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  1. also, let's have it right i can still close my eyes and remember some of the magic moments mahrez gave us, of course. but that and his being a shitty character aren't mutually exclusive.
  2. i dunno man, i'm pretty placid about footballers being dickheads but mahrez really took the biscuit tbh and this just further proves his antics here were down to him feeling like he was better than us. it's really poor form, imo. poor form and just didn't need to be said but he clearly doesn't think before he speaks
  3. england team is shit and a farce and not worth the time should tell them to do one
  4. he should be pissed at his agent if anything kante's agent didn't sign a shit deal flushing two years of his career down the toilet mahrez's people are garbage
  5. honestly man, **** that what's the point in shit-talking the team you won the ****ing league with like two years down the ****ing line shut the **** up and get on with your new job
  6. a - probably bullshit / taken out of context b - lol, don't sign a contract then dickhead, we got our pound of flesh c - who? amazing player for us but you moved on, so have we
  7. there was definitely a stench of shit around the ground last night. now we know why
  8. Looking lively and sharp under BR. Good lad.
  9. blazing one up right now honour my brother 420Hashish yeaaaaaaaaaaa boi
  10. get paid 90k a week to play for Leicester, nice vibes, family atmosphere top to bottom, mostly supportive fans, committed and inspiring teammates, pretty football, chasing a real dream, again. get paid 150k a week to play for shit Man United, shit vibes, shit fans, languishing in the bottom half of the table dining out on history, playing boring shitball. i know which one I'd choose but I'm not a thick **** who let's greed and money rule my life.
  11. hi i'm sam allardyce does anyone remember me? let's talk about me and things i could have done. remember me?
  12. lmao love it great name change 420 brother
  13. some real lack of understanding in here lmao son trips gomes like any other player does a million times - some games that's a foul, some games it's a yellow, end of. aurier is running at gomes with the understanding that he's on his feet coming at him, within seconds he's tripped and falling towards him - he clatters him, it's awkward but not intentional. neither is a red and you can't make it one because something led to something else - the challenge itself is never a red - it doesn't become one because the fall from the challenge resulted in an awkward collision with another player.
  14. son's tackle ain't even a yellow how can he have known he was gonna go flying into Aurier? butterfly effect
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