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    There are some Nucleus VRs and VRSs in stock on Chain Reaction, the VRS is a pretty similar spec to the Whyte 429 I imagine, if not better value for the price.
  2. There is a global semiconductor shortage
  3. Cheers, sounds like I just need to press on. I've not played any other FF (or any JRPG really unless pokemon counts) but I've heard they're infamous for having tutorial or introductory sections as long as some games. It's not that I didn't like it, story was decent enough so far, and the music was great, it's just I was playing it in bed and was ready to nod off after playing for half an hour.
  4. Does the gameplay in X get more engaging when you progress further into the game? About 20 hours in so far and it feels very linear, and the combat is basically "select the character that counters the opponent you're facing and win". Feels like I may as well be watching someone play for all the input required from me.
  5. Here's the thread, a lot of the photos are down unfortunately.
  6. Mings controlled it i.e. made a deliberate play therefore new phase.
  7. i5-4460 + GTX 1070 + 16 GB DDR3, pauper compared to most in here Went through a period of playing hardly any new games from 2010ish onwards so it does me just fine while I catch up on all the stuff I've missed. It manages 1440p 60+ fps on everything I've tried so far, so not feeling the itch to upgrade just yet. Next up is DOOM Eternal.
  8. Had a 98 Spec DC2 back in the day (rocker cover courtesy of the previous owner ). Best car I've ever owned and really wish I didn't sell it, but unfortunately it had some rust issues I couldn't afford to keep on top while I was at uni. Keep looking at another now (or a DC5) but as you say, prices have gone a bit mental in the past few years. Looked at a few Civics to scratch that itch but most examples of EP3s seem to be either pretty ropey, or horribly overpriced. Everyone shits on the FN2 but I was pleasantly surprised by the one I drove, so that might be the way to go.
  9. That would be a great deal, but it's the non-5G Pixel 4 that is £349 and it isn't included in the offer. The 5G version is £499.
  10. Is this some sort of teething issue caused by the upgrade or something I've accidentally done myself? Doesn't seem to affect the Leicester City subforums, but does affect all of the ones in General Discussion.
  11. From what I understand they generally make these changes reactively, so it is likely that this road sees a higher number of incidents than the other roads you describe.
  12. My Sony Z1 lasted about 5 years, with 1 battery replacement in that period. The phone was still fine when I replaced it, but the battery was going again and it was hard to track down a decent replacement at that point.
  13. If we manage to pull off top 4 after all yesterday will be forgotten, but for now I think it makes top (bottom) 5 for me. 1. Stoke 2008 2. Sheff Wed 2008 - possibly even worse than the above 3. Cardiff 2010 4. Yesterday 5. Watford 2013
  14. Yep, got an iPhone from work, dropped it once - screen cracked. My Samsung (and previous Sony) have been through all sorts of adventures and no issues at all.
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