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  1. Hotdogsandwich69

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    he's incredibly one footed. so he has to take one or two touches extra every time.
  2. Nah. You ain't shit. Thank you, have a blessed day. You should probably try arguing your case if you disagree with me.
  3. I mean, they're right. Like Pablo said, there were other outstanding performers, such as vardy, Kante, but mahrez was and still is the creative heartbeat of the team. The player capable of magic is going to win you titles, that's how football is. Reading these replies it makes me think how embedded the English "grunt n' tears and hard work" value is in your average supporter. It's really annoying honestly, just stop.
  4. No, they won't. There is a serious lack of creativity and killer instinct in the side with no mahrez. Diabate is talented but comparing him to a world class player makes you look stupid
  5. Really stupid from Riyad to go on strike. It won't help his case. From a purely "is this going to help me or hurt me" point of view, he ****ed up. But I can see his point of view. Yeah, the coutinho and VVD deals, I know. But where is the line drawn? Like take off the tinted glasses and be introspective for a second. Either way mahrez is only screwing himself, Leicester have a chance at Europe and can still win the FA cup. Something tells me there was a broken promise involved between him and the owner. Gotta cover your ass, never trust anyone.