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  1. Attackers attack, can't punish them for seeking advantage, so I agree.
  2. Dude, we dropped deeper in the second half, watching some of our defenders so scared they all but froze and let Man City on to us. Rodgers out guessed himself in the second half, should have stuck with the first half game plan. I'll be happy to listen to your differing opinions.
  3. Can't win football games playing scared, and we played scared in the second half
  4. Nacho? I don't know what Man City were thinking. He's been absolute crap since he got here.
  5. God damn Maddisons greed pisses me off
  6. C'mon you Bloos do the double. (sung to the tune of do the hustle).
  7. Damn Kasper's a right dunce with his clearances
  8. No fear, I have us winning 3-2
  9. Gotta say I haven't seen much of the ref today a +
  10. Close game I wouldn't count Bournmouth out yet
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