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  1. I sink we av to to to show spirit
  2. KFS

    Why does Morgan play?

    No one is abusing him. I want to see him in the same situation as Huth last year. Take the wedge because of the hero he is, but please no more.
  3. KFS

    Why does Morgan play?

    Valid, but consistently over the past year his being in the team has cost us.
  4. KFS

    Why does Morgan play?

    He is a legend but he needs to sail into the sunset as just that. Please stop Wes, it's horrible to see. I want someone to tell me he's orchestrated the last 3 manager changes. That will all make sense to me then.
  5. Can someone ITK let us know the real reason why he's still playing? He's absolutely finished at this level but they won't drop him. It just isn't right, we can all see it...
  6. I would fvcking love to be in that dressing room. Wes wouldn't be on the team coach home. If chuck him in the sea.
  7. Watford mascot resigns Remember when he tried that noncey impression of Knockaert who proceeded to stuff them in our Championship winning year? Goon
  8. KFS

    Checkatrade Trophy v Fleetwood

    Does he think Diabate cost 20m? Strange man
  9. KFS


    Distribution is shit, he's not agile enough and it completely shows in this new look side. Sooner we can get rid of him we'll look that extra bit stronger in this new system. Sorry, but it's true.
  10. KFS

    Nampalys Mendy

    And best of all, we can finally say: MENDY IS MENDED!!!!
  11. KFS

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    One consolation is that we were handing that formula to half the league last year. At least it's the Champions league finalists this week. Going up in the world...
  12. KFS

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Just absolutely nothing up front is there
  13. KFS

    Manchester City All or nothing

    Only criticism is that if you're not careful, you get drawn into the bias and have to remember they 'only' thumped the league and won the league cup. Makes it feel like they should have won the CL, FA cup as well and won every game. The 'look how many injuries we have' excuses got a bit annoying too. Great insight other than that. Would love to see a LCFC version.
  14. KFS

    Europa League 18/19

    Burnley were such a waste of that spot. Annoys me how we gave that up with so many shit results last year.