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  1. KFS


    It’s weird cos I really wanted him last season but right now with the way we are playing I don’t really see how he fits in or works. What are we thinking
  2. Christ, just go now lad. New clubs every week. Agent is doing overtime
  3. Ravel Morrison to Leuven confirmed
  4. Wes deserves anything he asks for (apart from playing minutes )
  5. All I know is when Brendan decides to leave, I want some up and coming management superstar like a Klopp or Pep type. I think we’ve got the foundations now to attract one.
  6. Said it was pretty impossible to lose the game and that it was on him
  7. Suggested this as our player to release the burden on Youri. Would be class.
  8. It’s sickening being in the US and watching them scramble for interviews etc with him. I have to admit he’s a good dribbler but nowhere near this generational talent they keep bigging him up as.
  9. Yet another ‘best in the world’ pocketed by Marc Albrighton
  10. Show me in picture form how you’ll look when Chilwell lashes one in and does a heart celebration in front of the camera
  11. If I read Barnes one more time I’m going to smash my head repeatedly into a wall. Barnes is in good form and correctly playing in position. You need a striker to complement him and a decent RW. Our fans obsession with pound shopping our way to filling gaps drives me mad. Ricardo isn’t a RW and Fofana isn’t a DM either before someone else burns my eyes with those suggestions. Play round pegs in round holes and invest to plug gaps properly.
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