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  1. Tbf, he's the best right back in the world.
  2. You'd hope so tbf. I mean it's clearly just a bunch of wankered boyos that have bumped in to him and asked for a photo. But it's a classic example of "you can't do that in 2019." I mean it's pretty standard rugby humour let's be honest and what they're mocking wasn't even vaguely controversial. But eh. Yeah, stupid.
  3. I think he needs to take a bit of the responsibility himself mind. Barnes and Perez both had goal scoring chances in the box against Burnley and looked really short on confidence.
  4. Yeah this was trending yesterday, saw that coming a mile off. It's wildly unprofessional and I imagine it'll end his world cup. Rightly so. ****ing funny though.
  5. Put it this way, I'm their market. I'm a 100% plastic, casual cricket fan that's barely heard of any of the Trent players. I'm not going to Nottingham to watch Rashid Khan play but I'd have gone for the Universe Boss.
  6. The Liverpool fans on the internet have never been anywhere near Anfield.
  7. I love the actual realistic lack of Sunshine. When I went it was equally bleak. Still
  8. I do like him as a pundit predominantly because he completely ignores all popular convention. He doesn't give a toss what he's supposed to say, he just says what he's thinking. There's definitely areas in life where I don't think that's entirely admirable but in a football pundit it's great. There's too much wishy washy being polite about everyone in punditry. Keane doesn't give a shit about pandering to the fans of big clubs he'll just slate the shit out of them.
  9. Some of these melts crying about Hamza would have a stroke if they ever saw Vinnie Jones play.
  10. Barnes is right though really. They're both up there contesting. You can't start doing people for being unsafe in a 50/50 aerial jump or you really will start ****ing the game.
  11. Not really to be honest, Wales have won their last two games against South Africa and England beat them in the Autumn. South Africa are the opposite side of the coin to the myth that the All Blacks are in decline. They've literally gone from being the team in "big trouble" and "major transition" to being one of the tournaments off the back of winning the Rugby Championship even though everyone was treating it like friendlies. What have they done in this WC other than smash a bunch of awful teams like flat track bullies, lose to New Zealand and make a struggle of Japan? Now, I'm not saying they're crap, in fact I think they will probably win this and then edge us because we're in awful form at the moment. But the notion that they're above the whole North is daft. If England player South Africa like they played Australia yesterday they'd win comfortably.
  12. you're really determined to stick with that aren't you.
  13. Could have. The one definite is that he should have referred it to the TMO and watched it again. It was great how quick he was to get in there and calm it down but he still should have watched it again. It was very borderline.
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