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  1. I can play tonight if anyone is free
  2. Yeah I can't find anything. I watched the Smyle fight, thought he was unlucky. Yarde and Dubois didnt take long to finish their fights waste of time watching really, although Skeete looked good again
  3. Humboldt squids have a beak
  4. Cheers buddy, caught the last couple of fights but didn't see or hear anything about him and cant find anything online either
  5. Did Lyon Woodstock fight tonight?
  6. Think you have got your hands on a great player. Just a thought, what will FFP look like for you guys?
  7. Does anybody play Neverwinter on PS4? My brother is well into WOW so started playing this as I prefer consoles but interested in those types of games (MMORPG?) really enjoy it but since I have got to level 70 seem to have 100 quests to do and dont really know where to start to try and get my character points up
  8. @dbtcity man u 1 - 2 monaco me Zlatan, then Falcao then Moutinho all just after half time Well played mate, not sure how i spawned that, you hit the bar twice and when Rashford was clean through just passed it to my keeper
  9. how do i join foxestalk fc??????
  10. I will be on tomorrow pal if your about
  11. Count me in, Staff-Of-Life
  12. I am sure @ramadaone alluded to this the other day in the Sigurdsson thread
  13. This is it, we need a play maker who will press from the front, just dont know who that is!!
  14. I put Sigurdsson in there as he would be my personal first choice. i just feel he will get a big move somewhere. I know he had it before at Spurs and failed to take the chance but think he will make a big move in the summer. and probably somewhere we would not expect. I have a feeling Chelsea may go for him
  15. Again absolutely spot on. okazaki is essential due to the closing down and pressure he puts on to the opposition. unfortunately he just doesn't have the creative spark to cause damage on the ball. one player excellent at this is dybala. not only does he put in so much effort, he also has excellent technique, awareness and obviously an eye for goal. he is imperative to juve both defensively and attacking, having a hand in a shed load of goals. without okazaki we often lose the link between midfield and upfront. which results in surrendering possession for long periods of games. he has bad touches and often goes down like he stepped into the grand canyon but he will give 100% no matter what. the only problem is with him playing it begins to diminish our goalscorers on the field. wish we could get schurrle, ziyech or sigurdsson, but dont think defensively any would do what shinji does. massively under rated