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  1. you can't really blame silva for slipping in what looks like quite wet conditions.
  2. To be fair to him, those 821 minutes were against Burnley, Brighton, Watford, Fulham, Bournemouth and Huddersfield, four of whom were relegated or involved in a relegation battle. You'd expect us to concede less against them anyway.
  3. With Maguire: 2599 minutes, condeding 43 goals (1.49 goals conceded per 90), scoring 41 goals (1.42 goals scored per 90) Without Maguire: 821 minutes, conceding 5 goals (0.54 goals conceded per 90), scoring 10 goals (1.10 goals scored per 90) Doesn't necessarily tell us anything about Maguire, but it's interesting nevertheless.
  4. romania had already qualified for the knockouts so i presume he was being rested
  5. Romania are clearly are stronger team than England at the moment.
  6. but that would only measure a specific part of their body, the rest (ie a leg or their head) could be offside
  7. theres numbers set aside for use in tv and film, or sometimes they'll set up a number specifically for it
  8. i would just say that his time at stuttgart should be taken with a fair pinch of salt, seeing as all his appearances came before the age of 20. apart from that, i think you're spot on.
  9. you say not quite prolific, but he has 50 goals in 92 league games for leipzig. they're not lewandowski or messi figures but still pretty damn impressive.
  10. is it a surprise he speaks french? he played for nice
  11. I think that's much fairer though than "oH my gOd, why diDn't He sCore!!!"
  12. It's also worth mentioning that the chance was 0.28 xG. People score from that position just over a quarter of the time. It's being made out as if he missed an open goal with no defenders in it from a yard out.
  13. Just looking at the numbers, it's interesting to see that Vardy takes a lot more high quality shots than most other players (the only person in the top 10 scorers who takes higher quality shots is Callum Wilson). So, while Vardy takes comparatively fewer shots (he takes the eighteenth most shots in the league), they are all very high value shots. It seems Kane, for instance, just takes loads of shots, as do Salah, Aguero and Sigurdsson. I'm less impressed by how many Vardy's scored, than by how good his chances are, which is a skill in itself. Name xG Shots xG/Shot Salah 21.07 128 0.165 Aguero 19.18 108 0.178 Mane 15.18 84 0.181 Aubameyang 19.82 76 0.261 Vardy 18.97 72 0.263 Sterling 15.28 69 0.221 Kane 16.12 102 0.158 Hazard 12.11 90 0.135 Wilson 15.49 58 0.267 Sigurdsson 11.90 81 0.147
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