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  1. Anyone who has voted for Nacho needs to replay some of his games for us. The guy is awful. We play some intricate football and the guy has a footballing brain of someone who plays once a month at Goals for a laugh with his mates. He is just not on the same wavelength as the rest of our players. Pérez isn't amazing but for me the far better option. The moral of the story is we need a new striker.
  2. Yeah everytime the ball comes near Amartey I get nervous.
  3. Ricky P that potent natural finisher who's proven time and time again he should be a striker.........
  4. Sterling was 2015 and Walker was 2017. That's 2. Now how many have gone from Leicester to the "big 6" in the last 5 years?. LCFC are regarded as a feeder club because currently (Unfortunately for us) we kinda are. Until we finish in the top 6 for a number of consecutive years, have some success in Europe and expand our stadium etc we always will be. That is how this works. Like I've previously mentioned some of us need to take the blue tinted specs off. No doubt we are doing amazing and probably recent history is our most successful in the clubs history BUT we need to do that for 5+ seasons an
  5. because the players themselves would think twice about the moves? what is more likely a Leicester player going to Liverpool or a Chelsea player going to Man City? - come on now we really need to take those blue tinted specs off and realise that this is currently a reality and the papers will talk about likely/possible moves more than unlikely moves.
  6. Honestly I don't understand why people do not get it? We are not "big 6" for the following reasons: We have not yet had the prolonged "success" over a number of seasons like the "big 6" have had - i.e. number of times finishing in the top 6 We have not yet got the history, fan base, finances of the "big 6" IF we end up losing some of our current players and our recruitment isn't as successful as it has been in recent years then we could fall into the abyss again. Now if we go onto winning more, staying in the top 6 positions for 5+ years and we now manage to k
  7. Hes such a complete footballer. Can do everything. Really really impressed by him yesterday. We have such a dilemma with our defense. Not just CB but now wingback/fullbacks. A great problem to have
  8. So assuming all 3 are fit. Where do we all see the 2 at the back? Cags/Fof or Evans/Fof or Cags/Evans. Which pair is it for the second half of the season (after Cags gets back to full fitness)
  9. I agree with this, 2nd half we were fairly pedestrian. It was a great win yesterday no doubt and not going to take away anything from that. But.... We were pedestrian because we could be. Chelsea did more or less nothing. Like Lampard said, Chelsea were walking most of the game. Hardly closed us down, no chasing down of balls, no closing in. They gave us plenty of time on the ball unlike Southampton the game before which we did slightly struggle in the first 20-30 mins to handle their press. This is where our true test lies. We know that with the ball and no press from the opposit
  10. Absolutely great win! Can we give 11 players MOTM? Loved the way we controlled the game. Only negative was we could/should have scored more. Love it! Also Tyler is an absolute "top 6" licker. 53rd minute Evans makes that challenge and he calls it a huge moment. Even if they score we win you muppet! Really used to like him but now I really don't! It was like he found out his dog has to be put down when we scored. Real joker! Anyways woohooooo top of the league!
  11. Would be so annoying to hear Tyler get excited if that was allowed
  12. You can't see those obstacles again?
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