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  1. They've literally just written a click bait article to say the odds have shifted. The odds have only shifted because some hopeful Leicester fan has chucked a tenner on.
  2. Finnegan


    I genuinely think it's getting embarrassing how insanely bias towards Spurs Jenas is.
  3. The BBC seem to be obsessing over the fact they had a goal incorrectly ruled out. Did they not have one incorrectly given like two minutes before? The love in for London teams is just bonkers sometimes.
  4. What's very possible to be fair is that Ajax will make enough money off De Jong, De Ligt and Ziyech (probably the three most likely to stay) that they can say no to any more sales this summer. They're clearly not going to want to lose an entire team are they? As good as Neres, VdBeek, Tagliafico etc have been, if they drop off a little in form next year they'll drop off the radar. Buying up Ajax team now would be a bit like buying up players who have a good world cup, it's just flavour of the month excitement. It'll fade if they don't move this summer and they go out in the group stage again next year.
  5. Monaco > Ajax don't be daft. Monaco has wealthy owners, is a tax haven, plays in a stronger league. Ajax don't have the resources to hold on to their players and all the stars of this team will leave. Just not to us.
  6. "This Sheffield United team are most dangerous when their backs are against the wall" What? At home against Forest with ten men?
  7. Definitely to be honest. Ref definitely not a Leeds fan
  8. I thought it was a pretty stonewall pen tbh, not sure why Hinchcliffe is so passionate that's a dive. I hate, hate, hate seeing fouls given when there's like the tiniest bit of physical contact and the player uses it as an excuse to jump on the floor. A dive is a dive regardless of whether there's technically contact. But I thought he was legitimately tripped. Can't believe its not only given but he's been booked. Might need to watch it again slowed down and I might change my mind but eh.
  9. A day late, a dollar short.
  10. Like most of those are literally two, three, four sizes too big for those kids and the sponsors always look stupid on junior kits because they don't scale the size properly. They'll look perfectly fine on a proper adult when they're actually released. I get people not liking the pink one but the blue and grey ones are just going to look like a whole bunch of other blue and grey kits we've had over the last couple years. They'll be pretty average and inoffensive. People going way overboard tbh.
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