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  1. nigelbee


    Saving the best until last it seems....
  2. Spend a few hundred grand on Mahrez and sell him for £60 million. Absolute joke! you lose a few and win a few....
  3. http://youtu.be/NTJHUDz1a-o Some nice touches on this video. Fair play Burnley.
  4. There is more to life than Facebook. I’m going and haven’t indicated on FB.
  5. Could we see the ex managers who worked under Vichai sitting together alongside Top at this game?. An unthinkable concept before this terrible tragedy however most have them have been to the stadium to pay their respects this week and it would be a fitting way to support Top and honour his dad if they were invited.
  6. We are so lucky to have had such a great, kind and humble owner, who led us to the best times of our lives. I lost my wonderful Dad, the man who brought me to Filbert Street as a 10 year old, only last month. If only I could have talked to him about the last 24 hrs - he would gave consoled me so much. Rest in Peace Vichai - you will never be forgotten. X
  7. Puel is doing ok. 12 relatively quick points on the board and Southgate ransacking the club for young talent that largely Peul had exposed.
  8. Looks like a legend in the making. Unphased in his debut and think we are going to get a few memories from this guy.
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