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  1. That was an incredible day. best atmosphere I've ever experienced at any football match. Nalis Vs Leeds is best leicester goal i've seen Di Maria scored the best goal against us
  2. I wonder if Jamie Vardy counts it as a competitive goal? I doubt that scoring a goal in a match at Wembley, against Manchester United, infront of 90,000 people, for a trophy is something he'll pass off as an insignificant pre-season friendly goal
  3. I'm assuming you mean Worthington, not Sinclair? 😆
  4. The scouts were probably just in Portugal on another staff stag do and decided to take in a game while they were there
  5. And scoring a goal like that is no mean feet...
  6. Someone needs to photoshop Chris Sutton and John Hartson wearing black (or green) and white striped shirts and carrying swag bags - or just get hold of the original CCTV footage. Same thing i suppose.
  7. It is believed that Brendan Rodgers's SPFL, Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup medals are amongst the items stolen from his home in Glasgow. Police fear that the thieves may be planning on melting the medals down and selling them back to Cadburys
  8. He'd already cleared everything valuable out of his Glasgow home ahead of the move down here. All that was stolen was the worthless stuff he didn't feel the need to bring with him to Leicester. A load of Scottish Cup and SPFL Winners medals probably.
  9. Keith Flint - The Prodigy, found dead in his home this morning aged 49 First gig i ever went to was The Prodigy. Bit of a nutjob but he was a fantastic showman
  10. No it was totally justified, but he does finally seem to be finding his feet
  11. And in other news: The sky is blue and water is wet
  12. Really? i haven't heard it for years! The SK1 crowd need to sing a bit louder next time. couldn't hear it from the back of C1
  13. BBC Radio Leicester were talking about how you learned to spell "Leicester" as a child as it is quite a difficult word for kids to learn. And it got me thinking king about an old chant that I last remember hearing in the mid 90's. But the way I always used to remember how to spell it was the old chant: "L-E-I, C-E-S, T-E-R, Leicester are the best" The only problem is that nobody I've talked to remembers it. Can someone please confirm that I'm not going insane and imagining rubbish chants that never actually existed??
  14. Have you been drinking?
  15. I've said this in a couple of threads over the past few months, but I'd really love to see Josef Martinez in a Leicester shirt
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