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  1. I’ve noticed that Kane seems to start tournaments well and then seems to fade. It’s almost like he doesn’t have the fitness to play so many games in succession at the end of a season. He’s a great player when in form, but has sometimes spent the latter part of tournaments not contributing. It’s a brave manager, however, who leaves out or substitutes a player like Kane in a must win game. I remember Taylor (?) doing something similar with Lineker and was roundly condemned went it went wrong. That sort of thing for me separates a manager who can make inspired changes to one who is just
  2. I was at that Notts County game. Great fun in the rain. One I remember was away to Tranmere. I can't recall the year just that we'd just signed Ormondroyd and Phil Gee with the latter scoring an absolute screamer. Turned out it was the highlight of his brief spell with us.
  3. It's quite simple really. There is far more potential for growth in the women's game than there is the men's. What's a quicker way to grow a brand than to link it with an established one? Leicester City Women now have the same brand and identity as the men's team. I would imagine that decision alone has attracted many new fans and increased profile. Just the same as the equivalent women's teams at Man City, Man Utd or Chelsea have done. As well as attracting new fans there is also a ready made fan base to tap into. Leicester Vixens (or whatever name was chosen) would ha
  4. I'm becoming irrationally irritated by Ian Stringer calling these the: "Citizen's"
  5. Self isolating after COVID19 breach in Turkey squad. Somebody may have mentioned this already
  6. There are so many suggestions on how to pronounce: "Praet" on here. It must be every derivation of the group of letters by now. My understanding is that it's spelt: "Praet", but it's actually pronounced as: "Bob"
  7. I don't think you should sit on the fence with this
  8. I thought that about Gray for about four years until I eventually had to concede it was: “maybe not”
  9. Yes he really was a trier and was a shining light amongst a very poor crop of players. It’s another reminder of how far we’ve come when you think we lost him to Barnsley for £1.2m when we went down to League One.
  10. Personally I’m more of an advocate of the methods of NGP
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