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  1. Am I missing a joke here? A lot of comments from neutrals on twitter/facebook sounding confused that his late goal wasn't an equaliser?
  2. The worry is that if exchange isn't achieved until the same day as completion then there will still be time for people to back out won't there? Or at least for the completion date to change, which will cause problems with the moving company we have booked
  3. Still not actually exchanged 😫 Solicitors still confident if completion on Monday though - she's going by to be very busy tomorrow!
  4. Moving to Jump. A little village in the middle of Hoyland, Elsecar and Hemmingfield. Very nice area to be fair. Not far from plenty of nice parks to walk the dog. Good transport links. Close enough to the In-Laws for my wife to he happy, far enough away from them for me to be happy!
  5. My solicitor is expecting to exchange today, in preparation for completion on Monday Longest (and most stressful) 7 months of my life! Goodbye Syston, Hello Barnsley! I know, I know, from one sh1thole straight into another
  6. Just a bit of fun really, but would any of these realistically come here at the end of the season, and of the ones that would, would they improve the team?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'd like to think I'll be ok to carry on as I have been. We're moving to a little village called Jump, near Hoyland (South Barnsley). Loads of nice parks and places to walk the dog so we can't wait!
  8. My situation is very complicated and I have no idea how the rules affect me. Any help would be appreciated: I live in Syston with my wife (no kids). We're in the process of moving to Barnsley (hopefully in the next couple of weeks). I work in Doncaster and have no way of working from home currently, but I will do when I move to Barnsley. My in-laws live near to Barnsley and since I started my job in the summer I've been staying with them during the week as they're in our bubble (I think - who even knows what a bubble is any more?!). My wife can't stay at our house on her own becaus
  9. One for the older folks in here but I'm going for a M*A*S*H Acca... 1. Alan Alda 2. Mike Farrell 3. Loretta Swit 4. Jamie Farr 5. Gary Burghoff 2021 Bingo: 1. Arsene Wenger to manage Arsenal again 2. Elvis found alive 3. Disney to announce another 7 Star Wars spin-offs 4. A Catdog to be created in a lab 5. Leicester will replace Arsenal in the Media "Big 6" - (well I had to add at least one silly one!)
  10. Heroes are the only one where I like all the chocolates in the selection, bit some of my favourite individual ones are in Quality Street
  11. The in-laws are from Yorkshire and they insist that Yorkshire puddings are a starter. 2 big yorkshire pudding a with gravy and mint sauce. Weirdos.
  12. I actually thought this was one of the better series
  13. I'll stick the heating on, get the place nice and warm for everyone...
  14. I'm not sure if anyone else has found this too but, 2 observations I've made so far from this years game: VAR hasn't improved from last season. VAR Checks on potential offsides on a goal will always come back as disallowed for offside, VAR checks on fouls in the box will always come back as a penalty, and VAR checks on whether a foul was just inside or outside the box will always come back as just outside. Penalties - I've had 6 penalties so far in my current Leicester save, all 6 have missed the target (4 for Vardy, 2 For Maddison). anyone else struggling to even hit the
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