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  1. My first real Leicester hero when I was a kid - an exciting, skillful, exuberant player who was easy to idolise. Had the good fortune to have him be the special guest at the Oadby Owls football awards one year where he couldn't have been more gracious - still got his autograph knocking around somewhere.
  2. Need to get rid of an old 08 VW Polo. it's very basic but fine, fullish service history, few nicks in the paintwork and scuffed wheels are the only problems, cosmetic or otherwise. Need to get shot of it by the 11th of April. Am I best taking it to webuyanycar? Not dealt with them before. Can't really be arsed with organising personal viewings, but I've heard WBAC like to knock several hundred off their already low valuation once you turn up - so a bit of effort organising privately could be worth it in this instance? Any general tips on selling? Never done it before.
  3. Enjoyed it, few laugh out loud moments for me early on - I thought the one hand under the table task was great. Lee Mack was over scored on several tasks, especially that one! But obviously that doesn't really matter. I think Jamali will be the arguer and Mike Wozniak has the potential to be one of my favourite ever contestants basing it on last night's episode.
  4. Want arsenal to be winning this really. Need spurs going into that last game with nothing to play for
  5. Baffled as to why Cags looks so much more shaky in a 3 than a 2. Somehow forgets how to pass!
  6. Thought we played well, surprised at some of the negativity. Yes, we need to create more chances, but we're completely in control. Think Nacho has looked really good. Early goal or two in the second half to put it to bed please.
  7. Has anyone giffed his kiss celebration yet? Need to have it on file for whenever I'm feeling low
  8. How on earth are we second Simply lovely result
  9. A vaccine acts as a selection pressure on a pathogen, meaning the 'fittest' (read: mutated) versions of the virus will be the ones most likely to survive
  10. Just finished Return of the Obra Dinn after picking up a bunch of indie titles in the recent PS sale. Thought it was absolutely superb - a truly original title that sucked me in and didn't spit me out until I had the game beat. Brilliant way to spend a lockdown weekend.
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