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  1. Have a degree of sympathy with Villa - but it was also shite defending. Poor touch and wasn’t aware of where the player was.
  2. This is going to be nervy and they’ll surely come out all guns blazing. If we take our chances in this half we win though, no matter what Chelsea do.
  3. Massively disappointed this thread isn’t a reminisce about Junior Lewis.
  4. Is it just me that’s missed every time the referees have put how many seconds on the board when there’s under a minute stoppage time? Can understand why Liverpool might run with making up weird rules that don’t exist so they get angry about it. Why are Sky running with it though?
  5. He said that, but pretty sure he said you can’t win it counter attacking too.
  6. Micah Hyde really doesn’t know much about football does he. “You can’t win the league playing counter attack.” Seems genuinely amazed a counter attacking team are trying to counter attack.
  7. Mcmanaman avoided the question around 88mins. Possibly hoping for a Southampton equaliser given how many times he used the word ‘unfortunately’ every time he made a slight criticism/observation of them.
  8. Damn, wish I was out in Leicester tonight! That just felt huge in a way I’ve not really felt since the title season really. Also, not felt since since that season at about 60 mins we were going to be solid enough to see out the game. Against a good side we could have won by three or four in the end, even if the missed chances made it slightly more nervous than it should. Second at the half way stage again, but this time it feels like the best is yet to come as the side continues to gel and hopefully we’ll have better luck with injuries down the stretch.
  9. Thought you played quite well and were a lot more attacking than when I’ve seen you previously this season. Everton took their chances though and closed it out second half.
  10. Currently sixth favourites for the FA Cup and joint sixth alongside Ajax for Europa. (The latter among those ‘is this really happening’ sentences that still gives the goosebumps). So bookies would say quarter finals. Obviously it is possible to win one given we can beat anyone on our day and we should enjoy that fact. But you still need a lot of luck and to be consistent, particularly in the Europa where you’re up against sides with much more experience of playing in Europe which will be more of a factor in knock out games than it was in the group stages.
  11. This, although there’s obviously the attitude issue and his mentality that we’re usually so good at scouting before signing players. Some good moments so definitely not Akinbuyi levels, despite the price tag. You could see there’s talent there but we also didn’t play much to his strengths but the moment you realise she wasn’t going to click with Vardy was the moment his days are numbered. A rare transfer blip, but then also fully expect him to score a few in France again. Can’t believe he’s 32 now after being here four and a half years.
  12. When’s the amnesty. They usually get wiped out at some point and it’s usually round Christmas, though obviously slightly behind where usually are.
  13. Was just thinking that we weren’t going to score today and then Justin does that. Looked fantastic after that. Do think we’ll need another though as there’s no way we’re not conceding from a set piece and the referee is giving us nothing. Only had two free kicks given to us and one of those was the rugby tackle on Barnes that was the obvious yellow.
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