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  1. I assume I've posted this in here before but honestly this thread is basically the Maximo Park thread, it's the perfect answer. ****ing banging. Why don't we all listen to Maximo Park more often?
  2. Narh mate, he was actually born in Burnley. Andy King is as Welsh as lamb doner.
  3. We're so shit at the moment and missing so many that this should really just be a procession. Plus it's a friendly with no fans. You should just play all the debutants, play Barnes, DCL, etc. I mean if you can't then then when can you?
  4. I can't supply the link to the video I used to formulate my opinion because its the countless Dortmund games I watched this season, not a highlight reel the like of which on YouTube make Demarai Gray look like Ronaldinho's heir apparent. I wouldn't have any Dortmund centre half to be quite honest, they're shit defensively. Some of its their tactical approach but they also have guys like DAZ and Akanji that are just great athletes with no defensive ability. I mean, it makes BVB absolutely cracking to watch, all of their games are 4-3 and shit, proper 90s K
  5. How big is the actual team BTW? The whole development team that is? (Excluding part time or volunteer researchers etc)
  6. You've had enough Internet for today pal
  7. I mean, admit it, you looked at this and went "OoOoOooo..."
  8. @Ricey on his mission to make the UI uglier every season
  9. Kasper Castagne Evans Soyuncu JJ Madders/Praet*, Mendy, YT Perez, Vardy, Barnes *whichever is fitter, the other comes on around 55 with Under.
  10. If football manager has the registration laws correct, and as much as we can laugh at basing our knowledge off football manager, they probably have this part right: He won't need to be registered for the Premier league because he's only 19. He WILL need to be registered for the Europa League because he's been here less than two years.
  11. Yeah? How many Premier league titles has Ross Barkley won?
  12. Stepanakert is better than Bradford.
  13. Lol yeah any attacking move that starts too close to the opposition box is more likely you conceding on the counter because your player crossed it, it got blocked by a defender and that "block" ballooned about sixty yards back and now their striker with 5 finishing is one on one and he WILL score.
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