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  1. Even if he knew he would stillnbe kissing his arse.
  2. It's what's called squeaky bum time.
  3. Yep, just heard it on the news.
  4. He certainly likes to make everything about him.
  5. Attempted to land at EMA, tried 3 times then gave up.
  6. Some pubs have been open since 6am. Anyone in them at that time need shooting.
  7. I am out at fhe moment on my narrowboat, was wearing a Leicester city top yesterday and people were literally stepping away and covering their face when I approached. Madness.
  8. The Three Crowns in Barrow are not opening this weekend over fears of people travelling from Leicester now pubs can't open there.
  9. "Your tits are big but your brains are small, sometimes I wonder if you've brains at all." Woman, Anti nowhere league.
  10. Bit of both, but absolute legend.
  11. To work effectively it would need to be the whole of Leicester, I can't see how it could be made to work though. It would need some tough enforcement.
  12. "No oven no pie" Everly pregnant brothers.
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