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  1. After this international break they currently have 13 games scheduled in 40 days, thats a game every 3 days, 2 of them are in a country 4000 miles away
  2. I didn’t see it while at the game but seen it on motd, how is that not a penalty pretty clear and obvious to me
  3. Oh right don’t think he is involved here, just at OHL although i assume we share scouting reports between clubs
  4. He was part of the scouting team here originally under Pearson he then left to go join Spurs heres a link you might find interesting https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/how-leicester-city-unearthed-mahrez-341044
  5. He’s been let down by his manager and his teammates it’s been clear he was struggling against his man all game and nobody has stepped in to help him out
  6. Yeah that’s what i said to him with us being the ever obliging Leicester City
  7. Someone I know who supports Arsenal reckon this game will be make or break for Emery, if they lose he could be gone especially with the international break coming after this game he also said based on recent games he is actually worried we are going to smash them because they concede to many shots at goal apparently Watford had 30 plus shots at goal against Arsenal, he said he’s surprised nobody has given Arsenal a proper hiding this season due to the negative tactics
  8. Haha forget Rihanna Who the bloody hell is Drake
  9. Agreed, I’ve Just had a quick search on here but couldn’t see anything, wasn’t there a vote on a thread that indicated in the original referendum remain would win with a healthy majority
  10. What’s that then because he seems to avoid answering questions about the future
  11. Agreed try and use him the way West Ham used Arnautovic I think Roy did us a favour as was expecting Zaha to be up against Chilwell and Barnes
  12. Yeah but you could forgive Mahrez’s lack of defensive responsibility because more often then not he delivered going forward Zaha is not helping his team in either capacity of attacking or defending
  13. He’s a decent player but he doesn’t do himself any favours, such a luxury player that wouldn’t be tolerated in many other teams, he should be loving the fact that teams now use full backs effectively as wingers he should be drifting into the empty spaces and giving the centre half an issue or forcing a midfielder to drop back
  14. Ok in that case If someone is a remainer but doesn’t want to ignore the result of the first referendum then they should be supporting leave then in some capacity, shouldn’t they? And surely having a second referendum does ignore the first one doesn’t it?
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