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  1. TiffToff88

    The "Random Thoughts" Thread

    Spare ribs
  2. TiffToff88


    A very fitting one for the weekend. i absolutely love this version of the song:
  3. TiffToff88

    Local Media Coverage

    The one on Radio Leicester this morning? i heard that too. How he manages to constantly turn this tragedy into the Ian Stringer show amazes me!
  4. TiffToff88

    The joke thread

    Can anyone remember a few months back, we had a joke thread on this forum. Did it get moved somewhere else because I haven't seen it for a while!
  5. TiffToff88

    Saturday 10th November- Walk for Vichai

    Due to a physical disability, i won't be able to take part in the whole walk, but would love to take part in the final stretch. does anyone know the planned route so i know where to head to once i'm parked up - i park at the stadium, another reason i need to know the route, so i know if i'll need to get to the ground any earlier or come a different way to usual!
  6. i always wondered if professional footballers are self employed or if they're actually officially on the books of whatever club they play for
  7. TiffToff88

    Initiative Q

    We've already established that its not one of those shady pyramid schemes, its clearly a Trapezoid!
  8. Yes. I'll be up in that area for the Burnley game. There's a board on the wall in the corridor with the names of all the box holders. I'll get a picture of it. That way we can see for sure how many of the players have one. They used to print the list of box holders in the match day program. They still might do actually!
  9. Vardy has one, Schmeichel has one, Iheanacho and Ndidi have a shared box. Fuchs had one last season but I don't think he renewed it for this season
  10. TiffToff88

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    They've started talking to the breakfast show host Ady Dayman. Fuchs has done a few interviews with him and I know for a fact that before the recent tragedy, there were plans for Okazaki to speak to him too (not sure if those plans have been changed due to recent events) but it seems like Ady Dayman is a huge Leicester fan with the club and fans interests at heart. Perhaps he could be the man that bridges the huge gap between the club and the radio station?
  11. TiffToff88

    The joke thread

    Funny you should say that because mine are blind, legless and celibate. Still no f**king idea!
  12. TiffToff88

    The joke thread

    Do the blind ones have equal rights too? I need to know because I have no-eyed-deer!
  13. TiffToff88

    Loan watch 2018-19

    Benkovic just put Celtic 2-0 up