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  1. lifted*fox


    vardy has undeniably lost a yard or two of pace - he's gone from beating everyone and anyone to everything to occasionally getting past his man. nobody wants to see vardy decline but no amount of denial or wishing it isn't going to happen will stop it - he's 32 and a large part of his game is based around his pace, even though he is technically very good as well. he's had plenty of chances this season and isn't burying them because of poor form. it's not the end of Vardy yet but to deny that we need to start seriously considering a replacement and potentially a different angle is a bit blinkered, imo.
  2. lifted*fox

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    it's people telling barefaced lies in broad daylight. something we're unfortunately getting all too comfortable with in this country at the moment. it's happening here and it's happening in politics despite clear evidence to the contrary.
  3. lifted*fox

    If 2018/19 was a gif

  4. absolutely and it's a superb long term plan and model to aspire to. a club with a great reputation for having amazing facilities that develops and plays promising young players. that reputation is what will set us apart from the likes of west ham, everton, etc. and make it all the more likely that we'll attract top talent which will bring more and more success as it continues. we will be much more self-sufficient and it'll be much more satisfying to watch the progress than to watch us buy the league like Man City. it's the direction chosen by the owners and even if they sack Puel, they're not going to drop the business plan which means we will always have younger, inexperienced players who might occasionally make mistakes, etc - whoever the manager might be. we've had tons of chances to win games recently and we haven't because the players with the chances couldn't find the net. that ain't Puel's fault and it won't be the fault of the next manager who can't strap his own boots on and knock them in himself either.
  5. it's safe to say that the people in charge at our club made their way up in the world by having greater foresight, patience and judgement than the knee-jerk, boo-boys knocking about on here and down the KP.
  6. lifted*fox


    "ndidi and mendy are shit in the middle and we want entertaining" Leicester sign highly rated entertaining youngster. "**** sake, I can't believe we have bought an entertaining youngster and I've made my mind up we can't ever sign him because nobody has disclosed fine details of a private contract / agreement"
  7. lifted*fox


    absolutely. the amount of negative speculation regarding the Tieleman agreement is just FT negativity for the sake of negativity. just because they've not shouted from the mountains regarding any agreements or potential for buying doesn't mean it doesn't exist. given that we've actually been quite clever in recent windows in terms of moving people out and getting in some decent young talent; my confidence in Rudkin and whoever else is responsible has grown significantly. and if we don't manage to keep him - well we've made a positive impact potentially on the last half of this season and it may prove that it is the type of player Puel requires in the summer for his vision to grow / work. honestly - damned if you do, damned if you don't here at LCFC right now. literally can't please anyone.
  8. lifted*fox

    Puel- Neck out!!

    oh for sure - I can see Kasper perhaps being one of the old-guard who might have had a moan over the dinner table but I can't imagine he'd have been too pleased about it being repeated on the TV. I moan to my dad about issues with my job - would I be happy if my dad marched into the directors office and started repeating it? noooo.
  9. lifted*fox

    Puel- Neck out!!

    the words out of Kasper's mouth recently regarding all club events have been mature and respectful. he has stated on many occasions he owes the club and loves it here. I can't imagine for one minute that he sanctioned his dad running his mouth off like that on world television and he'll probably be ****ing livid with him, tbh.
  10. lifted*fox


    if you hover over my username there's a little 'ignore' button you can press. happy to help.
  11. lifted*fox

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    pretty embarrassing comments from his dad tbh.
  12. lifted*fox


    Thankfully he played his first game away from the stadium of boos. Looked confident and like he could be one of the missing pieces of the puzzle. Still, we'll soon knock that confidence out of him when he misplaces his first pass / chance at home.
  13. lifted*fox

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Spurs / Chelsea opinions from a music forum I post on: those feels when other teams fans are better at seeing your team for what it is than your own fans. ouch.