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  1. i did wonder if there will be players wanting to be sold/terminate their contracts if it goes ahead
  2. Positive seems to be that they can't either
  3. Nothing, I'm inclined to think that it was just pure chance that we were getting so many penalties and we wouldn't keep it up. I think it was also masking some of the problems we've had from open play.
  4. 26 points from a possible of 39 when he's started - pretty damn good
  5. i don't think he can see lingard when he hits it, looks like castagne is blocking his view
  6. i assume its because he's right-handed
  7. When we haven't been slipping over and giving them the ball for free, we've been playing some pretty decent football. Iheanacho and Castagne the bright sparks of the half.
  8. tielemans is playing too far forward. hamza and wilf are nowhere near as effective progressing the ball up the pitch.
  9. Tad harsh imo. His progressive passing and carries stats are very good (6.66 and 5.95 per fbref). Somebody mentioned Dembele earlier and from the stats alone that's a very good comparison.
  10. Assuming Barnes wants 7. He's been 15 here (first team, U23 and U18), West Brom, Barnsley and England U20.
  11. For sure, you have to take stats with a pinch of salt and be discerning about what they actually say. As long as you're careful, they're still very useful to dig a bit deeper into what a player actually does on the pitch. I'm not suggesting Perez is world class by any means, just that he has a very particular skillset which is quite helpful to the rest of the team.
  12. In my mind, the really interesting thing about Ayoze is that his attacking numbers are significantly worse so far this year than last year. Last season, they weren't exceptional by any means but they were certainly decent. This season they've dropped off a cliff. https://fbref.com/en/players/819aa8e7/Ayoze-Perez
  13. Fbref/Statsbomb. Percentiles are compared to other attacking midfielders/wingers in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga.
  14. His defensive stats are better than just about every other attacking mid/winger in Europe.
  15. this is just about the most batshit crazy game i've ever seen
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