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  1. New Series of Taskmaster?

    I'm still none the wiser... although sometimes when i don't know who someone is, they're fantastic because i have no expectations. looking forward to it
  2. The joke thread

    Copied and pasted from another site, but it's one of my favourite jokes, and since golf is the topic of the day in here...
  3. New Series of Taskmaster?

    just been announced that there will be at least 4 more series. Next series contestants: Liza Tarbuck - can't stand her, but will probably surprise me and be better than expected like Mel Giedroyc Russell Howard - should be good Tim Vine - WILL be fantastic Alice Levine - never heard of her Asim Chaudhry - see above
  4. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    You're showing your age there. Nobody has been called a square since about 1964!
  5. You think that's bad? Check out my first goal against him in this game: Although I can't talk, looks like I just conceded 4 in my last game
  6. 2-1 win away to the league leaders. I'm happy with that! I suspect the akcj defenders will be investigated for match fixing based on my first goal though...
  7. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I've said the same thing before. Queen are probably in my top 3 favourite bands but that song is overrated, overplayed nonsense
  8. Way Too Early 2017/18 Predictions

    Just thought i'd give my preseason predictions thread a little bump. Any of you still on for a clean sweep?
  9. So what does everybody actually look like?

    I'm told i look like a cross between Harry Potter (The Goblet of Fire crap hair version) and Gok Wan
  10. Foxestalk quizzes

    Yeah don't bother posting mine. Pretty much half the questions were the same as this quiz @StanSP made
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 56 seconds  
  12. I'd be surprised if I don't have a player in the top 10. Either Hamsik or Higuain (or both) have pretty much scored in every one of my games
  13. Any chance we can see a list of top scorers @Des.? Maybe at the halfway point in the season or something?
  14. Fa Level 1 Coaching

    I did it about 12 years ago. Well worth it, i learnt a lot. There's a lot more to coaching than just telling kids how to play football. As @stripeyfox said though, on practical days you're running round for 8 hours. Very hard work.
  15. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    We used to dream of licking dew off the outside of a dunny!