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  1. And in other news.... Live from Stockley Park
  2. Well even Manure legends think it's a joke
  3. Manure - top of the penalties given table.....there's a huge surprise!
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really genuinely hate Manure, their fans, their players, the owners, the club, the stadium, the elitism, the favouritism. Every drop of them makes me cringe.
  5. I'm not sure any Leicester fan in their right mind can say they'll be happy with europa after sitting in a CL spot for the majority of the season! For me, no offense but the question is fairly redundant
  6. This is the point! For some fans Gray is the worst player we have ever seen and Barnes is the messiah, even though this stat suggests there isn't much between them. If anyone can see what the stats are since restart that could be interesting. One of those really that Dimi isn't a "fans" favourite and Barnes is the local lad who can "do no wrong". It's a bit unfair and unjust really.
  7. They'll know that if they "go for it" then they'll most likely get hammered. But if they sit back and frustrate us like so many teams have done lately they have a good chance at then nicking a goal. Deep block vs Leicester works a treat and teams know this now!
  8. Not sure about this. They won't be looking to score as many as they can. They'll be looking to keep it tight for as long as they can hoping to get a goal on the break. The longer that goes on and the more desperate we get to win the game, the more likely they will achieve that. We simply need an early goal to settle the nerves and to force them to come out needing a couple of goals
  9. That's a fair stat to use when Barnes has had way more minutes since restart? Shouldn't we look at assists per minute?
  10. I'm not sure about this. Apart from the last game Barnes has been poor for a while whereas Gray has actually been quite good on a number of occasions. I think potential wise yes Barnes has abundance, but does he fulfil it? Who knows! You have to give credit where credit is due. Gray made a huge difference when he came on. Looked lively and created things.
  11. Agreed Dimi was actually a really good sub, he changed the game really. But seriously what is up with Barnes? Why has his touch gone so bad?!
  12. My issue is simply with the lack of urgency. We should have gone for the throat and we just seemed to fizzle out with the usual sideways pass.
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