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  1. Trent Alexander Arnold looks a shell of the player he was. Opponents are getting at Liverpool down his side. I don't know whether it is exhaustion or burn out, or maybe a consequence of playing without Van Dijk in the back line.
  2. Is it me, or is Tom Heaton pretty average as a pundit?
  3. The presenter dude has totally just mixed up his Northern hellholes.
  4. If it stays like this, at the final whistle I really really want a close up of Klopp's face as Dyche shakes his hand.
  5. We were hopeful Dyche might score a knockout at the end of the first half.
  6. I know it all comes around, but it's gutting that Burnley get to play Liverpool when they are stuttering like this but when we played them they were unplayable world beaters.
  7. He is in an advert for Erdinger Weiß. He uses deutsches Bier to rinse those gnashers.
  8. Klopp's a big lad but I would fancy Dyche in that battle.
  9. 7 billion people would have used it when they lifted the Premier League trophy.
  10. Scouse accent so strong that he probably needs to regularly wipe the phlegm off his microphone Multiplied by weird squeaky high voice Multiplied by bias which is unbecoming of a professional broadcaster Multiplied by a massively transparent conscious effort to be "controversial" for clicks and traffic To the power of Sky putting him on commentary for games where he will wind people up Plus he not a very nice human being Equals "cuntertainment"
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