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  1. egg_fried_rice


    The place next to N'didi is his to lose now.
  2. egg_fried_rice

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    It's a definite red for Vardy. You've not been allowed to make challenges like that for a decade.
  3. egg_fried_rice

    Wolves (H) match thread

    What the **** is vardy doing there
  4. egg_fried_rice

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Spectacular finish 
  5. egg_fried_rice

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Jonny Evans playing like Matt Heath
  6. egg_fried_rice

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Mendy playing like ngolo kante
  7. egg_fried_rice

    Premier League Thread 2018/19 stuff it in here.

    Zahore playing like Trevor Benjamin
  8. egg_fried_rice

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    I use Pocket Casts on Android. They do an iOS version too which I imagine is very similar but I've never used it. It is one of the very few paid apps I have - think it cost me about £2.50 - but it does the job I want with minimal fuss I get heaps of use from it.
  9. egg_fried_rice

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    Ooo yes please. Broadly comedy based podcasts: Elis James and John Robins (chat from their radio show), The Adam Buxton Podcast (light-hearted amusing chats with various interesting folk), Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (similar to Adam Buxton, but recorded live and Herring is a bit more of a tit), The Comedian's Comedian (in depth chats with comics about the craft). Mostly serious one-on-one chats: Waking up with Sam Harris (tackles a lot of weighty subjects and can be pretty dry, but the guy is lightspeed smart and subjects are often interesting), The Joe Rogan Experience (Sam Harris for dude-bros), WTF with Marc Maron (Curmudgeon comedian turned surprisingly incisive interviewer) 10% Happier (ABC news anchor Dan Harris interviews people about meditation - great for those interested in the subject but a little sceptical). Social science / pop psychology: Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History (if you like his books, you'll like this), Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio.
  10. egg_fried_rice

    Adrien Silva

    He's just a bit sloppier than his talent should allow. I remain optimistic that he can become more consistent, but I've not seen anything that has convinced me he definitely will. Fingers crossed.
  11. Joined - Little Slugs (with no personality...) Can't seem to find a way to fit in any Man City players whilst retaining a good balance so I hope they crash and burn this year
  12. egg_fried_rice

    Akhisarspor Match Thread

    Wes more or less throwing himself out of position there
  13. egg_fried_rice

    Questions Thread

    A couple of bits of wallpaper in my house have started peeling in the hot weather. Nothing major, but it looks a bit shit. It's just lining paper that I've painted over. Do i just slap a bit of paste behind it and stick it back down, or is there a better way to go about it?
  14. egg_fried_rice

    Danny Ings.

    Good player and would suit us, but doubt he'd want to play second fiddle to Vardy as I understand he wants to play regularly. Could see him at Palace or Saints, or maybe even back at Burnley although they probably wouldn't put up the pound notes required.