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  1. Yep All 3 wouldn’t even be on the bench together let alone the pitch
  2. These are the only “fit” players we have, who else have we got?
  3. Interesting run of games for Southampton as well Manchester City - Southampton Southampton - Brighton & Hove Albion FC Tottenham Hotspur - Southampton Southampton - Burnley FC West Bromwich Albion - Southampton Southampton - Crystal Palace
  4. Love this shirt Already ordered when it was pointed out on the retros thread
  5. Agreed, these was the angles from sky to apparently confirm it was in
  6. Well that’s what I thought but when then shown the camera angle down the line it looks like only a 1/3 of the ball is over 🤷‍♂️
  7. That looked way over the line? edit: ok maybe not as close then 🙈
  8. He doesn’t look fit, still carrying something it seems, was holding his groin area after a sprit earlier in the half
  9. Shocking, nothing positive at all that half, been far to passive, Thomas needs to not come back out, castagne needs to move there, Ricky p drops back, put Under on
  10. Technically if the Refs second whistle went before the ball crossed the line then VAR have got it right according to the rules/laws it’s Lee Mason who has made a complete hash of it
  11. Haven’t seen a decent replay so must be Obviously not the case but I thought he had originally punched it away
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