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  1. Next City Manager?

    but how would he complain that we don't have money?
  2. Shakey Sacked

    “Craig is and will remain a very popular, respected figure at Leicester City and will be welcome back at King Power Stadium in future, both professionally and as a friend of the Club" Keeping it open for a chance of him staying on as coach perhaps??
  3. Shakey Sacked

  4. Shakey Sacked

    so after 2 hours of the story first breaking, we still have nothing officially, if this IS because they have a replacement lined up and they want to announce it at the same time then I get it. If not.....then the 14 second drama seems so insignificant compared to this abomination and surely signs of bigger problems within the club
  5. Next City Manager?

    Agree 100%
  6. Iheanacho

    Like someone else has mentioned, the poor kid looked confused, he didn't know if he was being as to drop back or push on. It was like he and vardy have never played or practiced together. He obviously has the talent, however he's not been managed/coach well. I have a feeling a major overhaul of coaching and managerial staff is needed to bring a fresh approach to the club, we've taken 'but we won the league' and ran with it for far too long.
  7. West Brom Post Match

    Albrighton was as poor as he has been all season. The guy has lost all spark and struggles to cross the ball. Unfortunately we don't really have anyone like him who can play as a winger and defend decently also. Shame really. Our best player yesterday was Simpson. Everyone else was mediocre at best
  8. 3-5-2

    Errrrrr, I can't quite figure out it you're taking the piss or not..... I would hardly call them devastating? Decent at the very most when on form. At this moment in time Albrighton couldn't put a decent cross into a front 3 of giraffes. But yes I do agree, 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 would be a lot better.
  9. West Brom Post Match

    The fact that their keeper could barely stand and we didn't take advantage of that is preposterous! Only shots were from 2 of our defenders (maguire and simmo) and both were straight at him (he actually struggled a little with these also) Our decision making has completely gone to pot! We don't have a clue as to what to do with the ball once we get it. The change of shape clearly helped, however personnel was wrong. We had to attack this team and we would have won the game. Shakey : I'm starting to lose hope really. I think he is beyond his depth, when I saw King was about to come on I lost it. Why not bring Gray on to have some much needed spark to win that game. As soon as their goal went in we should have changed, instead he waited... Waiting for what who knows!? Mahrez was... Meh... Slightly Better than he has been and I did like his reaction when he scored. Pedestrian football does not belong at Leicester City!
  10. Flags Quiz

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  11. Science Quiz

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  12. Incident outside London museum

    Just curious, what was it exactly about the driver that made you think what you said was a safe call?
  13. Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    Some people forget when Ranieri changed formation and the players hated it and "rebelled". A lot of these players are still here and Shakey probably knows that if he changes formation again they may throw their toys out the pram, so he's kinds stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nevertheless managers need to make decisions for the greater good and 442 simply isn't working anymore. It's like every game we have no midfield. To continue to play it will be professional suicide for shakey, however him changing it may just lose him some "friends" we add that to the fact that we may struggle to include mahrez or gray in a new system. My view is that we play ndidi, Iborra and mahrez just in front of them with nacho/oki and vardy upfront, 5-2-1-2. Whatever he chooses, he has to make changes. Simple.
  14. Just another general knowledge quiz.

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  15. World Geography Quiz

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