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  1. don't repost anything from the sun. stop giving that cvnt shit-rag any extra exposure.
  2. anyone with half a brain can see we're not the finished article but there's way too many people thinking that we're nailed on top 6 material. that's exactly why I've not bought into the rodgers hype. I think he'll improve us but anyone expecting us to walk the top 6 this season is in for a disappointment.
  3. i can understand people starting to give up on him - he's not improving. i've given him time but starting to run out of patience tbh. BUT I can't for the life of me understand where this fantasy 'bad man' accusation comes from. a small number of people have decided to make up that he has a 'bad attitude' just because he isn't all smiles all the time (despite no evidence emerging from the club to suggest he has a bad attitude at all). occasionally posts some slightly 'feux cryptic' sulky bits on IG and people conclude he's a terrible person.
  4. lifted*fox


    you're just the type we look for, for the 'list'. join us.
  5. lifted*fox


    brings a tear to my eye to see my liberal brothers stand together, banned together. keep up the good fight comrades.
  6. lifted*fox


    it ****s me off tbh because I am a shit-hot contributor to the depression thread, photography thread, etc. but I can't post in them because I just can't help but relish in the epic failings of this conservative government and winding up their supporters in the brexit thread. let's be honest, I have zero questions over the nature of my bans lmao, mark doesn't have to explain shit to me my rep speaks for itself - the people love me across the forum (tongue in cheek but the numbers don't lie m8s) i've never been about sensibly discussing politics on here. my views are clear and so is everyone else's - I ain't changing anybody's mind with ANY amount of intelligent discussion (and neither is anyone else, tbqh) - that much is clear. so I go on the wind-up, rattle a few cages, get a few kicks from rustling the jimmies of those who voted for something that has literally caused me huge anxiety and stress over the last three years. am I sorry? no, lol. no ****ing way. is it worth it? all day, baby.
  7. lifted*fox


    I'd just like to say that it's a beautiful morning, the sky is blue, the birds are singing and Cummings, Mogg and Johnson have absolutely fist-****ed the Conservative party. Let's all lighten up and enjoy the wholesome salty tears, the faux indifference, the 'it's going to be a fascinating week!' facade put on by the hard brexiteers in the Brexit thread. Scenes.
  8. lifted*fox


    I'm currently perma-banned from general chat for the second time. There are people on this forum who I vehemently disagree with on core principles; much less about politics, more about being decent humans with the right approach towards their fellow man in society. People with the 'I'm alright Jack' attitude rub me up the wrong way - they're not people I'd choose to socialise with in real life and I have zero interest in being accommodating towards them on a forum either. I'm never going to budge on that and I'm not going to be apologetic for pulling people up on it either.
  9. i'm thoroughly enjoying this arabic stream commentary tbh. i'm not having to listen to the same tired bullshit from uk pundits and these guys sound well into it.
  10. personally can't see what solace or relevance 30,000 people clapping (if everyone joins in) provides when losing a loved one. if someone I went to the football with passed away the last thing I'd really be concerned with is asking a stadium of random, unconnected people to clap in their 'remembrance'. I also think it's a bit weird having to make everyone think about death when they're at a leisure activity like watching the football. a glass raised on the park in the sun would be more personal and fitting before heading to the match, imo. every time one of these happens it just dilutes the impact of doing it tbh. still, here we are and there it is so - hope people join in and condolences to OP.
  11. always an absolute boss for us had shit sorted from top to bottom, didn't suffer any fools - both players and press; and his legacy still lives on strong with the team spirit we have here. anyone who can't appreciate what pearson did here is several sandwiches short of a picnic, tbqfh. would happily welcome him back as some sort of coach / behind the scenes guy who got all of our sport science / psychology shit back up and running properly.
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