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  1. Well then you haven't had the success in the first place, so there is nothing to diminish...
  2. The success of others does not diminish your own. I'd be very happy for them, knowing the elation I felt when we did it.
  3. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Defending 8/10. On the ball ability 2/10. Not good enough - we need an upgrade.
  4. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Christ alive you're irritating. Amartey did nothing wrong and actually snuffed out a couple of attacks pretty well when he came on. Removing James from midfield cost us. But because you said Amartey was shit 12 months ago, you've got to make everything fit that agenda. I don't think he's a world beater, or even merits a start for us, but I'd hazard a guess no one else on this forum does either. Give it a rest yeah?
  5. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Getting it smashed onto your hand from one yard is not a pen. Controlling a 50 yard pass with your arm is a foul. I agree however, we should not have let that third goal happen regardless, poor defending.
  6. Arsenal post match 4-3

    That one hurts. Some of the intolerable bellends on here will try and blame Amartey but he did nothing wrong. If James was spent Shakey should've brought on another midfielder, so he takes the blame for this one. No need to bring on Nacho. Arsenal absolute spawnbags once again. Deserved a point there at least.
  7. Leicester sign George Thomas from Coventry

    His dad is a PE teacher at my old school, he's definitely local.
  8. Fuchs vs Chilwell - Poll

    I think both will have a significant part to play this season. It's so refreshing after years (decades?) of mediocrity or worse in that position to have two genuinely talented players to pick from.
  9. Iheanacho

    Is there any update on the old perjury business?
  10. Iheanacho

    With a sell on clause, we're not obligated to accept any bid. With a buy back clause, we are.
  11. Burton Away - 1st August

    I don't understand why James is so bad at shooting. He's a technically proficient player and yet appears to have a brain fart every time he tries to pull the trigger. Baffling.
  12. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Shit it may have been, but all of us who are sad enough to stay in on a Friday evening and stream that shite deserve no better.
  13. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    For sure. Looks significantly more comfortable in himself in this position than any other he's played for us.
  14. Tom Lawrence

    Especially if mahrez goes. I don't see how he doesn't merit a place on the squad. At the very least, he clearly provides some creativity going forwards.
  15. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    I think you all need to calm down a bit. This is a pre season friendly. It's a fitness workout and a chance to try some new combinations. We've clearly been the better team even playing in third gear, and we've got a good few games left to bring everything up to speed for the new season. Lighten up!