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  1. Making a lot of these moves. I like it. Vards rise has done us wonders for that.
  2. That starting line up is a 'show me why you're good enough for a starting spot'. Brilliant management.
  3. Guys can we read the thread title before posting please? Talking about Scottish people ffs.
  4. If you think that's anything other than a bid to get Everton to increase their offer, you're deluded. There is no value for anyone spilling these figures out if all parties are happy. Classic agent technique published by an equally sleazy newspaper.
  5. The whole school gathering for fights. Can still see and hear this one kid getting thumped in the back of the head
  6. You lot are fvcking weird
  7. Do we get to lynch any fans stupid enough to add the purple patch on?
  8. Ah the pre-season second chance. Good to see Musa is getting one too... Hope we're not let down by being fickle
  9. Ranoccina linked to them aswell
  10. Awful. Fvck off
  11. That's a good move for all parties at this stage.
  12. That's sooooo lazy
  13. Fvck no