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  1. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    If the money is the same I am NEVER choosing to work 12 hour shifts with people's lives in my hands over putting loaves of bread neatly on the shelf in Waitrose. There will be a few determined souls out there who'd do it anyway but they would be the exception.
  2. Should this boy have a cannabis licence?

    we are so ****ing backwards in the UK on this issue, it's unreal.
  3. Conspiracy Theory

    Likewise and any time you want to go for a beer man, you let me know. It'd be a pleasure, I'm sure.
  4. Conspiracy Theory

    I'm not angry man - you know me by now dude - I post in an overly sweary and expressive style, to some extent I can express myself in the same way in real life. It's colourful, expressive, different. It makes me happy / laugh and judging by my rep points it makes other people happy / laugh too. But I'm pretty calm and placid for the most part and mostly at peace with what a joke the world is - being angry won't do anything about it. Am I bitter and twisted? Sometimes, it's hard not to be. I don't like feeling like I'm being ****ed every day by people who I have zero affinity with, zero belief in and zero respect for. People are far too happy to believe what they're told - do what they're told to do, sit down and take it. It's what 'they' say so we'd better believe it. Then there's people who see right through it and feel utterly aggrieved that we, as human beings have allowed ourselves to be treated in such a way - with such contempt from those 'above' us. It's ****ed up - and yes, sometimes it makes me angry, but more than anything it makes me feel sad and very empty.
  5. Conspiracy Theory

    Fair play man - you hold onto those beliefs as long as possible, you'll be all the happier for it. I've had somewhat of an existential crisis in recent years and can't help but believe that most people in a position of power are only in it for themselves. Everything from governments to sporting bodies and so on and so forth are run and fiddled and bought and ****ed up for personal greed / worth and everyone else just has to go along with the ride. Money, media, power, greed, etc. All hand in hand and the little people like you and me can't do anything but stand by and watch. There is literally nothing that would surprise me any more.
  6. Conspiracy Theory

    whilst it probably isn't fixed - the way in which some people are absolutely adamant that fixing just 'isn't possible' is a bit weird really. we currently live in a world where someone, somewhere is always looking to make something favourable for themselves. football competitions, world cup bids, game fixing - they have all happened and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if there was some kind of 'ball fiddling' (lolz) going on in these draws. it really isn't beyond the realm of possibility.
  7. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I've had good experiences with police in my time and have all respect for them - they're police men and women doing their job and I would address them so. The guy sitting in a van like that is a pig to me though and always will be.
  8. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Dude, I drive like 50,000+ miles a year for work and middle lane hogging cvnts **** me off the most. If all of these idiot shit-heads used the lanes properly then our roads would move a lot better. Don't even get me started on HGV cvnts taking 10 miles to overtake each other with a 1mph difference in speed. I think I need to move to France where people drive properly.
  9. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    The guards in Auschwitz were just doing what they were told to do - doesn't make it right. Just for the record - I've been pulled by an unmarked car for doing 85mph on a 70 dual-carriageway and that's fair game - I've not got an issue with that - I took my fine and points, no problem. BUT - sitting in an obscured location at the bottom of a hill trying to catch people out for doing 33+ mph is bullshit - **** them. And I wasn't even speeding so I'm not even butt-hurt about it; I just think it's ****ing pathetic. These pricks won't send someone out to a burglary anymore because they 'don't have the resources' yet they sit some chump pig in a van on the side of the road in a properly bait location to spin money. Makes my piss boil.
  10. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    ****ing pig camera van parked opposite B&Q in Wigston at dusk this evening, hidden partially out of sight at the bottom of a hill. Pure money making machine, nothing else. These cvnts make me sick. Not got resources to police the country properly but can still have some twat sat in a van for hours at a time spinning money. Do some real police work ffs.
  11. The "do they mean us?" thread

    i've missed okazaki recently
  12. Conspiracy Theory

    Whatever. Not worth it.
  13. Conspiracy Theory

    if there was a cure for cancer that could be administered and 'cure' it thus ridding the need for further medication then surely long-term 'non-effective' treatments would be more profitable as they run for longer?
  14. Conspiracy Theory

    in the same way that a cure for cancer has most likely existed for years but never been released so big pharma can continue to profit from drugs and treatments that don't work. it's not that unlikely tbh. pharma runs things in the same way the NRA does in America.
  15. Friday night

    not been too well this week and working in Scotland next week so **** sitting in the cold for this. will enjoy a nice acestream with a gin & tonic and some sweet sweet weed in the warm I think. do kind of wish I was going though tbf.