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  1. Our worst performances always seems to happen at Anfield even in 15/16 it was our worse by a country mile
  2. Contractural Reasons, they have to wear each kit a certain amount each season
  3. It’s 3,000 or 10% if the ground is under 30,000
  4. He was a yard at most, I don’t see how this rule needed to be brought in, odds was already heavily on the penalty takers side before it
  5. What a silly rule that is for the keeper how did he gain an advantage in saving the penalty
  6. Egypt’s tests can’t be trusted apparently so Liverpool have insisted that Salah comes back to the UK to be tested
  7. Salah is definitely out for liverpool after returning another positive test today
  8. Salah is going to miss it regardless ain’t he as I thought it was a standard 14 days isolation that the FA are doing
  9. I see a few clubs have released season review dvd’s for last season Liverpool’s and if one ain’t enough how about a second one Chelsea’s? or how about Fulham’s?
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