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  1. hejammy

    Leicester City Family.

    So often clubs get stick from fans about the way they handle things, however, the club, the players, us fans all have really pulled together on this and I'm sure Vichai will be smiling on us all in the knowledge he's created this family. Our club is something special and never have I seen or heard anything like it. LTID!
  2. hejammy

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Didn't think he was too bad at times today. Wasn't as bad as some others but 'others' will never get stick.
  3. hejammy

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Puel confirmed that Albrighton hadn't trained all week and said he was unable to compete 90 minutes that's why he took him off
  4. hejammy

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Lol how did he not see that! SOL SOL BAMBA showing his GK skills
  5. hejammy

    Cardiff Match Thread

    He's one player I was completely wrong about! Never thought of see the day he plays in the Premier league for another club
  6. Birch on the radio this morning!
  7. hejammy

    Helicopter crash

    Completely get that, people deal with things in their own way, however I just feel that any game or player related talk takes aways the magnitude and devastating nature of this subject. We owe our owners a huge debt and the focus should be at this time on them.
  8. hejammy

    Helicopter crash

    Perhaps it's just me.. But just had a quick look and the other threads are still open and people are still discussing last nights game and vardys performance etc. I think the admins should lock the other threads for now as a mark of respect. Not sure how others are able to talk about anything else besides this anyways?
  9. hejammy

    Helicopter crash

    The amount of other supporters coming on here and giving their wishes is quite honestly overwhelming! Brings back the hope that humanity will prevail. Regardless of the colours of our shirts, the colours of our skin, our gender etc we are one big family and our love of football brings us together. Thank you to all those who have made the effort to post their wishes at this troubled time.
  10. hejammy

    Helicopter crash

    Like others I'm truly lost for words, for what the owners have done for our club we will forever treasure. One thing that keeps going around my head, after the game was listening to the radio and stringer mentioned a supporter stand up towards vichai and pretend to tie a noose as an indication for Puel to go and Vichai just just stared at him. Life is a funny old thing. Thoughts are with all the family's and loved ones onboard.
  11. hejammy

    West Ham H Match Thread

    Ahhhh I get it now! So against Arsenal he felt we had no one on the bench to bring on and make a difference - genius! He's solved that now. Cummon citeh
  12. hejammy


    IF Nacho scores a brace and we win, I wonder if the Vardyites will say its the wrong decision? Like many have said.... His form is poor at the moment and POTENTIALLY he has been dropped. Happens to all players.....
  13. hejammy


    Isn't this what you said? Get rid of Puel and take the shackles off Vardy and this entire team´╗┐ The entire team being the point I made a joke out of...
  14. You forgot : FT : "Puel has made Mrs Vardy like a tweet.... Puel out" FT : "It's raining in Leicester.... Puel out"