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  1. If we achieve champions league football bext season, that will enable us to keep our squad together and attract a higher quality of player, we will be an attractive proposition, that in turn will give us a great opportunity to achieve champions league football again. We had a big opportunity to really push on when we won the league but we blew it, I honestly didn't think we would have that chance again but it looks like we could, I don't think we'll cock it up this time. We have a chance to establish ourselves as a top club, hopefully we can shrug off the little club mentality.
  2. I love the bit on the Sky interview where he says " people will be waiting for us to slip up, but we won't " that's the confidence running through this side.
  3. joachim1965

    Keith Vaz

    And he's climbed on a few greasy poles.😉
  4. Wannabe pilots, 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Evans stated that he was just about to clear the ball when he was caught on the foot, if he wasn't caught he may well have done.
  6. WTF, surely nobody with even the slightest bit of intelligence believes this shit.
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