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  1. I can spot Wilf and Caglar, but when did we sign Gabby Agbonlahor?
  2. Each one of those players has scored a pearler.
  3. MacMannaman is so unbelievably biased. Why do broadcasters think we want to listen to him calling decisions and analysis in Liverpool's favour.
  4. If one of the lads that smashed the coach window got a cut from a bit of glass, he'd sue Real Madrid and allege he could never work "again". Hope they lose 10 nil and then their stadium gets subsidence and collapses.
  5. I've seen him out and about in pubs in Glasgow before (pre pandemic) and he usually had a few lads with him looking after him. Except for that one time he got a doing, I suppose. He was under immense, unimaginable pressure whilst managing Celtic. It's bad enough having "the other lot" hate you, but when your own fans are demonstrating against you, and you are being sent all sorts in the post, that has to mess with your mind. We all like a swallee, but maybe this will be a bit of the wake up call that he needed to knock it on head for a bit.
  6. To Kasper Schmeichel My missus really quite likes you and I think she, err, would. But you're such a club legend, I don't think I'd mind.
  7. It somehow seems quite on brand for Alan Smith to be on co-comms for this soporific mess. And also for Mr AND IT'S LIVE to have done his catchphrase at the start.
  8. Howard Webb has married a fellow ref, a German lass. The report suggests that Webb will continue to live in NYC and she will live in Hanover. Why would you get married to someone and live 3000 miles away from them?
  9. Son was holding McTominay's hand, which made McTominay flick his hand out to escape Son's grasp. Not a foul. How come the commentators (and VAR) didn't see that ?
  10. At one stage it looked like we would lose by 5 or 6, so well done for showing a bit of fight. All the talk will be about the party animals, though. Kalechi Iheanacho on fire, Jamie Vardy needs a spark.
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