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  1. Our Cup game commentary may now need serious editing?
  2. May by increase the rate of income tax for their playing staff and use these additional funds to pay their furloughed staff? This will help the Government to use public funds to pay the wages of the Millions of other desperate people that are not working for huge successful Football Clubs.
  3. Any one know if EPL Referees are taking pay cuts? Not see anything on this myself.
  4. Hopefully someone, somewhere has the Harlow cup replay highlights...
  5. Are Football Agents putting their hand in their pockets to help Football Clubs outside of Top Tiers?
  6. Yes - BA are aware the big 3 Arabic Airlines are there ready to pounce and splash the cash.
  7. Has Filbert been furloughed yet? If so, The Board should walk.
  8. If that ‘Roger Hunt’ aka Gordon Taylor keeps all his inflated salary and the lower paid players and their families suffer, then then the PFA has lost the plot.
  9. I work on Ship Charter Contracts including Force Majeure Clauses on a regular basis. Some drafters like the 'Act of God' term. Now is a Global Pandemic and of God? I can imagine Lawyers getting very fat in the wallet on that subject. I will PM Nostradamus later as he is bored right now without any FT Match Day threads taking place.
  10. Most important thing is, whoever we play, we need a FT Match Thread urgently so we can start slagging off Chilwell as soon as possible. There must be FT members climbing the walls at the moment. I predict many relationship issues developing here....... Any chance of a 'Dear Birch' thread for relationship problems?
  11. There must be a Force Majeure Clause in the contract to cover situations like this. If not, then whoever checked the draft on behalf of the Contractor is incompetent.
  12. If that, what he is wearing, is our new (2020/who knows when) Away Kit - it is total mank.
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