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  1. Welcome Back Matty James

    Like finnaldo said, it's based on current form. Also drinkwater wasn't just bad from November, he was pretty poor all season, some fans have blinkers on for drinky, if mahrez does one thing wrong he's slated but Danny boy can't do wrong. When he's on form he is probably our best midfielder, but the problem is he's not had that for over a year. It's not about being fickle, it's about what's working now.
  2. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Did anyone noticed a point where mahrez flicked the ball up, did a kick up and pretended to blast the ball at the Brighton player who to all intents and purposes.... Shit himself.... Highlight of the game for me
  3. Welcome Back Matty James

    I would actually say that if drinky stays he would be below James and Iborra on current form.
  4. Arsenal post match 4-3

    I posted a while ago that I really hate arsenal and some people questioned why, the team, the fans, their manager all bunch of w@nk3rs. So even last season fuchs was at fault for a lot of our goals conceaded, even today he was poor defensively, I really do love the guy but we need a new left back, not sure chilly is the answer or we just need to change the system
  5. Drinkwater

    Heartbeat? Errrr no he isn't. With the CM options we have, I would take 35m for him, last season and the pre season so far he's been terrible. Ndidi for me is way more important than Drinky. To be honest I'm not sure he'll want to go as he will be a bench warmer/cup player there.
  6. I forgot vardy was playing.... I wonder why we've not really played him much so far? His game is a about being a step ahead and sharp
  7. OK so if or when mahrez leaves and we don't end up getting iheanacho, it will end up being a very..... Interesting season I reckon
  8. Biggest opening day defeat for a "Premier League" team ever?
  9. Nothing short of what they've deserved
  10. Friendly or not, this is our 5th game in and we are looking worse than relegation fodder already. Anyone know how many preseason games wolves are on?
  11. So this is probably very close to our first team right?
  12. Any PM me the 'not so legal' steam please. Lcfc.com is shambles
  13. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    Best part of the match for me was N'didi's through run and stumble