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  1. If Congerton is employed make that 10 90 at all times
  2. mozartfox


    If WHAM are no interested he must be absolute rubbish. Recall Slimani instead.
  3. Manc‘s transfer ban will put the brakes on this anyway. Should be in force well before the Window opens.
  4. Can he please have a word with Rudders and re-sign Vicki the Vixen.
  5. I see the Daily Star is carrying an article about Maddison today quoting our old mate Paul Slurson. No doubt the Mockery will clone this later.
  6. mozartfox


    Part-time Brain Surgeon (specializing in Football Forum Contributors) and part Marine Insurance Broker for Malaysian Company.
  7. In fairness being delusional is not an exclusive Club here on FT so the file must be massive
  8. It is not the leagues that are the problem, its our scouting and recruitment Teams that un-earth these duffers that are to blame
  9. FIFA to hand them two closed windows within weeks, according to some scribe on Talkshite this AM. So MANC may be out of the picture fairly soon.
  10. If he is going to go, please make it soon after 1/6, so we can get on and make LCFC a better team with the cash.
  11. Well said. He plays for Turkey fgs - they are not Scotland. He just needs to be given a chance.
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