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  1. lifted*fox


    I've done some thinking and I'm off. Nice knowing you all. Peace x
  2. there's a surprise. rich men making things exactly the way they want them to keep making themselves richer. world is gone.
  3. it's a strong word that basically tells the shitty rags, pundits and those trying to auction off our manager and players at every turn to ****ing do one lovely.
  4. lifted*fox


    just do something more productive with your time mate it's not worth wasting your breath on here these days tbh football part of the forum is mostly fine but general is a shitty cesspit timesink populated mostly by people with blinkered, shitty views - anyone with differing opinions has been purged over the last few years. do yourself a favour, sack it off and don't look back
  5. gah we should have at least 3 or 4 by now. we keep missing the penultimate pass ffs
  6. Tielemans not quite at the races today. Getting caught on the ball, misplaced passes.
  7. I'd ****ing love that rumble pal. Best mate is villa, I'd love to absolutely ruin them today.
  8. Praet in to help Ndidi neutralise Grealish / McGinn? Take them out the game and they're weak.
  9. did an important job here whether you liked the guy and his points return or not managed to stay dignified during a testing time at this club will always have my respect for the transition he started
  10. they concede goals, always we score goals, always they're bobbins as the table suggests we will be fine
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