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  1. Fuchs, again, turning his back on play. He needs to go
  2. I am sure nobody misses as many penalties as us
  3. Not sure if it's been posted but the official website says Wigan is a 17:31 KO. I would assume that's due to it being televised?
  4. Frampton wins 100-88 on all 3 cards. He looked good, mcreary had a high guard for the majority of the fight so Frampton targeted the body. Very comfortable victory
  5. Praet is top class, every time he comes on he makes a difference. The dummy against Newcastle before he chipped it over for vardy was pure class, he makes space for himself and others so easily. Joy to watch
  6. The 12th Man on Netflix, excellent film! True story during WW2
  7. Looked it to me in my white tinted specs
  8. Conor Coady is a whinging cnut
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