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  1. Great result given the circumstances. Really enjoyed the latter part of the second half where we were very unlucky. Great tones little Wes bank in the fold. Common Boys we can do this.
  2. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  3. With the amount of injured players we have, this Album Cover is perfect.
  4. To many 'No Go Zones' in our zonal marking system. Needs binning off and sorting out in the Summer.
  5. Plenty slagging him and the team off. Some need a reality check.
  6. Just about to switch on the game. Have I missed Fernandez penalty yet?
  7. Exactly. The usual massive FT over reaction.
  8. That is what should happen. I 'suspect' (no proof) that due to Rudders relationship with the Academy, BR is reluctant to carry out major surgery on the Academy Coaching Methods. Probably needs Top to intervene and ask WTF is going on with the Under 23's? Given the days of huge Transfers Kitties are possibly on hold, the Chairman of LCFC may decide its time to over-haul the Academy Structure, in the hope we can develop more excellent players in the coming years.
  9. Normally I agree with you but realistically we need to keep a gap between us and WHam.
  10. Unless you actually win the Europa League, it is a competition with the Thursday games (and number of matches you need to win it) something that will always tax our EPL position. Yes the winners get UCL qualification, I get that, but trying on both fronts to Qualify may mean we miss out completely. Financially, 5 League places is probably equivalent to a long run in the UEL where you do not make the final. With all of our injuries, we are probably best out of it now - not making excuses for last Thursday's car crash. We need to qualify for the UCL and with less games now and pla
  11. On what Porn Site did you watch that?
  12. It is totally amazing the amount of coverage our 'defeat' is getting all morning on Talk Shite. Had we won it would have been F-All. Jason Bourne sent them message listing out the players we have out injured, but according to the Peterborough Bell-end aka Adrian Dipstick (who replied to JB) he said we were only missing 2 key players.
  13. It's a 'yes' from me Ric. Give him a chance rather than do a 'Jurgen' and play musical chairs and fvck the entire team by playing several players out of position. 'Like for Like' (as near as possible) must be the best option?
  14. Are some of them wearing Corsets in readiness for some Goal celebrations??
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