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  1. joachim1965

    Helicopter crash

    Makes a lot more sense after reading that thanks. Lack of grease would seem to point to poor maintenance, that is of course if the bearing that failed should have been greased regularly, I am sure we will find out in due course.
  2. joachim1965

    Helicopter crash

    That is the reason for the pin, it physically stops the nut working loose, the big question is , why was this pin missing.
  3. joachim1965

    Watford post-match 2-0 Puel out chit-chat

    Ladies and gentlemen we have lift off...
  4. joachim1965

    Coronation Street

    Free the Weatherfield one.
  5. joachim1965

    Why can't we score

    Just an observation, as I was at work was listening on the radio, he did mention one particular phase of play where we were on the attack and the ball was passed sideways, then sideways again and then back and it ended up with kasper.
  6. joachim1965

    Why can't we score

    Ian stringer said as much in comentary yesterday.
  7. joachim1965

    Why can't we score

    Yes, each goal scored in open play is worth 1.5 goals in your goals scored column.
  8. joachim1965

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 109 seconds  
  9. joachim1965

    Claudio to Fulham

    Be careful he will be slapping your face with his glove and challenging you to pistols at dawn.😂
  10. joachim1965

    Building your own house on a plot

    Roughly 84k if you build it yourself, 146k if you employ tradesmen according to a BBC article.
  11. joachim1965

    Building your own house on a plot

    Looks good . Is it on Hand Avenue ?
  12. joachim1965

    Building your own house on a plot

    I may be way off the mark , but I thought a 3bed detatched could be built for under 100k.
  13. joachim1965

    Helicopter crash

    That makes sense, looks like 800ft is the absolute minimum height without forward motion.
  14. joachim1965

    Helicopter crash

    Don't think they had enough height to be able to do that unfortunately.
  15. We would have been in the shit mate, I really think that when Top is ready he will have a real go at taking us to the next level in honour of his father.