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  1. quick update i quit my job at xmas, gave up my company car, company phone, £45k a year, etc. I've done a bit of freelance work and without going into too much detail I made more more money in 24 hours than I would have done in 6 months. i got a 2k tax rebate. i've had offers to do some bits of part time work alongside my freelance stuff which i'm going to do because **** it, why not. i walk and cycle everywhere. my marriage is practically over. i travelled, HK, Bangkok, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, HK. I liked the Phillippines so much I went back for another two weeks. I'm just waiting to sort a few things out and I'm going off to Vietnam and who knows where else for a couple of months. I spend a couple of hours a day in the gym - I'm in better shape than ever. I have a couple of issues with prescription drugs but nothing I can't keep a lid on. anyway, swings and roundabouts. you don't have to live how the man tells you. stop moving, stand still - good things come to you. some bad shit happens too. that's life. hi.
  2. lifted*fox

    The gym

    i can recommend my PT - lovely bloke, will help find you exercise to suit your abilities. His consultation is free - no harm in going along and having a chat / trying a few exercises. hit me up on PM if you want his deets.
  3. get down the gym, do weights. any weights that strengthen core. strengthen legs - leg press, calves, etc. you'll be amazed how much easier running is when you run with your 'whole' body rather than just dragging the top half along with your legs. if you're unsure spend the money on a PT and get some help - you can waste time figuring it out yourself but you can make super quick progress with someone giving you the right information. also, diet - diet, diet, diet. give your body the fuel it needs to run long distances.
  4. Anyway, for me; Lost in Translation - beautiful cinematography, amazing soundtrack, great acting. Super comforting film.
  5. Had Paprika downloaded for ages - need to watch it, supposedly trippy as ****. Might get super high later, bang a couple of valium and see if I can ride it out.
  6. don't know anyone close to me who'd take it at the moment - it's next to my parents-in-law's seats and let's just say it'd prefer it to be taken by a random for the time being. ideally if someone trustworthy from here was prepared to take it for a loan year that'd be perfect.
  7. a lot of people in here who clearly have no idea of the absolutely relentless dark cloud that depression puts on a person irrespective of wealth, love or health. get educated, please.
  8. Slay the Spire on Switch. cool deck-building RNG dungeon-crawler, type thing.
  9. i build my own pcs and yeah you get plenty more for the money. i think a site like ebuyer has a system builder, as do many others. if it's your first time it'll help you make sure you don't miss any components / buy anything that isn't compatible. it's so much easier now than years ago - everything just slots into the tower and cables are easy to connect, etc. as someone else said, follow a youtube guide and you can't go far wrong.
  10. something started today hmm
  11. A few of my photos to give you an idea of how beautiful it is.
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