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  1. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    I blame the lack of competition. Human nature that when your comfortable knowing that your place is sealed in the team week in week out you lose focus.
  2. No he was terrible, it wasn't just that shocking pass, there were a couple of times he was given a through ball and he just gave up on them when he could have probably got to them. He'd just stop running. There were many times that he made the wrong run and hindered vardys natural game. He looks like a player who just can't be arsed (or has a real lack of confidence). With regards to Chilwell, yes he can drive run with the ball, but that's it, he can't defend and he can't cross. There were so many times that maguire and Morgan had to shift over to the left and therefore simmo going more central and then leaving Willian acres of space. Tbh they were not the only 2 players that were poor yesterday, Kasper for his obvious mistake but also his distribution. Vardy missing that free header. Mahrez misplacing passes all evening and Puel taking too long to make changes. On a brighter note, Albrighton probably had his best game this season, Iborra was calm on the ball and again Diabate looked very good when he came on (should have been on a lot earlier)
  3. Iheanacho

    I'm sorry but he was a liability today. He and Chilwell were to blame for their goal. Puel needed to change things up sooner and Kasper.... Oh Kasper... What were you thinking.
  4. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    As others have mentioned, it's not as bad as a few weeks ago, It's a premier league ground and it's televised, so odds of it being called off are around 5000-1
  5. we're so welcoming aren't we?
  6. West Brom away match thread

    Could anyone PM a decent stream please? Acestream or other? Thanks!
  7. Mahrez retires?

    Perhaps James has just taken over King's contract?
  8. Snow

    Those lieing barstewards at the met office! Not a snowflake in sight this morning! Just scaremongering I tell you!
  9. Stoke post match 1-1

    That's what I said however he didn't also make the runs today that he usually does to get the ball to his feet, or a movement for him to have someone pass for him to run onto
  10. Stoke post match 1-1

    It's great commentating on Puels selection, Mahrez being Mahrez, Gray disappearing etc etc but no one wants to talk about Vardy. He for me was terrible today. Yes he wasn't given much but his work rate was well below par, he didn't make as many runs as he usually does, he lacked desire and seemed fairly uninterested. Was one of the most frustrating afternoons of football I've experienced in a very long time. They were there for the taking and we just didn't turn up. Shameful really
  11. Vardy miles too good for City

    I wasn't just talking about strikers, I was talking about top 3 players.
  12. Vardy miles too good for City

    So he was responsible solely for out league win and us getting into the Champions league QF? As I stated before he one of the legends but there have been plenty more before him who can claim top 3, if someone playing for us isn't around when we're in the Premier league or champions league cannot claim for top 3 then that's quite sad.
  13. Vardy miles too good for City

    Top 3 of all time Leicester legends? There are some great players he's competing with! You can't be so short sighted surely?
  14. Vardy miles too good for City

    OK so no other right back apart from Simpson has led us to a title, greatest ever right back? Look I'm not denying Vardy is a good striker, but actually there were better individual players that played for us, Banks, Lineker, Weller, Izzet, Mahrez, Cambiasso etc all individually much better footballers than Vardy. Some people think he's our best ever player because he was in the team who won the league, its a flawed argument.
  15. Vardy miles too good for City

    Oh dear me! Greatest of all time at LCFC? he's good, but probably wouldn't even be my top 3. He relies so much on his pace, his finishing is actually not amazing compared to other top strikers but he's a grafter. Which is why he's so good for the team. No striker defends from the top like Vardy does. But to say he's too good for us it the GOAT is just daft.