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  1. The leading scorer in the prem. Hit the post tonight. Jeez, threads like this make me depressed.
  2. Or, alternatively, that his missus gets well rattled by a famous boxer and then the internet knows all about it.
  3. Quite a narrow defeat. It was always going to be somewhat of a free hit. If we get our injured midfielders back, we'll cruise to the Champs league. We'd all have taken that. Shout out to Kasper. Decent again. Shit out to the ref / VAR not reviewing DeBrunye's handball 1st half.
  4. This ref is buying what Manchester City are selling. Weak.
  5. We are proper swapping punches with these. And that's with a few awful decisions against us. It's bleddy glorious.
  6. Unlikely as it feels just now, I would sooooooooo love a winner now (even more than I always did ), just to get it right up them. Vardy from 25m on the volley, please.
  7. Boooooooooooo. One rule for the Billionaires....
  8. Exactly RF. Our fairytale is better than theirs. Wellens out !
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