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  1. Televisions

    . For price/features LG are hard to beat, but personally I won't touch their brand with a proverbial bargepole anymore. I've had a tv and a video recorder from them, and while they worked they were fantastic. Unfortunately neither of them worked for very long.
  2. Speed Awareness Course

    Yeh, but they have a lunch break 10-4, so it's the same as UK standard 4 hours.
  3. Admirable. It's what the BBC should do with their back catalogue, especially considering we've paid for the programmes to be made through the licence fee, but no. The size of the back catalogue they provide via i-player is pitiful. The other public service broadcaster, Channel Four makes far more freely available, and they self fund through advertising.
  4. Indeed. You could probably take a horse and cart down the M1 in those days without it causing undue problems or distress. Not sure there is any real answer nowadays other than get Google to drive the cars. It would at least remove the selfishness, impatience and idiocy.
  5. I'm not sure it's learners you have to fear in that regard. There seems to be a multitude of qualified drivers that fail to grasp the purpose of a slip road is for you to accelerate to the same speed as the traffic on the motorway. When I was learning my instructor insisted I hammer it up to 70 as fast as possible going down the slip road to join a dual carriageway.
  6. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Possibly. I'm mot really sure why you would choose to behave like that. The only occasions I sometimes don't bother to indicate is if my road position/lane makes it obvious which direction I'm going in, or if indicating could possibly send out mixed messages. So, I could maybe understand it if it was a right turn only lane, and people were misusing it to jump traffic going straight on, but if it was a right turn/straight on lane, I really can't fathom why you wouldn't indicate. But then I don't really understand the motivations of internet trolls either. Different strokes I guess...
  7. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Much like all the cyclists with their helmet cameras, I'm seriously considering putting a dashcam in. If the worst happened I just know the police would automatically assume it was the drivers fault. I guess it would help with the idiot drivers as well, though to be honest I can generally read poor drivers far more easily than suicidal cyclists, and it's generally easier to accommodate poor drivers without having to resort to overly drastic manoeuvres.
  8. Dara's Go 8 Bit

    I've seen most of the episodes, and while it's OK, I'm not bowled over by it. For me it's falling between two stools: not funny enough for a comedy show, and not competitive enough for a gaming show. I also find the woman co-presenter mildly irritating.
  9. Reunions you'd like to see

    Just heard one of the more obscure Heads tracks on the radio and it reminded me how great they were (or at least how great I thought they were). I would love Talking Heads to get back together and do more stuff. Absolutely no chance of it happening though. David Byrne probably wouldn't see the point, and I can't see the hatred Weymouth has for Byrne ever being reconciled.
  10. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I used to have a lot of sympathy for the plight of cyclists on the road, but over the last few years the seemingly increasing number of twathead manoeuvres that I've witnessed them pull off, I have to say my level of tolerance for them has sadly dropped through the floor. Travelling down the stretch of dual carriageway from the Foxhunter to the Park and Ride this morning one of them suddenly decides to veer off the path straight into the road directly in front of me. No indication; no look to see if was safe; just straight off the path into the road. Fortunately for him, whenever I see someone on a bike these days I automatically put them into a dickhead classification, and had already determined it would be safe to swerve into the next lane in the event he lived down to my low expectations. Had I not had quite the level of foresight to read his small brain, he would have ended up under my wheels and doubtless would have added another one onto the statistic of poor innocent cyclists seriously injured/killed by an ignorant driver.
  11. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Dunno, given the choice I'd far rather drive on roads populated by drivers 70+ than roads populated by those under 40. Though best not to ask me when I'm stuck behind an OAP crawling up a slip road to join the motorway... Regardless, as that report clearly states, accident statistics for that group are dwarfed by pretty much any other age demographic you choose to mention.