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  1. Yeah it was used to check the penalty we was awarded to make sure it was a foul why it took nearly 2 mins to work that out as the tv viewing public could see it was a foul after 1 replay
  2. Interesting choice of words, What would make a footballer not be able to attend training?
  3. Well I see the scapegoat has been nominated for this game then
  4. Full speed I wasn’t sure if he touched it
  5. Wow Callum Wilson’s first shot on target since October and no goals since September
  6. Wtf was he thinking there, how did he think he was going to get away with that
  7. no idea, Southampton boss still don’t think it was a penalty even after watching the replay
  8. Not at hand but it was widely discussed on twitter at the time it happened
  9. Apparently Conservatives tried to do a deal with Labour when they had the sit down talks while May was PM after her Deal had been voted down but Labour wasn’t interested to the point that when Conservatives presented a plan to Labour Kier Starmer went on the offensive saying it wasn’t acceptable picking out points in the plan as not workable, the kicker was that the points he was deriding was points that Labour had sent to conservatives by email as a way forward
  10. I don’t see anything happening to them over this as Apparently it’s to do with sale of the stadium, EFL have valued the stadium less then an independent body that Derby have used
  11. I assume they are going to be this https://shop.lcfc.com/adidas-black-snood
  12. That’s quite astonishing
  13. Yes it wouldn’t have worked to our advantage today but I personally feel that fans would be able to understand it more then what we currently have and time scales would/should be a lot shorter then what we currently have
  14. I think get rid of the lines and only look at a couple of camera angles Maximum instead of the silly amount we have now when Games are on tv and replays are shown to the public not just this season but in the past as well you can usually tell straight away if a player is onside or not if it’s that close and you can’t tell immediately in a couple of replays then what ever the decision was on the field stays
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