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  1. I hope the remaining Pythons speak at the funeral as they did with Graham Chapman. How they had the guts to stand up at a funeral and say the things they said was incredible. If you haven't seen it, Look it up, Particularly John Cleese's speech.
  2. Been working on that for a while, have you?
  3. TiffToff88


    A friend of mine's dog went missing in Barrow Upon Soar yesterday. Please keep your eyes peeled if you're in that sort of area - last reported sighting around Seagrave
  4. I recommend their seafood pizza too. Usually I'm not a fan of fish on a pizza but theirs is fantastic!
  5. As far as i'm aware, if there's a game on, they stay open. They advertise that they show every single Premier League game regardless of kick off time (I'd imagine cup games are also show too, particularly at the semi final stage)
  6. Barasti Beach is a brilliant setting for watching live football
  7. I'll make us some sandwiches
  8. Maddison can be infuriating sometimes. Real attacking chance. Dawdled on the ball and realises the opportunity is gone so he throws himself to the ground 😫
  9. Some of the players in the league winning 11 wouldn't make it into a few of the Leicester teams I've seen over the years but people seem a bit blinkered by their achievement over that one season (and rightly so!) But what if you had go choose an all time XI and were not allowed to use any of those 11 players?
  10. Where have you all read that we're paying £3.4m per week? The closest figure i can find to that relating to us in the article is that our average player salary is just under £3.4M Per year
  11. Transfer silly season is in full swing
  12. Considering you said you'll be taking earplugs, i have to ask... if its not really your bag and you'll be doing everything you can to not be able to hear it, why are you going? I'd love to see Slipknot!
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