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  1. I mean, no. He really, really isn't and I'm getting a bit bored of people calling for Tielemans to be dropped just because his form isn't as good as it was last year. Tielemans might have quiet games but even at 60% he's better than most of the centre midfielders in this league, including Mendy, Praet and Hamza. He and Maddison together is why we control games and it's not really a shock that the wheels threatened to fall off when we stopped being able to field them both. Look, I like Praet and earlier today he probably played the best pass of the season but even if he meant it, he doesn't do that consistently enough to be even close to dislodging the main two. He is exactly what we signed him to be, reliable backup in the middle of the park for a low cost.
  2. Is this a joke going over my head or are you seriously asking?
  3. Rested a lot of important people and got through. JD. Not inspiring entertainment but cest la vie.
  4. Need a bit more control here. Gray off for Maddison or Tielemans just to see this through and get a bit more presence on the ball.
  5. Not sure if anyone's aware but Brentford are moving in to a new stadium next season.
  6. For us, yeah. For lower league and non league teams? Probably hard trying to convince fans of a conference team that have just battled to a draw against some big club for a lucrative replay that it should be scrapped. Everyone bangs on about the value of the FA Cup being some mystical, magical, romantic quality essentially based on exactly that happening. The whole point is that literally everyone gets a crack at the FA Cup, of course it doesn't favour the Premiership teams but then it's nice that we have just one competition where just for a moment you get to retain some of football's pre-money boom roots. I'm not normally sentimental about football, there's lots about "modern football" I love, but I do definitely think the FA Cup should be left the **** alone.
  7. Loving Haaland's goals per 90 ratio right now for bvb
  8. Ugh. Why would anyone think it's appropriate to give an award for something like this.
  9. I honestly can't work out if you're a troll or just really weird.
  10. It's easy to get a bit carried away with Wolves when you only watch them play against the big teams. They're actually a bit like us historically, they work really hard, they counter well, they've got some good players but they lack invention. They're where they are in the league because when you watch them play the muck, they often come up short in a way we've started to put behind us (recent blip aside.) The way we took West Ham apart with slick, quick movement, overlaps all over the place, nice vertical passing, it's been the haulmark of Rodgers football. Wolves don't have that level of invention. Moutinho and Neves strike a ball beautifully but they're not creative in the way Maddison and Tielemans are. I'd comfortably take our midfield over theirs to play our brand of football and that's generally their biggest strength.
  11. Finnegan


    Tbf they signed Choupo Moting and the fans love him. PSG are a bit different in that they can afford to have a bunch of shit players in the squad whose job is just to play against the bottom rubbish and let Mbappe and Co rest.
  12. Well, the Springboks don't have a racial quota. Way back in '07 when they won the World Cup with only two black players in the team, Thabo Mbeki (president at the time) made a point of stating that the country doesn't put anywhere near investment in to sports development and one of their biggest mistakes is not giving resources to groups trying to develop young black kids in the game, the sports minister even then (also black) agreed that quotas were essentially bullshit politics to make South Africa look better globally and called them a failed experiment. Fast forward twelve years and the Springboks have just won another world cup, this time with about nine or ten black and coloured players including the captain, who was born in the townships. The one thing I would query though is the bit about how the black players "came through the same schools", because plenty of the rugby guys were born to shit poor backgrounds but went to private schools and colleges because they got sports scholarships to play rugby. Are the cricket guys ACTUALLY from privileged families or were they from poor families and ended up going to good schools because they could play a sport?
  13. When it's been a quiet window...
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