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  1. Wow! If I woke up with female Cags then I’d know my life has reached a new low
  2. That’s a good post. It’s just one indicator. Brighton have spent circa £200m Liverpool have spent circa £100m It would be interesting to see a comparison of turnover and wages to players before we make the judgement upon which one has overachieved. I suspect that all we would deduce is that Liverpool have done really well when compared to their peers (e.g. someone like Man Utd).
  3. Apparently Trevor Peake is in Coventry City’s Hall of Fame. Now there’s an accolade!
  4. Jobyfox

    Adam Lallana

    It did help that he was nearer to 5ft 10
  5. “Brendan had Corona” Not surprising really when the sun shines out of his arse! Hope he had a speedy recovery from Covid19 and has no lasting symptoms
  6. I resisted adding my comments to this thread as I’ve become bored with everyone poring over every single comment that Riyad makes, but as it refuses to go away I’ll add my thoughts. RM is Algerian and his influences would presumably be francophone. I would be surprised if, before 2016, anyone from that background would have any desire to play for Leicester City – or even much knowledge of the club. I also don’t think that it’s the mentality of many footballers to stay at one club for multiple seasons when other clubs, with more money and chances of winning trophies, are chasing them. His frustration at not getting his move is not entirely surprising even if it could have been handled much more quietly and diplomatically. What I also know for sure is that RM was one of the most talented players I’ve ever seen at Leicester. He more than played his role in the clubs greatest achievement in its history and he stayed on afterwards irrespective of the circumstances. Contrast that with Cambiasso and Kante who had no interest in staying for more than one season despite, in the case of the latter, the club qualifying for the Champions League and on a journey that was by no means complete at that stage. These two are spared criticism because one is a ‘nice bloke’ and the other doesn’t say much publicly. Personally I have much more irritation with the actions of Kante than any of the others, but all made a fantastic contribution in laying the foundations for my best ever feeling as a football fan. In my personal opinion booing any one of them when they return to our stadium is utterly moronic, but each to his own.
  7. Just when I’d finally got over Paul Kitson
  8. Thanks - I didn’t know that background
  9. Breaking News is that 3 Brighton players have tested positive for Coronavirus. Convenient?
  10. Plays for us: ".... he's a lovely lad and always comes across so well in interviews" Signs for Man Utd: " ..... jumped up tosser. Just a prima-donna like Jack Grealish! "
  11. Wow! The match day thread that day must have been awful.
  12. Remember it well and being on the pitch at the end in my one and only pitch invasion. Great memories
  13. Good shout: "...... Alan ..... you must have a great insight into this club ..... "
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