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  1. This is a fantast idea!
  2. This reminds me of my in-laws neighbour. her and her son got off their faces on drugs, the son accidentally shot hi 5 year old sister through the eye with a bow and arrow. There were no charges. The mum then set up a fundraising page to raise £1500 to take the girl to Legoland for a weekend. I'm not sure whats the most shocking thing about the whole incident: That it happened in the first place, that the child hasn't been taken away from them, that they haven't been prosecuted for it, or that they think that a weekend at legoland can cost £1500!!
  3. My next door neighbour's husband works away from home a lot. She has a different bloke round every night... Oh, you mean about Deeney? no, not a thing.
  4. That was a red card Wasyl would have been proud of
  5. I had a pretty low budged but we went to Cheddar for 4 nights for honeymoon pt.1 straight after the wedding. Part 2 is coming up in a couple of weeks. We're having 3 nights in Rome - Been on our bucket lists for a long time. We're trying to save up for a "proper" honeymoon to either Mexico or Tobago for some time next year though
  6. Done. Can i have my wooden spoon now. or do i have to wait until the end of the season to confirm my inevitable humiliation?
  7. You think that's sad? You should see the state Vicky Vixen is in since Filbert left her... Last seen in frequenting the red light districts of the midlands
  8. Kingy teaching Fuchs how its done...
  9. Silva all but confirmed he was coming here last season, even said goodbye to his fans and teammates. I won't believe the deal is done until the club post a picture of him spooning with Filbert Fox on their facebook page
  10. When's the next round of matches??
  11. Tiff Toff was my nickname in 6th form. To this day I still have no idea why. I was born in 88. I've used the name for various forums and profile names ever since
  12. Not worried about my Ghana side then?
  13. I thought there might be one Side note: Newcastle away should be a good one! One of the few current Premier League grounds i still haven't been to!
  14. Careful. He'll claim that he "got a bite" and declare victory soon. Because online trolling is far more mature than gaming...
  15. For me, there are 2. The obvious one is Red Dead 2, which seems to keep getting pushed back. The other is a game that looks incredible in the trailers, but i can't seem to work out what the point of the game is - WiLD. It's been in production for a very long time and looks fantastic. I can't find any information on release dates. Anyone know anything about this game? What else are you guys excited about?