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  1. Looking for something to watch on a damp Sunday afternoon and I came across The Last Movie Star. I'm not entirely sure what made me watch it as I've never been a great fan of Burt Reynolds or of that type of film, but I was quite touched by it. I hesitate to say it was well acted as Burt's performance is perhaps the ultimate in the Stanislavski method, but nonetheless it was impressive. A study in the vicissitudes of life and ageing, it was both depressing and strangely uplifting at the same time.
  2. First dark night and stuck behind a nervous driver on a windy road who had trouble getting above 30. Though didn't annoy as much as the tosspot driving up my arse with full beams on.
  3. I'm not sure I would even fine for that offence - there's no excuse for jumping red lights, in my book it should be an automatic ban.
  4. Driving to work this morning at 7am - it was properly dark, and whilst I wouldn't say it annoyed me, I was somewhat surprised by the number of people driving around without any lights on.
  5. Whilst I have no doubt that a certain degree of the problem can be directly attributable to careless driving, I am amazed nowadays by the number of pedestrians that I see just step into the road with their attention primarily locked on a mobile phone screen. Sure, there is an obligation on drivers to always give way to pedestrians, but it's not entirely surprising that accidents are increasing if pedestrians insist on leaping off the kerb like lemmings without paying close enough attention to the road.
  6. I'm pretty sure the Highway Code states that they should go in the same direction as the traffic, and I don't imagine this direction is any different just because there is a cycle path - quite apart from that it would be somewhat chaotic if cyclists were actively trying to pass each other in the cycle path if they were actually intended to be two-way.
  7. Best thing about The Apprentice used to be the aftershow on BBC2. Seems like Tom Allen has taken over hosting it. Might be a bit early to say he's ruined it, but he's ruined it.
  8. If nothing else it might provide some amusement on the forecourt watching the staff lugging around all the batteries. Hard to imagine that they weigh over 0.5 metric tonne.
  9. I was toying with the idea of getting an EV, but I'm waiting for the prices to drop. The faster chargers can draw quite a heavy current (possibly >30A for a single phase supply) so it really needs a dedicated supply. There used to be a grant of up to £500 available to have a charging point installed, though I gave no idea whether you can still get these.
  10. Has anyone played Greedfall yet? I've been looking at since it seems a bit like The Witcher in style, but it's a bit pricier than I would normally consider paying for a studio/developer that I'm not familiar with.
  11. I think when I first started doing it, Matchbook had a similar offer of 0% for something like 6 months. Fundamentally though, after an introductory period there will eventually be some form of commission or they couldn't exist, and unlike the bookies it's why the exchanges don't really care if you are matched betting since they make their money irrespective of whether you win or lose (though I believe Matchbook now only charges commission on winning bets). Back when I was doing it, I found Smarkets had a slightly bigger market than Matchbook, but I preferred navigating the Matchbook site.
  12. There is also Matchbook at 2%. I tried it for a short time, but don't really have the time to put into it (or perhaps more accurately I don't feel much inclined to make the time for it as I find the process somewhat of a chore). A lot of bookies nowadays have statisticians/AI systems scrutinizing betting behaviour. It doesn't take much to end up on their blacklist, and then you'll find all the 'special offers' dry up - whilst it's possible to still make money without these preferential offers, it becomes a lot more difficult.
  13. I bought one of those Samsung ecobubble machines a while ago and all I can say is it was one of the most problematic machines I have ever owned (maybe Samsung should stick to the televisions). I've got a Zanussi now, and while they are generally regarded as being one of the cheaper brands, I've not had any problem with it. I tend to get a lot of my larger appliances from AO - good service, but I hate the hard sell on pointless insurance cover.
  14. Just an extension and intensification of the cynical ploy behind the last rise in the pension age. They know full well that the longer people are pushed into working, the sooner they will die and they won't end up having to pay out at all. Not dissimilar from the 'carousel' of Logan's Run - except in Logan's Run at least people have forty enjoyable years before they were terminated.
  15. I just remember a coldness spreading up my arm and being asked to count to ten, then I don't remember anything. I think they wake you up after the op to make sure you're OK, but to be honest I don't even remember that.
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