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  1. Criticism is only unfair when it isn't productive, and you can't recognise when a player has turned himself around. Marc has been utterly superb in the last couple of games and I'd argue we'd not have achieved the same results without him. Many of us had reservations about his ability, but you can't doubt his work ethic and I'm chuffed for the guy. Fantastic today.
  2. Sensational performance again today. Player of the season by a country mile.
  3. The guy was not great today but to be fair, he was chucked on in a difficult time in which we had created little or nothing going forwards in the chunk of the game leading up to his substitution - same goes for slim. The disconnect from the defence and midfield to the forward line was obvious for the whole second half, and whilst you might expect more from a player with his transfer fee - that's hardly his fault. That being said, a little more intelligent play was not beyond the realms of expectation or possibility and he can be legitimately criticised for that, but in a rather poor season from all our players, he's hardly featured since our rejuvenation.
  4. Felt he was our most consistent outfield player today over the course of the 90 mins, would've been Albrighton but for a second half in which we offered little to no attacking threat - something that was more of a team fault than an individual one. As a reserve player, all you can ask is that they step up to the mark when called upon and Benny did that with bells on today - more than can be said of others who have come in to our rejuvenated lineup. Credit to him and long may it continue!
  5. Lost the two streams i had working. PM would be much appreciated!
  6. I mean, what can you say? 10s for the back five no doubt, bit did anyone let us down tonight? Huth, Fuchs, Simpson, N'didi, Kasper, all superb. Albrighton showing his worth. Sensational performance. Night's like this are what it's all about!
  7. Good lord I'm emotional. Who the feck would want to support anyone else. 😌
  8. Unbelievable. Tears in my eyes. We've got our Leicester back!
  9. Goddamit this stress isn't good for my heart! Feckin lovin it so far though!
  10. Gotta keep pushing. Great intensity so far and it's not clicked for them yet due to our intensity. Let's hope we can keep it up second half! Superb effort from all involved so far and that's all you can ask for really. What a night!
  11. Think he's looked good this season, certainly better with the ball at his feet than the current pair. I live in Sheffield and all my blades mates absolutely love him, player of the season for them 2 years in a row when he was barely 20. Gerrimin.
  12. I know it's daft given all that's happened since, but I still can't bring myself to watch that clip! The injustice still rankles. Guess we'll just have to make up for that next week.
  13. I think many of these pundits and ex-players are wildly missing the point. The saying goes, if there is more than one explanation for an occurrence, the simplest one is usually correct. Is it really likely that these players have purposefully gone out and shown less desire, drive, energy or whatever other adjective you care to use as part of some Machiavellian plot to overthrow a manager who significantly contributed to what is likely the highest achievement of their careers? Or is it perhaps more likely that the players were responding to instruction and tactical changes from the manager to play a more contained game, and it was in fact their faithfulness to the man suddenly so revered that meant they didn't 'throw off the shackles', despite their own better judgement? I'm sure most of you have seen the output of these fellas on social media, they're hardly in Alain de Botton territory in the mental stakes. To suggest they were actively not trying very hard and were playing badly to oust the manager, well, it just isn't very likely.
  14. What a piece of sex from Riyad
  15. Can you idiots take your Slimani bitching elsewhere? This is the match thread. Great to see the effort and chances we've created so far. We're by far the better team, make no mistake. Need to capitalise before half time. Credit to the fans for the atmosphere too.