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  1. pubs need to diversify if they want to stay open. young people moving away from drinking / weekend binge drinking and older clientele dying out.
  2. They are honest and flat but still have a 'nice' sound. I use for production but also for general listening and gaming and everything sounds great through them. I find they aren't too fatiguing either - I can write for extended periods without the highs getting too harsh to my ears. I was gonna say you're welcome to pop by and give them a listen but you're not in Leicester?
  3. I have Yam HS8s and rate them highly. Updated version of the old NS10M (iirc) but they've been an industry studio staple for years. I actually auditioned them over 10 years ago next to a pair of A7X and not only couldn't justify the extra money but I thought they were far superior.
  4. booing is the thick man's choice imo much SMARTER ways to go about getting a performance out of a struggling player
  5. its a brokerage exchange. 74% of retail investors losing when investing isn't negative, it's just a matter of fact when it comes to stocks. you win some, you lose some, you often lose more.
  6. think some of our fan base have struggles with patience tbh
  7. people who think anger / shouting / berating and general negativity are some sort of magic 'kick up the arse' motivation technique are well off the mark and most likely haven't had to manage anything more than a sandwich at lunchtime throughout their entire life. that might work for some people or occasionally but anger isn't the be all when it comes to getting results from people - far from it.
  8. Agree with this, add a different trophy to the cabinet. We're not CL ready, clearly. Let's nail this as practice for the next time CL is within grasp.
  9. People are talking about the aesthetics of the kit. It looked better with a king power logo on and it kept it in line with the branding everywhere else which is more aesthetically pleasing. I don't think anyone is holding any sentiment towards the logo itself but it was clean.
  10. Right you are, little bit around the collar. Couldn't see that on the leaked photo I saw. Mind you, it's less gold than previous kits.
  11. Yeah I was actually a fan of the King Power logo. Never looked sponsor-ish as it was part of our brand. This is basic as far as logo design goes, looks awful but not offensive and if the money is good then that's what matters at the end of the day I guess.
  12. No gold and patterned. Was ITK for once, what a time to be alive.
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