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  1. It’s......... Wayne Rooney’s account
  2. Might be wise to stay away from social media, Rebekah. Who’s advising these people??
  3. Why is this our highest grossing thread in days Its like a match thread in here
  4. Someone’s going to get a book deal out of this aren’t they
  5. KFS


    Best thing is his little smirk when he’s clattered someone. Lovely.
  6. Bouncing off Kasper and then that 12 year old playground shoulder barge what a mug
  7. Silly challenge but we move on. He’s done so much for the club for anyone to target him. The very fact he apologised just shows his class.
  8. Something needs to pay for his dental bill. At least the tourists got to see Stonehenge today aswell as Anfield...
  9. If it’s any saving grace, it needed all that to beat us. We were in the game for long spells and we did well. Think back to 14/15, we all call that a free hit. Today we’re coming away disappointed to lose a point in the 95th minute. That was the European champions. The reaction on Twitter and other places says it all. We’re making fans of these big teams nervous. Best we get used to it.
  10. Whoever the club staff person is who got called over at the end is important. Well-fair guy?
  11. KFS


    Liverpool’s best player today. Must do better.
  12. These boys are going to use that robbery to fuel them into a great run now, you just watch. Fvck Liverpool, fvck the ref, let’s push for that top four- we’re a great side.
  13. Cor they look mental, especially the bloke clapping completely off beat.
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