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  1. Yep, got an iPhone from work, dropped it once - screen cracked. My Samsung (and previous Sony) have been through all sorts of adventures and no issues at all.
  2. I'm still around too, but like most of the others that have replied, spend most of my time lurking rather than posting.
  3. Alive and well, posted on Facebook not 30 minutes ago. You may be pleased to know it was an ebay link... Always enjoyed @BartonFox. back in the day, along with @Shrenchel.
  4. potter3

    Corona Virus

    I'm going to guess South Korea
  5. I also tend to get them if I'm a bit dehydrated, so make sure you're consuming enough fluids.
  6. You should try it, it's life-changing
  7. Did 3 games/matches when I was there. Basketball (Lakers) - Pretty terrible tbh, I wish this was hyperbole but by far the loudest the crowd all night got was when the score met whatever the criteria was to get some 99 cent tacos for free Baseball (LA Dodgers) - Sport is not exactly exciting but found the experience as a whole pretty enjoyable Hockey (San Jose Sharks) - Was really disappointed in this, thought that the game and the crowd would be the closest experience to football, but it was just flat. In fairness, the team had already qualified for the play offs so it was a bit of a dead rubber and may not have been a good representation. Also had a tour of AT&T stadium, and an unofficial nosey round Oakland Colosseum, and to be honest I enjoyed both of those more than the matches we went to.
  8. Always Sunny is 90% of the reason I still have Netflix
  9. Don't think I've even played 10 games from this decade, but my top 3 would probably be Nier:Automata, Dishonored, and Dark Souls.
  10. Have you actually tried running it? From a quick Google there shouldn't be anything preventing you running it on Windows 10, but there some patches etc. available if you do encounter issues.
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