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  1. same! Was thinking oh FFS! Oh behave! How many of these were his fault? The red was at the end of a very frustrating game!
  2. I agree with most that this is really an elitist thing and most people would be happy that they just P off. However when I go to games I also enjoy watching the top players from other teams play and the way their movement and skill is higher than most footballers, we will get to miss out on watching the best players in the world and that would be a shame, not to mention that at the moment we are a team who people talk about breaking into the top 6 etc and without the revenue etc we would just be another team in the "premier" league which would almost become the "championship" league. I hate th
  3. Apparently they know how to sit back and have a deep block, which doesn't bode well for us as that's where we struggle the most. I'm hoping we get a sneaky goal from somewhere, really need some of our players to step up for this one, Praet and Youri, if they play need to have a good game, if they do then I'm hopeful that we can win. I really hope BR doesn't go negative with this one. I am very gutted that this is our first time in Europe since 16/17 and we cannot go!
  4. Right ok, I apologies, Someone should have spelled out on here why everyone is so against the big corporate giants of Sky and BT overcharging us all and then trying to get even more greedy by charging us all for games with poor coverage and taking perhaps advantage of the current situation when lots of people have lost their jobs and are struggling, next time I'll add a link to BBC news for you! PS...I would get off my horse if I could afford one - perhaps someone can explain to you how expensive it is to keep a horse just so you now know?
  5. I don't think he is a terrible player at all, I do think his decision making is terrible though. He takes an age to react also! He can hold on the ball up yes, he is strong. His first touch isn't bad, BUT he takes an extra 4 or 5 second to react than most , he makes stupid passing decisions, he fouls when really there is no need to foul. He just isn't the brightest spark unfortunately.
  6. I think you have missed the point here. A lot of us would loved to have just paid the £15 to save the "hassle" of streams, network issues etc etc. But this was one of those, all or nothing situations to stand against the greedyness of sky/BT. A lot of us "sacrificed" a impeccable HD picture and lost minutes finding a stream for the greater good. Shame you didn't see it like that. Sky / BT will carry on doing what they do if there are still people willing to pay and it all seems a bit pointless to try and go against them if our "own" don't get it
  7. I've said this before on here, madders was on par with Grealish last season but this season Grealish has taken it to a new level and madders hasn't, not sure if this is due to injuries etc but like someone else mentioned, Grealish lives and breathes Villa, he gives 100% every game, madders seems more interested in the social media game at the moment rather than actual football. He needs to rein in some of that social persona a little and concentrate on getting fit and catching up with Jack on footballing terms. We need Madders on top form desperately, to have that something extra in the final
  8. This aged well didn't it. Admittedly I was wrong, it wasn't 78 mins....
  9. Not sure about that? Thought it was fairly even
  10. No way he wears his socks way to high
  11. Haha with all the players on yellows already if Hamza got sent off that would be something!
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