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  1. FuchingKante

    Everton 2-1 A Post Match Thread

    How the fvck is Adrien Silva not starting
  2. FuchingKante

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    Start Silva ffs
  3. FuchingKante

    Leicester vs Fleetwood (FA Cup replay) match thread

    whys the stadium so empty
  4. FuchingKante

    Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    That team is dreadful, fear we may get pumped today hope im wrong tho
  5. FuchingKante

    Andy King

    Last time I saw Andy King "boss" a midfield we were in league one to be fair
  6. FuchingKante

    Liverpool 2 Leicester 1 post match thread

    I said the same thing last week but ill say it again It seems every single game Maguire makes a mistake that directly leads to us conceding a goal Regardless of how good his passing ability is, or his ability to not make mistakes in the other 89 minutes of the match you cannot deny that the guy costs us a lot of goals.
  7. FuchingKante

    Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    I'd argue that Slimani made no impact due to the fact that our midfield was non-existent and therefore he had no service. So it was sort of Kings fault, yeah.
  8. FuchingKante

    Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    can't expect to win football matches when our full backs and central midfielders cant string 3 passes together desperately need to improve those areas in january
  9. FuchingKante

    Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    Agree with not getting a midfielder in, but to be fair Drinkwater was completely wank last season.
  10. FuchingKante

    Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    Agree, you can't blame Puel for the fact that our last 3/4 transfer windows have been utter shite.
  11. FuchingKante

    Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    So depressing, nowhere near good enough for top 4 and (hopefully) too good for the drop Meaning all we have to play for is the FA cup which we will inevitably get knocked out of we've become stoke
  12. FuchingKante

    Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    Difference is we're not payed 50-100k a week to play football, so think we're entitled to have a moan
  13. FuchingKante

    Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    Playing King in a 2 in midfield is basically playing 10 vs 11 Chilwell shite, can't seem to play a simple pass Albrighton best player today
  14. FuchingKante


    Think he's been overrated for a while yes you can say "But think of all the points he's saved us!", but every keeper saves their teams points
  15. FuchingKante

    Watford Away Match Thread

    How have we managed to lose to that shower of shite