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  1. I can't help but be concerned for the mental health of Kasper. He's been through 2 of arguably the most traumatic events in football in recent times. He's been an absolute rock through them both but surely it must effect him. I'm sure everyone will agree that we are all so proud of this man but I really do hope we can give him all the help and support he potentially may need.
  2. This is horrendous, but can anyone see this being reported in the UK? We have Sink holes in Israel, something about Kate Winslet, someone leaving the BBC etc but nothing of note of what has happened above. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  3. But where does this statement come from? How do you know he wants to go? Allegedly he is very happy here, his family is happy and settled here and that is important to him?
  4. Lots of bitter fans on the celtic forum. They reckon he's half arsed and doesn't put the effort in. Let's hope he brings the redbull when/if he does come over here.
  5. Theme park in Isle of Wight - only football top seen..... A Leicester City one! (although there was another small child with a Stoke shirt but we won't count that!) we've reached the small Islands so we're massive!
  6. I don't get it.... Going for ham and cheese?
  7. You're right. Growing up I remember in primary school I was 1 of 2 Leicester fans and was much the same in secondary school and college. Now in my sons class the overwhelming majority are Leicester fans. Great to see and perhaps we really do need that stadium expansion in a few years time!
  8. Its a complete different colour......
  9. I mean in the sense that the club generally would not announce anything outside of the transfer window normally.
  10. So this we could potentially announce before the transfer window opens on the 9th as he was an out of contract player?
  11. As nice as it is to think they will get punished, let's be honest, they'll get slap on the wrist fine and that's about it if that
  12. Yes the squad I feel will be very different now. Although yes I see the season as a success, us winning the FA cup is amazing for us. To other potential players etc it really probably has no baring. If we got CL we could attract the very top. Now with EL it's going to be harder to attract (and potentially to keep) those players. I have faith in our scouting system and hopefully we can unearth some more hidden gems and push on.
  13. I think the point is that if someone had said to us at the start of the season that we'd be 5th place and FA cup winners we'd bite that hand off and be over the moon with it. Being in the top 4 all season and then missing out obviously is very disappointing and basically we didn't get that cherry on top of the cake. But we got the cake so there you go! Depends if you wanted to the cake or the cherry more!
  14. Why? Only those who chose to can't seperate it when everyone else can and understands the cause. Let's face it, honestly those booing today are not because they have an issue with BLM or the movement has "run its course". It is because they are racist. I didn't expect there to be many in our fan base but I'm more disappointed in this than the fall out of the top 4.
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