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  1. mozartfox

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    The Premier League has just opened its first International Office in Singapore. It is reported that their Lawyers are going after South East Asian on-line Pirates that are streaming games illegally. Most Malaysian Bars and Restaurants show the games via illegal streams so I am not surprised to see this. The EPL is obviously on a mission now, so mentions of streams should perhaps be totally curtailed in 'public' on FT, to avoid our Mods been done up like Kippers.
  2. I am afraid he must have perished by now in the icy waters. Very sad and a waste of a young life. Absolute Top Man apparently. Life.........
  3. mozartfox

    Nahitan Nandez

    He has probably got around 10 Agents, so I doubt this is going to happen. Furthermore, the Italians will make offer him an offer he can't refuse and Rudkin will end up with a Horses head in his bed. Next.
  4. If the contract was fully signed off by both parties, Cardiff must pay the agreed fee and recover same from Insurers.
  5. Cardiff should have insured the player as soon as his registration with Cardiff was completed. This would cover loss of life during traveling on Club Business.
  6. mozartfox

    Nahitan Nandez

    Is this Anderson Perry's brother-in-law?
  7. mozartfox

    Nahitan Nandez

    Someone must have a West Brom supporting mate that knows what is going down here.....
  8. mozartfox


    And why not? The last 4 years would be in the Championship.
  9. mozartfox

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    Absolutely terrifying thought
  10. mozartfox

    Nahitan Nandez

    Very impressive. We can dream.
  11. mozartfox


    Some fair comments. Do you not wonder why it is, some players make one mistake and they are dropped, whilst others keep their place despite dropping shocking clangers on regular occasions? This seems particularly relevant in the center of our defense for the past 18 months. All very strange.
  12. mozartfox

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    We did the same at Bournemouth. Slow defenders will always get shagged over in the EPL. Hopefully a lesson has been learned by our coaching staff......
  13. mozartfox

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    In Malaysia you pay around 45 Euros a month and you can watch ANY game live as all shown on separate channels. I guess that is on par with Sky now?
  14. mozartfox

    Reddit soccer streams to close

    Christ is Puel being blamed for this now? Arise the new Ritchie Wellens.
  15. mozartfox


    A voice of reason. This Club has had many wonderful servant during the 50 years I have been supporting this fantastic Fottball Club. BUT there is always a time to call it a day and people that call others ‘Dick heads’ for stating the obvious, may be need to re-think their insults? Happy birthday Wes and thank you.