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  1. has anyone found any championship streams today? linkies plz. x
  2. Still as **** for me but that's probably the two vallies and the weed oi oi
  3. Nightmares, out the wrong side of bed. Struggling to get going this morning. Late for yoga, late for gym. Need to find some positivity and quicky.
  4. despite a few pints and a couple of xanax last night woke up at 6am to drop wife off at bus station. got home, drank coffee, did some yoga. sat about listening to metal music and about to head to gym for chest day. sun is out, can't be bad.
  5. haven't wet shaved face for millions of years because I look like I'm about 11 when I do. maintain a general stubble using Philips beard-trimmer. also keep armpits at sensible length and trim chest stomach hair down to a #5. I shave my pubes down from a #2 at the top of my dick to a #5 towards the bottom of my stomach hair. I clean wet shave my dick, balls and the bit underneath. I also like to keep the hair around my arsehole tidy too because shitting through lots of arse-hair - nah. happy to help. edit: use a fancy Gillette twisty head thing b2b king of shaves unless you want all your junk cut up. I left my decent razor and shave gel in a hotel room in Mandalay and then attempted to use the razor at the next hotel to shave my dick. not good. not good at all.
  6. Old men's (and women's) mushroom meet up. Let's do it. Lie to everyone we know and get ****ed up and find our minds again. Hah. Sitting waiting to have tattoo done and just found a strip of vallies in my shoulder bag that I thought I'd lost. That'll chill me down nicely while getting inked hah. Silver clouds.
  7. Yeah haha, was always twatted. Such a great feeling though, wholesome and natural.
  8. mmhmm i'm seriously thinking about finding some at the moment. done them several times and i've always figured something out about myself / sorted an issue when on them.
  9. Women are trouble. Actively trying to find them leads you to the mental ones first. Find things you enjoy, hobbies, sports - running, join a club, photography, join a club. Etc. You WILL meet a girl who you can talk to and it will be natural. **** wasting time trying to meet pissed up birds in pubs and clubs. You need to find someone you have stuff in common with. Also, not all women are trouble lol. Lots of lovely FT ladies supporting me atm. Thanks to you all.
  10. Also, I can recommend that anyone feeling like they want to jump off a ****ing cliff right now - get a yoga mat and a couple of bricks. Stick mat in front of TV, find one of hundreds of beginner 30 days plans on YouTube and follow it. It really helps you get out of bed, get free of mind and focus on having a positive day.
  11. Well, whenever you want then fella. Free all next week. Let me know when. I have a rileys card unless you know anywhere else / close to you. I have no car so bus / walk, etc.
  12. 34 too mate. Up to you, I'm about if you want.
  13. I'll have a beer with you mate and a game of pool or summit if you're up for it. I'm shit so don't worry about that. How old are you?
  14. Urm, xanax is basically anti-depressant benzo (same family as valium) which is very calming and reduces stress and panic. Mix with weed and alcohol and its euphoric and makes shit plastic garden chairs feel like the throne of Kings. It's addictive stuff though, not available without script here but can buy as much as you want from Cambodia. I can see how people end up addicted. I'm trying to keep a lid on it lol.
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