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  1. I see that Man City are struggling without KDB
  2. FFS it’s a statement of fact not a moan. I don’t mind people defending Gray if that’s what they choose to do, but dont say something that is patently and demonstrably not true. Jesus wept .... it was a simple point, but I’ve clearly run into his f’king fan club so better leave this thread here
  3. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever moaned about players on social media - even here
  4. That’s not the point. The poster said: “he’s never moaned once”, which simply isn’t true Yours is another point entirely
  5. That’s simply not true. At one point he spent a good proportion of his life on social media moaning about a lack of first team opportunities
  6. And you’re entitled to it .... but I bet the only people who will agree that Tevez was a bad signing for West Ham would be Sheffield United fans.
  7. I’m not bothered about him upsetting the dressing room. The players, however, that’s another matter .....
  8. I believe that Gray has a high perception of his own ability that has never quite transferred to his performances on the pitch. That’s not to say he categorically can’t do it, but usually you have to demonstrate your potential first before you demand attention. I suspect that his ego will stop him going to a struggling PL side or Championship side as he’s going to have to graft. He might well get a slightly better offer in the summer and have his pick of more clubs but, at some point, he’s going to have to consistently deliver the performances that he thinks he’s capable of.
  9. I'm not expecting us to make more than one change from the Chelsea game for this match. That will be Perez or Nacho for Vardy, although I'd imagine that Brendan will go for Perez. I think that Under makes a better impact sub than Albrighton. If MA plays you've probably got to start him. As others have said I wouldn't be surprised if Under replaces Albrighton if we're chasing the game or Ricardo comes in for him if we're in front.
  10. Yeah we've lost 5 league games this season, but only one where Albrighton started and that was Liverpool
  11. If there was one player who deserves a statue it was Conrad for his patience and longevity of service. It could be erected with him in a sitting position at one end of a bench.
  12. At some point in the future we could have four full backs who are better than Chilwell. I'd take a prime Fuchs over Chilwell as well. Mad to think we're in this position after selling BC for £50m
  13. I doubt there would be a chance of this in January and, in the summer, we'd have to prove that we were a better bet than Southampton who look a decent side themselves. We'd probably have to finish top four, hope that the rich six don't come in for him and be prepared to pay £20-30m and the best part of £100k per week on wages. There are a lot of ifs there, but one thing I do know is that he's a player I'd love to get. As close to a Vardy replacement we're likely to find and a proven Premier League performer. Yes there are risks with him. His injury record isn't great
  14. How many games has Amartey played in the last couple of seasons? How many has he played for us in his career at centre back? How many games has he played with Soyuncu? (These are rhetorical questions) Evans and Soyuncu are two of the best CBs in the league. Fofana is a rare talent - so Daniel has a real job to prove he can compete amongst that sort of talent. He needs games when the opportunity arises and we need to be patient, but ultimately he will need to prove he has a position in our squad.
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