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  1. TiffToff88


    What high horse? I was just informing the guy who seems to hate chippy's that we collectively voted it as the best food in the world. I never said I didn't enjoy the odd fish & chips
  2. TiffToff88


    A few years back we had a "World cup of food" thread, including dishes from severt different countries from.all over the world. There were paellas, tagines, tandoori chicken... Any culinary delight you can think of. The people of Foxestalk voted Fish and Chips as the greatest meal in the world 😂😂
  3. TiffToff88


    They've never been rude to me. I think there's just a bit of a language barrier. English isn't their first language so they probably come across as a bit blunt
  4. TiffToff88


    Went downhill a year or so back. I use Syston Fish Bar now. Never had a bad meal from there
  5. Thanks. I'll have another crack at it once I get bored of my Tenerife save I've got going. There's a few more things about the MLS that confuse me so I may be asking for ongoing advice though when I do 😆
  6. Let's start with the basics... Transfers. I know when you make offers for players you can offer draft picks (the draft itself is another source of confusion for me) on top of money,but I'd imagine it's never a good idea to give away any of your draft picks? Also designated players are exempt from the salary cap, right? But I can never seem to sign any designated players for some reason
  7. I always say we have fans and supporters. The fans follow the team with an interest in the results, in accordance to your definition, but the supporters support the team and get behind them no matter what. We seem to have a lot more "fans" than "supporters" lately, despite this shaping up to be our best league finish in living memory (bar 15/16, obviously)
  8. Anyone managed to do (And fully understand) an MLS save?
  9. I don't care if we can't be at Wembley to see it, I want Leicester to win the FA Cup. If Chelsea are going to play their reserves, we need to put out a strong team. Every game matters now, wether it's in the league or the cup
  10. It's one way of guaranteeing they will win it. They're banned from Europe so they'll be the only big team in the league cup
  11. I'll be moving from Leicester to Sheffield after the lockdown. Anyone ever meet up in the city to watch any televised games?
  12. And the decimal point in the middle of Dele Alli's valuation
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if we're one of the affected clubs. Hasn't Fuchs spent the majority of the last 2 months in New York? The most infected city in the most infected country in the world.
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