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  1. That’s perfect F.A. Job done. Manure shoe horned in third.
  2. Is Jon ‘Fat Boy’ Moss on VAR duties? Chelski need 3 penalties and quick. Those Sky Boys need their jerk off material ffs.
  3. I think you mean ‘how good he WAS’. Time waits for no man accept Peter Pan.
  4. Just sell everyone and join the Trees and Sheep for a decade in the Championship (along with Villa). This 'big 6' crap and bias is quite irritating at times. It seems they can cherry pick who they like, when they like. If he goes, just take Woody's pants down again - 80M or FO.
  5. Why not cut all this crap out now and give Manure 3rd place and let us and Chelsea battle it out? This league is fixed. The Chinese Super League is less corrupt. Jon Moss is a huge Bell-end who would not look out of place in St Paul’s Cathedral. Odds on he gets our game with Manure.
  6. 9-1. Harry to get their goal. Jon Toss is carrying more Timber than a Portland Truck.
  7. We cannot be skint if we are offering Wes a 1 year contract extension. His weekly salary is most probably higher than most of the under 23 squad combined.
  8. This could be hired out during the Euros and on other occasions when international Teams come to play England. Plus a better working environment will (or should) improve performance of playing staff. Plus as said earlier, could help us attract new players. All in all, I personally think an excellent investment providing it does not affect the Club financially to any great degree like say Spuds new Stadium.
  9. I think he was saying BR is crap at Dominoes.
  10. Just see our Goal again on LCFC - quite a few passes before Vards nets. Very well-worked goal. That would have been talk of the night on Sky if Arsehole had scored that.
  11. We really do need to accept our place. Listening to Talk-shite from the Alps, we were lucky to steal a point as we were totally out played until the dodgy red-card? Rapidly going off Laura Woods. And as for Arstita - what a bell-end he is. Is he going to be called up to the FA for trying to influence the Ref at the VAR screen? Come on Leicester let's gets this done.
  12. Given Palace have scored about 5 goals all season, this over already. Roy looks like he has no idea where he is. This could be a goal fest.
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