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  1. Heard this on the weekend and it’s spot on imo
  2. Imagine if they didn’t though. Why do they pander to these clubs and their wants? The reason why they got so ‘big’ in first place is that they earned the right in a meritocratic system. Surely their allure is damaged if they now exist in a league where they are able to compete every year regardless of results? Maybe I’m being a romantic but I’d love for millions of people to swap Man United for a Wolves, Fulham, Leicester because Man United fvcked off into a glorified merry go round league just because they thought they’re better than everyone else. I think we’re being held back by th
  3. Kind of want this to happen so we can hit restart. Boycott this bullshit and let all the weird Twitter virgin fans flock there. Have every team not included kick lumps out of these so called elite clubs every week and ultimately start their demise. I’m sick of the bullshit surrounding the ‘big six’, their fans, their elitist owners, the greed and the fact that they are trying to ruin a meritocracy that inspires millions of people every week. Get rid of them.
  4. They should all switch to sumo style
  5. Ok so now I know what will force me to get work done. Next time I'm having a moment of procrastination I have to stick Burnley vs WBA highlights on...
  6. To be fair baseball is like that because there are so many fvcking games
  7. Thought this as soon as the goal went in. You could see Rodgers wanted some fresh legs in there after Mendy got bodied for the Grealish chance. Hamza isn’t good enough for this level unfortunately.
  8. Been saying it for about 10 minutes. We’ve been shit. Completely deserved.
  9. Jon Moss is an actual bent ref. He’s a cheater
  10. Fofana 100% passing rate for a full 90 mins incoming
  11. I might take this back given our injury situ 😅
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