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  1. We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    Yep. Nearly the same as Musa.
  2. Would you go full strength against Man City?

    So am I. I cannot wait for the next round of the Checkatrade Cup
  3. Ex Player in current squad

    David Nish
  4. RUDKIN ..... rédemption

    Getting your rod out in the presence of Rudders is not something I would boast about on FT.
  5. Your Top 5 Best ever LCFC center Midfielders

    Bobby Roberts. Gave good protection sitting in front of Graham Cross and John Sjoberg.
  6. Your Top 5 Best ever LCFC center Midfielders

    And on rare occasions he had to cover for Alan Woolett......
  7. Huth and James

    #Rudkin-in ...... sane. Leo 2 years....
  8. Okazaki on the floor

    He will be wearing this one against Southampton.
  9. RUDKIN ..... rédemption

    Thanks for clearing that up Shakes..
  10. Chant for Puel...

    ‘Another Brick in the Puel’ for me.
  11. Transfer Window - January

    Leo Sayer? The show must go on.
  12. VAR

    Hopefully the Club will use it to eradicate crap signings in the next Transfer Window.
  13. Xmas party - Stockholm

    What did Rudkin go as ?
  14. I think the FA stopped that malarkey years ago.