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  1. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    I already worked from home a lot, and I'm working harder than ever during the week. I know those of you enduring forced inactivity are sick of it, but for me, it's nice to get some time off and laze about at the weekend. My missus, on the other hand, has spent the lockdown on enforced leave and is climbing the walls.
  2. Just been turned down from that NHS volunteer scheme. They’ve got enough gynaecologists, apparently. Just waiting to hear back from the breast clinic now.
  3. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    You lot are not going to like this but semi forced national emoting, a la Diana's funeral, gives me the utter heebie jeebies. Good luck to those who enjoyed doing the clapalong or those who were touched by the gesture, but I died inside a little. Soz. I'm just not a public emoter.
  4. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    Ah Mutti. Got to love Angela.
  5. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    I miss public information films. Charlie Says, wash your bleddy hands.
  6. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    Yes, the deaths, suffering, economy melting down, martial law, empty supermarkets, closed schools and no football are bad. But then Gal Gadot and friends made it all just a little bit worse.
  7. Arms like Schwarzenegger. Well, one of them.
  8. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    Yeah. Just got the parkrun email. Should be ok to go for a solo run, though.
  9. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    Ive stopped going. I really really miss it. People sweat, cough and splutter at the gym. Unless they are disinfecting every surface and bit of kit after every use, it’s a risk society shouldn’t take. Close the gyms.
  10. Playing behind closed doors isn’t all about not spreading the virus amongst fans. Police, emergency services etc are needed elsewhere.
  11. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    I live in Glasgow pal. If I knock on my neighbours' doors in the current climate, they'll either chop me up and feed me to their dog, or wipe their bums on me.
  12. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    Needed a few bits from the shop. Went to the massive Tesco near mine just after 7pm. No bog roll. No kitchen roll. No hankies. No dry pasta of any kind. No dry rice. No tinned tomatoes of any kind No fresh beef, chicken or lamb, except 1 pack of liver No baked beans No loaves About 2 packets of eggs Running out of beer No hand san Running out of soap and toothpaste Blimey. At least they had some milk.
  13. Peter Bonetti for England. Lou Macari for Scotland Blimey, showing my age... (Macari was at school with my Mother in Law, so I'm told).
  14. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    We went quickly from this: To this: I love this website.
  15. Vacamion

    Corona Virus

    Yep. Humans are remarkably adaptable. I like these tweets as realistic yet optimistic: It *is* currently crap, but this, too shall pass...
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