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  1. KFS

    Corona Virus

    Older generation arrogance and ‘stiff upper lip’ is going to fvck a lot of this up.
  2. Don’t trust premier league players to abide by the rules tbf. They may try getting this going but it only takes a Jack Grealish to go contract it and the whole thing gets fvcked up.
  3. I caved today gents. Maidstone to the Champions League it is
  4. KFS

    Corona Virus

    Steady on there Matt, as someone who lives in the states and not agreeable to Trump; the local governors are doing very well with what they’ve got. Remember there are many states that are much bigger than the U.K. on critical mass alone. My wife and I are very concerned for our families given the approach the U.K. has taken so far. Late to the party and by all accounts people not listening to guidance. Walk the streets of New York at the minute and you’ll get shouted at from an apartment block to stay inside. Wish this would fvck off for all of us but calling other countries out on how they are handling it when none of us are testing as much as we should be to get the real facts, is not the answer.
  5. KFS

    Corona Virus

    Trump isn’t taking that approach mate, we’ve been in lockdown longer than the U.K.
  6. KFS

    Corona Virus

    Sean is a really good lad, I went to school with him. But I’ve shared similar sentiments today. Silly fvckers taking in their last beer before lock down... just says so much about our country. Stupid beyond belief.
  7. If it’s the difference between us getting CL football and not I think we’ll all take it. Get it back up and running behind closed doors on 4th April, even if it’s just the games in hand.
  8. This is bang on. Found myself being generally more frustrated at things this weekend because there was obviously something missing. It’s different to a Summer off where you prepare for it and often have other things to occupy the mind. Cant wait for all this to be over. No doubt because it’s physically harming people, but the disruption to our every day is damaging in so many other ways.
  9. KFS

    Corona Virus

    We’re now in lock down in New York. No street enforcement yet but things are closing (gyms, cinemas) and curfews on night life. Really surprised that the U.K. is taking a different approach given bigger countries are taking the lock down method. Stay safe chaps
  10. Hasn’t Nigel learned anything? Just grabbed Praet by the throat after the Leicester midfielder went crashing into him
  11. 1-2 Chris Wood with another face rocket. Also Wellens is playing fvcking terribly
  12. Get them to play that in a closed doors match at the targeted date to resume when both sets of players are fully fit and healthy (from Coronavirus). Then lock the whole thing down.
  13. You can’t treat it null and void. Too much has gone into it already and as things stand this is a fair reflection of where teams are at. As much as it would be funny to see Liverpool lose it, if teams are frustrated they didn’t get their opportunity to better their standings; win more games earlier then? You shouldn’t get a do over. Every team should manage their season based on ‘if it ended tomorrow here’s where we’d be’.
  14. I guess the only way is to stop it all as is and say your position stands as is...
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