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  1. F*** sake this is far too negative. * Stream’s lagging a bit.
  2. Wasn’t at fault for the goal. Was tracking his man and was off balance for the header as a result so did as well as he could. Could only have headed further out if he’d let his man go.
  3. Mendy sums it up in we’ve been poor, but then one brilliant move and we score. If we’d got Riccy P we’d be laughing and have them really struggling. As it is JJ is making a heck of a lot of wrong decision and looks pretty scared, albeit getting into good positions in the first half. Still can’t just go gun-ho yet. Will be interesting to see when he brings Maddison on for Tielemans who you just think is going to get a second yellow for something innocuous.
  4. Straight. Commentator mistakenly said second yellow at the time but was Lundstrom booked earlier.
  5. Fecking hell is that right. We’re through?!? Brilliant achievement!
  6. Yeah doesn’t seem to be doing anything here. Cheers though. Will try and find a dodgy stream.
  7. Wasn’t it their lowest position in their history...until last year of course? It can be interesting but only at its most detrimental to the club/people involved. Take the Sunderland season two episode about transfer deadline day. The CEO could never carry on after that debacle was caught on camera. Was quite funny though.
  8. Think Schmeichel will try to go into the media because he’s always going on about how few keepers are in that job leading to pundits talking bollocks about the position. Think one most likely to be a manager from the current squad is Youri, but obviously a good 15 years away.
  9. Been linked with Everton a lot. God knows what their wage bill must be like though.
  10. Not sure Inter or Benfica will agree with that. He sounds like Slimani on coke and would probably be a total disaster........and for some reason that’s why part of me wants this to happen.
  11. Here’s his team from his first game. Sterling hadn’t made his debut, Coutinho and Sturridge hadn’t signed yet. They’d finished eighth the previous seasons. Henderson was a new signing who came off the bench to make his debut.
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