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  1. I really think that's phrase is a cop out for the players. I'm sorry but it was clear that the players failed to play how he wanted them to play and on this occasion it was the players to blame. I have often critisised BR for various subs and formations etc. But yesterday for clear for me that the players just didn't have the right attitude, potentially because of all the stuff that went on behind the scenes.
  2. I'm not sure why people assuming Rogers has anything to do with this. He's said multiple times across many games when we become passive and not aggressive he doesn't like it. It's the players at fault.
  3. Ffs was just about to say they look more like scoring when they attack.
  4. But I think the point is that the husband of the Queen dying is a big deal regardless of how anyone feels about the monarchy, The media in any country who's monarchs partner had died would have treated it with the same seriousness.
  5. To be fair they were just reading the official statement that was sent from the Royal Family
  6. Its not necessarily about catching them. It's keeping them in the mix if any team below does go on a run then at least its not just us they are chasing.
  7. The love fest for Manure is absolutely sickening. Its like they can do no wrong and their players shit gold
  8. That at the other end of the pitch the penalty is given all day long! Just pure blatant corruption or "big 6" bias.
  9. Possibly the most hateable player in the league this year?
  10. I feel Sanchez could have done better there.
  11. Completely agree! If a team doesn't give you the time and space to make a pass, or closed you down so quickly you have no option but to either hoof the ball away or lose the ball or that when they attack they come with 4 or 5 players who are better on the ball and are having good game. It's not being negative. What else do these people suggest BR could have done (except the sub taking of kel which I was puzzled with). If we played further up it would have been 4 or 5 rather than 2. These people need to try and understand how good they are and what we tried to do before jumping on
  12. KDB.... That's a disgrace. I thought better of him to be fair.
  13. You know there is a third option? We've been beaten by the better team?
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