter what happens tomorrow.
  7. I genuinely thought Wilf could have beaten Bournemouth on his own first half. What is happening?
  8. Worst thing is, he’s looked completely uninterested and half arsed, and he’s still scored against us.
  9. True. Whistleblowers should be protected though.
  10. Man City have said all along they’re all n the right, even when it’s pretty apparent they’ve not been and why would the change that now? Builds up the ‘we’re so hard done to/we’re the victims’ mantra with their fans if it doesn’t go their way.
  11. Can’t believe the media narrative to be honest. If the Vardy incident had happened with an Arsenal player it wouldn’t even be mentioned (like the disallowed goal.) If a Leicester player had put their studs through an Arsenal player’s knee, no matter how accidental, there would be full on hysteria.
  12. Wow. Mikel Arteta trying time set the narrative and Sky falling for it.
  13. How did the ref not add any more time on?
  14. Posted it in the match day thread, but while listening to the game without crowd noise on headphones, thought I heard an exasperated Rodgers having a go at him for losing his man at a set piece just moments before he got hooked.
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