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  1. yes, we must tell them that they've been very naughty boys.
  2. you can't post that in here, the foxestalk stasi will be round to rip your tin foil hat off 🤣🤣
  3. one day Sean Connery next day Sean Gonnery, RIP, absolute legend, best Bond by a mile.
  4. you my friend are a prat. @nnfoxI hope your parents get well, I have never said this illness does not exist or that it can't effect people seriously and cause death. If arsewipe, sorry @Footballwipecan show me a post where I have said covid doesn't exist then please do so.
  5. His exact words were "it doesn't tell you that you are sick" take from that what you will.
  6. Don't know why that double quoted.
  7. excellent post, must give you credit for that one 👍
  8. Do you know who Karry Mullis is ? In case you don't, he is a nobel prize winner who invented the Pcr test, the same test that is being used to diagnose covid 19. Karry Mullis is on record stating that Pcr cannot be used to diagnose illness, it cannot tell you if you are sick, or are going to become sick. This is fact, not a cherry picked fallacy, but we continue to use this test to confirm "cases" , if you want to listen to "so called experts " then that's up to you but you can't argue with facts, and the facts state that there is currently no excess deaths in England, if you don't
  9. I do comprehend, I comprehend very well which is why many many respected scientists are questioning sage. Neil Ferguson has a fantastic record don't you think.
  10. you hit the nail right on the head , sage are indeed a bunch of clowns. There are plenty of eminent epidemiologists out there that are questioning the government experts, maybe you should go look yourself rather than Bury your head in BBC news.
  11. If fewer people are becoming ill and fewer people are dying then cases are irrelevant. If we stopped testing healthy people with a test not fit for purpose and concentrated on sick people, this pandemic would be effectively over.
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