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  1. Seeing Juve fans online beg him to come. This ain’t happening
  2. This is why I won’t buy this shit... desperate peddling of their stuff from weirdos like Tanner
  3. KFS

    Patson Daka

    Can we alert the Zambians coming to our social media pages etc that our coach has a history of bedding players in and not starting them immediately? Before we see thousands of calls for blood when he’s only getting cup game minutes
  4. Omg please. Daka, Soumare, Beradi and Gosens and I would take a week off to recover
  5. That’s disgusting someone is getting shat on like Southampton next year by that lineup. If we add a genuine top class LB...
  6. KFS

    Patson Daka

    Nah I think he’s said we met personal terms with Edouard but Celtic are the problem
  7. Get this nasty bastard here and involved. Rocket up a few of our lads arses, some shithouse EL performances and a serial winner to boot. Replace our two experienced Prem winners with CL winners in Ramos and Bertrand.
  8. KFS

    Patson Daka

    Who is he Just some random spouting off in a suit
  9. I hope Rudiger never wins a single thing again. Arrogant shit
  10. Rudiger, Havertz and Werner looking dejected is just wonderful
  11. Genuinely no one here (US) is talking about variants.
  12. This Germany side isn’t to be feared. France on the other hand are fvcking frightening.
  13. KFS


    Not the end of the world if he goes. One of our more replaceable players.
  14. Bloody long way to come though tbf. You’d probably need an East Coast tour to try and get some of the clubs somewhat near each other and not knacker the boys before a full season. Works for NFL but not a small squad that play a lot of games like we do in football.
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