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  1. And Webbo, goes without saying but so sorry to hear of your loss. This virus and its implications has taken too many precious lives.
  2. J&J supplies are very low after a balls up at a factory, but this is a good suggestion. It’s causing wild symptoms after dosage. I’m 26 and it was like having bad flu symptoms for 24hrs after getting it.
  3. Not sure if that group has it in them tbf. Under all the bravado and fancy gear they strike me as quite insecure. Guess we’ll see. Certainly a siege mentality will be adopted by the fans!
  4. Clearly not, and that’s the point! Deserve every bit of criticism they get.
  5. Who are you telling to grow up Great that he thinks they’re good guys. I’m sure they thought he’s a great guy enough to ignore him twice.
  6. If it impedes your ability to do your work well and you are with colleagues then that is a serious problem. I think you’re underestimating the act of defiance of the manager here and it’s ramifications. This is the way dressing rooms can break down. Have you read anything on dynamics in sports?
  7. Yes they are. They were asked by their boss not to do something and they did it. If you or I did that it’s grounds for sacking not a fine and a telling off.
  8. Genuine question, why is it when there’s a general consensus on a topic that you go hellbent to try and disagree with it? Stop defending them, they’ve potentially fvcked our season and people are right to be annoyed.
  9. Have a word mate. One of the biggest games of the season and they’ve fvcked the prep completely and went out celebrating post a Man City game where we weren’t even in it. It’s not the rule breaking it’s the professionalism and impact on the squad. The fact they were asked by the manager not to do it and then ignored him when he found out. They’ve completely shat on the manager, club and fans.
  10. This is what I needed, thank you Probably looked like this:
  11. Imagine being Wesley Fofana. In your prime partying years and people your senior being excused for ‘being kids’.
  12. Perez would be fine, he’s done posts on Instagram before about ‘hard work’, captioned over a pic of him deadlifting 50kg.
  13. Problem is you’ll never get the average joe fan holding them to account because given the chance they’d be partying it away themselves. All you have to do is look at the clothes they wear and the cars they drive versus comparable achievements. These lads believe in themselves big time but their delivery and mentality is short of their belief. I really hope this kick starts Maddison and Barnes to end the season well. If James believes half the blue-eyed-boy interview talk that comes out of his mouth it better do him in particular. Perez and Hamza genuinely have no upward tra
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