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  1. West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Good lord West Brom are muck. Absolutely limping out the league.
  2. Depression

    Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, that whole affirmation approach seems a bit daft to me. What you write about in terms of 'surrendering' rings true with the concepts of noticing and 'non-judgemental awareness' which are prevalent in mindfulness. I think understanding and accepting the concept is very different from intuitively feeling that way, and it's that disconnect that I find quite frustrating. I suppose I didn't get this way overnight, so I need to have a bit more patience (and compassion!) with myself. Your file doesn't sound daft at all, I bet it gave you a nice fillip when you dug it out!
  3. Depression

    Have you got any advice on this point? I've had counselling and medication to varying success and feel in a relatively good place right now - it sort of feels the baton has been passed back to me and it's up to me to run with it, and that increasing my feelings of self worth is key. A lot of my inner dialogue revolves around feelings of 'less than' or 'not enough'. Mindfulness meditation has been super helpful in identifying and observing it (although I've let that slip and, inevitably, give myself a hard time about it ) but I don't really know how to start thinking about myself in a different way. If you've ever seen the BoJack Horseman episode 'stupid piece of shit', then that is pretty much me on a bad day. Recommended to all in this thread btw if you've not seen it. How do you challenge those entrenched views about yourself, and begin to have a bit more self compassion?
  4. Let's have a films thread.

    I would say Shape of Water & Get Out were both better than average films but not exceptional. Shape of Water isn't even GDT's best film imo. Same goes for Three Billboards although that was probably my favourite of the three. Seem to have missed Phantom Thread at my local cinemas which I'm a bit gutted about as Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favourite directors and There Will be Blood one of my favourite films - anyone seen this one?
  5. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Same, and I enjoyed it more than Mindhunter. Got a fair way in to Altered Carbon but might give up on it. The aesthetics are great, but it is pretty silly and has some clunky writing at times.
  6. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Also recommend Frozen Wilds - bit more challenging than some of the main quests too. After getting Platinum on Horizon a couple of weeks back, I played through The Last Of Us remaster having missed it when it first came out. Really excellent storytelling, got me hyped for the sequel. Now I'm playing the The Talos Principle - entertaining first person puzzler with seemingly similar themes to the titles above. Wanted something to break things up a bit before I launch into Witcher 3 for the first time which I can see being an absolute time sink... Having said that, Ratchet & Clank does look like fun!
  7. Man City Away Match Thread

    I thought Drag was decent enough when he first played for us, but I think he's getting better with each game. If we can get him in for <£20m then it's a no brainer really.
  8. Man City Away Match Thread

    Apart from the rubbish for the first goal, we've defended pretty stoutly. Man city are so good on the ball, De Bruyne'spassing another level. Chilly having a very poor game again sadly. Diabate looking threatening. Just need to offer that little bit extra on the counter and to stop handing possession back so cheaply and we're in with a chance!
  9. Is anyone claiming that Mahrez hasn't acted like a bit of a tit? I think the debate on here is more about our response to it.
  10. If he thought that during the summer, saw the subsequent transfers following the Roma interest, and then still thought that would be the case this January then he and his agent are naive in the extreme. Did he have it in writing? Does anyone know the specifics of what was said in person? To be fair - you're inferring a lot here (as are others). We don't know the exact ins and outs of the owner's conversations with Riyad, what was said, what was agreed. From the information I've read, if we were to receive a fair price for Riyad from a top club, we would let him go. Perhaps we interpret the messages coming out the club, media, and players differently, but please could you point me towards evidence of the owners going 'on and on' about family and loyalty, and if you can, why that contradicts anything about their position of allowing Riyad to leave for a fair price to a top club? Seems pretty reasonable to me. That's just my take as a supporter. I don't have the advantage of an agent or advisors, and I'm not privy to the actual conversations that took place between player and management. Perhaps a compromise could be an increased weekly wage with an agreed release clause inserted. Maybe we'd see the best of Riyad for the rest of the season, and he can take his leave in the summer should man city (or anyone else) come back in for him. Regardless, I'll still support the guy when he pulls on a city shirt, no doubt. He's the best Leicester City player I've ever seen.
  11. I largely sympathise with all your points made regarding Mahrez over the last couple of days, but there were no bids according to the journalist with the most access to our club (John Percy) - personally I think that's neither here nor there really as negotiations were clearly ongoing - and the owners are absolutely correct to not name a price in such a volatile market where player prices seem to be rising by the week. If out valuation was met, we'd have sold. And I've got no problem with riyad putting in a transfer request either. I actually don't really blame man city too much either - they were just negotiating in the way they thought would work out best for their club. Sucks for us, but we wouldn't be bothered if the shoe was on the other foot. Either way, he's still our best player and it's in his interest, the club's interest, and the fans interest to pull together, support each other and do what we can to get into the tinpot cup this season! I've been to Tirana and it's brills!
  12. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    What I would go with too. After the circus of the last 48 hours we were always going to lose against Everton. I just hope the disruption has settled down a bit. Whether Mahrez is included or not, he'll have trained and the rest of the squad will have had the chance to clear the air with him at least. I think we'll be a bit more focused and I'm glad we're at home. Even though they've found a bit of form, if we play well, we'll beat Swansea.
  13. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Well this is dreadful
  14. Everton v City scoreline prediction.

    I was having one of my rare bouts of pre-match confidence yesterday and expected to come away with a win before the Mahrez circus started up again. I think it will have a slightly destabilising effect and we'll end up losing 2-1 to two set pieces.
  15. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Made a start on this at the weekend and it's brilliant. Visually, it's absolutely sensational and the play mechanics are good too.