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  1. Gotta say I haven't seen much of the ref today a +
  2. Close game I wouldn't count Bournmouth out yet
  3. And back to 11th... My stream is obviously way slow.
  4. These players are in need of some critical thinking in a fast paced environment skills...send them to work at McDonald's during lunch rush should sort them out.
  5. Bit more maturity needed all around me thinks
  6. There were some great moments of play enough to see what Rogers wants. If they can get their system worked out the rest of the season, next year will be very entertaining.
  7. He needs a reality check, Pep wouldn't hesitate to bench him.
  8. I didn't see any positive leadership from Big Wes today, seemed too defensive of himself producing negative leadership. Must be down on confidence with lack of playing time.
  9. It's frustrating as hell, our best play has been quick passes upfield and put in the box.
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