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  1. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Must admit it's been a very long time since I saw it, but as far as I remember it was very good. Standout performance by Alan Rickman.
  2. The Apprentice 2017

    What amazes me is that I think he's truly convinced himself he's an amazing breakdancer. I'm no expert, but I'm sure I've witnessed my Dad bust some more convincing moves.
  3. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Wierd. I was sure I teleported it, though I suppose it could have been telekinesis. Saying that, at that stage in the game I don't think any of my characters had a particularly high telekinesis score and you had to shift it a fair old distance.
  4. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Did you ever get into the chest under the rainbow that you were having trouble with?
  5. Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Personally I thought it was OK, but nothing I would classify as a must watch. Maybe it's a sign of getting old, but I found a lot of the characters deeply irritating and prone to making some bizarre decisions. If you're looking for things on Prime to watch, I found 'Into the Badlands' to be far more entertaining. Totally brainless and little more than an excuse for some martial arts type action, but still quite enjoyable. Never did I think Nick Frost would ever be cast as a martial arts master.
  6. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    I think I tried it a few times with different characters/dialogue options but never managed to avoid the fight. Can't say I've heard or seen anything about anyone managing to avoid the fight either...
  7. Science Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 137 seconds  
  8. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Me: custom elf, points mostly spent between necromancy and hydrosophy Ifan: Hunter. Probably my best dps with ranged (mostly physical) damage Beast: Wizard. Points mostly split between geomancy and pyro. Gives reasonable dps and control, but has a strangle liking to spend 90% of fights lying face down in the dirt Red Prince: Tank. One handed weapon/shield. Crappy dps, but crowd control is decent and can take large amounts of damage I'm reasonably happy with the party, though were I to change anything it would be The Red Prince. I built him mostly as a conventional tank, but I don't think that role really fits this game. I'd probably still have him as a fighter, but I wouldn't bother so much with high health/armour/survivabilty. Instead I'd probably make him wield a two handed weapon or even dual wield and focus more on his damage output. It is interesting to hear about the high damage of Finnegan's scoundrel. I played a rogue in the first game and I remember being a bit underwhelmed by his dps so I ignored the class for this sequel. At the moment though, I think maybe my biggest oversight is mostly ignoring putting points into Wits. Consequently the enemies usually have higher initiative and by the time I get to have a go my party has already soaked up a load of damage.
  9. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    I guess I was just lucky in finding the sweet spot that allowed me to target the chest with the teleport spell. I am pretty sure I did it by teleporting the chest though, so maybe just try a few different spots around the edge of that cliff. I didn't find it too bad. I think I managed to get her physical armour down pretty quickly though, and after that I pretty much crowd controlled her until she was dead. Surprisingly I had little trouble with the oil rig fight with the sea of necrofire everywhere as well - as Finnegan said, I think sometimes you just get lucky. Saying that I was doing the ancient temple in the blackpits last night and I found that fight to be horrendous. Those bloody icy dogs that the eternal kept summoning were a bloody nightmare. I think on about the fourth attempt I managed to get it done with one character left standing on virtually zero health.
  10. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    The one with the rainbow over it? As far as I remember I just teleported the chest (it was either that or my character with high telekinesis got it). I don't remember there being anything massively remarkable in it.
  11. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Yeh, been down there and nabbed the weapons. There is another fight where you can get an easy ~50K of experience. Essentially there's this dead crucified witch flying around who wants to steal your 'shining lights'. If you do the fight properly I imagine it would be a bloody nightmare as the first time I met her she instantly one-shotted my entire party, but if you have a character with a teleport spell...well maybe I shouldn't spoil it, and perhaps you want to fight her normally anyway
  12. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    If you thought Fort Joy was bad, you're in for a whole new world of pain on the mainland. To think I was whinging about the Bishop Alexander fight...
  13. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    I hope it's not who I think it is. I'm playing a male elf and I get the distinct feeling that Ifan is coming onto me. I don't want to disappoint him, but I'm holding out for Butter.
  14. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Unfortunately, in the tries before I dropped the difficulty I tended to find that both the magisters and the worm focused mostly on my party - the damage from their attacks plus the bloody necrofire aoe from the worm finished me off in short order. I had slightly more luck forcing the magisters to hit the worm by using teleport to drop them next to it, but then the worm would burrow down and reappear next to my people again buggering it all up. Could have done with Slane choosing to help me in that fight rather than just flying over and killing the Shriekers which I could have easily done myself with Braccus's helm. Bloody dragon. Anyway, onto the ship now and I find the Bishop whose bollocks I fried is still alive without even a singed codpiece to show for it.
  15. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Yeh, excellent game. The Bishop Alexander fight is a bloody nightmare though. The giant worm appeared and virtually one-shotted my entire party. Tried it a few times and kept failing so maybe I'm crap or my party is badly optimized. In the end I had to drop the difficulty level to get through it.