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  1. Nothing against Wolves usually, but some of the rhetoric surrounding them at the moment borders on hysteria. Their fans seem to think they’re Barcelona. Phil Neville said on MOTD2 that they were the: “best team ever to come up from the Championship”. They May prove to be the real deal over time, but I can’t help wanting them to have a reality check.
  2. Jobyfox

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I believe Gordon has gone to Walsall on a permanent deal
  3. Yes ..... but I wanted him at RB, someone else at RW and Amartey in the changing room.
  4. The highs of finally signing an attacking right back after wanting one for so long. To the lows of Amartey starting the season instead.
  5. Jobyfox

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Yes, I agree on Chilly as well. He’s comfortable on the ball, but seems to lose all confidence as he approaches the final third. Quite often not even attempting a cross, but just looking to offload and give someone else the responsibility. It’s a shame because he takes us some great positions. At least Fuchs can whip a ball into the box but, without BCs pace, has far less opportunity to take us those positions where he could hurt. That's currently the left back dilemma in an attacking sense.
  6. Jobyfox

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Ndukwu looks like he has ability. He’s been here a while so surprised he hasn’t been talked about much before although, I confess, I don’t follow players outside the first team as closely as others. We’re sort of agreeing on MA. I just feel that the problem isn’t with Albrighton, but our failure to recruit better or, indeed, get better performances out of the players already here. Until others can regularly and consistently show the talent they’re supposed to have - he still starts for me. But I fully understand his limitations.
  7. Jobyfox

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Don’t disagree that we need better wide players and also think that Albrighton can only take us so far. Just disagree that he is the route of all evil when Gray, Diabate, Musa and Chilwell have all offered less when starting on the wings - despite having more natural ability.
  8. Jobyfox

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    God I hope so!!
  9. Jobyfox

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Nope. Disagree. MA is limited, but reliable - and unfortunately still offers more than Gray or Diabate.
  10. Jobyfox

    Akhisarspor Match Thread

    Haven’t a clue - was it Vardy?
  11. Jobyfox

    Burnley away match thread

    Since we won the league with him in the side? I’m now overwhelmed by Fuchs’s form, but all I can see that Chilwell offers is greater pace. He isn’t as good defensively, isn’t as good with the final ball and lacks confidence and ideas in the final third. This generally ends in him passing backwards. Without needing to overrate Fuchs you can definitely make a strong argument that Chilwell hasn't done enough to be considered an automatic pick ahead of him.
  12. Jobyfox

    Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    I'd have picked Iborra over James and Fuchs over Chilwell but, let's face it, it's our best team apart from that. The big problem is still what it's been seen we got in the Premier League - squad depth.
  13. I thought Dragovic and Jakupovic did their jobs. Everyone else was poor!
  14. Jobyfox

    Who's your current favourite player?

    Vardy's been my favourite for a while, but this season I'm developing a liking for Ndidi. My wife loves Okazaki and it's much better now she can pronounce his name. I explained that "little Jap man" could get her into trouble these days and made her practice.