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  1. Unfortunately, that's the plan.
  2. Most of the comments in this thread are about Dubai and how bad it is and the big advert in the middle of this page is for Dubai and how it's always holiday season 🤣
  3. Agent works for player, not the other way round.
  4. Ffs we have a fantastic young side, we will be very strong this season.
  5. Does the window close at 5 PM ?
  6. I will have another read through and see if I've missed anything, it was fast moving at one point.
  7. I genuinely think his post about a storm coming was one of the best I have seen on here for ages and should go down in foxestalk folklore. Absolute classic.
  8. Not sure anyone is bullying anyone, all seems good humour from what I've seen or have I missed something.
  9. I can't wait until tomorrow, I want it NOW!!!!!!
  10. Mines on and it feels mighty fine.
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