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  1. In the Charnwood district of Leicestershire, I hear.
  2. ngl the penalty ohl were awarded was v harsh on the other team. also their number 9 played some gorgeous balls which they should have scored at least once from
  3. Vardy isn't the one getting the chances from corners though. Plus I think part of the reason Vardy's conversion rate is because he doesn't take wasteful shots. A header from a corner is about as likely to go in as a shot from 25m out.
  4. Also worth saying that there's a very good reason so few corners beat the first man. If you do want to maximise your chances of scoring from a corner, statistics say the best place to meet the ball is a metre or so behind the first man. Obviously that's a very small target, hence so many corners hitting the first guy.
  5. Not when you consider that only 1 in 16 of those shots go in, typically. Most of those shots are headers with a player putting pressure on the shooter and a lot of bodies between them and the goal.
  6. I absolutely love the one-twos and round the corner passes he plays
  7. when you look at thr average age of that team and some of the clubs the young ones are coming through, really makes you think the US might be a serious force in a few years time
  8. To be fair to him, nobody has any idea how good he is, given he hasn't played any football for what feels like an age. if he tears up the championship, i don't think it would be a bad thing to save money bringing in a backup midfielder and keep him instead. sure that's a big if, and it would also rely on him being happy to stay, but its hardly the worst thing that could happen
  9. conversion rates and shots on target percentages are a notoriously bad way of measuring how good somebody is at finishing though. kane takes a lot of shots from relatively bad positions (compared to vardy for instance): of course his conversion rates and shots on target percentage is lower. buying a lot of tickets is a legitimate way to score lots of goals. personally i think kane is a pretty good finisher - he's overshot his xG for most of his career, it's just that he's doing it in a specific manner.
  10. tbf to kane, he's always been about taking as many shots as possible. there's two ways of scoring really if you're not outrageously good: take lots of shots from anywhere, or take a few shots from really decent locations. he's more the former than the latter
  11. the belgian fa, augsburg, fenerbahce, sparta prague, hertha berlin, leeds, english fa atm for sure, i'm p sure they've worked with brentford and midtjylland in the past, both of whom are well-known for having had p successful stats based approaches
  12. i really enjoyed the articles statsbomb used to do during the season, very enlightening
  13. think it says a lot that nothing man city created came down his and castagne's side
  14. is it a coincidence that if you take the R, T, Y and both As out of Amartey and replace them with two Ss and an I, it spells Messi?
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