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  1. Finnegan

    FIFA 19

    Mertens loves a good ping of the woodwork
  2. Finnegan


    People just buy the hype. They get sold the story and the drama of it, its disappointing but it isn't new I suppose. I certainly won't pay for it. I'd pay for Wilder Fury if it wasn't Vegas mind, **** paying for a 5am fight.
  3. Finnegan

    Constantly being asked to accept cookies

    Haha, get donating people. Make yourself a plus
  4. Finnegan

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    The box set comes with a glossary for you
  5. Finnegan

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    I got given the dvd box set for my birthday 8/9 years ago so I don't know. I don't think I've ever seen it on a streaming service. It's HBO so Sky box sets is possible yeah.
  6. Finnegan

    FIFA 19

    I took the cash.
  7. Finnegan


    They just know Floyd is an easy target. Floyd will do anything for a big pay day, he will attract a big pay day, there's no shame in losing to him and he's not going to knock you out and do much damage. These UFC guys with a reasonable chin know they can just stand there, defend a bit, make a passable attempt at the odd jab and con everyone out of their hard earned. It'll be appalling but people will still pay to watch it en masse and everyone will be happy. If he gets to the last round he'll be a hero in Russia, hell if he just lasts as long as Conor he's a "winner." Ita stupid. They shouldn't even give him a licence, he isn't a boxer. Regards Fury - wouldn't surprise me if he puts on some loveable scamp act over the next few weeks and plays the "face", letting Wilder just be the mouthy bad guy. It's always pantomime with TF ain't it really.
  8. Finnegan

    Constantly being asked to accept cookies

    Yeah adverts at the bottom fair enough Mark. Adverts in the middle of threads? Not alright mate.
  9. Finnegan

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Yeah man they're everywhere. One guy Rudy Reyes, actually plays himself which is a bit like Simon casting Snoop to be Murder Snoop haha. Its nice to know it has that authenticity though. It's honestly worth buying the full dvd box set, the special features have interviews with the real marines. It was good to get their perspective. Wright obviously sees everything through the eyes of a civilian, albeit a civilian who has been on board.
  10. Finnegan

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Yeah it's got such tiny buzz.
  11. Finnegan


    As much as Khabib won fair and square in the octagon and almost certainly would again if they had a rematch, Mcgregor is the better striker and if he can't really lay a glove on Mayweather I really don't see how Khabib can ever hope to. I mean it's painfully obvious by now that he knows he won't win he just wants a **** off massive payday. Beyond boring.
  12. Finnegan

    FIFA 19

    Just threw away a five one lead. Literally the worst thing I've ever done in any fifa Was 5-1 after 75 minutes. I just started cruising and not really trying just passing it around but obviously you can't actually play for possession properly in this version. He gets a couple from me being complacent and I'm like, oops. So I try a bit too hard and he gets a fourth and then I just absolutely bottle it and we draw. Embarrassing is not a big enough word.
  13. Finnegan

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Almost given up telling people to watch Generation Kill, I'm amazed how few have. Its basically Band of Brothers made by the makers of the Wire set in a modern war. How hasn't EVERYONE seen that!? I think it's great, easily my favourite mini series and one of my top bits of telly ever. I LOVE YOU FRUITY RUDY!
  14. Finnegan

    Our Internationals 2018/19

    Ngl, the couple times I've seen him he's looked guff. I don't understand the expectation at all. Would love him to do well but he's miles and miles behind our other prospects his age. He'll never kick a ball for us in the Prem.
  15. Finnegan

    FIFA 19

    There's always a chance of Vardy getting IFs tbf, he's our most likely player to get a brace and if he does on a slow weekend, EA will put him in.