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  1. The ironic thing is I actually sit in the west stand. I've been there for years and I actually like the view from where I sit. I sat in the east stand for the Chelsea Cup game and yes the atmosphere is far better. Unfortunately I'm a creature of habits.
  2. I'd prefer Rastafarianism.... Those buggers seem so chilled out. God knows why
  3. I'm thinking it's either the east stand or west stand that can be extended. Seeing as the east stand has a far better atmosphere than the west, the core people in the East stand will remain and the extra people who will eventually sit in the east stand will be encouraged to participate in the singing/chants. That was my logic.. Perhaps it's flawed.
  4. Can't blame him to be honest, at least he wants to play for the team and not just take his paycheck sitting on the bench. Although he does need to learn how to take his chance when given it. He just tries too hard and that is to his detriment
  5. I think expanding the east stand would be the best option, less likely to effect atmosphere hopefully. Can't see it happening for at least 2 years though
  6. this is why I said I don't want to get into a discussion with you. You antagonise, use people's post out of context and often put "words in people's mouths". You chose to ignore questions that are not to your liking and become a "closed book" when people talk about your faith and criticise others when they are not open. That's not my idea of a healthy debate. Oh and your question.... I'm not even going to justify it with an answer. You obviously know more about "Islamic" people than anyone. So perhaps you just go ahead and entertain yourself. My last post responding to you so you crack on mate...
  7. And you chose to ignore my request to not assume what my faith is because? Read my previous post carefully. It was me saying it's irrelevant in this country in this day and age as the last time I checked there was no "sharia law" in this country (yes I know shock horror)
  8. Oh here we go Mr Singh, rather than getting into this with you I chose to abstain, anyone else want to ask a question I'd be happy to oblige. As mentioned before, don't make assumptions about my faith, I have never mentioned anything about my faith before. I really do not have any time for your antogistic nature Oh and just before you get off your high horse... Have a read: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/my-people-refuse-to-talk-about-honour-killings-1845103.html Seems silly to kill someone because of who they fall in love with right? Never mind a family member.... Its the minority.... Something that a few people chose to ignore
  9. Isn't apostasy in this country and day and age irrelevant? If someone does not want to be Christian do they announce it to the world that they want to be an atheist or they want to convert to another religion? Most non practicing Muslims just want to go about their lives. They don't want to make a "song and dance" about it? I could pull out an article from an Indian family living in India who happen to be hindu having similar "shaming the family issues"
  10. Come on Matt, you cannot be serious with that statement? Based on what? Your choice of takeways which don't serve halal meat?
  11. There are plenty of Muslims I know who don't "practice" Islam. So actually that point is fairly redundant. If you don't want to practice a religion no one is going to check up on you on a daily basis, contrary to popular belief imams don't insist that you snapchat everything "islamic" that you do..... Its actually funny how people make stuff up or read something on the Internet and believe its the gospel truth. Or that they see a few people do something and assume anyone with the same religion or same belief do exactly the same. How many people hated Islam before 9/11? It's crappy to keep propping up the racism card but there certainly are some people on here who are overtly bigoted. Hate for the sake of hating, unreasonably and will not answer questions which do not agree to their stubborn viewpoints. Sad really.
  12. Just on the nandos issue, I have 2 points, 1 which they state "We have 385 restaurants, 72 of which serve only Halal chicken and are signposted both in the restaurant and online" again overwhelmingly more restaurants that are non halal. Point 2: "A small proportion of chicken sold in our other restaurants may also be Halal. This may happen on rare occasions if there are, for example, issues with supply" This is an example of business, if they cannot get chicken from their usual non-halal supplier then they need to continue business. You can ask the question and they will inform you. Leicester specifically you can go to the nandos at Meridian. That is non-halal. So there are in fact choices and plenty of them.
  13. Can you give specific examples? So let me ask a question, is it fair that a restaurant serves meat dishes only and a vegetarian cannot eat there? Guess what he or she does? Go elsewhere! There are overwhelmingly more restaurants that serve non halal meat. Kosher is being "forced" on Americans in New York for example? Do you still think that is OK? You need to realise that it's not "radicalised Muslims" that are doing this. It's business, some restaurants feel that providing halal meat will make them more money. It's as simple as that! If you don't want halal meat, go elsewhere, you have plenty of options. Think about the poor people who are gluten or lactose intolerant, those buggers can complain about choice, you are just complaining cause it's do to with Islam and you like that particular bandwagon
  14. So just clarify one thing.... Do you feel the same about kosher meat and Judaism? And since when do you have your choice taken away from you? In what choice do you struggle? Every major supermarket has meat that is not halal, big restaurant chains have mostly non halal meat, if they do use halal meat they state it on their website? So what exactly or specifically do you have a problem with not having the choice with.... Obviously if you walk into a halal butcher, guess what you'll find?
  15. Just to make it clear, I wasn't saying that discussing the media influence is not important, I was simply highlighting the fact that this particular thread should be focusing on the victims, like other threads with a similar nature.