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  1. Ndidi is already in one of the top 8 teams in Europe
  2. Tony James although I was just a kid,seem to remember him being half descent. Until(correct me if I'm wrong) Steve Bull and the broken leg.
  3. Perhaps shaky will bring him in as his assistant....
  4. Big thank you Claudio. Amazing season last year.
  5. 2 nil Vardy brace, we'll score early and late on. Surely we've got to break our duck and this is an ideal time and place to do it.
  6. Maybe Benny saw that the young lad (whatever he's earning is irrelevant) was struggling with the constant abuse he was getting from the so called football fans. So he stepped up to protect him from the toxic barrage he was getting. Mr Morrison calling him in the press very professional.(not)
  7. Top man. Speedo,speedo,speedo.
  8. Talksport,more like chat sh#t.
  9. Hamers beard looked better trimmed
  10. Just seen Rooney will start tomorrow. Joke. Can see why gs is starting Walcott,form player etc. Shame the same rules didn't apply for the Euros. As we would of had two players in the starting eleven. Knobheads. I've said it before and I'll say it again football elitism. If Walcott had a Burnley,palace,hull or even lcfc badge on every week he wouldn't get a look in.
  11. What a load of boll###s. DD not available for whatever reason. Hodgson,alladyce and now south gate. All puppets they ain't picking the squad some elitist fa tw#t is. Garbage.
  12. Totally corrupted. Better off out of the bung infested fa camp.
  13. I had to switch it off. Can't believe I've done it. What a shower of shit. Football elitism.
  14. How can you leave two premier league champions on the bench.