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  1. Swings and roundabouts I guess.... I can actually go now
  2. I agree, the booing is counter productive. But if Vardy gave very little, couldn't score, had a poor touch, not have the confidence of his team, couldn't head the ball etc then yes we would be going on at vardy the same way. So cannot compare
  3. I agree with the unjust criticism but he certainly wasn't our best player tonight. I'd rate Morgan over him tonight
  4. This is true. But I actually don't think playing Evans would have changed things. In fact it was Maguire who often slowed it down at the back. The problem was in the final 3rd, we just didn't know how to break down their back 6 and as Rogers said, we didnt move it from midfield to the front 3 quick enough
  5. I'm sorry but he made no effort when the ball was pumped up towards him, his team having no confidence in him says a lot, he really shouldn't be playing another game for Leicester again unless he goes out on loan next season and gets his confidence/ability/effort back.
  6. To be fair i think only morgan and maddison had decent games today.
  7. I honestly don't know why we bother with Nacho, it's just pointless, I'd rather stick Maguire upfront, to be offside from that last minute free kick from Kasper just sums him up. He needs to go for his sake and ours. I'd actually rather he put on anyone else from the squad than him. He does nothing and has done for a very long time. Also we just had too many players out of form tonight, Vardy, Chilwell, Ndidi, Tielemans were all poor. Chilly's insistence to run down the wing only to cut back and pass back to maguire is really starting to annoy me. At one point he had 125 touches and only 2 crosses. When Albrighton came on he had 25 touches and 4 crosses.
  8. Danny drinkwater done for drink driving! Couldn't write this stuff, the pun teams at the tabloids are having a fun time!
  9. To be fair.... Especially after we won the premiership, didn't we have a lot of fans who had the same view? 'we have lots of money, no need to sell', 'we'll be in the top 4 next season' blah blah
  10. Steve Lynex - vs Villa 4th April 1981, home loss (2-4)
  11. The one time I want United to win! Really do hate them...
  12. His best game for a long time today! Was superb
  13. Was actually one of the best things I've seen from fans in the stadium today! Truly was magnificent! Singing the song for at least 6 mins non stop - like others I was in awe
  14. So 2 central defenders not quite waking up this morning then
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