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  1. Yeah, enjoyed that one, as well as the Sven Goran Eriksson chant aimed at the lookalike groundsman!
  2. I'm Scottish, so 'up North' is down South to me, ....although I now live up North in Lancashire, but have also lived down South in Cambridgeshire in the past! It's feckin' confusing some times!!
  3. Market leaders... ...with thanks to Mr.Dyche
  4. Yup! So, that's the Arse and Spuds games to find a free week for! Going to be hard with the CL quarters and semis taking up 4 midweeks!!
  5. 1- Webbo 2- Daz*dsb 3- Vlad the Fox 4- Bunyip 5- Urban.spaceman 6- Trabuch 7- Mee-9 8- Crazies 9- The Year Of The Fox 10- Stripeyfox (Block 504) 11- Cruyff99 12- Bayfox 13- Arty_Fox 14- Vince Vega 15- Superdaj 16- MrSpaM 17- AKCJ 18- Browniefox (block 115) 19- Darkon 84 (Block 521) 20- Illusion and son (Block 118) 21- irismhfoxkev + 2 daughters block 514 22- SydenhamFox (block 503) 23- StanmoreFox 24- NuneatonFox in Manchester 25- CPW22 26 - mikelcfc - ( block 512) 27 Tomtom (block111) 28 - Filbert1962 29 - Górnik Leicester and Mrs Górnik (Block 520) 30 - halfpipe (Block 508) 31 Foxoffderby 32.Bluetintedspecs & Son (Block523) I think! 33. archerm 34. Pipes (block 515) 35 - Promised Land 36 - jonthefox (block118) 37- Al-aLondon-Foxile 38 - Monk 39. StanSP (Block 502) 40. Thracian (golf here http://www.stokepark.com, late breakfast and game - can't wait). 41 - Bss9401 42 - Foxy_jim 43 - Col city fan 44 - Hitesh 45 - Dynamogoon 46 - Larry_LCFC 47 - Solihullfox 48 - demon_dog 49 - FLAN 50 - Dawko 51 - EastNeukFox and GoddyFox (Block 511)
  6. Aye, if it turns out to be the winner, it will be a worthy winner!
  7. Think my preference for the final promotion slots would be... Sheffield Wednesday, Barnsley and Wimbledon.
  8. I was away on a short family break with my sisters and my Mum, so I was watching the game in the Duke of Oz pub in the city of Leiden in The Netherlands. Once I'd got a pint I noticed a couple of lads wearing Chelsea tops, and they were happy for me to join them. Turned out they were local lads that didn't really support Chelsea, but both had the tops and had always said they'd need to wear them down the pub (they were regulars) when Chelsea were on. Like many others the world over, they were desperate to see us clinch the title. There were also a few Dutch Spurs fans in too, and whilst their cheers in the first half were annoying, there silence near the end was brilliant. To be fair, they were all great at the end, ......and several Heineken's were sunk!!
  9. They say that you appreciate the highs, because you can remember the lows. So, I will be thinking back to one of our darkest days... ...and realising that it was just the start of what was to become an epic story!
  10. Now to make his name in a penalty shoot out!
  11. Jeez, 'Boro do love a late goal!! Some great work by Nuge providing the assist.
  12. I've seen red cards given for less! It's funny how the fans view in the stadium can be so wrong at times. I remember a similar sense of rage at the KP earlier this season (although can't recall the actual incident), and the ref getting the same dogs abuse as he left the pitch at HT. Then during HT as people were getting texts from mates watching at home on Sky, there was a slow realisation that actually the ref had been spot on.