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  1. Yeah I guess there will be some who think that but there is no saying that players don’t already give to charity there is no need for them to make it public if they do
  2. Why has the Fulham game been moved if it’s not on tele
  3. jammie82uk

    New training ground announced

    Still there https://pap.charnwood.gov.uk/AnitePublicDocs/01000006.pdf
  4. jammie82uk

    New training ground announced

    I thought comments and objections had to been submitted by the end of last month and no later Also I’m not quite sure what point she is trying to make. Is she trying to say that footballers are poor drivers
  5. It was. the replay was shown Jesus had the ball in his hands mahrez pointed to the bench and then Jesus gave him the ball
  6. It was the bench who wanted mahrez to take it
  7. jammie82uk

    New training ground announced

    Yep Going to speak and nominate 2 others to speak all 3 will be sharing a 5 min time slot
  8. jammie82uk

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    I wish they would but you know they won’t
  9. jammie82uk

    New training ground announced

    They haven’t said or done anything about it for the last ten or so years a multiple million pound company wants to move in and all hell breaks loose with all this complaining about increase on traffic on a daily basis Lcfc have stated there will be 93 staff members on site daily golf club had around 1500 members let’s assume 10% visited a day that’s 150 right there without including staff a day Hosting weddings and birthday parties were also acceptable to them
  10. Did they? I doubt that very much, you also had loan players that you would eventually pay £37 million for
  11. I think I heard at the end of the game when they shown the table it’s the first time it’s happened in the premier league
  12. Yeah they certainly do, I’ve also seen it mentioned Quite a few times since they beat Bournemouth last week about how they play a left footed player on the right wing and vice Versa on the other like dyche has invented the tactic
  13. jammie82uk

    Back button at leicester Mercury not work?

    I have no objection to ads on websites I know they need them but the mercury is the worst I’ve seen I used it the other day and after the page finally loaded I counted 29 adverts on the one page I visited
  14. jammie82uk

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    Is the draw at 9pm because the programme is on from 9pm till 10:45pm
  15. jammie82uk

    Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    No idea how people are getting it to work on sportsdonkey constant stop start no matter what channel I use currently watching it on some random kodi app with English commentary with no issues