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  1. Staff


    Jay off Inbetweeners Will Smallbone
  2. Do any of the league games feature in the fa player?
  3. 363 appearances for club and Country at 23 is incredible
  4. Justin doesn't look very comfortable at left back
  5. Yes, but with a perspex screen between us. That's the thing, as soon as I was made aware I went to my GM and explained the situation and he was so dismissive of my suggestions to quarantine his desk and get the office deep cleaned. 2 of my colleagues went for tests last night, and I wouldn't be surprised if they come back positive
  6. Just to clarify, my work place is deemed essential. The stuff about PPE is so true, we have a perspex screen between us and masks sanitisers etc but we all use the kitchen area, bathroom etc and practices could certainly be better. Thank you, think I'm feeling the worst of it today but hopefully will start feeling better
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