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  1. KFS


    Kungs vs Cookin!! Yes, great shout. DUH DUH DUH-DUH DUH-DUH YOURI TIELEMANS
  2. KFS

    Maguire future

    Unpopular opinion but his lack of concentration has cost us more often than not this season. He’s away at sea for some of our goals conceded. Gaurded by his reputation this season most definitely.
  3. KFS

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    We have to win everything now until the Arsenal game - cheers
  4. KFS

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Kasper was shit today, let his Denmark friend get the better of him yet again
  5. KFS

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    That was the ultimate torture
  6. KFS


    Sign him
  7. He does it every game, it’s a clear observation
  8. He’s got a clear issue with Barnes
  9. 18 mate Or were you factoring in 1-0 after 10 minutes
  10. What the fvck Claude
  11. KFS

    Tottenham Away Conceding Bingo

    3rd minute Son goal. Harry Maguire in no mans land again and the commentator to scream about how great a finish it was. Same every week
  12. KFS

    The many faces of Andy King

    Who’s done this
  13. KFS

    Barnes coming back

    Really exciting. He gets a lot of stick from Chilwell and others though mind. Hope that doesn’t put him off.
  14. Aren’t you bored of having no gentle banter with the teams around us? Used to to love the shit we have Burnley
  15. Having reflected on it I wouldn’t swap our situation with yours. Young and upcoming English talent, new training ground, stadium expansion. Clearly you wouldn’t either since you’re on our forum so much