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  1. Uranyl Yellow

    The Car thread

    Was she trying to use both feet?
  2. Uranyl Yellow

    Train fare increase from 2019

    It could potentially make a profit by charging its customers (the rail franchises) more to use the infrastructure, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out where the rail franchises will get this money from. It's largely the same with all the chuff around the compensation schemes for late/cancelled trains. Fundamentally, it's the customers who pay for the compensation for the crap services they receive. It's not just trains though. A few weeks back I had the misfortune of having some bright spark reverse into my car while it was parked in a car park, so I've had the dubious pleasure of using the buses for a while. Absolutely dire. Nearly six quid to travel to/from Leicester. One bus an hour (if you're lucky enough for them to turn up), and it takes the best part of an hour to travel seven miles. Of course people will always bang on about tax payers funding public transport, but ultimately it depends what the government wants. It drones on about cutting pollution, traffic, and people using public transport more, but I get the impression that somehow it's all going to happen magically if they spout on about it enough. Like all things, they want the benefits of public transport without having to pay for it. It aint gonna happen.
  3. Uranyl Yellow

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I'm generally pretty chilled out to most things on the road, but idiots blocking junctions when it's patently obvious they have nowhere to go is one thing guaranteed to irritate me. Pure selfishness.
  4. Uranyl Yellow

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Very enjoyable series, providing you're not looking for something deep and meaningful (which I rarely am). Season three seems to have gone into a permanent 'mid season break'.
  5. Uranyl Yellow

    Brands Brands Brands

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  6. Uranyl Yellow

    The Apprentice 2018

    At least he can lose the fake sling
  7. Uranyl Yellow


    Bad taste certainly, but to be honest I often hear just as bad in normal everyday conversations. As to being a crime, I guess it's a bit like the woman in her seventies who honked her horn at a slow motorist (who took offence and happened to be black) and ended up getting arrested and cautioned for a 'hate crime'.
  8. Uranyl Yellow


    Even better. Though let's get real, they're unlikely to ever attain one of them, let alone both.
  9. Uranyl Yellow


    I'm not sure it's just the police resources being stretched that's the problem. Even in the unlikely event that the police catch someone, unless they are a serious serial re-offender, the courts will likely only hand out a relatively trivial punishment. (In my opinion) You can either have a high detection rate with lenient sentencing, or a low detection rate with Draconian sentencing, but you're asking for trouble if you couple low detection rates with light sentencing.
  10. Uranyl Yellow

    Time for a new laptop

    I can't pretend to be any expert but I think AMD has come back over the years, and now probably has the edge in multi threaded processors - but as I've mentioned before with regard to the i7, the vast majority of software doesn't really use any more than four threads (probably most of it doesn't use more than 2 threads), so you'll just end up with cores sitting around idle most of the time. I'd still go with Intel, unless it's for an application that is going to specifically benefit from having a load of cores working in parallel.
  11. Uranyl Yellow

    Time for a new laptop

    It's possibly a valid point, though the i7 has been kicking around for a fair few years now and it's still really only high end software that fully utilises it. Sure, if money isn't a factor then go for it, but if it's a choice between an i7 and a better graphics card, then I'd go for the better graphics card every time.
  12. Uranyl Yellow

    Time for a new laptop

    Unless you're doing high end video/graphic processing an i7 is probably a bit of overkill - most software isn't written to fully utilize the extra cores. Personally, I'd go for 8Gb minimum (preferably 16Gb), and the best graphics card available for your budget. An SSD is nice, but the trouble is in a laptop you generally won't have a conventional HDD as an alternate (slower) data store, and unless you are spending loads the SSD capacities are fairly low in comparison to a standard HDD.
  13. Uranyl Yellow

    The Gang's All Here Quiz.

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  14. Uranyl Yellow

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I can't say I remember anything like that - the only thing vaguely similar that I remember being told is the road positioning for bends to maximize your view (and to reduce the tightness of the turn). To the left of the lane for right handers, and to the right of the lane for left handers - saying that I'm pretty sure you were still supposed to keep to your lane rather than actually cross into the opposing lane.
  15. Uranyl Yellow

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Yeh, the court portrait skit has been done quite a few times in various guises, but it was done well and was genuinely very funny. I must re-watch series one sometime - as I remember you could never really tell what Kerry's Mum was shouting, but it has now become completely understandable. Or maybe I've just grown accustomed to the shouty gibberish and can translate it.