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  1. You're always so infectiously positive, aren't you... 🙄
  2. Must be quite morbid being the person responsible for writing obituaries for people who are still alive
  3. It's amazing (yet hardly surprising) just how ready all the news site were for this. Shed loads of ready prepared articles and obituaries. Somebody must have been sat there just waiting to press "publish" for a couple of years now
  4. He was a Premier League winning England international. That sounds like exactly the sort of player they would look for
  5. Can't blame him for backing himself when the Chelsea opportunity came up, but for whatever reason it just hasn't worked out. He won't have a future there, or at any top English club. Could probably do a good job for a mid-table premier league team though if he regains his fitness and can get his life back on track off the pitch.
  6. When is outside dining not outside dining? When its inside... Not really sure how this bloke thought this would be ok: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-56666447
  7. In an attempt to get this thread back on track (or potentially derail it completely), I think I just invented a new word (I looked it up online and doesn't seem to have been used in the context that I used it in) Went to the toilet, dropped the kids off at the pool, took the browns to the superbowl, whatever your preferred phrasing for having a sh*t is... And I flushed it away, it disappeared down the bowl, but came back (something that, as you're about to find out, I later likened to a curved australian stick that comes back when you throw it away). Took 3-4 flushes before it fina
  8. Hopefully they'll learn from their last brief stint in the Premier League. They were dominant in their last promotion season but didn't strengthen in the summer. I've always had a soft spot for Norwich due to some family links so I'd like to see them have an extended run in the Premier League this time round
  9. Not sure she's all that young, but are you talking about Nina Conti? Always found her quite funny
  10. Don't worry, in this imaginary scenario they were still in a 2 horse race for the title right up until the final weeks of the season
  11. Is there still a limit of 5 teams from a nation in the Champions League even if one is a wildcard? What happens if, lets say: Man City win the League, Liverpool 2nd, Tottenham 3rd, Leicester 4th. Chelsea finish 8th but win the Champions League (or Europa League) so they qualify. Manchester United finish 9th but they get given a wildcard as one of the highest ranking non-qualifiers. Would that mean that our place would be given to them?
  12. Both the things i'd like to see are already in use in rugby. Microphones on referees and only the team captain is allowed to speak to the referee. These changes would lead to a better understanding for the crowd as to whats going on on the pitch (and in the mind of the referee), and also will put an end to pressuring referees into making decisions by surrounding and hounding them
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