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  1. I thought it was Steffen Freund?
  2. Perhaps i should have started that first sentence like this: Everyone grew up either watching Disney Movies or pushing a hoop around with a stick...
  3. Rob Kelly used to have quite a nice house in Queniborough. At the time he was our boss i worked at Sports World in Thurmaston, towards the end of his time in charge when things weren't going so well i sold him a punchbag. I guess he needed to let out some of his frustrations! I'd make a joke about a certain crap city player's face being on the punchbag, but that was such a dark era in our history that i can barely remember any of the team from that season!
  4. I've read some quite disturbing fan theories about Finding Nemo. One of the theories is that Marlin's whole family were killed in the attack, and that throughout the film, Marlin is travelling through the 5 stages of grief: To be fair though, this does actually sound very feasible. Disney often attempt to hide more adult themes into a lot of their childrens movies.
  5. I've never used spotify so i dont know how it works, but i've never had any problems with Google Play Music. £9.99 a month and can be used on any devise, just have to log into my gmail account to use it. Unlimited downloads and streaming. That being said, i still prefer good old CD's. Still buy them when any of my favourite bands release new albums.
  6. That reminds me of one of the most irritatingly catchy songs in existence:
  7. It was Disney, i couldn't get on with it though. I didn't really see the point in it. Although i do own a Baymax cuddly toy, won from a claw machine at Alton Towers last year
  8. Everyone grew up watching Disney films. Everyone had their favourites (If your favourite wasn't either Aladdin or The Lion King, you were wrong!) But over the last few years they really went downhill. Not too many Disney movies worth mentioning from the last few years. But at the weekend, the Mrs made me watch a new one - Moana. I'm a 29 year old man, but i have no shame in admitting i thoroughly enjoyed this one. It has everything a classic Disney movie should have - Catchy songs, an original storyline, an annoying animal sidekick, and, of course, Dwayne Johnson. Even at my age, Disney films (old and new) are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Is it just me, or does anyone else sit down to watch a good Disney film to help unwind, or am i opening myself up to a barrage of ridicule and piss-taking here?
  9. Hearing the Champions League Anthem for the first time in Brugge
  10. Hoping for Atletico to beat Juve in the final. Would be some consolation to at least know we were knocked out by the winners
  11. There have already been a few mentioned in this thread. Patrick Viera, Chris Houghton. Theres 2, Twice as many as you asked for. I'm sure most leicester fans would be happy with those appointments
  12. Not sure about Henry. That would be another case of just going for a big name, such as the Zola example you mentioned. He has very little management experience, but i completely agree about Viera and Houghton. I'd be delighted if either of those are our next manager
  13. At the moment, he is the black manager who wouldn't be out of place at a mid table Premier League club. There will be more in the future. I think Vincent Kompany has a brilliant football mind. He has the intelligence and leadership qualities required of a coach/manager, and Patrick Viera could very well become a top manager in this country, or one of the other major european top divisions. But as of this moment, there just aren't enough top quality black managers. They're not being discriminated against, the ones who have gone into coaching are simply not good enough.
  14. That's down to personal opinion on each individual managerial appointment, but yes, there have been several appointments made that i thought there were maybe better options. Bob Bradley getting the Swansea job is just one of many that springs to mind. But my whole point is that there just aren't the black coaches around to turn into managers. I challenge anyone to come up with a 10 man shortlist of potential successors to Shakespeare if he was to leave us in the summer. It would be very interesting to see how many of those 10 are black.
  15. If a Premier League job became available, i'm really struggling to name many black Managers with the qualifications and experience a premier league team requires to take over. It certainly isn't because i'm racist. Its because there just aren't enough black footballers going into coaching and management after retirement.