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  1. Rudkin

    Excellent summary.
  2. Rudkin

    We have paid well over the odds time after time after time. Do you think Daniel Levy would have shelled out what we have paid out for some of the signings we have made? Easy target?? Are you serious? What about Shakey? He has been fitted up good and proper by this Drinky/Silva shambles and that rests with Rudkin.
  3. Come Home Nigel

    Yes - but we need an MOT carried out by another (new) Mechanic using the up to-date handbook.
  4. Rudkin

    I doubt his stock is that strong given his performance over-seeing recruitment. Putting the Drinky/Silva shambles to one side, our dealings over the last two windows are fundamental to our current plight. Millions have been wasted. Millions. Plus Shakey's demise was not helped by recruitment was it? Someone must be in the frame for this shambolic situation and it cannot all be down to Shakey. If we do not see any material changes across the football operations side of things, then difficult to see how we can move forward.
  5. A much needed light hearted thread!

    This is what happens when Pulis manages your team. You go brain dead. So no to Moyes from me.
  6. Next City Manager?

    I would add SheppyFox and Garth Crooks to that least.
  7. A poisoned chalice?

    Carey Grant would be a more attractive proposition to Avram.
  8. TRUE - but being ruthless should surely extend to disposing of non-performing off field Management personnel too??
  9. A poisoned chalice?

    Maguire/Chilli/and Drago could make this so much younger though.
  10. Next City Manager?

    Only if he can pick the new shirts ....................according to his comments of just now.
  11. New Manager, essential credentials?

    Yep and add Chris Coleman and Ivor the Engine to that and l there will be a welcome in the hillside.
  12. Rudkin

    Listening to TalkShite in the Alps and some chap named Carl just called Alan Bar-bill and gave a spot on summary of our problems including a mention of the DoF. He was spot on!
  13. Shakey back as number 2???

    If I was sacked 'partially' due to being fitted up by a senior staff member running the Football side of things, I would never come back!!!
  14. Rudkin

    Southampton, for a Club of our size and potential is, in my opinion, the near perfect model for us to follow. Thanks for posting this!
  15. Shakey back as number 2???

    We need a complete change. From DoF/Scouting/Recruitment/First Team Manager plus Coaching Staff (Including Goal Keeping) . The U23's and Academy may have to wait until the front end is sorted. Filbert can stay.