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  1. TiffToff88

    Yohan Benalouane

  2. What's it like being so morbidly negative all the time?
  3. We're still in contention for 7th. 7th almost certainly = Europa League. That in itself seems pretty interesting to me!
  4. TiffToff88

    Football in 2018 Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 64 seconds  
  5. TiffToff88

    Seagrave Training Centre - Construction phase

    Genuinely read that as KISS for a moment. They're a great band and everything, but what does Gene Simmons know about stadium construction?
  6. TiffToff88

    Andy King to..........

    Interesting thought popped into my head this morning, obviously Kingy is out longest serving current player, and although there have been a few players in the past who have spent more time at the club than him, manager chopping and changing is much more frequent now. Does Andy King hold the record for having more different managers at Leicester than any other player?
  7. TiffToff88


    You were lucky! We used to dream of having an additional quarter of an acre!
  8. TiffToff88

    Best opening lines

  9. TiffToff88

    Best opening lines

    In contrast to @ozleicester's thread, whats the best opening line to a song? for me it has to be: "On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?"
  10. TiffToff88

    Retro Gaming - Remake Suggestions

    James Pond 2: Robocod Hogs of War
  11. TiffToff88

    Championship 2018-2019

    I know a lot of Forest fans and there is a divide in the fans opinions, not split as much as ours, and it doesn't seem as toxic, but there was definitely a sizeable section of their fanbase that were not happy with him
  12. TiffToff88

    Championship 2018-2019

    Crazy that their fans wanted him out when they're pushing for a playoff place. 7th place in a tough league and many of their fans wanted him to go. Madness!
  13. TiffToff88

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Which is exactly why I think he should stay at West Bromwich for the first half of next season if they get promoted. No point him coming back now, he won't play every minute of every game which he is pretty much doing at West Brom
  14. TiffToff88

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    The following comment will probably be best posted in the "unpopular opinions" thread, but as its about Barnes, this seems like the right place to post it: I think the best thing to do would be to leave him at West Brom this season, and if he helps them get promoted, offer them the chance to keep hold of him for the first half of the Premier League season. Let them blood him in the top flight. There have been a lot of players over the years who have looked well above Championship standard but have struggled to make the step up. I'm not suggesting that i think he'l struggle in the Premier League (I think he potentially has a massive future in the game - at a higher level than we could even offer him), but as others have said, if he doesn't hit the ground running here with Mahrez-esque performances week in week out, the more vocal of our "loyal" fanbase will probably do the lads confidence more damage than good. I'd imagine that a team coming up from the Championship would be more forgiving if it takes him a bit of time to adjust to the Premier League.
  15. We'd keep plenty of clean sheets but where would the goals come from without Chris Wood being around to claim them?