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  1. Everyone in the UK could have 16 phones and we still wouldn't run out of 07- numbers.
  2. Had that a few times, learned to carry a magic link or two now.
  3. Can't believe Wymsey is so rich he's turning down 1 million Euros
  4. Just a pinsir with lovely blowjob lips tbh
  5. Isn't bitcoin fairly unprofitable nowadays without ASICs?
  6. I take it you don't mean Follow the Dog/Monkey Trail on your road bike? Really don't think I'd fancy that! Can't imagine doing that kind of distance either - 30 miles is about my limit though it does tend to be over rough terrain.
  7. Aye, been many a time.
  8. The intention is to stop the time wasting that occurs when the ball is out of play.
  9. I think there is software that can enable Windows to write to HFS+ but it costs money.. You can get a free trial of Paragon though
  10. Windows can't read or write MacOS journaled which is the default Mac format. If you can format it to exFAT it should be usable by both Windows and Mac so long as your Windows computer is 64 bit. FAT32 will also work, assuming you don't have a single file that is larger than 4 GB.
  11. Seems to be mostly road talk in here lately, but it's new MTB day for mee Cost more than some cars I've bought, but it's so capable compared to what I was riding before
  12. Might be mis-remembering who it was, but possibly @LanguedocFox?
  13. Genuinely not heard that name in about a decade
  14. Where were all the posts from people with doubts before tonight's match?
  15. Find it hard to care tbh...much like the players