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  1. This can't be true, can it? Massive if it is true.
  2. They were like old ladies at the bingo.
  3. Disappointed in you all that it's been 18 minutes and no "Dier rear" joke.
  4. Noticeable that Neville is lavishing significant praise on Liverpool this evening.
  5. Villa shouldn't even be in the division. They stayed up by the skin of their teeth having been given a point against Sheff Utd for that goal that wasn't given. In a parallel universe they have just gone into Administration and are on minus 9 points at the foot of the Championship.
  6. I like Nuno Espirito Santo. An ex-goalie. He speaks intelligently in a second language. He is a really sympathetic character. I feel sorry for him about this game. Not the rest of them and their scabby shitehouse of a club though. They can get in the bin. This is hilarious. DRINKING STEVE BULL'S TEARS
  7. Wolvesalona Portugese Agent That "Bear" character trying to make the Pemier League Thread all about one club. Sigh. Traore playing like a precociously pubescent lad in the under 14s, it's sickening, the Poundshop Akinfenwa will lose his pace and it will be good night nurse. Their disgusting orange kit that IS NOT FVCKIN GOLD I once made the mistake of walking through Wolverhampton town centre. The hills had eyes. Steve Bull fighting with Steve Walsh Dat accent.
  8. Wolves behind. Can this day get any better?
  9. Remember when we were suspicious about all those penalties Manchester United were getting, and people were calling them Penchester United? Well, how about PENdan Rodgers
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