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  1. Despite the poor end to the season, still so proud of our 2nd highest Premier league finish
  2. I didn't say we were poor, did I? I was implying that we don't have as much money as others and that we didn't spend a feckin bean in January. As for all these mighty pennies we spent in winning the title, why don't you remind me how much we spent? Because we weren't being assembled like some Jack Walker odyssey we're we?
  3. Worst thing in this is ffp doesn't mean shit, all these teams can spend a fortune and get away it. We clearly can't, but finishing top 4 would go a long way in enabling us to bridge the gap and actually compete in this league. We don't know what was available in January, but we did nothing to bring any kind of depth in and it's cost us massively
  4. Not strengthening in January has cost us
  5. It was all a plot by Mendes' portuguese contingent to enable them to sabotage the top 4.Their chance has gone but the absolute bell Bennett hasn't got the message to abort
  6. How the hell do you fit in a shirt that small???
  7. Where's that wolves twat telling us Bennett was good the feckin liar
  8. Our corners take the actual piss
  9. You haven't grown much in all that time?
  10. Problem is I am comparing him to Ricardo who is world class, just feel he can be a bit negative at times and is lacking confidence
  11. Do you reckon we practice corners?
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