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  1. I remember when I was a kid, learning about football and asking my dad lots of 'what if' questions, and one of them was 'what if you use your hands to stop the ball smashing you in the face'. He said that whatever the reason you've deliberately handballed so it's a foul, and to me 30+ years later it's still as simple as that. There is no law that protecting yourself in any situation is an exception: Laws of the game: fouls and misconduct You don't HAVE to make a wall when defending a free kick, but if you choose to stand 10 yards from someone about to blast the ball in your direction then be prepared for the worse. Yes I've stood in walls and it's not a very nice feeling watching that run up, but you're prepared to take one for the team, or in KDB's case you take one for the team AND a 200 grand a week pay packet. So yeah, the KDB penalty incident is stonewall in my opinion and I'm disappointed there wasn't more of a shout for it from our players.
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