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  1. Norwich's "On the baaaallll Ciddy" song is one of the best unique club songs. May the best team win. That's us, by the way.
  2. Ear-dildoed, not porn-dildoed. Let's keep it classy.
  3. They beat Man City, but if I recall correctly Man City had a bucketful of missed chances, and were Pukki'd.
  4. I'd go with Soyuncu MOTM, but I'd shrug and move on if Ricardo, Vardy, Ndidi or Iheanacho got it.
  5. A rough pumping administered to the Villa away. These are seldom seen but wonderful days. And much about Villa was utterly vile. Play acting, niggly fouls, leg breakers, appealing for everything. The reffing was pretty poor, too. But don’t let that detract from how much better than Villa we were. Soyuncu and Ricardo simply brilliant.
  6. Would like Barnes to bag here, to boost the confidence....
  7. We should be three up at least. Maddison could have slotted Vardy through at two nil and, inexplicably, hit it into their player.
  8. God I hate Villa and their idiot with hair who can’t pull his bleddy socks up. We need to press the accelerator second half and get two clear goals ahead and a safe distance, because this bunch of cheats (looking at *you* Heaton) will appeal anything and everything, and you wouldn’t bet against Oliver dishing a second yellow somewhere, either.
  9. He’s not been the creative genius we know and love, but that was immense defending by Tielemans.
  10. Quick, Vardy, get a run at Mings....
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