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  1. Option 3 - for the reasons stated above ^^^
  2. His name isn’t plural. It just happens to end in an ‘s’. It’s often convention to omit the 2nd ‘s’ in these situations for reasons of tidiness, but some pedants would still assert that it should be Rodgers’s tactics. Maybe confusion could have been avoided completely by calling the article: ‘The tactics of Brendan Rodgers’.
  3. Matty James 🤣 I assume that’s a joke, but I never know sometimes. Some people have this weird obsession with him when he was only ever a bang average footballer.
  4. Yes, I fell for that one two. 🤣 Never has a post switched so quickly between reasonable and complete insanity just by the tilt of a phone.
  5. I now feel embarrassed that I wanted to make the same joke, but somebody got in first ☺️
  6. Surely Manchester United will have worked out that Smalling is actually better than Maguire by now? Failing that they’ll definitely be wanting revenge on us for having their pants down on the Harry deal.
  7. Foooooooooooooo - ccchhhsss!
  8. Your season ticket is free? I must be doing something wrong!
  9. I actually disagree with the premise of this thread. If we want to break up the big clubs monopoly we have to think like a big club and that means targeting both cups and top four finishes. I understand the argument that finishing high in the Premier League, particularly top four, makes you more sustainable. You get more money and attract better players. But why do we covet this sustainability? To win trophies. It would be great to regularly finish top 6 or top 4, but ultimately you’ve got to win something. It’s these moments you will remember in years to come and tell the grandkids. Without both you’re basically just Spurs.
  10. I actually think there is some merit in this idea. A kind of reverse psychology. Make them feel nice and all warm inside. Lull them into a false sense of security. Then, as soon as the whistle goes, get Hamza to boot Salah into row Z - whether he’s in the starting eleven or not*. *that’s whether either of them are in the starting X1 or not
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