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  1. What would you like to forget?

    This thread: "Merging Cultures' Darkplace". I'm turning right around and leaving.
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Sané's change of direction would have had most defenders on their backsides. As a neutral, it was a joy to watch. I know Rafa was raging about the defending after that goal, but sometimes you have to just admit your players were undone by a sublime bit of skill.
  3. Westley Nathan Morgan

    Morgan, sliding in slow motion, celebrating a goal, in the advert for Sky TV last year, was one of the great, lasting joys of being Champions.
  4. Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    My wife wasn't watching but could overhear my stream and she commented during the game there was some confusion for those listening. We had Ndidi and Deeney. In the 2nd half, D Gray and A Gray and at the end when our Silva came on, he walked past their manager, Silva.
  5. is reaching 4th/5th possible ?

    We we gave the top 5 a bit too much of a head start at the beginning of the season, until Puel was appointed, so, sadly, I don’t think so.
  6. He’s here to defend and he did that well today, but that turn in their box was utter filth.
  7. Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    It looked like Watford were trying to foul and muscle their way to a result. They threw on big lads at the end, too. Puel is trying to make us a passing side, so it was maybe a bit harder for us to play against bruisers.
  8. Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    I only saw saw the second half, but from what I saw...I’m loving our work. Maguire and Ndidi - can they give two MOTM awards? Great stuff from the rest, especially Albrighton, Chilly, Vardy. You can’t accuse Puel of rushing to make early Subs, can you ?
  9. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Knackered looking. We need subs. We needed them 10 minutes ago. .
  10. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Great run, Chilwell. Shame about the outcome.
  11. Watford (H) Match Thread

    A defensive swan dive.
  12. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Stream update: One of the new ones on Reddit actually works. I got it going a minute before half time. Thanks to the lads who PMd links, they were a bit dirty, but we tried.
  13. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Me neither. They only work these days if we are playing the big six. I'm stuck with SSN and FT...
  14. The below thread is amazing. I knew that Brown was an asshat, but this is off the scale:
  15. What grinds my gears...

    Worst move ever. Leaving aside the possibility of killing people (including innocent neighbours) with the fire.... Even if Milo were fortunate enough not to arouse the suspicion of the Fire and Rescue Service Investigator or the police in the first instance, any insurance claim for arson would be routinely passed to a Special Investigator acting for the insurance company. Any Special Investigator worth the name would establish the tenant problem because the legal paper trail which Milo has referred to is covered in standard background enquiries. This would establish motive for the incident, so would cause a deeper investigation, in which the Special Investigator would gather further evidence, including the instruction of forensic experts to test for the use of accelerants, phone records, witness testimonies, CCTV, neighbour evidence, etc. He would be interviewed formally about the claim and any holes in his story, his whereabouts, his alibi and motives would be picked apart. There is a then a good chance that, after an investigation which could take months or years, the Insurers would end up declining the claim for fraud and passing their files to the police. In England and Wales there is a dedicated branch of the police for financial crime such as insurance fraud, called IFED. So... Milo would be left with no payout, a burned out shell of a property, the inability to get insurance for the foreseeable and the possibility of criminal proceedings for insurance fraud or arson or both. It would make a bad situation infinitely worse.