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  1. Finnegan

    The World Football Thread

    Imagine the scenes when they're disqualified now
  2. Finnegan

    The World Football Thread

    Kinda shame it's ultimately been ended by a red card but not all that surprising. Great hit still.
  3. Finnegan

    The World Football Thread

    It's on BT if you have it BTW.
  4. Finnegan

    The World Football Thread

    Teams are out, Benedetto and Pavon both fit starting, will make a big difference if they make the ninety. Bit harsh on Wanchope, he's deputised well and had a good game first leg. He's on the bench with Tevez and Mauro Zarate.
  5. Finnegan

    The World Football Thread

    Boca are the reigning champions, River finished 8th last year. Boca are currently 4th, River are 11th. Both have some ex Europe talent, both have some that are likely to come over in the next eighteen months (Cristian Pavon is a good shout.) I'm not 100% sure who is fit for this though, are the guys that were hurt in the bus attack fine now? Is Pavon fit, he pulled up in the first leg? Has Benedetto got back to fitness, he almost missed the first game? I thought Boca looked better in the first leg, personally but not by much. The occasion got to both teams and it was just end to end chaos. That last part is the most important note really, it's just such a crazy occasion that I think betting on it is risky either way. Almost anything could happen. Maybe because its been taken away from the cauldron of argentina to a truly neutral venue then, if they've got a strong team out, logic should say Boca. Brave to part with more than a few quid mind.
  6. Finnegan

    European Football 18/19

    The state of that
  7. Finnegan

    The World Football Thread

    He does have many of the traits of Jamie Vardy, he's hard working and pretty tough. But he's also playing in the league that Bradley Wright Phillips is a record holder in. He was abysmal in Europe when he was here, he's reasonably young so he probably has progressed but the idea of spending twenty million on yet unknown at this level isn't inspiring.
  8. Finnegan

    The World Football Thread

    Josef and Almiron for Leicester.
  9. Finnegan

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Don't even vaguely look like scoring. Looking mostly solid isn't an achievement it you're not even slightly risking to go forward. ****ing abysmal shit.
  10. Finnegan

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Oh cool another formation change.
  11. Finnegan

    FIFA 19

    Has anyone ever, ever won a game in WL when the pitch is covered in streamers and confetti and you're one win away from the next gold tier? I swear every time they do this "Cup final" shit I get absolutely dicked on for two or three games until it goes away and then I absolutely smash someone to wrap up the weekend.
  12. Finnegan

    FIFA 19

    Jesus I just played a guy that made @AKCJ look unlucky. He had red Mertens, red Sane, red Mahrez and red Reus. He was garbage as well so there's no way he was elite getting three picks a time or anything like that. Wow.
  13. How did you even pass the fit and proper owner check with that moustache?
  14. Finnegan

    What grinds my gears...

    You're watching the wrong sport. Try ice hockey or either rugby. Or Aussie Rules for that matter.
  15. Finnegan

    FIFA 19

    Off to quite a nice start, 7-4. Dont really want to stop while I'm ahead, having won three on the bounce but getting tired and don't want to stuff it up either. 19 matches to get 7 wins is nice though, means I can have a dreadful Saturday and still do ok.