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  1. Net Neutrality

    educate yourself, there's plentiful information floating about the internet regarding this issue; more now than ever. just because 'net neutrality' as you know it was only implemented in 2015 doesn't mean the practice of neutral telecoms and service providers hasn't existed since long before. this is important now because the people you've got repealing this in the FCC have links to large telecom companies and it's clear that the big service providers are pressuring them to repeal so they can turn the internet into a similar model to that of cable TV - charging you for individual services and increasing / throttling access speeds based on preferred websites - partners. I've got you down on here as a stubborn and pointless person to argue with - so excuse the emoji but you've bowled into a thread about an important issue and immediately dismissed it despite your lack of knowledge on the subject. Well deserved /eyeroll in my opinion.
  2. Net Neutrality

    probably not. you'll have to pay your ISP your normal £30 a month for 'internet access' and then an optional £5 a month for their 'adult package' which will be partnered with specific sites and those not partnered will have their bandwidth throttled so hard it'll pretty much ensure you have to use their 'partnered porn provider'. it's really not a joke tbf.
  3. Net Neutrality

  4. Net Neutrality

    The public love to just sit back and eat shit these days. I have no doubt that most people still don't know anything about Net Neutrality and most people are stupid enough to eat the bullshit these guys are pushing and believe that it's going to make for a better internet. It absolutely will not and people need to speak up about this. The freedom of the internet as we know it is very much at risk - ISP and cable providers will soon be able to choose what you can access and throttle bandwidth to unfavourable websites. Absolutely ****ing disgusting behaviour and it's going far too under the radar with too many people still. If it goes through in America then you can sure as hell bet that Teresa May will cream her ****ing panties and follow suit here. The EU currently has ruled to ensure the internet remains an unbiased / open resource. As soon as we're out that power crazy bitch will bring it in here and tell everyone that it's to 'make the internet safer'. When is everyone going to wake the **** up? We're letting all of our freedoms get taken away and just laying down to die to corporations and governments without so much as a whimper.
  5. Net Neutrality

    Explanation here for those who don't understand yet: https://www.battleforthenet.com/ This reddit thread has info on how we can all help no matter our location in the world: Simplified image of what will happen if this goes through:
  6. Net Neutrality

    This is very bad news - and just because it's 'across the pond' doesn't mean it won't eventually effect us here in the UK. Find a petition, read reddit (lots of info on there right now), find a way to voice your concern as well. This is the end of the free internet as we know it - if this passes life will become very different for all of us. Educate yourself and sign something as an urgent matter.
  7. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    can't feel too hard done by there tbh. gave it a good go but they were clearly better than us. we might not have had any meaningful chances but we tried to get forward at pace when we could.
  8. Football and Greggs - A Religon

    Christians in 'needing to lighten up' shocker. Get a life ffs. It's a made up story, it's just as likely that jesus was a sausage roll as a real person tbf.
  9. Moral dilemma thread

    I'd imagine you would be expected to inform them of large incorrect payments. When they realise they will obviously expect to get the money back and if it appears you've been siphoning it off (knowingly) into a separate bank account and you've not informed them it probably wouldn't look great from a legal perspective? If it was me I'd probably leave it a couple of months - get a nice little sum - ring them and tell them to stop paying you and hope that they don't ask for the amount they've already sent back. They probably will though. Can't see a win for you in this situation tbh. I'm of this opinion though - we didn't get charged corkage for our wedding reception as they were supposed to retrospectively contact us with the number of bottles they'd opened and they never did. Well, that's not my problem. If you can't keep track of your finance and contact clients for payment then... well, that's an issue with your end, not me. At my company we chase our clients to ensure we get paid. I'm sure they wouldn't be queuing up money in hand if we didn't invoice them / chase them for payment.
  10. I ****ing love the guy. Awesome manager, doesn't take shit from idiots and he's a 'Remainer' as well. Best of luck to him - welcome back at Leicester any ****ing day.
  11. The Apprentice 2017

    Elizabeth is so socially retarded it ****ing hurts to watch.
  12. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Resigned lol. Taken a bit fat pay-off from May then.
  13. Bonfire night 2017.

    I literally just made that joke as a sarcastic nod to your original post. Did you completely miss it OR are you high on weed yourself perhaps?