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  1. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    I don't really think it's that straightforward to be honest. Football support is just much different in this country to elsewhere. It probably won't always be the same but I'm not sure there'll be any short term change while it costs as much as it does.
  2. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Germany =/= England.
  3. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Same as Burnley when they first came up. Novelty value. Basically, excited people make noise. It's not rocket science. We really aren't excited at the moment.
  4. Football Manager 2018

    Stick it on attacking you wuss.
  5. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Let's be honest, most of us aren't going to sing for ninety minutes if we're bored and playing shit. I know we should but generally people respond to excitement by making more noise. We've had to ensure a lot of unexciting shit shows recently.
  6. FIFA 18

    My former flatmate, stick them on the Internet pal, I'll blackmail him for you. What's your id? I'll send you an add, and some nudes, later. Currently rocking what's probably my best ever pre-tots team.
  7. FIFA 18

    No not me but it did occur to me since I've got a new account I don't have you on there anymore.
  8. Boxing

    Jesus ****ing Christ
  9. Football Manager 2018

    Alright José.
  10. FIFA 18

  11. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Did you seriously just type "constipated snake" in to Google?
  12. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    What the **** does a constipated snake look like?
  13. Champions League 2017/18

    I apologise, he's obviously a lot shitter than I realised. This is great news.
  14. Champions League 2017/18

    Don't think there's anyone in Europe's top leagues with a better return on chances than Icardi is there? Be amazed if there are. Excluding some eighteen year old sub who's scored a toe poke with his one touch of a ball or whatever.