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  1. Don't be silly, he's got a mask on he'll be fine to stick with his pre corona choice of choke
  2. hejammy

    Corona Virus

    Quite easy. Man the entry points to allow NHS / supermarket /key worker ID to enter only.
  3. hejammy

    Corona Virus

    That's exactly where I drove past. People were trying to skip queues and causing road rage amongst drivers, the roundabout was being blocked by inconsiderate McDonald's hungry drivers. They surely will run out of food before they close.
  4. hejammy

    Corona Virus

    Queues outside McDonald's today are crazy. I can't believe people will be willing to queue for hours just to get their last big mac for a couple of months - 1st World problems
  5. Mugs = people who obey the law apparently.....
  6. I think this has to win this thread for absolute scumbags of all time. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/local-news/thieves-offer-go-shopping-self-3962309 Just beyond belief how someone could do this. In a time where we're all supposed to be together as a community. Actually makes me lose hope for humanity
  7. hejammy

    Corona Virus

    Exactly, so they are leaving the responsibility (and consequences) to the business. Rather than take that responsibility themselves and help them out in whatever way they can
  8. hejammy

    Corona Virus

    I'm not saying they should, I'm saying they are giving mixed messages. "don't go to these places but we'll keep them open incase someone does want to go" give the business a deal - eg not have to pay business rates etc not to open. It would cost them more to stay open with wages, bills etc if they don't have any customers. Just a cop out from the government watching their own back
  9. hejammy

    Corona Virus

    Government are bottle jobs! Don't want to make real decisions - why tell people to avoid pubs, clubs, restaurants etc but not make them close it. - because they are scared that the business owners will come to the government for money. No real decisions made and even with mass gatherings - we will not support but they can go ahead if they want. Again they don't want any backlash therefore not made a decision
  10. The biggest problem for employees is the unknown. How long will this last for? Is it fair to give someone the option to not come to work but still pay them when another person may not have asthma but has an elderly relative at home and they are not given that option? It's a slippery slope, one that is unprecedented. Don't forget these employees have a business to run. Especially the small business who would be at risk of going bust if they just let people stay at home, not work and have to pay them still, at the end of the day if there is no business then there is no employment for the staff. So long term thinking has to be done. It's not just as simple as "these bloody employees should give workers slack" Its such a complex issue and there probably isn't a right answer. Someone will lose from this and someone will be 'ok'. No real win win situation from this unfortunately.
  11. I have a feeling the Premier league will look at the standings and think that there are not enough teams occupying the top 6 that are the "big 6". Therefore their decisions will be based on that. I can't help but feel that they will screw us in some way. Teams like scumbag United are just to powerful amongst the powers that be in the Premier league. Let's hope they just freeze standings as they are or play out the rest of the games at a later date.
  12. 1. Vardy (also because how can we have him never win it before) 2. Ricardo 3. Cags or Evans (this for me is the toughest)
  13. Although in that scenario Villa don't go down....
  14. How about the bottom 3 in the prem play the top 3 of the championship, (i.e bottom play top, 2nd play second from bottom etc) winners stay in prem losers championship. Would be quite good as a neutral
  15. hejammy

    Corona Virus

    I didn't say there was a point in panicking, the question was which was the most tedious of the 2 and i gave my thoughts, both are bad but being ignorant is better than over cautious
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