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  1. May be Cambridge are doing his Medical to save Manure a few pennies?
  2. Just had a word with the two Kosovans that are laying my block paving and they said geriminski. They have however never heard of Sean from Bell-Enderby but mentioned a ITK named Preki from Pristina and they are checking this now. .
  3. I am hoping for Slimxit first.
  4. mozartfox

    Papy Mendy

    Hope he stays actually. Get rid of Slimbarmi first and foremost, then others who will not be afforded a place in our eventual EPL 25.
  5. How does one polish a turd? T-cut, Brasso, Duraglit or Turtlewax? Thinking of trying it tonight if LCFC Tv crashes on me.
  6. Harry and his Agent need to behave. One thing Foxes fans would never accept is the name of Vichai being soiled in any way via comments about apparent Gentlemen’s agreements. This kind of tactic would be tremendously disrespectful to Top and his family and Harry would not come out of this very well. All what needs to happen is for Manure to stump up our valuation and he can go. And ‘if’ this is the work of Harry’s agent, then Harry should do the decent thing and fire the Joe Hunt.
  7. Its the Sun FFS. They print and report bull-shit. A truly disturbing Tweet.
  8. Careful now Sheps - you know how fragile you become during the twice yearly Transfer Circus.
  9. Yes and chuck in Anderson ‘the steering wheel‘ Perry. He could add 100 pages single handedly with his bull shit.
  10. Great reading about about fruit and veg and the Co-op, but taking this thread back on topic for just a moment, is there any more news other than the Express now quoting the Bleacher Report?
  11. Unfortunately no. I think most of us would like this sorted one way or another.
  12. Austria has never recovered from the Anschluss..........,,,,
  13. No ‘Major’. The B-E part is obvious.
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