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  1. Even the charts you have posted look nothing out of the ordinary, we will see an uptick in deaths as it is that time of year , but it looks pretty average based on government information, not getting into wild debates with anyone but just thought some sanity was needed as one poster was hysterical, claiming 1000 deaths per day through November, daily death figures can be misleading as it is excess deaths that should be looked at. The chart I posted takes in the 14th October, I will look at next week's covid surveillance report and see if anything is happening, if the deaths are rising I
  2. The latest government covid surveillance report states that there are currently no excess deaths in England, we are currently following the five year average, no more people are dying now than were at this time last year or the previous five years.
  3. Baldness is caused by excess testosterone, don't matter what you put on your head or rub in , it won't work, once it's going it's going.
  4. If you are starting from scratch then definitely spend time learning basic theory, I never did and now wish I had.
  5. hope you are going to do jimi proud.
  6. I'm out now, I have put my point across, I respect other peoples opinions and they are free to express them, let's hope this all ends soon and we can get some semblance of normality back.
  7. That is how you measure false positives, for instance if you take a figure of 2.5% , for every 100 tests, 2.5 will be false positives, multiply this by the amount of tests taken, therein lies the problem.
  8. You tell me, I have no idea, there is no firm data for the rate of false positives, but the accepted figure I believe is between 0.8% and 3.5%. You can't accurately test for covid with a pcr test.
  9. made me chuckle that one. 🤣
  10. our immune system is natures way of keeping us alive, without viruses we would have no immune system. We cannot hide from everything.
  11. correct, but it would help if we had people in charge who actually had half a clue what they were doing and not making it up as they go along.
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