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  1. I am sure someone posted this before, but have you tried contacting the club?
  2. He has definitely been training with the first team
  3. Get yourself tested, and if it comes back negative inform work and get back in there. In the meantime, get well soon
  4. He won't make any changes until 60 minutes
  5. Badly missing praet today. We also need a left back, I just don't see what Justin brings. Not positive going forward, not strong in the tackle, just jogged being Antonio to allow him a free header. Nowhere near Premier league level
  6. Impressed by Daley-Campbell so far
  7. When are highlights broadcast for this?
  8. I would imagine not much of a bucket without some amyl nitrate. Normally get it in those 3 or 4 for £5 in supermarkets
  9. Is tranny something you've delved into before? To be fair it is quite similar to Punk IPA but more refreshing
  10. Whichever variant you prefer
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