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  1. Man Utd have been blocking free kicks for Villa all game. They just went to take one against the Man Utd player standing a yard away, to make the point, and Moss gives a throw in. Amazing.
  2. To be fair, Grealish being crap at defending that matches his woeful stint elsewhere on the pitch tonight.
  3. Hearing Neville toss himself off over Greenwood is adding insult to injury.
  4. Once again, how is it fair on Brighton fans that there is a Scouse co-commentator ? Sky.
  5. I'd like to report a fault. Kasper's score only goes up to 10.
  6. He kicked and shoved slot of opponents. Kudos.
  7. Tonight in the rain against Arsenal players who cant take a tackle and roll about:
  8. We might have won that. But we might have lost. Rare we get a point there. CL still on Kasper MOTM.
  9. Feel free to come up here and say that...
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