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  1. Jobyfox

    Burnley away match thread

    Since we won the league with him in the side? I’m now overwhelmed by Fuchs’s form, but all I can see that Chilwell offers is greater pace. He isn’t as good defensively, isn’t as good with the final ball and lacks confidence and ideas in the final third. This generally ends in him passing backwards. Without needing to overrate Fuchs you can definitely make a strong argument that Chilwell hasn't done enough to be considered an automatic pick ahead of him.
  2. Jobyfox

    If we lose Mahrez in Jan...

    Yes, I always feel like the January window is more about holding on to your best players rather than building your squad. Unless there is a need to panic buy - which there isn’t!
  3. Jobyfox

    Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    I'd have picked Iborra over James and Fuchs over Chilwell but, let's face it, it's our best team apart from that. The big problem is still what it's been seen we got in the Premier League - squad depth.
  4. I thought Dragovic and Jakupovic did their jobs. Everyone else was poor!
  5. Jobyfox

    Who's your current favourite player?

    Vardy's been my favourite for a while, but this season I'm developing a liking for Ndidi. My wife loves Okazaki and it's much better now she can pronounce his name. I explained that "little Jap man" could get her into trouble these days and made her practice.
  6. I'm not saying he can't do these things, but more that he rarely does enough of them for me. I like James as a player, but just think he's limited and if we're pushing for top half Premier League I'm not sure he's the type of player who should be 1st choice. I'd currently have him 4th at the moment behind Iborra and Ndidi and (hopefully) Silva. I'd be more than happy to change that opinion as I love it when players elevate themselves to a level I wasn't expecting. I didn't, however, see it against Huddersfield, but what I did see was a good solid performance: 7/10 (or 6.65 without the rounding up). 😀
  7. This is all subjective I suppose, but I must have a different definition of excellent. James played well within his limitations as a player. He moved the ball well and was neat and tidy. He's not the sort of player to break lines with surging runs forward, play defence splitting passes or take players out of the game with innovative flicks or runs. He's not a player who has dramatically high stats for tackles or interceptions over the course of a game. For me that's the sort of performance that cries out excellent. James is rarely that sort of player and, for me, he wasn't against Huddersfield. He got an ovation for a good performance after a long injury absence. As I say - happy to disagree on a subjective assessment.
  8. I must be missing something. James scored 6.65. That means he played well doesn’t it? I think that score is fair as he was neat and tidy, but didn’t do anything fundamentally great. It’s difficult with subs as they should probably be rated n/a if they only feature for a short space of time. But then what if they beat six players and score a worldy? Silva’s score is probably fair for his 10 minutes, but isn’t really directly comparable to others who featured for a longer amount of time.
  9. Jobyfox

    Robert Huth

    I’m really surprised people are so quick to write off Huth. I’ve no idea whether he can regain fitness, but at 33 he should be capable. It’s not like his game relies on pace. He’s a limited player, but still our best defender. He’ll never be a ball playing CB like Maguire, but the latter could learn a bit about the art of defending from Huth just as Morgan did. There have been several goals this season where Maguire has been beaten where Huth wouldn’t have been. Take the Huddersfield away goal for example. Huth would definitely have been stronger and held the forward off long enough for the cavalry to arrive, before committing a foul if he was beaten. I’m not saying that he should replace Maguire - who is the future -, but he’d be useful to have around to help with his development.
  10. Jobyfox


    I really think that Slimani might be an option against poorer quality opposition. They often sit deep and set up purely to counter the impact of Vardy. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Vardy scores lots of goals against the better sides. They try to play with the ball and don’t set up to stop us playing and Vardy is able to exploit the space behind. In short it’s more important to play on the counter against the big sides and more important to break down sides that park the bus with a plan B that might come with a striker who brings an aerial threat. just a thought.
  11. Jobyfox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    No, he’s shit!
  12. Jobyfox

    Liverpool A Match Thread

    This result is totally expected. The really disappointing one and one that worries me much more is the Watford one last week. They are pants at the moment and even Swansea could beat them.
  13. Jobyfox

    Watford (A) pre-match

    You don’t have to be right footed to play at right back. I would’ve thought that Fuchs would be experienced enough to play there. Then Chillers could come in at LB. An option maybe?
  14. Jobyfox

    Man City (H) League Cup match thread

    We can make another sub now it’s gone into extra time - so Oki might not make 120 yet