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  1. I have just bought my ESL Sky subscription (Euros 500)!!!!!
  2. Frankly, I think you are correct. We need some snookers now and 3 mammoth performances which, on the evidence of last night's car crash, seem a pipe dream. 2 years running will be quite astonishing.
  3. Did Chelsea not lose 2-5 at home to WBA? This is a strange league which is why it has so much appeal. Yes - it was very very poor last night. So we have 4 Cup-finals now. We all need to pull together. Felt so sorry for Top. May be some results elsewhere go for us today?
  4. Did Top fly in the Monks? If so, get 3 of them on at the start of the second half. Cannot see us salvaging even a point now. This Team knows exactly when not to turn up. Such a shame but this Leicester.
  5. If we start off with a low tempo and very little intensity, I am going to be frightfully annoyed and slit my wrists. This 'we were tired and lacked tempo' bollox is not something I want to be hearing in the PM cuddle up with BR. Please Foxes get this done nice an early.
  6. I have heard he is partial to a visit to Taco Bells. Need to inform him the Leicester Branch is re-open for business.
  7. I am acting as Sidnei's official proxy. So two more likes.
  8. If we draw or lose this game, I think it may be terminal for the rest of the season. So I pray we turn up from the first minute and do not have to hear these post match comments we started too slow and tempo was not there blah blah blah. Turn up lads and do a professional job. Madders you owe us one.
  9. New room mate for Little Wes. Good move all round. Gerrtheweeladin.
  10. He is worth 5 Ghezzals. (Not the Turkish valuation though)
  11. Simples - Just beat Newcastle on Friday and forget everyone else.
  12. Rich Man's Nicky Maynard.
  13. Rogers out! No wait we are third in league and a point might be valuable. We cannot and will not win every game. We now have a rest before Newcastle. Well done lads. Let’s see how everyone gets on before we get the knives out.
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