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  1. Circumcising kids at such a young age when they have absolutely no say on the matter is such a dick move
  2. That's definitely my favourite. A nod to our first ever kit (Albeit as Leicester Fosse - but I voted to change the club's name back to Fosse when we had that vote so I'm allowed to like the Fosse shirt 😁 )
  3. @Wortho and @Izzy walk into a bar... ...everyone else leaves before they start telling another joke
  4. What were those 2 occasions? I'm particularly curious about the harrowing one. Was it you who found out we were breaking our transfer record for Matt Mills back in the day? That still haunts me to this day!
  5. I just spent ages putting my team together, only for the browser to randomly refresh itself and i lost it!! Might try again later, although i'll only end up doing the same thing i do every season... be really into it and obsessed for 4 weeks, then get very bored, very quickly and abandon it for the rest of the season
  6. Yes, they scared the crap out of my dog 😒 Heard rumours of a high speed car chase in the area but not sure if there's any truth in that as it was on the Spotted: Syston Facebook page 😆
  7. The only thing I've seen Rose Mattafeo in was Jon Richardson's Ultimate Worrier and she was unbearably annoying. Trying too hard to he funny. I'm not a fan of Jo Brand, every joke she's ever made has either been about her weight or her useless husband. The rest of the new lineup should be great though. Ed gamble is very funny, and Katy Wix was great in Ghosts and Not Going Out
  8. You're entitled to your opinion and I respect it, but I'm not really sure the time can ever really be passed the do something charitable. Wether it's out of respect for Vichai and his family or not. As @Wymeswold fox said above, something like this could strengthen the hind between Leicester and Bangkok
  9. Perhaps saying the donation is in his name was a poor choice of words. My intention was to simply show his home city a charitable gesture in the same way he has done for our City. The charity being donated to is not necessarily set in stone. Perhaps more people would be interested if there was a way to find out if there are any charities in Bangkok that the family are known to support?
  10. Well this hasn't had the kind of response I had hoped for, considering how popular the idea was back in November
  11. In the weeks following Khun Vichai's tragic passing, I floated a fundraising idea on here and it seemed to be pretty popular. Over the past few months i've decided to go ahead and set up a Just Giving page to make the idea a reality. For those who don't remember, or didn't see it, i was inspired by the generosity of Vichai and the entire Srivaddhanaprabha family. Its obviously very well documented that the family donated vast sums of money to several charitable causes around the city, most notably his £2m donation to our Counties Childrens Hospitals. The man did so much for our city, not just in footballing terms, and there is no way we will ever be able to fully pay him back for this. I want to do a small thing to show our appreciation for his home city in the same way he has benefited ours. I've done some research and have found a care home/childrens hospital that specialises in the care of orphaned and abandoned disabled children in Bangkok. I'm currently in the process of setting up the Just Giving page to give a donation in Vichai's name, but will need the help of everyone on Foxestalk to help in any way you can, be it with your own donations or by simply sharing the page and raising awareness to the cause. The aim at the moment is to set a target (currently undecided) to raise and be ready to donate in time for the anniversary of Vichai's passing. Let me know if there's anything you can do to help. EDIT: The Just Giving page is now set up, I've set a modest target of £200 for now. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/givingbacktovichai This is the first time i've ever done any fundraising like this, and i would appreciate and tips to improve the page i set up
  12. Was that the real life? Was it just fantasy?
  13. I'm just going to hang around in here until Youri is confirmed...
  14. I was given an offer last year to relocate. The company i was working for at the time had an office in Melton and and office in Dubai. I obviously was based in the Melton office. At the start of my short time at the company they sent me over to work in the Dubai office for 2 weeks to get to know the team over there. Thoroughly enjoyed those 2 weeks. Fast-forward 7 months and for financial reasons, the company closed the UK office and offered me the chance to do the exact same job in Dubai. Sadly it just wasn't the right time in my life to ship myself and my wife out to the middle east. But having that 2 week glimpse at what life could be like over there, i haven't ruled out a move out there at some time in the future if the right opportunity comes along.
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