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  1. I think Manure need to buy Chili, Wilf, Caglar, Madders, Harvey and Ricardo to sort their car crash out. Woeful-and Harry wants to win things??
  2. Well they will certainly struggle to finish top half unless they turn the corner soon.
  3. Oli’s Goner Soon will be found before the Christmas lights come down.
  4. I think the authorities should bin off-side altogether and introduce ‘Rush Goalies’ and Field Goals so that Wilf can have a chance at claiming the golden boot. We won 2-1 - end off.
  5. Bring in Chris Buffoon and Glen Twaddle
  6. Must play Benko. Needs game more than Wesain Bolt. The Newport Team was full of deadwood and slower at the back than a Trabant. We can make 6/7 changes and with the correct attitude come through this. Take them lightly and we will be dumped out.
  7. I actually think his additional pace compared with Harry ‘the Oil Tanker’ has made Evans look even better than last season.
  8. Looks like Watford have already filled one of the relegation slots for this season after just 6 games. Chuck Wolvesalona in the mix and there might be just one place left.
  9. How many Spuds players have got their PADI licences?
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