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  1. I’m not sure of your point. We didn’t buy him from League 1 or indeed a team in this country, the British market is a different ball game. We did by Maddison (Ironically from an English League) for pretty much half the fee though and on performances thus far I know which one would choose if I had to again which “**** me” was the point I was making.
  2. I’m not convinced Monaco fans were wrong about Tielemans either, he’s hardly set the World alight since his permanent move. Granted it’s early days but he’s a way off justifying his price tag just yet. 10mil would be about right if compared to the fee we paid for Maddison for example.
  3. 96th minute and Chilwell plays the ball backwards. Cheers.
  4. Don’t they part share a box too? SK4 corner?
  5. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1291522/Arsenal-transfer-news-Kieran-Tierney-Leicester-City-Mikel-Arteta His name has been bandied around a fair bit as a possible replacement for Chilwell should he leave. Lazy journalism or a possibility? Just wondered what folks thoughts would be if it was an option?
  6. Anyone else noticed the word ‘bench’ in @benchilwell ?
  7. 3stevo

    Jarrod Bowen

    TalkSport have just said WH want to put a relegation clause in his contract but he’s not having it
  8. 3stevo

    Ryan bennett

    And that’s where the similarities end
  9. 3stevo

    Ryan bennett

    No relevance whatsoever 😂 Here to provide cover until the end of the season, comes with prem experience, nothing exciting but wasn’t expecting whoever it was that came in to be anything but. Benkovic going out on loan to the Championship will give him good game time to give the club an idea of his fitness and ability in the English game. Close season we can then look at Benko or other options and not dive into any rash decisions like some people think we should in Jan.
  10. I’d rather have Gary Shaw
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