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  1. He was quite clear with no background noise and he did appear to address me a couple of times in the first half until he realised I clearly wasn't going to react.
  2. I'm pretty sure he was the only one put off. Getting ragey about every decision the ref made and telling him off. Literally arguing with a pixel ref.
  3. For the life of me, I'll never understand why people who are angry, stressed, emotional and shit at the game choose to play with a headset on. What a way to guarantee making a tit of yourself.
  4. How long until the first YouTuber posts a video of that Ngolo with a Hunter Chemistry as a striker? AKCJ is doing it as I type.....
  6. I don't understand the need to give him like 83 finishing, 92 shot power, 85 long shots, pace like Vardy, dribbling like Hazard, passing like Iniesta. It's a bit excessive. I know the ratings on FIFA special cards should be taken with a pinch of salt but that's a bit bonkers.
  7. Apparently a man called Gerardo Bedoya has the professional record, over forty red cards in the Colombian league system. Played for all the big boys, Nacional, Cali, Millis. That's a cracking effort.
  8. Not really sure what Ramos is upset about. Flying two footed ninja tackle. Twenty six red cards hahaha. Surely that's got to be some sort of world record. And we think Wasyl is a liability. I do like Ramos but fvck me.
  9. Andre Gomes really isn't good enough for this level.
  10. Ronaldo Great move though.
  11. I've genuinely never spoken to someone from foxestalk that I didn't have a good chat with on pretty good terms. It's just the internet, really, it's not unique to foxestalk. Being relatively anonymous makes everyone a dick on occasion.
  12. Oh I'm obnoxious and rude, definitely. It's just I'm pretty much always right, where as you pretty much always talk waffle.
  13. He was right though.
  14. You're just a ruder, more obnoxious Col. Like Kitchen with less swearing.