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  1. "Issue number 2" James Price needs to take more care of his belongings. He's already lost his season ticket once! Will he ever learn...?
  2. It's actually for the Mrs, she's been badgering me to get them put on her shirt for months, i just panicked and realised it might be too late
  3. Does anyone know if you can still get the Premier League Champions badge put on this seasons shirt? I'd think it will be available until the end of the season, or are they not allowed to sell it any more since Chelsea are now champions?
  4. Vardy: "Can you make me look like a 12 year old Jamaican girl please mate" Barber: "Erm... ok then..."
  5. Not exactly on the road, but i guess this counts - Ignorant **** of a neighbour has been sat in his garden revving his motorbike for the last hour for no apparent reason. This is the same **** of a neighbour who scratches up my wifes car every time he gets his bike out into the car park from his garden. Police wont do anything as theres no proof, and we cant set up a camera to get proof because the car park is on private land and the owners (Asra Housing) won't give us permission!
  6. Bloody hell, you were quick on this one, its not long been announced has it? It's almost as if you spent the morning trawling through the internet looking for dead celebrities...
  7. Preferably Co-Op since she gets arsey when i beat her!!
  8. Me and the Mrs are looking for some offline multiplayer games but there seem to be less of them available than ever! (Presumably because theres no money in that any more) Cant get her into any sports games, but she loves things like Skyrim and LEGO Games. Any suggestions?
  9. It's getting to the point where i'm starting to get bored with this seasons edition, so i downloaded a European Super Cup Editor data pack at the weekend. Its incredibly challenging. The guy who made it has produced a massive league system, with promotion and relegation, including all the top teams in Europe. The teams in each division are so closely matched in terms of finances, squad quality, reputation etc. Leicester are in the top flight along with the likes of the madrid teams, barcelona, bayern, juventus, PSG, Bayern, Dortmund etc. I'd definitely recommend it if you want a real challenge. One of the problems you have to face is a very very congested fixture schedule because they're all 24 team leagues, and there's also a massive club world cup and reconfigured champions league featuring around 100 teams. It means you have to keep your squad fresh with constant rotation so at least players are happier with their amount of game time. I'm managing as Leicester and its incredibly tough! would be interesting to see if any of you lot have more success with it than i've had! http://www.fmscout.com/a-european-super-league-fm17.html
  10. On the subject of snakes, Am I the only person that's disappointed in the opposition fans for not singing the Whacking Day anthem from the Simpsons when they've played against us...?
  11. POST SPAYING UPDATE: It's been about 5 weeks since she was spayed, in terms of her general personality, nothing has changed, she's still totally insane. But she has calmed down quite a lot with other dogs out on walks, she's still wary of other dogs on leads, but is nowhere near as aggressive as she had been in the past. She was attacked by another dog on a lead a few days ago, but she just walked away, which amazed me. Here she is enjoying (stealing) a well earned beer the evening of the attack.
  12. I asked this same question, but from what i can work out, He's still technically on loan at MK Dons
  13. ah. i thought Barnes would be eligible as he's under 21. I'm guessing this has been discussed to death elsewhere in the forum though. Shame for Drinky though EDIT - Barnes still technically on loan until the end of the month
  14. maybe a chance to see what Harvey Barnes can do?
  15. You're right, they shouldn't. But planes shouldn't be able to crash, sharks should't be able to attack people swimming in the sea, but these things still happen. As far as i'm aware, there has never been an incident of one of these boats capsizing, at least in the UK. But anything can happen at any time. Just imagine for a moment that it's decided that the best course of action is to strap people into their seats on these rides, then one day, another freak accident happens, where a boat somehow does capsize, and all 8 people on board drown because they're unable to get out of their seats. Can you imagine the uproar if that happened?