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  1. jammie82uk

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    What sort of business masterclass did you learn that?
  2. jammie82uk

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I agree I think it was done weeks ago but he’s been with Algeria and now he is on holiday, would Man City want to announce thier record signing without him being there, even with the transfer window being open like with any other signings that have happened already they can’t register him until the 1st of July anyway
  3. jammie82uk

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    My thinking too
  4. Possibly, I wouldn’t worry for tickets to this unless you wanted to sit in B2 which is sold out there are thousands of tickets available still in the west stand
  5. Ive just checked and I could buy if I wanted to
  6. jammie82uk

    VAR yes or no ..... Discuss

    Yeah VAR can request he looks at something but the on pitch ref can refuse
  7. jammie82uk

    VAR yes or no ..... Discuss

    The thing is the on pitch ref is still in charge and his decision is final he doesn’t need to use VAR it’s not compulsory if the tv refs say I have an incident for you to look at, the on pitch ref can refuse the help or say I already seen what happened and I’m happy with my decision
  8. jammie82uk

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Agreed with you on that, he didn’t do much but won’t get criticism because of the goals also i don’t think it’s right myself but seen on Twitter apparently he ran the furthest for England tonight
  9. jammie82uk

    Mario Gotze

    I’m all for being optimistic and ambitious but is this really realistic
  10. Yeah I’m sure there will be, I don’t see anything changing for the next season
  11. Must have missed that earlier Thanks
  12. Does anybody know when are we expecting the TV fixtures, I assume it would need to be soon as the season is only 7 weeks away
  13. Yes I originally did it when we got promoted and haven’t touched it since and it gets updated every season
  14. What’s the chances the wolves at home game being moved as was hoping we was away that weekend