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  1. I didn’t watch the BBC coverage as I was at the game but Gary was the city representative, Ashley Cole was the Chelsea Representative and then Alan Shearer and Ian Wright was the neutrals, surely that covers all bases Sky are heavily bias towards the “big 6” especially Liverpool, today’s game for example a Liverpool fan on commentary and 2 Liverpool fans in the studio
  2. Commentary even said at one point that he wasn’t allowed to ref Liverpool games and was even removed from a cup fixture
  3. Information for buses https://resources.lcfc.com/leicesterfc/document/2021/05/14/700c6d77-daa9-4145-9111-81010603e563/FA-Cup-Coaches.pdf For those supporters travelling by coach: - Please arrive at either coach departure point by 12:30pm at the latest, but no earlier than 10:30am. - Please remember the first coaches will leave from 11:00am. - Please do not bring alcohol to travel on the coaches, searches will be in place. - Please follow the directions of stewards at the coach departure points. - If dropping off at King Power Stadium, please
  4. Might be a really silly question but On the lateral flow results, should they have the place name you taken the test at on them?
  5. Probably send them at 10pm like they do with the press releases
  6. I did some rough working out that I posted on here last night, I estimated there would be around 5000 fans on 300 points that would be eligible for the tickets
  7. Me too, yeah I was going by the assumption this is the PCR test they want you to take as near as possible to the game
  8. From what I read You can register your home test on the government website and it generates a text and email the exact same as the one you get from an actual test centre
  9. Rough sum of numbers for 300 point limit, 23,000 current season ticket holders, not all will have max points due to small turnover of season tickets per season say for example 2000 new STH over the 6 years leaves 21,000 Eligible STH 5,000 eligible STH will have Spurs tickets leaves 16,000 remove 6,000 already having Fa Cup tickets leaves 10,000 remove 50% for under 16’s not eligible for tickets leaves 5,000 Obviously not a perfect working out just rough figures and estimations so possibly 5000 people going for 50 odd tickets at the 300 point limit
  10. Quite a few extra tickets have appeared compared to when I looked earlier and posted on here
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