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  1. YesNdidi

    Mohamed Elyounoussi

    are ESPN particularly reliable?
  2. YesNdidi

    James Maddison

    All the “welcome” comments from Southampton fans on his Instagram just made my day
  3. YesNdidi

    James Maddison

    can’t think of a single reason why he’d rather go to Southampton
  4. YesNdidi

    Costa Rica v Serbia - Match Thread

    Mitrovic is absolute shite
  5. YesNdidi

    James Maddison

    even if a bid has been accepted from them, I doubt he’d agree to join, as surely he must know that he can do far better than bloody Southampton.
  6. YesNdidi

    Thorgan Hazard

    If what Yaya said is true, I don’t think we need to worry about Guardiola brining him back to Man City
  7. YesNdidi

    Thorgan Hazard

    https://twitter.com/siphillipssport/status/1006252219715522568?s=21 Do Chelsea really need another Hazard?
  8. YesNdidi

    James Maddison

    after all these links to us, I can’t bare the thought of seeing him in a bloody Everton shirt. How many no. 10s do the greedy scouse bastards need?
  9. YesNdidi

    Realistic Starting XI and Aims for 18/19 season!

    replace mendy with Iborra and this would be perfect
  10. YesNdidi

    James Maddison

    so do we reckon we’re waiting to sell Mahrez before sealing the Maddison deal? or might the deal have been completed already?
  11. YesNdidi

    James Maddison

    I’m sure he’s matured a bit in the 4 or 5 years since it was posted
  12. YesNdidi

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Think you should’ve put this in the “who do you want summer 2018” thread pal
  13. YesNdidi

    James Maddison

    Completely agree, surely can’t be a coincidence that they’re suddenly “favourites” to sign him just an hour or so after loads of people would’ve put money on him coming here
  14. YesNdidi

    James Maddison

    so how long before west ham are “interested” then?
  15. YesNdidi

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I think Iborra is criminally underrated by some on here. Yes he’s not much going forward, but that’s not his job. He has excellent composure on the ball, always picks the right pass, and has the aerial threat and physical presence that we sometimes lack in set-piece situations.