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  1. Well there's my five a side shirt for next year.
  2. Mind you, if Arsenal sell Aubamayang in order to sign Zaha, they'll take the cake.
  3. This exactly. We spent significantly less than that on Ricardo who is better and still fairly young. Wan Bissaka for 50m is the sort of luxury signing you make when everything is OK with your club. Everything is not OK with their club.
  4. Because even for them it's a hell of a lot of money for a player with one season in the Prem when their entire squad is ****ing awful and needs a major rework. Man City make the same purchase and you think, hmm, it's steep but he could be a big star for years. United right now? Personally think its mad business.
  5. I believe the term is wallowing
  6. Wan Bissaka for 50m is up there with the worst transfers of all time. And they wonder why they're shit.
  7. I have both BT and Sky Sports on my bought-and-paid-for TV package so, uh, no? (OhgodIamacorporateshill)
  8. It's funny. I have a playlist on my spotify that I made when I was feeling particularly low, it absolutely ruins me. It's all quite sad and brooding but I'm not sure I'd call any of it depressing as such. To me, depressing has a sort of dour, as you put it, hopelessness to it. I mean, here's an example of a song that I consider to be "sad" that's on my "sad" playlist for when I am actually depressed: But I don't think I'd describe the song as depressing, I think I'd even say it's sweet?
  9. I find it interesting that you list GSYBE. Not interesting as in I disagree but I don't think I agree either. It's a funny one isn't it? I imagine their music triggers quite a broad range of responses, whilst less obvious than Joy Division or the Smiths I absolutely see how you'd find it depressing. But it's not music that triggers that in me. Maybe I listen to it when I'm depressed though? I have said before that I want to die listening to the movement Sleep from Skinny Fists, during some of my more ill periods I've even fantasised about committing suicide whilst listening to that record (I'm fine now) yet I'd still consider it uplifting. Hmm. Ps: East Hastings is one of my favourite ever instrumental pieces 👍 there's something about the large barge / radio antenna sample that absolutely fascinates me. It makes me want to write a horror / mystery drama pretty much purely off that one clip.
  10. I mean I get they're over priced and everything but football clubs make a lot from merchandise. The amount we make from merch sales keeps ticket prices in check, helps buy players. It's not even like we have horrific greedy owners that are milking the club. I'm uncomfortable with a lot of the money in football and I don't want to sound like a mindless corporate shill but it does seem odd to me. I assume the same people want the club to spend on players.
  11. Other than the weather forecast, what are you looking for as a captain when you decide whether to bat or field first? Is it all about the state of the crease?
  12. I always find it weird people buying fakes of their own clubs kit. You're literally stealing from your own team.
  13. I personally don't think anyone will seriously go for Maddison this window. The tabloids might claim they are but it'll be rubbish. The noises coming out of both Maddison and the club plus our history of being stubborn aren't exactly going to encourage any club to bother.
  14. I mean, he's got a better footballing brain than Wilf but no I imagine they're still looking at Lo Celso to replace Eriksen if he goes no?
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