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  1. imagine little leicester upsetting the 'top two' man u vs man city narrative.
  2. I reckon he'd work well as a support striker as he gets older, for another couple of years. His hold up play, vision for a pass and ability to drawer defenders all over the place opens up lots of room for our other players.
  3. many fine people are saying that smoking and drinking actually prevented injuries.
  4. not now. poor injury management and not strengthening in key positions in January will see us lose out again, no doubt. i don't see how we finish the season strong enough with fofana out, justin out, barnes out, maddison out, vardy at 25% effectiveness, etc. etc. can't see it. be happy to be wrong, but can't see it.
  5. i'm not even trying to be dramatic or reactionary. you can see it in their faces - the vision is gone
  6. this is where we bin the season off this year - calling it now
  7. people forget football is a job to these kids there aren't many occassions where our team doesn't put a shift in and we're lucky to be watching top-end of the table football most weeks. grown adults throwing pelters at kids on twitter because they had a bad game, in a game of football, where the result is never a given and variables are vast - is just pathetic. grown adults moaning because a few players smiled at each other or shook hands with their mates on the other team after a loss, etc. also pathetic. 90 mins is over m8s, the world goes on
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