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  1. She hasn't had time to look at this thread, too busy in the kitchen.
  2. For some strange reason, he seems to have disappeared. Please come back Ian.🤣🤣
  3. Making cut throat gestures certainly didn't help.
  4. Man City also have no idea of the basics of FFP.😁
  5. Looks like he's just squeezing out a big Richard 3rd.
  6. Good result, doubt he will sell anymore tickets on here.
  7. One day deadwood stage, next day deadwood.
  8. Friends with Saville and Glitter, say no more.
  9. His whole body language and demeanor tells me he's loving it here, watch the tunnel cam for the Arsenal game and as the teams are lined up to go out, he starts at Kasper and hugs every member of the team. If we pay Monaco what they want and Brendan can sell him top six and European football, he's ours.
  10. I bet you "pin" the Rachel doll on a daily basis. 😝
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