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  1. Lizards recover quicker.
  2. Canal and river trust have advised people not to use the towpath to exercise due to it not being wide enough to stay 2m apart in places, also they have asked people not to use the towpath where there are moored boats. We live on a boat on the towpath and I may as well live in the centre of Tesco with the amount of people walking past. Hundreds of them every day, busier than it has ever been.
  3. Stunning vocal by John Lennon.
  4. Just to be clear, I do like sitting on my arse and doing nothing as well.😉
  5. Only kidding, I cycle 14 miles a day to get to work and back, just getting ready to walk the dogs, they will get at least 5 miles maybe more.
  6. I'm a big fan of sitting on me arse and doing fvck all.
  7. 9 games, and it is possible to get out of trouble with 9 games left, we did it.
  8. Just watching Contagion on ITV2, we are living this movie.
  9. 100% this, would make no sense at all other than to give people false hope.
  10. Can't we inject them all with it.
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