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  1. Some dubious decisions by the ref in the arsenal game thought the disallowed goal should have stood
  2. Mine was Vardy v Liverpool due to his audacity of actually taking the shot and from my angle from the west meant that we could see it was going in as soon as he hit it
  3. I think he’s been quite quiet really compared to how he could have been today with all the confrontations and pushing
  4. jammie82uk

    Who’s this trialist?

    You can play a certain amount of overaged players we had Matty James and Andy King in midfield the last development game
  5. Probably something daft like contractual obligations
  6. jammie82uk

    LCFC official ebay

  7. jammie82uk

    LCFC Support For Rainbow Laces Campaign

    Haha Cheers for this just been repping responses not realising it said 2017 on all the posts
  8. Its not like him to have an excuse
  9. jammie82uk

    Formula 1 2018

    What a special moment that was at the end with the three of them doing donuts
  10. Agreed I attended all 3 nfl games at Wembley this year and the pitch wasn’t in the best condition before the first game even started as there was a mud patch strip down the centre of the pitch
  11. jammie82uk

    Brighton Match Thread

    Not an unexpected lineup really Vardy been struggling in training Ndidi missed games for Nigeria, nacho has travelled and played while shinji is fresh
  12. He don’t even get to sit on the bench
  13. jammie82uk

    Royal Visit to the King Power Stadium

    I would say it’s genuine as it does state on the story about meeting volunteers