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  1. lifted*fox

    lifted's RAVE THREAD (1992-2005) for those who know

    1996 jungle / jump-up
  2. lifted*fox

    lifted's RAVE THREAD (1992-2005) for those who know

    1998 dillinja - this track murdered the floor every time it dropped from 1998 until present day
  3. lifted*fox

    lifted's RAVE THREAD (1992-2005) for those who know

    1997 jump up I used to love playing this out - I bought two copies of the same 12" so I could rinse one and keep the other perfect such a great tune
  4. lifted*fox

    Topic closing - Why?

    me looking at general chat
  5. lifted*fox

    Topic closing - Why?

  6. lifted*fox

    Topic closing - Why?

    i keep mark's ban finger warm in the winter
  7. lifted*fox

    Topic closing - Why?

    i've been silenced again WHEN WILL I LEARN FFS never plz tho mark, I promise I will behave in general chat think of all the help I give in the depression thread and the photography thread and the pigeon thread i do more good than bad i'm just a lovable little scamp
  8. lifted*fox

    What's in the news?

    I can see how people might have supported Brexit and this Tory government at the start of this whole endeavour but I'm left absolutely mind-blown at the idea that there are people out there who can support any single element of this party after the lying, the outright disgusting lies, the austerity, the poverty, the homelessness, the infighting. If you support this you're unequivocally on the wrong side of this country's history, I'm sorry. I can only await the rediculous seal-clapping if someone like Boris gets the job - any slight ounce of intelligence people claim to have will get flushed right down the toilet. If Boris gets in we can finally say we've hit Trump levels of low.
  9. lifted*fox

    What's in the news?

    Yep. A People's Vote is a travesty to democracy but this bunch of incompetent dickheads get to have another vote when they feel like it. Hypocrisy we've become accustomed to, tbh.
  10. lifted*fox

    What's in the news?

    ****ing embarrassed to be from this country at the moment. Seeing how above their station people are, thinking we're something special in the world when we're just a massive laughing stock and everybody now thinks we're inward. Brexit is self-harm on a collosal scale and instead understanding its nothing other than a internal power struggle from a horrendous tory government many people have shown their true colours and instead of fighting it have empowered them to act like this. Just incredible. No wonder the rest of the world has got their popcorn out, we look like ****ing idiots.
  11. lifted*fox

    What's in the news?

    immigrants aren't the cause of issues in this country - the government and austerity have ruined this country and they've paid the media to tell you it's the immigrants. we have had the power to control our immigration in terms of numbers and demographic and we've not used it.
  12. lifted*fox

    What's in the news?

    wow he bitched out fully cried it off