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  1. What was your point? Let's just assume for a second that you're not actually Stringer... You asked for justification of the abuse, this thread is absolutely full of reasons why stringer is a Class A bellend. You seem to have glossed over all of them
  2. Should you really be insulting your colleagues like that on such a public platform?
  3. I've got tickets to the West Indies Vs Australia game at Trent Bridge in the World Cup. Looking forward to it, should be a cracking atmosphere! Looked at getting tickets to an England game but the prices were extortionate!
  4. TiffToff88

    Free agents

    Already been discussed at length in the Twitter Rumours thread
  5. Can the forum upgrade thread be moved into here once the whole process is completed? I want to know what everyone else is having for their dinner!
  6. Thats a bit harsh. Didn't he get injured on his debut and miss the rest of the season for it? You never know what might have been had he stayed fit
  7. Ex is a Watford fan, so, naturally, i'm hoping Man City complete the domestic treble
  8. As impressive as it looks, it's still just a scooter
  9. I've never had the pleasure but I bet it's got nothing on a good new sponge
  10. I realise this will only appeal to small percentage of you, but it still made me laugh 😁
  11. Some fantastic names in that Zimbabwe squad. Our own Admiral of course, Knowledge, Marvelous, Talent, Divine... Am i right in thinking that a lot of Zimbabwean (and other African) families name their children in anticipation of the kind of person they hope their kids become? That being said (if its true), its a sad indictment of African life that another one of the names is "Teenage" The less said about Butholezwe Ncube the better though...
  12. 2019-2220? I know there's a mid season break planned for the 2022 Qatar world cup but 202 years seems a bit excessive
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