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  1. Adam Smith from Bournemouth
  2. Got a feeling this lad will want it more than our usual u23 'make up the numbers' signings. Hope he does well.
  3. Griezmann, Ronaldo, Lallana destroyed us in the Championship.
  4. Need to stop this. Kramaric and now Kapustka.
  5. Got a taste of it now. Can we really evolve and break the glass ceiling?
  6. Who's number 45 in that video?
  7. Fair play for the composure mate- if someone did that to me I'd be locked up for retaliating. Disgusting.
  8. How shit was Jeff cheers for that second goal, Jeffrey- no you can't have a refund Palace!
  9. Pissed off at that referee.
  10. Ref is such a loser
  11. Piss take. Even this cvnts whistle is annoying.
  12. Few that we've actually purchased in there- is this on Man U tv or something? Would be interesting to watch
  13. Fvcking chills at the end of that. Let's go boys.
  14. Start career mode from current league standings- challenge mode type thing..