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  1. He's a tidy playmaker, I really liked him at Monaco. He could function as a more traditional winger but was equally comfortably keeping the ball moving round the centre of the park.
  2. I really hope he doesn't go to Liverpool tbh he'll never get a kick. Nobody is dislodging Mane and Salah any time soon. If Liverpool really are interested it's only because he's got a £7m release clause and they cynically just want to buy him to sell on for profit. We should be all over that really. Try and actually appeal to his desire for first team football.
  3. Is this not just stupid click bait rubbish to appease the millions of Liverpool fans that had never heard of him before he played them and now they think he's amazing because he had a good game?
  4. Anyone that understands football on any level and isn't just parroting the tabloids spoon feeding United fans what they want to hear.
  5. It's not though really is it. Kante and Drinkwater went to Chelsea who were competing for titles, Mahrez went to Man City to win the league with the world's most famous coach. Maguire is the only player we've lost to United and look how that's worked out for him. Who the hell is going to line up to follow him having seen what's happened? Players want to play in the Champions League. If United can't offer that there's only so far United being "massive" gets them. If United finally recover, get a good manager and turn back in to a guaranteed top four contender then yes our players would probably still be interested even if we're also "top four." But now?
  6. When you're a fully capped England International playing for Spurs and even Jenas thinks you're shit
  7. They literally just said Coman has a lot more experience despite them being a similar age.
  8. Could Jenas maybe climb out of Ryan Sessegnons arse?
  9. Tactically, Okazaki was far more important to our system at the time than Barnes is currently. I like both and they're totally incomparable but playing down the impact of Okazaki based on his individual output is just unnecessarily bitchy. You don't have to take a pop at one player to defend another.
  10. How the **** have Atalanta messed that up
  11. Have to laugh at Everton fans linking themselves to Ancelotti and Emery whilst some guy from China is turning them down. It's weird, I don't generally think of Everton fans as overly delusional but they're certainly losing the plot a bit if they think they've got any current pull greater than a bog standard mid table team.
  12. I took a bunch of Okazaki shirts to Japan to visit my friends from Uni in May 2016 just after the title win. I'm hopefully going back around May 2021, would love to be taking Minamino shirts to celebrate our 20/21 title win.
  13. Take some time out to chill but then just completely rebuild your 2019 tactic. It's worked for me since the patch. My gut reaction to a comment like that is your system isn't great vs defensive teams. Are Watford and Palace doing well against everyone or just you?
  14. Some 17 year old footballers look about 35. Ansu Fati truly looks about 12.
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