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  1. Surely you'd have John Deacon at the bass of the diamond?
  2. 23. Oldham Athletic 25. Chelsea (Shell-Sea) - a bit tenuous, that one!
  3. Absolutely agree. I couldn't believe it when I saw his name in that list. Had that guy never seen Jordan Stewart play? One of the better players to come through our youth team
  4. I'm in my 30's and still have Chicken dippers, Chips & beans (with sausages) for my dinner regularly
  5. I want to help my sister keep her kids entertained and educated during the school closures, has anyone got any ideas of any fun experiments you can do with everyday household items that would be suitable for primary school kids?
  6. If I can wait, I will. It all depends on the work situation
  7. I'm long overdue for a new laptop. But I have a strict budget of around £500. I use my current laptop for streaming, basic Microsoft office programs and football manager. With the way the world is at the moment I'll also need a laptop good enough to run AutoCAD so I can work from home if necessary, but I know absolutely bugger all about laptops. Any recommendations?
  8. Haven't bought a FIFA game for a couple of years now, but do they still start every Leicester game with "Well Alan, one of your old clubs, Leicester City, you must have some deep insight into this team"?
  9. I hope the same thing doesn't happen here in the event of a lockdown. I'd hate to see whats lurking at the bottom of our canals!
  10. Thats a tough question because anyone who has ever played cricket for England could probably get in the Scottish football team
  11. Luxury! I used to dream of having ink cartridge and light bulb stew!
  12. Does he have a couple of friends called Dougal and Ermintrude?
  13. Is that Brian Carey?
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