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  1. Ricardo got bulldozed all game Maddison completely invisible Tielemans fvcking wasteful Vardy what is going on? VAR is a complete shambles Iheanacho the only positive and he played a half for **** sake. Starting to look completely unworthy of a CL spot.
  2. Tielemans has been ****ing shit. Matty James?
  3. Jon Moss loving it as well. I hate this ****ing game.
  4. We’re going to get beaten by a bunch of highlighter pens ffs
  5. Other than the fact he’s a fvcking ****, if we’re in Europe and need bodies then this makes absolute sense.
  6. Ouch Danny... completely outpaced
  7. For sure, this is the best one yet
  8. La la la la la laaaa Oh Leicestershire
  9. Dog ain’t bad either
  10. Imagine Premier League refs having to explain their decisions on the tannoy. ”To be honest I couldn’t see shit but Maddison has dived a few times and I took a bribe from the Villa hierarchy, so that’s why I didn’t give a pen”
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