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  1. it’s times like this where I’m quite proud of being blocked by Rob Dorsett on twitter
  2. simply told him he’s chatting out his arse. I am the voice of the people
  3. Man United bad. Harry Maguire expensive
  4. writing an article about it sorta defeats the whole “secret” part
  5. Which other prem clubs have been linked?
  6. YesNdidi


    scenes if tielemans looks up his name on Twitter and sees a picture of himself and just turns and looks behind him
  7. That footy leaks guy is a known fake bit sus how he manages to get a grainy photo of every player in their “new clubs” kit haha
  8. does anybody know what this messege that flashes at the end of the video means? am I missing something is it like a new club motto
  9. YesNdidi


    sorry if this is a stupid question, but does he need to have another medical with us?
  10. after searching through pretty much every post around that time with the words “James Justin” it seemed he was the only one saying this story I think . Could be mistaken but he seems pretty legit and has got a few things right in the past apparently
  11. Even tho twitter links should be taken with a pinch of salt, this is the guy that broke the story about Justin passing his medical to be fair
  12. Didn’t read up the page at first and thought that was recent. Absolutely shat me up
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