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  1. He didn't get the nickname: "Big Dave" because of his height 😉
  2. Jobyfox


    Soumare has scored 2 goals in his entire senior career, which kind of emphasises my point
  3. Jobyfox


    Maddison is a very good player. At his best he’s a very important player for us and was proving this before his injury last season. I actually find the mud slinging at him quite depressing. He’s a young lad. FFS if I was judged on every action and decision I made when I was his age then I don’t think I’d have made it to middle age. Maddison and Tielemans are literally the only really creative players in our team. We need to be adding to our options - not replacing one of the few players that can unlock a defence. We already need a RM and, ideally, another creative midfi
  4. This! The whole reason for Champions League qualification is to increase turnover and attract better players. The reason to do that is because it gives you more chance of winning trophies. Trophies always comes first. CL qualification is a means of being able to compete for them. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.
  5. What? Is the saviour of mankind better or worse than M'bappe?
  6. Was it Burton that we played pre-season when Benalouane tried to murder an oppostion player?
  7. Surely the Ricoh Arena should have black and yellow seats?
  8. Jobyfox


    I'm putting you down as 'on the fence ' for this one
  9. Jobyfox


    Feeling nostalgic for Ind Coope
  10. Jobyfox


    I haven’t been this excited about a potential transfer since Adrien Silva
  11. Jobyfox


    ... he came to us from Lille and now he’s in Coalville 🤔
  12. We have a good track record of Manager's son recommendations. Apparently Pearson's son recommended a great Thai prostitute
  13. If we'd never won anything the order would be: Premier League Champions League FA Cup Europa League League Cup European Conference Community Shield As we have won some of those I'd now revise to: Champions League Premier League (it would be amazing to win it again) Europa League (first European trophy) FA Cup (would love to get there again and get a ticket this time) League Cup (don't understand why some are sniffy about this one) Community Shield (just being in it would probably mean we'd won somet
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