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  1. I shouldn’t worry about that. After the Martin O’Neill era we were a team: “good at corners and set pieces” for about 15 years. Despite hardly ever scoring from any of them.
  2. Does anyone else see what Gareth Southgate sees in Declan Rice? Every time I watch West Ham he looks very average. In fact Mark Noble still looks a better player.
  3. I think I had a realisation after the Aston Villa game that perhaps others had come to sooner. When Soyuncu first came into the side this season it was immediately obvious that he had some qualities that were better than Maguire. In particular his pace and recovery. Then I gradually noticed that his ability on the ball and passing were probably the equal to Maguire and his defensive qualities were better. Ok, Maguire might be better at dribbling with the ball and have superior heading ability, although even the latter is only marginal as CS wins an awful lot for a man of his height. After Aston Villa I realised that he actually reads the game better than Maguire and is much more proactive in sniffing out danger. At the start of the season saying CS was better than Maguire was a bit of a giggle: “ha ha Manchester United have just spent £80m on the wrong bloke”. I feel now, however, that Soyuncu is, unequivocally, a better defender than Maguire (no wind up/no joke) and long may it continue.
  4. Iheanacho only needs to score in the next 9 games to match Vardy.
  5. Sell a defender for a world record fee and then improve defensively. Amazing when you think about it
  6. All little parts of the jigsaw maybe. Losing the Watford game strengthened our resolve to get promoted. The Great Escape season built on that etc.. etc.. Yawn! Between Watford and the PL title we’d also recruited: Fuchs, Huth, Simpson, Albrighton, Kante, Mahrez and Okazaki. Vardy had taken over from Nugent as our main striker. Ranieri was our manager. I reckon any one of those might have had a greater bearing on what we achieved. Sacking David Pleat in 1991 probably played a small part in what we’ve gone on to achieve.
  7. I mean come on. I can get that losing that game might have strengthened our resolve for the immediate season following, but the bigger influences on us winning the PL in 2016 are too numerous to mention. People take these sliding doors analogies a bit too far. If this didn’t happen, if that didn’t happen etc. etc. Any one of them is true in its own way. But really winning the Premier League in 2016 didn’t have an awful lot to do with a play off semi final we lost in 2013 with a squad of many different and inferior players. It might a been one flutter of the butterfly’s wings, but amongst a few thousand more.
  8. Maybe, but we wouldn’t consider it our ‘moment of the decade’ would we?
  9. Wow! That’s actually a little bit strange. I can understand the emotion and excitement at the time, but ultimately it was irrelevant. It’s almost like they’ve still not realised it and the celebrations and post match photos were of a trophy winning team. Bizarre! It’s a bit like the Deeney goal in the play-off semifinal. Great football theatre, nice for Watford fans to remember and slightly painful for us. Balanced against the fact that the result, in time, was rendered absolutely meaningless.
  10. Just as we’d be extremely disappointed to lose our best players in January I’d expect other clubs to fight hard to hang on to theirs. Most players who move in January are ones that clubs want off their books and most teams that recruit heavily are those in trouble. Even so it’s good that the club seems to be planning for the future. It’s all about sustainability now and how we ensure we stay fighting at the right end of the Premier League.
  11. The first thing I thought about when VAR was introduced this season was: “great, less dodgy penalties at Old Trafford”. How ironic then that we lost our first game of the season - to a dodgy penalty at Old Trafford ☹️
  12. Ok, rather than a moan what would be a quick fix? New songs or regurgitated old ones? I would suggest think simple, think catchy, think what would proliferate through the ground. It has to be something that a chap sat next to his 8 year old daughter is comfortable singing. It has to be something that an elderly bloke who doesn’t want to sing about a bloke’s manhood is happy with. It has to be something that the casual fan can pick up the words to rather than wondering what everyone is singing. As someone said the: “we love ya .... woo-aahhh” song was nicked, but it worked. The new Çaglar song works. “Jamie Vardy’s having a party” or “scores when he wants” works. Maybe dust the old Ben Marshall song down for a present player. Its not songs that I necessarily like or ones that are necessarily good, but ones that will generate atmosphere. Then the others will come. It’s a similar argument with clap banners. Some people think they’re awful, but they generated noise and served a purpose when we needed something during the great escape. It starts with generating noise and the momentum builds.
  13. I’ve been supporting Leicester since the mid-eighties when I stood in pen 3 at Filbert Street. I shouted, sung and jumped about with the best of them. I probably now sit in the equivalent position in the King Power stadium. As I walk to my seat I notice the demographic has completely changed since those pen 3 days. More female fans, more older fans, more ethnically diverse. I myself and now one of those middle-aged fans. I’ve found it does change as you get older. I think it’s something to do with having kids and are less comfortable with singing about people’s manhoods or songs containing expletives like the wonderfully insightful: “you’re effing sh*t!” song. But generally I’m a lot less full of raging testosterone and am far less vocal. To solve it you need to move people like me away and create an area where singing and shouting proliferates all over and is less sporadic. I could move myself, but it would be a unilateral gesture, I’d pay more for my season ticket and I’d leave a lot of older, far less vocal people than me, in place. I reckon it would be solved overnight by a safe standing area as you’d get all the more vocal fans to come together in one area as you did in the old Filbert Street days. Even then you had pen 4 for all the fans who wanted the atmosphere, but went for a less rowdy experience where they weren’t carried forward 10 rows when we scored. However it’s achieved you need to create this area. It won’t happen by itself and you won’t suddenly persuade a few thousand people to move. There has to be some incentive.
  14. Hertfordshire? Yes too true. Stevenage would be in dreamland.
  15. The thing is that Rodgers might well go, but he might not. I don’t think he should have to categorically rule it out. Nobody knows what the future holds and he doesn’t want to be in a position where he’s accused of lying or misleading people. It’s his career we’re talking about and he’s clearly ambitious. Manager’s stock can rise and fall very quickly and he’s clearly a hot property right now. Look at Mauricio Pochettino as an example of how quickly that can change. If at this stage next season he’s still here and we’re only 3 points above the relegation zone, there will be many calling for his head. We do have form here: great escape - Pearson sacked, won the title - Ranieri sacked, Shakespeare and Puel - gone. I hope that Rodgers sees enough of what’s being built at Leicester to stay, but I’ve always assumed his stay will be short. After what he did at Celtic we’d be naive to think otherwise. I also think that the narrative at Leicester isn’t all about the manager. We’re becoming more stable as a bigger club than we’ve ever been. I don’t want Brendan Rodgers to go, but the club is bigger than him.
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