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  1. If you were to list all the other mistakes by the rest of the players involved in these games, you would need the whole day to complete this exercise. Morgan is far to slow for the EPL.
  2. The Nations League is a total flop. This will go the same way. I really cannot see how say a Leicester fan will pay Sky or BT anything to watch Arsenal V Porto. I personally would not bother watching a free stream of that match-up ! After 1 year of novelty value, this will fail.
  3. This thread should be locked as it is becoming embarrassing. Sometimes this Forum is so fickle and overreactive. Just give him and the whole team a break. They will all come good.
  4. Avoid the Post Match thread unless you have the Samaritans on automatic redial.
  5. So what attacking options do we have?
  6. No DRS issue. The lads back in the Leicester Factory are on to it.
  7. Bein Sports HD5. Arabic commentary but makes more sense than the Savo.
  8. Impressed with Danny Ward. Just needs to up the swearing a bit.
  9. Celtic have a wild card chance at stake. Knocked out UCL in qualifying stage and worst performing in the UEL Group stage.
  10. He is crap at kicking it in to touch though.....
  11. Strange stream I have says 9.26 and we have not started playing yet?
  12. Its above freezing there at the moment unlike here where we had the first snow over-night and now -2. I suspect Madders will be sporting color coordinated tights he bought from Hermes for a few grand.
  13. Just listened to them on YouTube - 'Check it out'
  14. Has Kloppers been consulted? More games and if they want to sell this to say Asian Markets, 7.45 GMT kick-offs 'ain't going to work. Plus for the USA, subscribers will need to skip work to watch games at that time. Some Asian Countries have in fact dropped the TV rights for the UCL and Europa League due to the kick-off times. They show the Asian Club Champions League competition instead. Let them fuch off and do it, it will be a flop like that pathetic American effort was.
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