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  1. The only question this raises is - Why have you not listened to this on a regular basis??
  2. I get the feeling @Des. regrets starting this
  3. The joke thread

    I take back what I said about your jokes...
  4. The joke thread

    What are the extra 5 inches for?
  5. Best holiday beer.

    The Kwak in Brugge was incredible. Another favourite holiday beer for me is Carib - not the best lager in the world, but a favourite for sentimental reasons
  6. That's word for word, exactly what I said at the time
  7. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Not a single one of Sacha Baron Cohen's created characters (Bruno, Borat, Ali G etc...) is funny.
  8. Paper persons

    I feel like there are 3 stages to the opening post here. Stage 1: Attempt at a joke (paper people in the rain) Stage 2: Self realisation that the joke is crap, so an attempt to turn it serious with details of the job in question Stage 3: A U-Turn on the joke/serious status with a bit of observational comedy on the size and weight of a Sunday paper
  9. Dogs

    She's booked in for tonight, but ill let you know how we get on
  10. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Don't be such a Snob Snob Snob snob!
  11. Any AutoCAD experts on here? i have several different hatched objects, but the hatches all seem to be linked. I cant seem to explode them to separate them. any ideas?
  12. Keith Weller seats

    Must have changed since i last went in there. I had a season ticket in there for 5 years and they never used to let us in wearing trainers. It has been 7 years since i stopped going in there to be fair so you're more up to date than me
  13. Keith Weller seats

    Smart Casual. No sportswear. No away colours. No trainers.
  14. I feel like my title for this thread was massively underappreciated...
  15. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    But i really do find Izzy Muzzett funny!