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  1. I mean, odds are they won't win ALL their games but their run in is so easy that in their form I'd be amazed if they finish below us.
  2. Hard to argue with this really. I know this forum has a mixed relationship with the term Must Win but I think even @Babylon would have to admit this is pretty near Cup Final territory for us. Our last opportunity for "easy*" points. (*I know, I know.)
  3. Finnegan

    Luka Jovic

    Twenty two isn't all that young in football anymore, twenty two year olds don't see themselves as apprentice footballers waiting for their chance, a quality player of Jovic age expects to be playing. He doesn't want to bide his time, especially at a club of our stature. If he comes here, the expectation will be that he's coming to be the man.
  4. Tell you what, if we beat Bournemouth we might not actually have to win again. We're all obsessed with United and how they're doing but Chelsea have Liverpool and Wolves left after this. Sure they'll stomp Norwich but if they lose the other two we'd only need a point from either Spurs or United. I know that's a lot of ifs but it makes me feel better. Til we **** up the Bournemouth game that is.
  5. After X number of years in this division barely spending they should have a kitty the size of Man City's to spend to be perfectly honest. It's just him blowing his own trumpet tbf.
  6. I should stress I just meant the ground. I've nothing against the city.
  7. It's not really is it let's be honest. It's a shit hole. It's a dump. The most exciting thing about Norwich away is you can use the bogs in Morrisons when you're busting before the game.
  8. Gwon big Nige. I swear if we don't do them a favour and ****ing tank Bournemouth tomorrow we absolutely don't deserve Champions League. Watching complete muck like West Ham stick four by Norwich when we've failed to beat them twice this year and won once since the restart is absolutely depressing.
  9. Finnegan

    Luka Jovic

    Whilst true, the most important person in all of this is Vardy himself. Fuchs and Wes have adapted pretty well to their new role at Leicester, they're happy to retire here, they're comfortable seeing their playing time reduced and supporting young players at the club. Vardy obviously doesn't need to have his playing time so immediately reduced but it'll be impossible to replace him with a long-term successor without his co-operation to an extent because we cannot just sign someone and bench him until Vards is ready to stop. Neither Iheanacho or Slimani were ever really going to be as good as Vardy for us, I don't believe, but both would almost certainly have had better careers at this club if Vardy hadn't been here. We're never going to sign a player of the calibre of Jovic if Vards isn't going to accept taking a lesser role at the club with a view to the future, I don't see Rodgers ever consistently committing to 442 (edit: or any variation of 352), Vards lacks the technical quality to really play long term in a wide role (a la Salah / Mane) in a 433 (plus his movement would be wasted out wide) and Jovic is very much a central player. Plus, strikers are always, always, always at their best when they're given a good solid run of games and not constantly chopped and swapped in and out in a rotation system.
  10. Finnegan

    Luka Jovic

    Alright Terry, how was your weekend? Oh smashing, Dave, I pretended to be a semi famous football journalist on twitter to make some twelve year old arsenal fan angry. What about yours? You get up to much? Oh not much Terry, I just made a fake James Maddison insta profile and followed all of United's players. Haaaa, classic.
  11. Finnegan

    Luka Jovic

    Jesus christ people make pretend John Percy tweets now
  12. Anyone else in the city, particularly west end, having any issues with BT internet or their fibre optic in general?
  13. Finnegan

    Luka Jovic

    Winner yeah but more importantly he's also ****ing mental. As is his mate.
  14. Finnegan

    Luka Jovic

    I dream of a midfield of Gary Medel and Arturo Vidal, both still in their twenties, playing behind Madders.
  15. Someone linked a premier league table without penalties on here the other day with United 10th. Anyone still got that link?
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