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  1. Again he was a touch of class last-night, hes improving so much under BR.
  2. Lol.. how many posting praises atm would be named and shamed in the past for making #BROUT comments.. :p
  3. These two commentators waffle about shit so much! Concentrate on the game you boring twats.
  4. He should of gone up front instead of bringing on Slim ffs.
  5. Away at Arsenal with fans 3--1 Away at Arsenal without fans 1-4 😎
  6. You know its comments like these that really make me question if i need to take a trip to Specsavers.
  7. I don't agree with half of whats being said here.. I honestly thought it was an exciting tactical game from both teams and the game deserved to end at 0-0 but thats football. Inheanacho was good, he did all he can with what midfield provided him, he had some real quality touches and turns on the ball, and a nice shot on target, on another day he could of scored twice. The problem is injuries and bringing on Slimani / Choudury, why close out the game for a draw? if you want to progress up the table you got to risk for reward, I dont like settling for a draw, its got a negative mindset throughou
  8. Slimani / Perez / Choudury = GETRID
  9. Shut up its time for you to go instead.
  10. Oh god... Slims on 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  11. Ever considered becoming a foxes fan full-time? cause we desperately need wisdom and common sense in here..
  12. Surprised that people are so confused.. this is Premier League! Every game is difficult. The fact Man Utd / Liverpool got royally spanked yesterday should make it a little easier to sleep for you. If not well you well and truly got caught in the 'winning the league syndrome' and got snapped into reality once again.
  13. I'd say Leicester did something... the game was quite fair, no controversial decisions. And City were nowhere near good enough to win the game. They conceded 5 for ****s sake. What's the opposite of hitting the nail on the head? Caressing the screw on the dick? best comment. hahgaiuYSUJAUJhHhHhHHAHAHAHAHA
  14. What a joke our fans have become. a few bad results and well be back to #BROUT. we moan about that theirs no loyalty in players / managers..need to look at ourselves i think
  15. I made a mistake...
  16. Took a little while but the formation is working.
  17. ****sake justin, how much time and space did you have with that cross ffs.
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