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  1. It's really weird seeing Ade Edmondson do straight but tbf he's excellent in Save Me. Really sickening character, can't imagine what it's like to play that. Vile really. The whole show is tough.
  2. I hate Danny Rose so much. He's probably got one of the top five worst attitudes of any Premiership footballer. He's definitely the most out of touch by a distance.
  3. Just ****ing **** your money you absolute unbelievable cvnts. Not one of these organisations is in serious financial threat, not Premier League clubs, not multi billion pound broadcasting corporations or multinational sponsors. Just ****ing wait it out and show some patience you greedy tossers.
  4. This. The horse has already bolted. The sad reality is that the money had already gotten so out of control that I feel fairly confident stating most of us aren't surprised by Grealish or any other player like him. They live in a world that's just out of touch with ours. Edit: not quite sure how I managed that, meant to quote @StanSP
  5. Keane, Viera, Adams, Terry and Gerrard were amazing players, world class international capped players and consistently fantastic leaders for years of their careers. Sherwood was a bang average journeyman who happened to be lucky enough to be at a club that got injected with mega bucks. He had a bang average career, managed practically **** all caps, he's the definition of mediocre. Even Wes Morgan would only really get a token nomination in that team because of how nuts an achievement our title win was but let's be honest, calling him one of the top ten all time Premier league captains would be daft if we're honest.
  6. **** off should Sherwood have been included tbqh. Blackburn don't get anywhere near the scorn they basically deserve for buying the title. Everyone turns their nose up at Chelsea and Man City but Blackburn did it first, they just did it before money got ridiculous in the Premier League. Granted what they spent is insignificant by today's standards but at the time it was nuts. Shearer is just speaking up because he doesn't want the only thing he ever won to be devalued.
  7. I know it's paranoid but I can't shake the feeling we're going to get screwed.
  8. Werder Bremen, lebenslang grunweiss
  9. Finnegan

    Corona Virus

    It could quite possibly become endemic before a vaccine is released tbh. As has been said right from the start, the disease itself isn't the most terrifying in history. One of the biggest problems is that its new, you've never been exposed to it before so your body has no idea how to fight it. This makes it easier for the virus to spread and harder for your body to get rid of it when you have it, making the impact of having it worse. Eventually, as people get it and survive, even in those in the at risk groups (diabetics, asthmatics, etc), people develop immunity and resistance like they do to all diseases and its impact becomes less. The point of a lockdown isn't really to eradicate the disease, that can't really happen tbh. Or, it's highly unlikely without vaccination. The point of the lockdown is to stem the tide of the rate of infection. The more people that get it at once, the bigger strain on health services, the more chance there is that at risk people will die. If you can slow the spread so that people get it gradually and in stages, or rarely, like influenza then it becomes much more manageable and treatable. If it became endemic, it's rate of mortality would be much much less scary than it currently is.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52011915 That is the most Mike Ashley thing of all time. Utterly peak. What a complete cvnt.
  11. Jesus **** that's horrible, tragically young. Was absolutely class with Chops for Cardiff, thoughts with his family and friends.
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