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  1. Let them go, sick of them all tbf. The irony is some of the teams named aren’t even the best in their leagues.
  2. KFS

    Helicopter crash

    Yes don’t if you don’t have to. I personally deal with these things with details. It helps me picture and then put it to bed. Not that selling this to the Sun is in any way acceptable.
  3. KFS

    Helicopter crash

    Anyone with any knowledge know how that even happens? It looked fine going up and then all of a sudden just loses control? I’m really confused and feel a bit sick.
  4. KFS

    A statue of Vichai

    I always used to like seeing him on the end of season laps of appreciation with an arm aloft in a wave or thumbs up, giving that approving smile that has been referenced by so many over the last couple of days. Capturing that in bronze as a permanent fixture would be beautiful.
  5. KFS

    Cardiff City match to go ahead.

    Each and every one at this, players included; you know what to do.
  6. KFS

    Dan Roan comments

    Yeah me too. Sorry everyone, don’t want to spoil the condolences. I’m just so angry
  7. You can only imagine what’s going through Kasper’s head. Awful.
  8. KFS

    Dan Roan comments

    https://streamable.com/amp_player/0l3zz?__twitter_impression=true copy this video too. Disgusting freak.
  9. Rest in peace, Vichai. You built an empire and we will preserve it. You did your duty, now we’ll do ours.
  10. KFS

    Helicopter crash

    Feeling exactly the same as this post mate. Can’t stop thinking about this. What a profound thing though, to have done so much for people who you don’t even know. Imagine leaving a mark on the world that big.
  11. KFS

    Helicopter crash

    Awful awful news. Broke down in tears when I heard. Looking at the photos I’m thinking no one got out of that, looks awful. So numb.
  12. KFS


    Crack den?
  13. KFS

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Took their gem of a player and now their ground. We’re Leicester City, we’ll steal what we want.
  14. KFS

    Arsenal Post Match

    Agree but that inconsistency is due to having a youthful side. Unfortunately the way this is going is that we’ll make them consistent eventually just in time for the big clubs to come in and buy them all. We’ll become Southampton if we’re not careful.