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  1. So. Put De Gea in Keep the rest the same And we’ll have a better team than a club that finished 14 points better than us last season? Hmmm ....
  2. Despite the length of this thread .... I’ve heard that this one is taking too long so Rudkin has decided to focus all our attention on the Maynard guy.
  3. No, you can’t have that! It’s a bit like saying: “Ben Thatcher was rubbish” (aka Margaret) 😂
  4. Name sounds a bit foreign. He plays in a non-British league Apparently there are you-tube clips of him I know nothing about him and have never seen him play It’s a yes from me!!!
  5. I always thought he was weirdly shit in the air for such a giant. It was even more weird that he seemed better as a wide forward given his attributes. He frustrated me, but I kind of still liked him. The Brian Little era is also one that, for me, was one that re-booted the club and put us on a path towards better things, which ultimately culminated in the two League Cup wins under O’Neill.
  6. In some ways football fans always have someone at the club who is lauded and someone who is made the scapegoat for anything that goes wrong. This, despite us not always truly understanding what goes on behind closed doors. Taking Leicester as an example. Steve Walsh (scout) could do no wrong. John Rudkin can do no right. I’ve even seen people insist that signings were “a Pearson signing” or a “Rudkin signing” when they haven’t worked out and a “Walsh signing” when they have. Now SW is rightly praised for helping to build the 15/16 side. He did, however, preside over an incredibly poor summer of recruitment in summer 2016 - and Rudkin was also present before and after that miraculous season. There are elements of grey in both cases. Now I’m not saying that Congerton is being unfairly criticised. To be honest the appointment doesn’t fill me with confidence. But Sunderland were poor for a long time and continued to be poor well after Congerton’s time there. Also, Celtic aren’t anywhere near as important as their fans think they are and will struggle to attract the talent they probably think they’re entitled to. Maybe the fans of these clubs needed a scapegoat. I hope so anyway.
  7. Jobyfox

    James Maddison

    We now just need Danny Murphy to say: “... he needs to be at a top six club” .... and the world, as we know it, will end!
  8. Those were the days. Being turned down by the likes of Nicky Maynard, Billy Sharp and Craig Mackail Smith.
  9. Jobyfox


    To be fair to them that’s absolutely spot on. Why would a club that have won the Premier League and finished in the top ten 3 times in the last four seasons be relevant to them? Forest haven’t been in the PL this century. Derby have only once since 2002 and that ended in the worst PL performance in history. Really they shouldn’t be looking at us as rivals and we shouldn’t them - as we aren’t. It’s just a local Derby by accident of geography, which means slightly more due to Monday morning at work bragging rights. We’ve never really had a rivalry with them before, but in terms of league position, ambition, midlands location and the likelihood that we might start getting in each other’s way in the next few seasons - then Wolves might become our rivals in a real, football, sense.
  10. i was at the Blackburn and Derby play off finals and remember watching Swindon and Crystal Palace on telly. Great memories, but nothing like what we have now. The only thing I wish for is a run to a Cup final - preferably an FA Cup final. This thread is a little bit like bemoaning the fact that we’ve never won the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. 🏆
  11. Jobyfox


    I’d often said that if LCFC fans were really bothered about a rivalry then one with Coventry would probably be more reciprocated. I’ve met a few Cov fans and they all tend to not have much love for us. Problem with that is that it feels a bit like kicking a puppy at the moment!
  12. Jobyfox


    I completely agree with this. I've always found the Derby/Forest rivalry a bizarre, needy, love/hate relationship in a way that suggests that neither could exist without each other. I think it makes both sets of fans feel bigger and more important than they really are and they haven't yet realised that nobody in the rest of the world is actually watching. In my experience Forest fans think that Leicester fans are obsessed with trying to create a rivalry with them that doesn't exist. When, in reality, if that's at all true it pales into insignificance with the obsession of Forest fans to tell everyone who'll listen that they only care about a fellow perennial Championship club called Derby County.
  13. Jobyfox

    Free agents

    Arjen Robben? He could be our next Esteban Cambiasso ... .... or our next Roberto Mancini
  14. Jobyfox

    Jordon Ibe

    My considered answer on this one is an anagram of: on
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