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  1. Has anyone considered that a minor hip injury might be why Chilwell was out of sorts last week?
  2. I tried to put all prejudice aside, and listen to what she's saying, but she is ever so slightly boss eyed, and that's all I can concentrate on. Sorry.
  3. If Liverpool go on to win, we couldn't have asked for more for Chelsea before we play them. Long midweek journey, heat and humidity, extra time and defeat having been ahead. Hope Liverpool score two more.
  4. You know the game has died off a bit when Jenas's weird pronunciation of vowels starts to annoy you again.
  5. Jenas you twonk. Staying on his feet isn't "honesty". It's "knowing VAR will find me out if I dive".
  6. FTOF, forever. But good luck individually Mr King, and welcome to Glasgow.
  7. The pundits mentioned playing Kante as an attacking midfielder. I hope Frank Lampard persists with this against us and doesn't put him back as a defensive midfielder.
  8. If Rod Hull calling him Emily on national TV when he was a kid doesn't get a mention, I'll eat my hat.
  9. I'm visiting Newcastle today, for the first time in years. I see they still don't dress for the weather.
  10. That fruit bowl they are drawing the balls from dont look very secure?
  11. I agree that the headline is stonking. Sorry to be "that dude" , but Glossop isn't that local to Leicester, so how are they described as "local rivals" . Also, people don't contract diseases from cold conditions, but from contact with others who are infected, so the poor fellah probably contracted the fatal illness anywhere other than on the pitch. Other than that, perfect article.
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