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  1. I think there's a chance it could have more of a negative effect than positive. With low numbers and no singing it'll be easier for players to hear any negative comments if they're not playing great. Not that fans will be actively shouting abuse or criticism, but it won't be long before things like 'Oh FFS' start to come out, and people like to make themselves heard. Fans will be happy being there to start with but other emotions can take over. Now that might have no significance at all, but maybe any positive boost will have less effect than any negative vibes. I don't actually th
  2. And lo the angel of the Lord said unto the gentlemen of Leicester, 'Thou must change your colour to Royal blue, so that your clothes be fit for the King of Kings who shalt reveal himself unto you in your future, your Messiah. From humble beginnings he will deliver glory unto you the like of which you have never before seen, and he must be dressed in regal attire'. And he did deliver glory. And it was good.
  3. I've got a feeling we'll win and Liverpool won't know what's hit them. Plus we'll do it 'clean', no controversies. We'll end their huge unbeaten at home run like we did in 81. In fact if they avoid defeat against us in this match they will break that record, 63 consecutive home league matches undefeated - we won't let that happen. Klopp will be left lost for words and from this point on people will sincerely take us seriously. Ps. I think the reason I've never heard Graeme Souness say a good word about us is because we ended that previous run, his team back
  4. Also, something quite off topic but sorta related. When we played Everton at home the day we got the Premier League trophy, when they scored their consolation even the Leicester fans cheered! Something I never thought I'd ever witness and can't remember ever seeing before. Obviously we didn't want them to win or even score, but I thought that was quite a nice touch to the day that. I guess my point is there can be rare exceptions for everything under the right circumstances.
  5. I've been a City fan for 30+ years now and my dad and grandad before that. Never wanted anything but us to win. Anyway, my dad went everywhere with City throughout the 70s and 80s so was no stranger to the trouble through that time. However, I remember one particular thing he said to me that I think ties in with this topic - Millwall away in 1984 I think it was. Apparently they scored first and it's the only time he ever hoped we didn't equalise. So perhaps a different perspective that some others here can relate to.
  6. Does anyone else have any self imposed rules? Personally I always have the following: Three Leicester players in my first eleven. Leicester players always captain and vice captain Never select a player playing against us. If I have an oppo player in my squad I make them the last sub/s and if they have to play then so be it, but rarely ever happens. I would have a fourth rule of no Forest players no matter how good they were but not applicable right now! One thing that surprises me with mates who support Man U, Liverpool etc, is how come
  7. I remember when I was a kid, learning about football and asking my dad lots of 'what if' questions, and one of them was 'what if you use your hands to stop the ball smashing you in the face'. He said that whatever the reason you've deliberately handballed so it's a foul, and to me 30+ years later it's still as simple as that. There is no law that protecting yourself in any situation is an exception: Laws of the game: fouls and misconduct You don't HAVE to make a wall when defending a free kick, but if you choose to stand 10 yards from someone about to blast the ball in your directi
  8. I particularly liked the gold Premier League sleeve badges we had a couple of years ago. We should get those again.
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