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  1. No, it’s authentic Goodison atmosphere!
  2. Greenock > Largs, that’s like going from League One to the Premier League!
  3. It’s not quantity that counts, ..but quality! Ah’m just up the road from you!!
  4. Bournemouth apparently made 6 changes from their weekend starting XI too. i seem to recall we used to make loads of changes from our usual ‘league’ line up, even when we were mid table Championship.
  5. Pray for extra time so we don’t have to watch Mrs Browns Boys!!
  6. Apparently it has to be on Targett for a penalty to be given, ...and it was on Matty Cash!
  7. I suppose you get what you pay for with him!
  8. If I wanted to listen to an @rsehole, ...I’d just fart!
  9. Well it didn’t seem to matter too much in 2015/16.
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