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  1. Pinch of salt required but it seems it’s expected to move
  2. If the view from behind the goal was shown to the ref then the goal wouldn’t have been given
  3. The club will not offer refunds as they stated the game could move they also state on the tickets page “Please note tickets are non-refundable.”
  4. https://tickets.lcfc.com/en-gb/categories/home tickets Please note the KO time and date change for this fixture. This fixture could move to 12pm on Sunday 28 April in the event that the Gunners reach the UEFA Europa League Semi-Finals. The second leg of the quarter-finals will be played on Thursday 18 April.
  5. Wayne Hennessey avoids the FA charge because he didn’t know what a ‘Nazi’ salute was
  6. I know it’s per month as I do direct debit myself but I still stand by my point if £5 a month makes or breaks the budget then people need to rethink having a season ticket
  7. If £5 makes or breaks your budget then people should maybe rethink having even having a season ticket in the first place
  8. I know that I record it on that channel edit: I have found this but when I click though I can’t found the actual paragraph
  9. Honestly I’m not making it up, bbc are no longer broadcasting it in HD, it’s apparently been the case since end of February, Its set up to record it every week but not been watching regular lately anyway on sky they highlight HD programs in Orange and looking back in February it turned to normal nonhd Colour and there is no mention of HD in the info bar where as before it did
  10. Haven’t watch MOTD regularly for a while but why have they stopped broadcasting it in HD
  11. What a strange game that sounds, Ashley Barnes has also been booked for Apparently kissing an opponent
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