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  1. Bobby Reid

    Is Periguin Stringer-Pillock still playing for the under 17's?
  2. Ben Gibson - Interest

    Yep. Send him to Barnsley so he sit on their bench.
  3. Harry Maguire Official

    Could be the new Jeff Blockley.
  4. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Probably because our wonderful scouting network does not stretch to Germany/Austria. Bargains can still be had if you bother to scout in the right areas. France is now over-fished which explains why prices are much higher than the days of Knocky and Mahrez.
  5. Sale of training ground

    Is there a buy back clause in the sale contract?
  6. Ben Gibson - Interest

    If either of Huth or Morgan keep Harry out of the team, then Shakey needs committing to a mental heath hospital. If he changes to 3 at the back just to accommodate both Huth and Morgan - ditto.
  7. Found not guilty and not good enough.
  8. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Not getting many minutes on the pitch at Barnsley.
  9. Mahrez to .......................?

    Rudders and the Recruitmemt Team will be clueless in terms of trying to replace anyone. Think this, and then if we do sell any of our 'stars', you will be prepared for he worse.
  10. Can we be trusted to develop youth?

    Spelling mistake Pal- Should read "Top Botch scouting".
  11. Mendy

    And stick the sale proceeds in the Alliance & Leicester or buy OHL a lawn mower.
  12. Amartey to Stuttgart

    Will some one please come in for Rudkin and his 'recruitment' Team. That would solve more than shipping out young players that may one day come good. Look how we are handling this young Hirst situation? Straight out of AS Roma's Transfer strategy manual.
  13. Kasper wanted by Man Utd & Man City

    Queit? Not sure about that.
  14. Hoedt

    Twice as much as Chelski offered for Drinky?
  15. Kasper wanted by Man Utd & Man City

    Last one out please turn off the KP Floodlights. Don't tell me......Rudkin has replacements lined up for all the 'rumored' departures???