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  1. That is a fair and balanced post mate, but as much as I would like to think this was an abduction and Maddie is still alive somewhere, the attitude of Kate and Gerry, the lack of any emotion doesn't sit well with me. The truth will out at some point.
  2. Who are the makers of this documentary and have the McCann PR team been involved in the making ? It all seems to be steered towards taking any blame off them.
  3. Pretty vacant by the Sex Pistols.
  4. I'm not talking about when they found him. Look how distraught she is when he is missing, genuine distress, an absolute broken woman, the complete opposite to Kate McCann.
  5. I have never seen Kate shed a tear. Have a look at Denise Bulger giving her public appeal when little James went missing and then watch Kate McCann, no emotion.
  6. Their story is full of holes, they made statements and then changed them. Both the mccanns relatives went on tv and stated that the window shutters had been forced open and the window forced. This was untrue. They also stated that when they checked the kids they entered the apartment through the front door which was then locked when they left, that was then changed to entering through the patio doors at the rear which they then said they left unlocked. The timeline given by the friends from the tapas restaurant is dodgy as well. People will make up their own mind as to how guilty they are but they are shifty as hell that's for sure.
  7. I believe she accidentally died due to being sedated, the shocking thing is how its been covered up at a very high level.
  8. She is dead, mccanns guilty as sin. Blood in the apartment, dna in the hire car, cadaver dogs alerting to cadaver smell in the apartment. Mr and mrs council estate would be in prison now. Not having the prime ministers press officer running the show. Massive cover up.
  9. Art Biggs in Syston is a quality artist.
  10. Just finished it, was a good watch and if you like bread made with vaginal yeast then this is the show fot you.
  11. Hope you booked the overtime.
  12. I think he would have been gone after the West Ham game . The tragic events that unfolded certainly gave him more time.
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