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  1. Would like to see maddison for Perez second half
  2. Praet taking up some good positions in that inside left forward spot. Hopefully he can make it count soon. Grealish the big danger, but we've handled him relatively well so far.
  3. Tight tense game. We look quite evenly matched. Gonna take a bit of quality to unlock it. Little wes looking solid so far, particularly in the air. Very assured for a young man.
  4. Considering we were supposed to be a bunch of crocks, that's not a bad starting line up.
  5. This group is a very likeable bunch, and I very much like stingy Greg. I think the contestants did really well to keep the energy up in the room without the audience - according to interviews it was the first thing they'd all done out of lockdown so their reactions (Daisy pissing herself constantly ) were a completely genuine release. Also, for those of you who don't follow his podcast, Richard Herring has been itching to get on this for years so he's my bet for series champion.
  6. Sounds rough mate, hope you feel better soon. Do you have any idea where you might have picked it up? IIRC, you're a student in Sheffield - I've heard the cases in uni accommodation round here are rising sharply?
  7. I love ASM, probably the single most entertaining player to watch in the league.
  8. yeah i know, it was hyperbole to further bask in the enjoyment of man city conceding
  9. Brighton are a good team. Couple of quality signings away from being a really threatening proposition. Good to watch too.
  10. He'd actually improve them. One of the worst teams I've seen promoted in ages.
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