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  1. Signing Messi for £5m is one thing, but Iheanacho worth as much as £3m? Now you're being silly!
  2. Apparently there are single dwarfs in my area dying to meet me?
  3. Do you genuinely believe that she will die next year or are you so far over to the right that the thought of someone wanting to do something about the environment truly offends you that much?
  4. To be fair, i think most people's political views and opinions are mainly driven by what affects them personally
  5. @420Hashish is your preferred name over DrezZone???
  6. Has anyone noticed any bugs in the Beta? I can't tell if the game is really buggy or if its just my crappy laptop causing problems!
  7. He broke his leg in the opening game of the season in my save. Out until Christmas, transfer window closed
  8. I wonder if that will mean a bigger budget and therefore bigger name contestants?
  9. Yeah i need a new frisbee for my dog
  10. I'll be voting for S. Baldrick of the Adder Party. The only party making any sense any more.
  11. Played for my school team for a few years (Wreake Valley). We were absolutely awful. In the 3 years I played for the team we only won one game. I think our biggest defeat was 14-1.
  12. You're absolutely right. Perez and Vardy will be in. Only other leicester players who even stand a chance of getting in his team are Tielemans, Chilwell and Maddison just because they scored. Of those 3, the most likely to get in his team - for reasons I won't say publicly - is Tielemans.
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