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    Literally just seen the Rick and Morty episode about this
  13. Drinkwater signs for Chelsea.

    And now I have read his farewell post!
  14. Drinkwater signs for Chelsea.

    The reason I discussed Kante and Mahrez is because they are the other 2 major players from that team that have left or issued a transfer request (bar Ulloa, but that is a different story). The point of my post is nothing to do with nationalities/loyalty etc. but in regards to how Kante and Mahrez have been portrayed compared to Danny and that I don't feel it is justified. In terms of the Kante negativity I can't trawl through twitter and the internet but the thread when he left is here for you to read; I think the picture on the link says it all. I am not saying that Kante was the whole reason we won, obviously it was a collective effort. But without him last season showed how much we missed him. The fact that the actual side didn't actually change that much proves this, although tactics and other factors affected our performances. Like I said, in my opinion, we would not have won the league without him. I agree with you completely that Mahrez did not handle his transfer request well at all. In my opinion he was poorly advised to do so, and in all fairness will probably come back to the club pretty embarrassed by his actions. The fact is, he has still turned up to training, he has still been playing and not gone on strike etc. and he is still here now. The club have done well to resist any offer below is valuation and now he will have to live with his actions until at least January, by which time i hope he has completely rekindled his form from 15/16. Drinkwater's transfer request did put us in a terrible situation. Various reports say it was this week and without any real concrete evidence on the contrary then I will stick with that. That gave us 3 days to identify and complete the signing of a replacement. We tend to do business pretty quietly, so I wouldn't be surprised if Adrien Silva was not our first choice. Sporting knew we needed a replacement, and have attempted to squeeze as much cash out of us as possible. If we had plenty of time from when his to sign a replacement, signing somebody after midnight on TDD could and should have been avoided. I know DD was a major component of our promotion, as stated in my post. He has been a good servant, but the way he has handled his transfer to Chelsea, especially after how we rewarded him last season just does not sit right with me at all and leaves me very disappointed in him. I was gutted when Kante left, but that was inevitable due to his sheer quality. I was gutted when Mahrez handed in his transfer request and issued his statement but he has responded professionally (despite whatever it was he was doing yesterday!) and will be putting on a City shirt again next week.
  15. Drinkwater signs for Chelsea.

    I am going to rant a little. In 2015/16 we signed Kante, He did not want to join us initially, yet he signed and gave absolutely everything in the City shirt and played such a massive part in us winning the league. I think its fair to say that without him, we wouldn't have won the league and probably wouldn't have had such amazing memories of champions league nights down the King Power. So we offer him a new bumper contract, yet he says he wants to wait until after the Euro's to make a decision on his future. He has a great tournament, and it becomes apparent afterwards that he wants move on. Unfortunately for us, he has a buy out clause in his contract, probably one of the key factors in us managing to sign him in the first place. Chelsea offer more that half on top of the release clause and he sadly leaves. So called CIty fans on social media and on here call him a judas, a snake, and wishing him to sustain major injuries. I mean, how dare he leave us to progress his career? To a club that wasn't even in the champions league? The truth is, Chelsea are an established club, who had a terrible season due to various circumstances. It was the first time in over a decade that they hadn't qualified for Europe, where it was our first time ever in the champions league. The likelihood of us qualifying for the competition again, let alone retaining the premier league was much less than Chelsea. He did the right thing for his career, which has since resulted in him winning the league again, becoming the PFA player of the year and a regular starter in the France side. I was gutted when he left, but in my eyes he is a Leicester legend for his influence in helping win the biggest trophy in the clubs history. This leads me to DD. 5 years he has been at the club, with very mixed consistency each season. He was amazing the year we gained promotion, and obviously played a huge part in us winning the league. Like Kante, he goes down as a Leicester hero for the title triumph. He gets offered a new bumper contract, which he accepts and states he sees himself retiring here. Last season, i think its fair to say that most of the players failed to show they were fully deserving of their new contracts which includes DD. Despite picking up an injury, he played on which was at detriment to his performances. I don't blame him, nobody wants to sit out of a champions league campaign through injury but he also got that ban for the off the ball incident at Watford. In my eyes, his performances like most in the team were not worthy of the salary they were collecting every week. At the end of the season, Mahrez releases a statement saying he wants to leave, and so called fans start jumping on his back just like they did Kante. To me he hadn't performed to the level required to gain the attention for a big move, yet at least he came out early enough to enable us to search for a replacement. We haven't received any suitable offers and therefore he remains with us. Despite this he has still turned out for us in all 3 league games this season and not kicked up a fuss, unlike Van Dijk or Diego Costa. Some City fans still want to see the back of him though. Yet DD decides to hand in a transfer request this week with next to no time to get in a replacement. The timing is horrendous, and yesterday sees us scrambling to get a Adrien Silva in as a replacement whilst he is sat outside Chelsea's training ground and a fee hasn't even been agreed. He has put us in a terrible situation, and we don't even know if we have got Silva in as a replacement yet. DD said he could see himself ending his career here last season, and now wants out but we here nothing from him as to why or a thank you to the club now he has moved on. He gets nothing from me next week, all he is to me now is a Judas. The worst part is people still think this of Mahrez and Kante, but at least they didn't leave the club in a situation like he has.