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  1. I think some people who read these stats should take their blue coloured spectacles off. These stats actually reflect what I’ve felt this season: We’ve been good in some games We’ve looked poor and uncreative in others It all feels ok because it translates into 4th place in the table and a pretty reasonable points haul. The stats, however, present a cautionary tale - it’s not sustainable unless we change. But the good news is that the stats reflect the whole season. When we’ve played without 2 CDMs and with Maddison centrally we’ve looked much better. We shouldn’t be starting games with both Hamza and Wilf & we should be lining up with JM in the middle. If we do this consistently I think we’ll be fine. Then we might just need to find a way to get more output from the wingers. If, however, we don’t heed this warning we’ll be one dimensional and uncreative. It’s basically what we saw under Puel and sometimes under Rodgers. It’s not rocket science and, if we really think about it, the stats back up what we’ve all observed.
  2. I’m afraid this thread was misguided and most of the contributions are awful. But I suppose this proves that something good may come from every stupid idea. I like it!
  3. It wasn’t him, but he may have been the agent. That’s who I’m blaming anyway
  4. That’s all well and good, but we will always have an inferiority complex. Remember what that Forest fan said: "No matter what they achieve they will never be our rivals. That will always hurt them no matter how many trophies they win” 😄 - Sorry couldn’t help repeating it. It’s such comedy gold 😂
  5. I was just contributing to the discussion in terms of what has already been stated and trying to turn something very subjective into something measurable. I wasn’t making any statement on how important, or not, it was.
  6. I think supporters of historically successful clubs hold on to this for far too long to evidence their size. It is true that historic success can often lead to a generation or two of large support that, in turn, helps maintain their status as a: 'big club'. Preston were easily the most successful club at the beginning of the 20th Century Huddersfield won the league title for 3 successive seasons in the 1920s Wolves won the league title 3 times in the 1950s Forest won the European Cup twice in the 70s/80s There has to be a situation when this success starts to become 'time served' and starts to lose its relevance to the current status. Are Huddersfield a bigger club than us (that's a rhetorical question)? Similarly I don't get this argument from supporters of well: "Man City/Chelsea are only big because of the money!" So what!! There was a time for any club that was the catalyst for their growth. For example: a lot of people turned to Manchester United following the Munich air crash. Chelsea weren't a huge club 30 years ago. They are now by any measure. Whether they are bigger than Arsenal is a matter of debate and it will only be decided either way by the trajectory of those two clubs in the coming years. There was no doubt in my mind 30 years ago that we were a smaller club than Forest and Derby. More recently I rated us all of a similar size. Now I think we're edging ahead, but what happens over the next few years will determine if we stay there.
  7. I did occur to me today that when I started watching Leicester City just over 30 years ago Nottingham Forest were much more famous than us. Today even our WAGs are more famous than them!
  8. I really couldn’t see the point of signing Wes Morgan when we’d already got the likes of Matt Mills and Sean St. Ledger in the squad. Do I need to elaborate further?
  9. I often use those same words about Bayern Munich and Real Madrid
  10. “No matter what they achieve they will never be our rivals. That will always hurt them no matter how many trophies they win” ————— This comment wins for utter stupidity and really sums up some Forest fans who think their bizarre sycophantic rivalry with Derby somehow makes them important. When we won the Championship and followed this up with winning the Premier League I’m not sure whether the thought: “... this is ok, but I really wish we had a rivalry with Nottingham Forest” ever crossed my mind. I wonder how many trophies we’d have to win before it did?
  11. What a bizarre suggestion. Chilwell has a huge weakness with the quality of his final ball. He also hasn’t got the ability to go round players like a winger might. So let’s play him further up field where this lack of ability will be even more exposed?
  12. I left after 90 minutes, but before the final whistle. I was desperate for a wee and if I’d got stuck in the stands I might well have pissed myself.
  13. Bring on the scousers I say - by the score
  14. Let’s think how that would’ve worked for the match on Saturday. Spurs would have challenged our first two goals. We would have challenged Spurs first two goals. That’s two more VAR stoppage than we actually got then.
  15. I’m in the ground. Just to say that the boos were definitely for the ref. Not for the VAR and Kane’s goal, but the rising frustration that they get a free kick every time they fall over. Don't know whether it looks the same on the telly!
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