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  1. Stand by it. They look sluggish and half asleep. Lamela getting a borderline free goal doesn't really change that.
  2. That's appalling defensively though. Ederson's positioning there was like Sunday league u9 stuff. What is he doing. It's not even a great shot.
  3. Tottenham look like us last week. Like they've just not woken up yet. Still on holiday in their heads.
  4. That is stunning from Kevin de Bruyne.
  5. They're just players that aren't good enough
  6. I just think, at the end of the day, Ruiz probably wants to be as awkward as possible and you can't fault him. He obviously thinks AJ's biggest weakness is his brain and wants to unsettle him anyway he can. AJ strikes me as a guy that's fairly smart in life but pretty thick in boxing, basically the opposite of Fury. He's well spoken, thoughtful, but in the ring he absolutely needs to have a plan. It all went out the window with Ruiz, short notice killed their prep, killed the gamelan, made him think on his feet against an unknown enemy which he's crap at. Ruiz won't be an unknown quantity this time so he's got to rock the boat any way he can. No chance he'd ever agree to come to Wembley or Cardiff without a massive fuss.
  7. Ruiz is on foreign soil either way but this way he forces AJ out of his comfort zone. New York or Vegas would be full of pissed up Brits singing as well tbf, I mean in Saudi he not only takes it away from Joshua's home but probably cuts off a lot of his travelling support. It'll be weird for both of them.
  8. Pick of the night has probably been Bayern Hertha. I started with Lyon but Angers are just shit it was a procession.
  9. The rain at Motherwell looks ****ing insane
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