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  1. Literally only Riyad gets in our current best 11. Don't @ me
  2. Tbf they looked out of it in the first leg and they grabbed a late goal. And Man City have only scored tonight through a pen. Still some life in this.
  3. Definitely agree with that. My initial reaction was also "the **** did he do that for?" He's an absolute bombscare, he's been a total liability in both legs of this tie.
  4. It looks stupid but I don't have a clue what Jenas is talking about. His arm is obviously going to be out, he's trying to balance himself whilst stretching. If his arm is next to his side there, he'd fall over. So I'd consider that a natural position, personally. Shouldn't be given though, it hit his head first quite obviously.
  5. 1. We don't get a bespoke kit though, we use a template, nobody is trying to make a special kit for Leicester City. 2. I think you drastically over estimate how much the guy at Adidas who makes the generic templates earns.
  6. They're the wealthiest club on the planet, they have one of the most expensively assembled squads in history, they get to rest players and cruise through their domestic season and to top it off - two of the teams you just listed are going through massive transition/decline, one has had a new manager recently who's still settling in and is 5th in their league and another is majority fan owned with a strict financial model that restricts transfer budget and maximum wage size. Calling a PSG CL win impressive is comparable to suggesting Everton were "doing a Leicester" when they toppe
  7. What I enjoy less are 68 hop journeys in a DBX to go pick up one component to fly back to the same engineer to teach me how to make better FSDs however. Wouldn't mind but the exploration data didn't even reach a mil.
  8. If it makes you feel any better there's a new major expansion coming out which introduces FPS planetary combat and @Beliall will confirm you should have had it on pc all along anyway.
  9. They always do, always. It's just their thing. Usually knowing that Davies is fast enough to catch basically anyone that gets through. It's why they inexplicably shafted themselves in the first game playing Hernandez knowing you're up against Mbappe.
  10. Anyone still playing this? Just got back in to it for the first time in years, since before engineering / horizons etc. Just pre ordered Odyssey. Funny to watch it very slowly and calmly move in to territory Star Citizen has been trying to make work.
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