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  1. I think that is unfair. He is very talented and has come a long way in terms of footballing intelligence. Some players just need time to get to those levels. He is where Zaha was around the same age and Zaha is many times better than what he was before. I can see Traore vastly improved in a few more seasons. Now if you were using Townsend as a prime example then I would agree with you. He hasn't made any improvements in his game.
  2. TheHitman™

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Which world cup worst 11 was that? Also he will come good. He is not good enough for a man city but he is good enough for the top flight.
  3. I think Bottom half but not in a relegation scrap if no more top signings are made. I think the team has enough quality to stay up. Not enough quality to challenge for Europe. I think Maddison will do well and Iheanacho will contribute more.
  4. Interesting World Cup fact: The last four teams to score off four corner kicks at a World Cup: France in 1998 (Champions) Italy in 2006 (Champions) Germany in 2014 (Champions) England in 2018 (?)
  5. TheHitman™

    Brazil v Belgium Quarter Final match thread

    The point of this team is that they are more functional than fancy. They have only conceded 4 goals in the last 18 games and that includes qualifiers against the top teams in South America and playing the biggest teams in Europe.
  6. TheHitman™

    Brazil v Belgium Quarter Final match thread

    People think this Brazil side isn't convincing because it doesn't play like a Vintage Brazilian side but they have the look of a team that hasn't gone through all of the gears. I could see this being good because I think Brazil will have to go through all of the gears to win this one.
  7. TheHitman™

    Brazil v Belgium Quarter Final match thread

    I seriously think you guys are overrating Belgium. They conceded two against a mediocre Tunisia side and a motivated but mediocre Japan side and I think that will be their undoing. Brazil look defensively sound and can score goals. The game against Switzerland is more of an indication of the team starting the tournament slowly rather than them actually not being that great. since then they have scored 6 goals and conceded 1. I think people want Belgium to win because Neymar is on the floor a lot and does a lot of play acting. This game has 2-0 Brazil all over it. Belgium will huff and puff and fail at the end.
  8. TheHitman™

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    Combination of bad luck and some of the teams that arrived are young and still developing. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in African football, but I am staying positive that things will improve. It also doesn't help that this generation of African footballers don't have a superstar striker or goalkeeper in the top African nations. Players like Aubameyang and Salah play in teams that aren't as good as Senegal or Nigeria. Senegal with a striker like Auba would win their group.
  9. TheHitman™

    England v Belgium

    I think Colombia can send either England or Belgium home.
  10. TheHitman™

    Serbia v Brazil match thread

    I don't really think so. England can hold them to a draw after AET, but that would be about it. I can see Brazil pulling something out of nothing during AET though.
  11. TheHitman™

    Poland v Colombia match thread

    Those were all after seeding for the World Cup. Poland played a ton of friendlies after World Cup seeding as well.
  12. TheHitman™

    Belgium v Tunisia - Match Thread

    They aren't. They are like Poland where they gamed the FIFA rankings. They are only good at home and good against no mark African sides. They also don't have any WC wins IIRC.
  13. If we (Nigeria) win we just need a draw and either a draw/loss from Iceland and we go through. Two wins can also put us in contention for 1st if Iceland beats Croatia. I hope we do it!!!!
  14. TheHitman™

    Portugal v Morocco match thread

    Morocco isn't that weak. If they had a good finisher they would be a pretty decent side.
  15. TheHitman™

    Thoughts on WC 2018 so far?

    Overall I like it but as a fan of African footie I am sad about how the African teams are performing. I'm loving he upsets and think a big team will flop out in the group.