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  1. Ridiculous over reaction to something that wasn't even said. Christ.
  2. You've really got absolutely no right to judge anyone suicidal until you've been in their shoes. Until you've felt what they have. If you want to discuss that further, by all means start a thread in Gen Chat. Otherwise we'll leave it be. But otherwise, keep an open mind.
  3. If there was a god, he'd delete the Iheanacho thread.
  4. Any competent finisher at the head of that Chelsea team is going to score goals but I have to say, I've no idea how Morata is ever worth 60m. Never world class at all. He's a good solid striker but a marquee transfer for that kinda cash? Madrid are laughing.
  5. There's a lot of wasted effort in here when his name is the perfect number of syllables for "du du du, Kelechi Iheanacho" and we all know it's not getting more creative than that.
  6. In which case, top banana.
  7. I'd the large Adidas logo to the right actually on it or is that a watermark of sorts on the photo?
  8. I assume that business model went out of the window years ago. They know there's no way they can ever hike up the licence fee enough to cover the costs, it's just damage limitation really isn't it? Like your council tax doesn't cover anywhere near the running cost of your local authority. There's always going to be money from central government. But with the entertainment industry what it is and the beeb having to offer competitive salaries to try and keep talent from going to sky or wherever else, there probably reaches a point where it's just impossible to ever break even. I mean we all love Peaky Blinders and the like but making even a six episode mini series of that kinda quality has got to just be an enormous money sink. Selling it to Netflix isn't going to make it profitable, just recoup some of the loss. End of the day it comes down to whether or not you believe the government has an obligation to provide cultural enrichment (don't laugh) as a basic public service. Personally, I'd like to think so. Let's axe a couple of billion off the defence budget, that's probably just two less cruise missiles a year anyway, and make the BBC competitive with HBO knocking out countless world class dramas as an international market leader so we're not always just watching American crap. Even Mattp can get behind that policy, surely?
  9. Well, it's a public service not a for-profit organisation. Our total expenditure is what? 800 billion? Kinda makes the beeb look peanuts. (Am by no means suggesting there isn't waste, there definitely is and some of these salaries are vile.)
  10. ****ing FoxesTalk, man.
  11. This should stick. Instead of a chant for him, just yelling Hodor every time he does anything. Would be hilarious for at LEAST twenty seconds.
  12. Alright. It's time for the big guns.
  13. I'll see what the head shrinker says tomorrow. Up until this weekend I was refusing to get back on any drugs. I don't like them, they cause more problems than they solve. I've only ever taken ssris, never any short term meds for panic attacks. But I could seriously go for some xanax about now. Yesterday was awful, I had Sense of Impending Doom all day, couldn't think, couldn't eat, was crippling. I wouldn't mind but it wasn't about anything specific. Last Tuesday I had a couple of epic, enormous panic attacks but they were like thunder storms. Really cleared the air. I felt great Weds Thursday and Friday. Then Friday night, just boom.