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  1. Franz Carr? Never a flop!
  2. The Leicester folk were wonderfully generous. A good few notes went into my collection pot and someone donated a £50 note to my mates bucket. One bloke even brought a box full of money he’d collected at work during the week! Well done to all concerned and to Birchy.
  3. Just wait until he brings in Messi in the summer 😆
  4. nigelbee


    ‘That team is dangerous man’. Ian Wright quoting Man City’s opponents tomorrow evening on MOTD2 just now!
  5. nigelbee


    Saving the best until last it seems....
  6. Spend a few hundred grand on Mahrez and sell him for £60 million. Absolute joke! you lose a few and win a few....
  7. http://youtu.be/NTJHUDz1a-o Some nice touches on this video. Fair play Burnley.
  8. There is more to life than Facebook. I’m going and haven’t indicated on FB.
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