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  1. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Actually, I managed to cure the problem in the end. Turned graphics right down, ran it in windowed mode and also used a different fight strategy - not sure which of these cured the problem but I got past the bit where it was constantly crashing. Finished Shadowrun now. Moved on to Dragonfall.
  2. What grinds my gears...

    The 'let's-point-the-finger-at-someone-else-even-if-it's-blantantly-fecking-obvious-to-a-brainless-badger-that-they-were-at-fault' attitude seems to be becoming increasingly common. Last week, someone at work ended up t-boning a woman that drove straight out of a junction. Despite the bloody great give way signs and white lines telling them to give way apparently it wasn't their fault. Think they tried to claim my work colleague was going too fast (they weren't, as is clearly obvious from the fairly low level of damage sustained); that they were actually turning right out of the junction instead of going straight on (not sure what difference this makes as they still have to give way irrespective of whatever direction they are going; and that the accident hadn't been reported to the police (it had as my work colleague has the incident number, it's just the police did their usual of not bothering to attend, but apparently they had the incident captured on CCTV)
  3. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    I quite like the look of Spellforce 3. Might give it a few months for the price to drop though.
  4. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Pillars is probably worth it even at full price - it's a decent game. Saying that, Steam usually has a big sale over Christmas where pretty much everything gets reduced at some point, so it's probably worth waiting a few weeks
  5. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Well Shadowrun Returns was pretty good while it lasted. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a terminal bug in the Universal Brotherhood building that causes the game to freeze up. Highly irritating.
  6. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Started Shadowrun Returns last night, and spent what seemed like several hours trying to decide between playing an elf shaman, human street samurai, or go totally off the wall and try a troll mage. Ended up going with an elf shaman. Didn't get far into the game as after all the time I spent buggering about with a character choice, it was getting late. First impressions are good, the only slight negative is I would personally prefer to cut the street slang talk in the conversations. I realise it's there for atmosphere, but it just feels like something out of A Clockwork Orange on horse tranquilizers.
  7. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Got the whole Shadowrun kaboodle with enhanced/directors editions for the princely sum of seven quid. I've not played much in the way of the cyberpunk genre, but I have fond memories of playing Arcanum:Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura way, way back. Besides, even if I hate it, the seven quid pales into insignificance compared to the money I've spent on overhyped crap in the past. I'm looking at you Godus and No Man's Sky. I don't even like space/exploration games. What the hell was I thinking.
  8. The Isometric PC CRPG Thread.

    Shadowrun Returns currently on Steam sale. The reviews seem to be generally positive. Only a couple of quid so I might give it a punt.
  9. Velvet pant suits from Amazon. Feck knows what I could have been browsing to make them think I would be remotely interested in a velvet pant suit.
  10. The Apprentice 2017

    Acumen would probably double up as a 'team name' as well, saving you several hours of spouting drivel to 'brainstorm' something dynamic and inspiring. I vaguely remember one year some bunch of deadheads originally called themselves 'Decadence', then changed it to Tenacity once they'd had the chance to look it up in the dictionary.
  11. The Apprentice 2017

    Bushra's let rip with one of her devastating one-liners once again...
  12. The Apprentice 2017

    Natrofuels. Sounds more like a wind farm.
  13. Commute to the City Centre

    Only cheaper than running a car if you can do away with the car entirely. Otherwise you're still paying tax, insurance, MOT etc. etc, while additionally paying for privilege of waiting around for buses and sitting and savoring the assorted aromas of public transport.
  14. Commute to the City Centre

    I use the Enderby park and ride and the service is reasonable (buses every 15 mins to about 7.00pm) - I imagine the Birstall one is very similar. The place I work for uses the car parking fees to subsidise the tickets, so I basically get to use the service for nothing, but if you have to pay I think it's £3.50 a day. Longer term tickets are available for less though.
  15. Izzet Muzzy's 80s Pop Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 110 seconds