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  1. We've hit a 6! This is not a drill, we have hit a 6!!!
  2. I've had a terrible day at work today, I was looking forward to coming home, settling in for the evening to watch the game. Just turned it in to see us lose our second wicket for just 7 runs after 3 overs...
  3. I've never watched Grease (a fact that seems to shock everyone when It comes up in conversation)
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesley_Fofana Has anyone else pointed out that there's a French Rugby Union player with the same name? Imagine the meltdown in here if the media have had this all wrong from the start and its actually the Tigers signing the Clermont player
  5. I think it depends on the structure of the ownership. Although didn't RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg play eachother in the Europa League a couple of seasons ago?
  6. Except that we didn't sell him. Wasn't he released because he's s***?
  7. Anyone else watching through BeIn Sport? Couple of cracking goals from jose luis morales of Levante just been shown on the La Liga goals of the week! Edit: Gerrimin!
  8. Stop to tell Bull***t! Benny is a social media god!
  9. He was but he's had to take a break from it. He sprained his wrist taking notes.
  10. Oh you've seen him play then have you?
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