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  1. Just for you Ken, I'll stop posting and let you get to the pub.
  2. Because before you were only joking.
  3. See you in there Ken. Prost, Skol, Slainte, Iechyd da!!
  4. Hear hear, the sun's out. Lets all have a beer* and love each other**. (*beliefs permitting) (**not just physically, Singh. People have emotional needs too.)
  5. You'd have to know absolutely nothing about history to not believe we've contributed considerably to the unrest in the middle east, historically. You'd also have to know nothing about current affairs to think that us simply now abandoning all interference would instantly make it all okay again. The damage has been done and whilst I think we should scale back our involvement, equally if we walk away, hold our hands up and just go "yeah, my bad" we're really not helping. We quite clearly have some social responsibility to chip in and help tidy up the mess we contributed to in the region. Daesh would love it if we bottled it and left them alone, that's what they want us to do in response to their terrorist agenda. Clearly we should be saying **** you and helping contribute to their overall downfall because they're an awful, evil organisation that are slaughtering their own people and our history in the region helped give them strength.
  6. I'm sorry, Singh, I'm a taken man these days.
  7. I'd probably rather nitpick about the Eastern Bloc circa 1980 than have debate #6985645367 on Foxestalk about Islam, tbfh. I'm so bored of reading that we should "come down harder on these people" from people with (understandably) no idea how we even do that or what it even means. Equally boring is hearing that if we just pull all military intervention in the middle east it'll just magically stop. Think that horse has bolted, tbh, Jeremy.
  8. In that Spurs team, Josh Low would get 35. #shitjamievardy
  9. If I pulled off my best Carlos Kaiser impression (which would be plan A), 0. Otherwise I'd basically just play like Superpippo and hope my team created shitloads of chances. Toepoke my way to "offside" double figures? Gwon then.
  10. Slimani is a better player.
  11. Get the pitch forks, I'll light the pyre.
  12. You're a twat if you're not celebrating, tbh, unless you like seeing millionaires get away with tax evasion while the rest of us pay up. Glad to see him get caught, glad Messi was caught, hope Mourinho gets caught, do them all. If Bale is at it, I'll celebrate if he gets caught. Cheating cvnts. The financial state of Spain and these boys are taking the piss, after all the country has done for them. Pricks.
  13. Yeah probably. I don't expect him to do any jail time. I just find it hilarious that he enjoyed a brief window of being considered to have some moral high ground by his fanboys because Messi got done. Then it turns out he's done the same thing but worse. Immense.
  14. Ah but here's the thing. Messi defrauded Spain out of 4m Euros. Got a 21 month sentence, that's three months shy of having to do jail time. Ronaldo allegedly defrauded Spain of 15m Euros. Larger sentence...!?