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  1. i do think Man City's spending is a little crazy as I've already stated on here their starting back 4 plus keeper could alone be nearly £200 million in transfer fees also i don't think its a choice from spurs to have confidence in the young players i think its more the fact Daniel Levy ain't either willing to pay the fees being mentioned for players or break the tight wage structure they have there
  2. Latest update for those interested 776 in A1 841 in A2 446 in B1 277 in B3 859 in C1 747 in C2 604 in P3 579 for walkers hall level 1
  3. I've Just looked on the Arsenal website, they announced the details 5 days ago although their tickets don't go on sale till the 31st 12 days before the game
  4. its crazy to think that Man City could have players with a combined fee of nearly £200 million in just their starting back 4 and goalkeeper
  5. It does that on mine Just press the section of stadium you want again after the number of seats appear
  6. What problem are you having?
  7. I wondered this and looked at the FAQs they say you have 365 days to activate it
  8. Christ that was easy This will be handy Thanks for posting
  9. Monaco have rejected a £44.5 million bid from Manchester City for Benjamin Mendy
  10. I agree I think This is would be the best advice If it's happened since April when the tax year started then I doubt she would have earned £11,000 by now so she would be fine
  11. Exactly legally That's the entire problem right there I would suggest looking up goods sent in error/mistake as that's what it technically is by them sending the wrong items
  12. The hard part is working out if they are 'unsolicited goods' as technically you have asked them for a pushchair and they have delivered one or four on this occasion 'unsolicited goods' are items sent to you that require payment but you have not previously agreed to acquire them before the sending of said item If items fall into the 'unsolicited good' description then you are free to do what you like with them as the law states 'unsolicited goods' are to be treated as a unconditional gift
  13. Here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/bcsg6am0jximlrh/brochure-17-18-1280-3706249.pdf?dl=0
  14. Wouldn't worry about tickets still plenty available 822 in A1 878 in A2 624 in B1 464 in B3 886 in C1 785 in C2 625 in P3 629 for Walker Hall level 1
  15. Yeah I did, I have had a look and this is all that is mentioned about it