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  1. Very good likeness. Can you also paint a picture of Chris ‘the massive Bell-end’ Sutton imposed on a Dart Board? Sold in the Club Shop, it would sell very well during the run-up to Christmas.
  2. TBF the Birch and Filbert could walk into Arsenal’s Team today.
  3. It’s Christmas Time don’t let the Bells End. They are all coming out now.....
  4. Notwithstanding Man City are about to be investigated can someone please correct me but are our players not under contract, meaning we do not have to sell? This is just a ploy to unsettle a team that is gate crashing Sky’s Elite Band of Brothers. Bunch of Merchant Bankers at Sky Sports Sources.
  5. Need to move both him and Janes on to free up two beds in the sick ward. Before his injury, he was looking good. Great shame. At very least needs a loan.
  6. Arsenal ???? Big team. Question that one. I get it - you are Paul Slurson - come on admit it.
  7. I would love an interview from him but at Chillers said recently his needs some work😊
  8. May be - now they have beaten the mighty Brighton.
  9. Yep even if it the final day of the season.
  10. We want him their for the return match. I would just love it if we spanked them.
  11. Isn’t off join Harry in Ole’s circus in January??
  12. Needs to get working on Benko so we do not spunk on the Dunk or some other over priced player. Saving money there will allow is to bring in a striker & winger.
  13. Did he say they were smaller than Celtic’s Reserves? This man gives Bell-ends a bad name.
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