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  1. Might be mis-remembering who it was, but possibly @LanguedocFox?
  2. Genuinely not heard that name in about a decade
  3. Where were all the posts from people with doubts before tonight's match?
  4. Find it hard to care tbh...much like the players
  5. Never thought I'd be so gutted at a celebrity death
  6. It's not like numerous players slipped over in that exact spot or anything...including Otamendi for our goal.
  7. It's just a quick free kick. It's why someone will usually stand in front of it
  8. The rule states you cannot touch it again before somebody else.
  9. Well they're two separate decisions. Just because one is wrong, doesn't make the other one wrong (in isolation).
  10. Oh yeah they definitely did. But if he's ignoring that (like every other ref in the country), the decision about the kick itself is correct.
  11. It's not really open to interpretation. The retaking due to the taker infringing the rules only applies before the kick is taken. Once the kick is taken it's in play, if the taker touches it again before anybody else it's an indirect free kick. It's harsh in a case like this, but the rules are pretty black and white.
  12. Yeah? That's exactly why I quoted part of rule 14.
  13. Yeah man, can't believe how many he's missed this season
  14. Don't really expect much else from Burnley away and Middlesborough.