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  1. Yeah ditto. Made a point of acknowledging them when moving so far out the way as if to say no hard feelings too. A fair few people still insist on taking up as much space as possible walking side by side even when you’re trying to run as far away as possible.
  2. They did that a couple of days ago.
  3. Wasn’t one of Kaputska’s injuries an ACL, albeit sustained while on loan?
  4. Don’t worry lads - Pussy Man Dan has got this.
  5. Especially given Villa are in the bottom three and have a game in hand which, if they win, would lift them out if it.
  6. Probably 94 and 96 on an even keel. Both late goals. Palace more dramatic but then the other was over Derby and was the first win at Wembley in our history on the back of the losses in the two previous seasons. 97 was special for it being only the second major trophy in our history at that point, but I kind of remember both those games were pretty terrible. I do remember thinking that and 00 would probably be as good as it ever got for us!
  7. Ireland now saying outdoor events with over 500 people and indoor events with over 100 should be cancelled until at least March 29. www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/northern-ireland/51853142
  8. Athletic Bilbao deliberately use the English version of the word as a nod to to their British founders.
  9. Well said. I wonder how valuable these player are to the dressing room even when they’re not in the first team. Think that element is (understandably) underestimated by many fans. You need these kind of players and characters in any squad.
  10. Yeah but they didn’t shake hands at the beginning of the match. The Premier League’s basically saved their lives.
  11. Wonder if they deliberately moved him out wide to keep him away from N’didi. They’ll change in the second half. Just have to defend well and hit them on the break.
  12. Man City aren’t up for this - and Mike Dean’s a willy-puller.
  13. You probably mean this one for West Ham against Sheff Utd.
  14. Burnley deserve to lead (for the Eric Dyer chant as much as anything) and I’m pretty chuffed with that, but how the hell was that not ruled out for a handball in the build up?
  15. As soon as he kicked that ball from the half way line I was straight up off my seat in the Kop - berating Joey for yet another aimless long ball over the top.
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