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  1. Gary Neville was gurning and moaning before this, muttering darkly about naming players. Goodness knows what the reaction will be after this.
  2. I only dipped in and out of the match thread, as my stream was a bit laggy and it ruins it if you find out about a goal before you see it. However, on my stream, it was former Hammer Tony Gale as a co-commentator. Talking about what a great bloke Trevor Brooking is, and having a laugh about the colour of his "dickie dirt", and generally giving West Ham the benefit of most doubts. Probably whilst wearing a pearly coat and eating some whelks. I struggle to recall a Leicester legend with a Leicester accent biasedly commentating on any of our games. Ever. Yet Sky and BT, and now the foreign telly, seem to put supporters of one or the other team (but never of Leicester City) in the co-commentator's chair quite often. It's a minor irritation, but it grates. Go neutral.
  3. Emoticon makers, do your thing with that Harvey pic.
  4. Barnes will become our starter in his position, but I still maintain that bringing him on (after he seemed to lose a bit of sparkle in recent games) rather than starting him today was the right decision. And it worked. We looked brilliant for a while in that second half. I know he got an assist at the end, but I was quite underwhelmed with Tielemans' other work today. Agree with everyone loving Ricardo's contribution. What a player he is. I hate watching MOTD when we lose, but a draw away is fine, so I'll have some of that.
  5. There was quite a bit of charging forward, then turning back. Let's have less of that.
  6. It's a stroll in the sunshine. Some look like they are not at it. Hope we see something different this half.
  7. To be fair, in this weather you should be eating an ice cream, not running about after a ball.
  8. This refereeing style is a bit laissez faire...
  9. Managing a developing resource. Brendan knows what he's doing with this.
  10. That's terrible coverage, showing us a replay whilst an attack is happening.
  11. Off the top of my head and limiting it to Scots Steve Clarke Alex Neill David Moyes Jack Ross Pretty sure it will be Moyes.
  12. Worse than Spurs winning the Champs League would be Liverpool winning a League and Champs league double. Any right thinking fans are all Ajax, now.
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