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  1. I loved it that for ages Sky used a slo mo of him sliding on his knees celebrating a goal.
  2. Have Liverpool got 4 more players or something?
  3. Gary Neville is chuckling. I don't like him, but gerrit right up you, Liverpool....
  4. He dived after minimal contact. Good VARing.
  5. As I'm from the Saff, I should really support the Saffers.
  6. Yeah the decisions could have been different but it's hard to win a game when one of your players elbows an opponent in the face.
  7. To be fair, I'm also still fizzing about Lampard's over the line goal against ze Germans and Marc Albrighton conceding a penalty a yard outside the box, so it's good to harbour burning resentment.
  8. So wasteful by France, they could have been out of sight.
  9. If you made up some vaguely french sounding names, you can easily imagine them being buttlered. La Boffe, to Bobinard, over to Pikachu...
  10. That was some brutal, bodies on the line defence there.
  11. You should be sorry. Bill McLaren could commentate on a game involving France without showing off and still stir the soul of the viewer.
  12. I mention this often, but the lack of Eddie Buttler giving showoffy gallic flourishes to his pronunciation of French names is a breath of fresh air. Vive la ITV.
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