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  1. Room mate for Wilf for when Musa leaves? Assuming we miss out on the other big move.
  2. I Transit BKK regularly for my job. They sell 2 types of shirts. A cheap Thai version and the version you buy in the shop at the KP which is no cheaper than the Club Shop. They sell a few T-Shirts which are around 18 Euros. You could buy reasonable copies in some of the night markets. Not sure if that is still the case as we were top of league when I bought mine for a fiver! They will probably have OHL gear on sale by November! It is not an exclusive LCFC shop any more. There are one or two sports style shops that have a small selection of LCFC merchandise on offer. Some of it is garbage!
  3. Simples mate. Just skip over them. Sorry to see you are having a bad Sunday.
  4. Calm down. Rudders is doing his best. May be the WiFi at Butlins in Skeggy is patchy?
  5. Is he better than Maynard?. If so, why is this thread 41 pages only?
  6. D-E-R-B-Y. C-U-N-T-Y
  7. Even Rodkun cannot screw this one up.
  8. Arsenal really are a joke.. You can see why they never bring in the signings that other top Clubs in EPL do.. They have no concept of what is going on in transfer market.. UKP 26m is an insult to Leicester.
  9. I would rather we sign Chris Evans than Johnny Boy. Sean St. Ledger the sequel.
  10. But with bigger .....................
  11. Does he have DRS?
  12. Richie Wellens? Stringer? Filbert Fox´╝č
  13. This is just a rumor!!!!. But in answer to your question - yes we could do better if we replaced the DoF and the scouting Team.
  14. What No'didi??