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  1. absolutely no clue why tottenham bought him - he's one of those midfielders who just seems to offer nothing in either defence or attack
  2. tbh i thought he was one of our better players first half. would have been in for a 1 on 1 if his touch had been a tad better, but honestly i can forgive players the odd bad touch if they're making good runs. also barnes' volley in the first half came from praet making a run in behind, and there were a couple other similar occasions too
  3. "You can't pull finger guns! This is rock, paper, scissors."
  4. everyone disliking derby gave me a good giggle
  5. idk, 4 goals and 3 assists last season isnt a bad return. 9 goals and assists the previous year also. he's not awful defensively either.
  6. just thought it would be interesting to point out that chilwell has more goals and assists in fewer minutes (3 + 3 in 2376) than ricardo (3 + 2 in 2520). now, i think ricardo is a better player but they're certainly not so far apart as some of you seem to be suggesting.
  7. formations aren't so simple. when without the ball we were playing a flat back four of chilwell, evans, soyuncu and justin. when attacking, chilwell pushed forward and justin shuffled across to form a back three. in the second half, it was more definitely a 3-4-1-2 with the ball as well as without
  8. We're not going to play anybody from New York any time soon, so I'm presuming somebody thought this one up and reckoned it was too good not to use at some point.
  9. i'm p sure defenders tend to have the fastest times since they don't often have the ball whilst running
  10. what you're saying is that if a team has 6 shots on target from outside the box then they should score at least 1? 6 shots from outside the box likely will give 0.08xG bc they're all wank places to shoot from edit: @SouthStandUpperTier is far more eloquent than i am
  11. while i'd agree, i'd say it was quite harsh for him to be taken off instead of tielemans
  12. i dont think that should be a surprise. hamza presses into areas of the pitch that wilf tends to not go anywhere near
  13. tbf i think people forget that half the time you dont actually need to take a good penalty (i.e. in the corners) to score
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