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  1. mozartfox

    Wilfred Kanon

    Yes - they both come from the same Country.
  2. Saw this article last week Chris Sutton had a decent career, he won a Premier League title thanks to Alan Shearer and Jack Walker’s assembling of a brilliant team around them at Blackburn. Yet Sutton isn’t remembered fondly by English football fans. He’s just not particularly remembered; a mediocre striker in comparison to premiership legends. Additionally, he failed to make an impact at International level; playing once for England. That cap was more of a gesture for a man completely out of his depth at elite level. Especially since Christopher Roy Sutton scored once in 15 matches as an Under-21 and England B player in the miscellaneous section of forwards. Going to Scotland and Celtic – the reason for his now infantile, partisan obsession – really was his appropriate echelon. That is to say, an average league. Sutton, along with a constantly bitter seeming attitude for some unknown reason, regularly appearing on BT Sport’s Scottish Premier League coverage. It now feels fair to suggest he should stay there, while leaving English football alone – in particular Leicester City Football Club – and concentrate on that division, his fitting milieu. Pathetically prophetically, the 46-year-old has a column in the Daily Record – yeah, we know – and has predictably blamed former Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers for all of the Hoops’ problems: “This hasn’t just happened in recent months – the rot had set in more than a year ago. “Celtic already have more points than last season, so it’s not only this term. No one can deny Brendan Rodgers was an outstanding coach for Celtic and his success speaks for itself. You can’t argue with seven trophies on the spin. “But he also allowed the club to regress over the last 12 months and has left a total mess for whoever is in charge to mop up in the summer. “In fact, you could argue Celtic are in worse state now than when Rodgers came in on the back of Ronny Deila. “There is an awful lot work required at the club but it’s extremely harsh to be aiming the negativity at Lennon. Celtic had breezed through a gentle run of fixtures when Rodgers did a runner but since then he’s had to play 12 matches and all but two of them against teams in the top six. “Who is to say the team under Rodgers would have come through that period unscathed? “Lennon’s remit was to get the club over the line in the league and he has done that. He’s got them to the Cup Final as well with the Treble in sight. “It’s gratitude he deserves from Celtic fans rather than criticism.” – Chris Sutton In addition, the former Chelsea failure attacked the Celtic supporters for disrespecting their current gaffer Neil Lennon. This ‘expert’ really has a chip on his shoulder. Foxes of Leicester hate to be negative but this fellow needed ousting for what he is.
  3. or a 35-year-old winger. Are we becoming the new Scottish Widows Pension Fund?
  4. Benkovic has just been called up by the last World Cup finalists. This suggests he may get into some EPL Teams? or have the Croatian FA have got it terribly wrong?
  5. mozartfox

    Andre Silva

    Wrong - Long John is far better
  6. Puts Chris Sutton's comments about BR's backward move to Leicester into perspective............. (The SPFL has announced that £25 million in league prize money will be paid to its 42 member clubs this season).
  7. With VAR his diving would get him more Red Cards than a squad of 25 Wes's. Please God no
  8. If he is that popular , he should stay there and work in the shop.
  9. Me too. Good enough to be selected for the last World Cup finalists but stuck behind Wes at LCFC? Surely not.
  10. I am with you with this. Past his sell by date.
  11. Latest quote on the 'Celtic Chat' Forum : 'Maguire couldnt lace virgils whores corset. Filly benko will be back next year though ' Cultured stuff..
  12. Would prefer Lenny Glover or Jackie Sinclair. Much cheaper options and less likely to disturb the dressing room. With him and Wes having a combined age of 70+, it looks like BR is looking to reverse Puel’s high tensity youthful approach.
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