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  1. West Ham Away

    Just seen the above. Hamilton Hall Liverpool Street it is then.
  2. West Ham Away

    What are the majority saying for pre match pub?
  3. Hope everyone is pissed and we're really loud like we were at Arsenal
  4. Would be so Leicester to lose against this shower of shite
  5. This is going to end in tears isn't it
  6. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Get him back for the LW position in January. Marc can be faded out now, he's losing his effectiveness.
  7. Demarai Gray

    Sorry, I really rate him but overlaying piano music and him talking about his struggles; of which he's referring to not playing football? Fvcking get a grip.
  8. Drinkwater Sell On Clause

    Could have told you that without the comparison- I've had weller on ignore for years!
  9. LCFC Internationals 2017/18

    Yeah just spotted the vid on the BBC after noticing Riyad. What's the context behind the rant? Seems to go into 'shut up' then back to normal pretty quick it's quite impressive actually!
  10. England squad

    Fvck off Lingard. Remember when his mum came onto FT to say how we were all wrong about him
  11. England squad

    Glad you lot are picking up on the same things as me. Also listen out for the John Stones love in over Maguire. Very strange commentary...
  12. England squad

    We should buy a few of these players.
  13. New training ground

    Positive move. I think if we can get a respectable finish and Europe via a cup they'll be looking at stadium expansion aswell. No pressure, Claude..
  14. The Iborra Thread

    You just never know with our club