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  1. I’ve never been one for body art, but he’s probably the closest that anyone will ever get to persuading me to have his face tattooed on some part of my anatomy.
  2. I like to think I’m usually unbiased on these things. I don’t see the point of anything else once the game has finished. I’ve now seen it about 5 times and still don’t think it’s a goal. There is not even any ambiguity for me. The closest one was the Fuchs high foot, although I still think that was called correctly. Certainly it wasn’t anything where there was enough certainty to overrule the decision.
  3. I don’t think it’s us that’s obsessed, but pundits and media. Really when we talk about big 6 - or big 5 as it used to be - we mean the teams with currently the most resources (money) to buy success. That’s really the only measure. The other measures are more subjective: historic success, ground size, fan base etc., that people bang on about to define “bigness”. But really it’s irrelevant to the here and now and the current massive advantage the current big six have in terms of spending power.
  4. When I first started watching football (eighties) the big five were: Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Spurs and Arsenal. Man City and Chelsea are the newcomers with their foreign billions.
  5. It depends what you call a good start. They won their first game .... .... but then didn't win another one until about game 20 or 21. They've already won more games than they did that season.
  6. I'm in the camp of those waiting until he’s actually started a game for us before reaching judgement. He looks like he might be quick and direct and actually be prepared to take a shot at goal, which is something we need. Admittedly, he’s lacked a bit of composure so far, but new country, new team, new team mates, new style - he can be afforded a bit of patience. Some people were still insisting Gray would come good after about 4 seasons of very little.
  7. What are the rules tonight? is it rush goalie? only explanation I can think of for two on the bench ...
  8. I’m satisfied considering we’ve got half a team out. Soyuncu, N’didi, Ricardo, Maddison and Vardy would arguably have all been starters if fully fit.
  9. Nah! He’s not playing well enough to deserve that!
  10. If you’d said six months ago we’d be starting a game without Vardy, Maddison, N’didi, Soyuncu and Ricardo - we’d probably be hiding behind the sofa. Hopefully the renaissance of Mendy and the form of Castagne will continue and Fofana will prove to be the real deal. Fingers crossed 🤞
  11. Wouldn’t it be an irony if Matty James was the only one fit
  12. I don’t think he was a porn star. Apparently he got a job servicing washing machines and providing plumbing services, primarily for lonely, busty, housewives who played nothing but 70’s jazz music on their stereos.
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