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  1. Another special European night under the lights at Anfield.
  2. Who is this ‘All Black’ that McManaman keep mentioning?
  3. Wow! ...absolute 5hite for an hour, deservedly 2 down, and now 3-2 up!!
  4. Some of the Liverpool players looked really confused when every decision didn’t go their way. It was like they’d never experienced it.
  5. Aye, today’s live games have been absolute thrillers!
  6. I thought yesterday was crying out for a 4-2-3-1, with the other one alongside Ndidi in the two, being able to play out wider, or even man mark Mahrez, to free up Wilf to protect the rest of the back four. I don’t know if BR was taken by surprise by the MC line up, but I felt we were a bit short on central/defensive midfield options from the bench.
  7. Reports seem to suggest the first one was ‘soft’, but the second one appears to have been a clear handball.
  8. Arse and ManU moved due to Thursday night Europa League games
  9. Wow! Two outstanding goals in this Porto v Rangers game so far.
  10. One of my favourites, taken on my phone ahead of our first CL game at the KP Leicester City Stadium!
  11. Watching Forest lose was the ideal build up!
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